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johnny depp leaving court

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  1. S

    I’m sorry that this building is being destroyed, but life goes on. It is not appropriate to let an empty building deteriorate. And the history and messes which occurred there do not need to be ixcentuated, or elaborated. The past needs to stay in the past. My concern, which should be EVERYONES, is that Johnny Depp wins and his reputation is restored in the upcoming trial in Fairfax Virginia. This article should have not been printed. LET DEAD DOGS LYE!

    1. Tiff

      I’ll disagree on the part of the Viper room. That’s one of those things that is music history and contains so many memories still in the minds of people who were involved there. They could’ve made it a museum or something to preserve it. Especially instead of leaving it derelict.

      As to Johnny Depp, absolute facts! Bring on the trial, it is time he was given the opportunity to clear his name.

      1. Cameron

        I agree

    2. Cameron

      I agree

      1. Orion

        Yeah from what I been reading Johnny is not losing he is actually going to win his case.

        1. I sure hope and pray so. He should have never married Amber Turd but me instead

  2. Mark Ryder

    I’m glad the Viper Room is being torn down. That place is Evil. It is old and filled with bad memories. River Phoenix thanks to the internet his light shines brighter than ever. I will always Love you River.

    1. Cameron


  3. Thomas Gorman

    Sadly, if they could do it to CBGB, they can do it to any venue.
    Good Luck in April Mr. Depp.
    I’m rooting for You.

    1. Cameron


  4. Johnny Depp limpiara su nombre y los culpables pagarán sus mentiras y su propaganda sucia en contra de Johnny Depp! Todos perderán y pagarán!

  5. L

    Too bad Rebecca can’t write a legit article. It’s obvious your nose isn’t buried in books! You can’t even do simple research on the web!

    1. Cameron

      Do not like your comment

    2. Maureen

      You may think you will demolish Johnny’s Legacy but I think he has enough fans and friends who love him and stand by him! You can’t change what he has already created and that creation is talent! Whatever you think you’ll see Johnny will come through smiling looking as gorgeous as ever; and he’ll have more fans then he has now! I love you Johnny Depp and all that you do! ❤️

  6. Cici

    I think you love amber. She’s a scammer, lying, gold digger. She’s a HB. & wB. How evil can you be,? You’res Johnny hater! He’s the victim.

    1. Lin

      Exactly!! Justice fir Johnny!!

    2. Jennifer

      What stands out to me here as important is the fact that the overwhelming evidence is showing Johnny Depp was ab’d by Amber Heard not the other way around. She has proven herself to be a lieing scandalous excuse for a woman.. He is not her first victim & won’t be her last. Clearing his name in court is far more important to his legacy and justice.. Not only for Johhny himself but for REAL victims of abuse.. Her falsely claiming to be a victim in retaliation because he left her is so disgusting and disrespectful. Not only to myself as a former victim and survivor of dv but to so many other survivors of dv. The taped phone call between Her & Depp where she smugly says if he doesn’t do what she wants she will claim he ab’d her is so telling. When Johnny responds saying you know that isn’t true, she came back ” who are they going to believe Johnny you a man or me a woman”?. 🤮🤬Thank goodness he recorded her. Anyone with any intelligence can see what a deplorable, manipulative, & twisted individual she is. The truth being declared in court and seeing her pay for her false allegations is the Justice Mr. Depp deserves. This will insure his legacy is restored as it should be.

  7. Debbie

    Sorry to hear about the closing of the viper room. I’m hoping Johnny Depps court hearings are coming to an end soon. I do not believe he abused that witch, she used him for her own self gains. Move on Johnny, make them movies, and leave it behind you. Enjoy your children. Next time, don’t date anyone that’s in the business, your better off! 🥰

  8. Susie-Q

    Wait.. where am I? Did I somehow get sidewinded to another site.. ? What has this to do with Disney? Oh it could have been if it just covered Depp in relation to his Jack Sparrow gig. But I’ve never heard of this Viper Room place.. I don’t care about it getting torn down for. Must be a slow day for Disney stories.

  9. scarlette peppercorn p

    Leave him Alone. Go write an article about your own life.

    1. Katie Badders

      Author please educate yourself about mental health terminology and stop using the phrase committed suicide. It is very stigmatising. It has been an outdated term for many years.

