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leah remini and ellen degeneres


  1. Karen

    Leah, Its not scary and there are warning signs as you enter the ride. I wish they would bring this ride to Disney World in Florida and get rid of the race cars that don’t race (AKA Speedway).
    Love feeling like your part of the Cars movie!

    1. Linda

      Just returned from Disneyland two days ago! Radiator Springs was thee very best ride/attraction between the two parks! Loved it!!


        Radiator Springs is one of my favorite rides. It brings the characters to life and then you have a little race with the car next to you. It’s not that fast and not at all scary.

    2. Felicia

      There IS a version of Radiator Springs Racers in Orlando…. it’s called Test Track and it’s at Epcot…

      1. Orlando has test track but would really like Radiator Springs also

        1. Michael harbuck

          As a matter a fact ive been on both tt and rr rr is the better ride in my estimation much better themed to a much more current movie

      2. Marsha

        Test track is NOTHING like the cars ride at all!! It’s sponsored by Chevy nothing kid like about it.

      3. Natasha

        I love WDW more than Disneyland and I live in California with that said rest track dies not compare to radiator springs but they’re both fun rides!

  2. Trent

    Hollywood is so fake, it’s sad.

    1. Befuddled

      WOWWW. Fake as opposed to what? They make movies,fantasies .their job is to be FAKE.

    2. Natasha

      I agree abd I live here!!!

    3. Mark L Sheldon

      what’s really fake is all florida

  3. The edster

    Great ride for some but if you don’t like, rollercoasters than you may need, to play in fantasyland at slower rides that babies can ride

    1. Julie

      LOVE it! I don’t think it is scary , but we all have different levels. I won’t go on Guardians of the Galaxy or the sliding cars on the big Ferris Wheel. Those are too scary for me.

  4. Wendy

    It’s my favourite ride in DCA.

  5. It’s more silly than scary. Driving on a California freeway is much more terrifying.

    1. DLand

      Best answer yet, about driving on our freeways 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Natasha

      Ha! lol! You are so right!!!! The freeway I-5 south to the 405 to get to Disneyland from Sacramento where I live is much more a dangerous ride than any ride at Disneyland!!

  6. That ride is fantastic, we have never had or seen anybody complain or act scared at all. We go on that ride everytime we’re in California Adventure, so if you like baby rides then stick to those and free up the line for real Disnyland fans who love the fast ride.

  7. One of my favorite rides!!!!! LETS GO!!!!

    1. Jim Ash

      I, personally, get a
      Iittle nervous. But I would go on that with Leah Remini. Any time.

      1. DLand

        Ditto Hun. Leah I’ll go with you on it Any time. I use to be TERRIFIED of “The Haunted Mansion,” because I had a Huge fear of ghosts 👻👻, but as I got older (barely about 6 years or so) I finally went back on it, but when is was decorated as the “Nightmare Before Christmas 🎄💀🎄👻🎄☠️🎄👻 and it broke that fear factor in me just a bit. I still don’t go out of my way to go on that ride, but I don’t say mean things to people who really LOVE that ride.
        To each is own and her fear is THAT RIDE.
        Love ya Leah 🥰🥰🥰

  8. Teri

    You have to be kidding. This ride is awesome. It’s so much fun, there is absolutely nothing scary about it. Driving on the interstates is more scary.

  9. Jack

    Nothing about the ride should surprise or sneak up on you, as you can see the cars racing all around you when you approach the ride and stand in line.

    Maybe famous people get a back door entrance where they don’t see all of this?

  10. Leeann Jacket

    It’s not scary. It’s fun! But my Daughter’s hair was blowing in the wind. Lol! 😂 But we like rollercoasters. I mean Incredicoaster is 55mph & my kids love it. Lol! 😂

  11. Jody

    Disney is LYING to all about the Florida Bill. It does not say ‘Dont say Gay’. It says a teacher can Not talk to K thru 3rd grade about their own sexual relationship’s and about transgender.
    Anyone talking to a 5 year old about sex is a pedophile PERIOD.
    They want all characters to have a pronoun.
    Go to Knotts Berry Farm….Universal…6 Flags.

    1. Adri

      In that case, teachers shouldn’t be referred to as Mr./Mrs./Miss or reference that they are are a mother or father, or use the pronouns he/she. These terms imply sexuality/gender. Removing these terms would be in accordance with the policy. Everyone should have to switch to Mx./they/them so no one violates the policy and implicates sexuality or gender.

      And thanks for freeing up the lines for rest of us so we have shorter wait times! You won’t be missed.

      1. Nice try there confusing pronouns with prefixes and titles. Maybe if they work on that one with the kids in school, then they’ll be much wiser than you. Enjoy your shorter lines and woke brainwashing!

    2. Manny

      Thank you Russian bot Jody. Spreading division in America is your mission but we are not buying.

      1. Bret

        Russian bot? It was prove Trump was only investigated because the Hilary Clinton campaign paid someone to make up a fake Russian story. You said she was spreading false information. Show us some proof. She said nothing but facts.

    3. Tranny

      Love is the answer J 🏳️‍⚧️

  12. Paul

    This argument looked pretty bad. I hope Ellen and Lea’s relationship is able to recover…

    1. Bored

      I agree. I’ll have trouble sleeping until I know they are back on friendly terms.

  13. Danielle Watson-Bowers

    It’s Radiator Springs Racers. If you want a new Disney -devoted editor, I’d love to help.

