Comments for Major Changes Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk During MULTI-Year Project

disney world boardwalk night

Credit: Disney


  1. Dorothy

    Do you know when the hotel will be starting the renovations???

  2. I think Disney needs to finish the many jobs already in progress before adding new ones! Not a fan of most of the changes this far. Won’t be returning anytime soon!

    1. Chief Tom

      Right on Thumper 1. Finish one job before you start another. I’m a retired contractor and I finished a job before I started another. Explained to the new customer I give you 2 weeks notice as to when I will start and why. And who comes up with these ideas of what needs to be done?

  3. I will miss ESPN ! Great place to watch a SB or a regional football game. Now all you did was open an overpriced bakery? It has been nice staying there but its time to move on . Disney is becoming to PC for us.

    1. Chris

      I’d this “new restaurant ” going in ESPN, building?

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