Comments for After Removing One Series, ‘Star Wars’ Release Schedule Changes Again

Cassian Andor

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Backcountry164

    Of course Jones’s character will be back. Disney doesn’t care about continuity. They’ve got one decent movie so they’ll milk it for all it’s worth. Which isn’t much.
    And undoubtedly thier release “schedule”, if you can even call it that, will continue to twist and morph and change making it worthless.
    Frankly, who even cares? Star Wars is dead. Darth Kennedy killed it…

  2. Nessa

    No one even wants the Andor show anyway. Of all the characters they could have made a series about, they picked, not only arguably the least interesting one but also the least likeable. Rogue One was a great film. Andorra was a low light. Glad he redeemed himself but death was appropriate. Don’t want to know anything more about him.

  3. Jd

    Maybe Jar Jar and Rose will get a series too since we are doing trash characters.

  4. JB

    Can we please stop calling it “mandoverse” I dont even know why it bugs me, but its such a lame term haha.

  5. Simmy B

    I AM looking forward to the Andor Series.
    Cassian Andor is potentially one of the grittiest Alliance Characters so far. The fact that we get to explore that for at least two promised seasons is very exciting! There’s a whole fan base anxiously waiting to see what happened to make Cassian the way his was in Rogue One. Plus … more K2SO in season 2! I’m in!

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