  14. Phil

    It’s not scary. It only goes up to 40 mph. Go on it and have fun. Relax and you’ll have a lot of fun.

  15. Monica

    I absolutely loved this ride!!. I really felt like I was in the Cars movie. One of the best rides I’ve ever been on!!

  16. EmiEm

    “Because I’m driving.” I felt that comment in my soul, lol. It’s a control thing. For me it probably has to do with having been raised by a narcissist, for Leah it’s probably about having been raised in scientology.

  17. Tiffany Sevarns

    My family loved this ride so much, we stayed in line for another 30 minutes to go for round two. Then when we got off the second time, our kiddos asked to go again. Definitely one of our favorite rides. Also, the incrediblecoaster was amazing! We had a great experience at Disneyland new years eve 2021-2022.

  18. Brian Bugarin

    Lose credibility over a ride? Not scary, if elementary school kids can go. I’d think a grown woman in her 50s could.

    1. Michael harbuck

      Youd think wouldn’t you?

  19. Alvin

    Stupid is as stupid does

  20. Nikki Abner

    My husband and I loved going on this ride. Either having my grandkids with us or without them. By the way we are in our 70s. Have you gone on the raging water ride? Another good one.

  21. David

    One of Disney’s best attractions of all time. Imagineering at its best.

  22. Diana

    I found it absolutely scary BUT I don’t like roller-coasters so maybe that is why. It felt a lot faster than it was. Well I stopped driving on the freeway after that and it’s been 3 years! It sounds ridiculous and dramatic but I really did develop this crazy fear and it sucks!

    1. DLand

      Hugs to you Sunshine ☀️ No laughing here. You’ll be fine 🥰🥰🥰one day. Give it time 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

  23. DLand

    Don’t get upset or even angry with her. EVERYBODY’S scare/fear level or threshold is DIFFERENT from each other and hers is that. You can’t change what one person may think is Fun and Exciting to another who feels it’s scary or Terrifying. That’s what makes this world Unique and Different. My 12 yr old granddaughter was Exactly like that, I have a photo taken on THAT SAME RIDE Leah is talking about and you can See the PURE TERROR ON HER FACE, but I didn’t laugh at her or ridicule her. We just took her on other Fun and Great rides.
    So cut Her & Any other person who REALLY FEELS THAT ONE RIDE IS SACARY.
    Love ya Leah 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  24. DLand

    Cut her some slack ( I forgot to and there at the end ☺️☺️☺️

  25. Brandi

    She is able to have her opinion about the ride. There is nothing wrong with how she feels. I’ve never been. We all have our own opinions and can have them.

    1. DLand

      That’s right Miss Brandi 🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼 Have a Wonderful day today 😃👍🏼😃👍🏼😃

  26. Barbara

    I’m sorry Leah, but have you ever seen the movie? The ride tells you what it is like and there’s an area where you can see the ride in action . Disneyland has thrilling fun rides also. Do your homework before you go. Disneyland has something for everyone to enjoy!

  27. Terry

    Not scary thought it might be but it wasn’t.

  28. Vicki

    Why are so many making this an attack on her? It’s an opinion, people! Not worth getting worked up over!, smh. I don’t like roller coasters, but that’s just me; my son and grandkids love them, lol.

  29. Qsherri

    I am unable to view this or comment …which speaks volumes

  30. Mary Shearer

    It’s not scary at all, just really fun!!

  31. Yrmom

    How do you think anyof us can afford to go to mfing disneyland, trying to buy food.
    Time to eat these folks.

  32. Larry "Bud" Melman

    1. I thought Ellen was canceled, both her and the show..

    2. Who watches this drivel? Seriously

    3. Yeah, ok

    4. If she thinks that’s fast wait until she gets on the mothership back to Zorkon. That’s fast

    5. Name the last thing Leah Remini was in.. Go

    6. I wanna go fast -Ricky Bobby

    7. If you’re going to Disneyland you deserve exactly what you get: robbed and herded like chattle

    8. I make $88/day commenting on rando internet articles, ask me how!!

    9. Did Justin Timberlake give her a hug and calm her down after this “traumatic incident”?

    10. This is why the average speed on the 405 is 6 mph, if it’s not rush hour.

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  33. Mr White

    Who let this idiot out her cage?

  34. RTeker

    Lets just say what we all wanna say, Leah Remini is a scaredy cat… I have yet to get out to Disneyland but even I wanna ride this ride

  35. Liz

    I was laughing that the two of them would argue about something so trivial, but then I glanced at some comments. Wow. People really care about this nonsense and believe everyone should enjoy it because they do.

  36. C poosie crusher

    Bunch of breeder tw@ts. May you and all your Offspring die a slow painful deaths

  37. Jmama

    I went on this ride with my daughter in 2014. Lea’s description is spot on accurate! I couldn’t put it into better words myself! My daughter broke every blood vessel in her face screaming her brains out I had my head down the entire time I have never forgotten it and I’ll never go back on that ride ever again lol!

  38. Jennifer

    I went on this ride with my daughter in 2014. Lea’s description is spot on accurate! I couldn’t put it into better words myself! My daughter broke every blood vessel in her face screaming her brains out I had my head down the entire time I have never forgotten it and I’ll never go back on that ride ever again lol!

  39. Steve

    Disney is getting thousands of cancellations daily because of their militant pro-grooming stance.

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