      1. PW

        What should it be called?

  10. AMY Lovewell

    Why does Johnny Depp’s name have to be made punishable. Leave him alone.

  11. Melinda

    Leave Johnny along. He is awesome. He will come out a winner no matter the situation. And we all know how haters are.I am from Kentucky and believe you me Johnny is not what Heard says. That’s not how he rolls.

  12. Depphead

    The public worldwide knows Johnnys TRUTH . Amber 💩is a lying , manipulative , abusive , gold digging con artist . Karma is about to expose her globally on a GRAND SCALE INFRONT OF THE WORLD , her web of lies & deceit outed , she’s been protected by musk & Murdoch & the aclu. The British judge was bought , All corrupt !! They will be outed and Johnnys name will be cleared , he will get his true justice . SHAME ON YOU !! Clearly paid by turds PR TEAM . No respect you 🤡

    1. Julie

      Well said

  13. Roger

    Yeah no. Johnny’s legacy is being tarnished by a lying POS woman. Big surprise there, it’s a daily event. I hate the modern world.

  14. Iam sorry to hear, but Johnny always looking forward… One Day we build something New. 🌞🕊️PEACE always 🕊️

  15. Delilah

    I very rarely say that I don’t believe women, but I don’t believe her. She has a history of violence he does not. Women can be the aggressors. In this case, I believe she has a serious mental issue and she would rather get revenge and ruin his life than seek mental help. My ex ruined a good portion of my life in this way. He’s got a serious undiagnosed disorder of some sort. A shame that he lost that disney role. The fans of that movie lose out and q replacement just won’t work. When your ex girlfriends defend you, you know the woman is the lying aggressor. Ex girlfriends rarely defend any man.

  16. Michele Faust

    Really, why? Are the victims offended?

    1. Michele Faust

      My previous comment is supposed to be a reply to KB’s terminology lesson. Funny twist. Oh well, can’t change it now.

  17. Ann

    Justice 4 Johnny

  18. Immune

    Women like Amber and Rebekah set back other women’s plights back by centuries. Women already struggle to be heard and believed when they have to report the crimes committed against them. Amber and Rebekah shouldn’t pretend to care about abused women when their own selfish actions help to silence the real victims of abuse. If you actually cared for other women Rebekah. You’d take down this article or at least try to remove your obvious biases from the article like any professional journalist would.

    Where’s the article of Amber smuggling her dogs into Australia even after being warned it would be against the law and she could lose them or forcing her employees to lie to the government for her? It’s pretty obvious that Amber and her supporters believe they are above the law and above the truth.

  19. Diane Dallas

    Yes it could’ve been a museum, I remember reading a book that Jason Donovan wrote and he mentioned his story of the viper room, I’ve heard a lot of stories, can you imagine if a lot of them stories were there for people to read 😃 and can I mention as a Brit I was one of millions who were mortified that our high court went the way of what the Australian reporter Dan Wooten had said, calling him a wife beater, which all of us here and millions more around the world DO NOT believe for one second, It makes me sooo angry that they have took work away from him, he is loved a billion times more than her, I hope so much that he wins his case in the US I can’t wait till we are saying Amber🤔Amber who? Sorry but I can’t fkn stand the dirty cheating liar, we love you johnny but hate that lying b!t@h ❤️

  20. Ivan L

    This was nothing more than a hit piece courtesy of Amber Heard’s publicist.

  21. Michele Faust

    I’m gonna have a little fun with this😊
    I know my name, what it is.
    Is this my name? It is, gee whiz.
    My name is insignificant, no need for sight
    This was never about me, it’s not my fight
    I have a job, this is not it.
    Was here to help, not pitch a fit
    Don’t want you’re life,
    I have my own
    Privacy is sacred, you’ve always known.
    My words are accepted if for your advantage
    But attacked and insulted if I refuse your manage
    Standing up to a bully is only a game
    If the one defending is a bully the same
    My help is twisted and threatened if I disagree
    Accused of actions your experience leads
    I can post anywhere, no use for your name
    I speak from my heart, not recognition or fame

  22. TNTonICE

    It’s unanimous, whatever your name is, writer of this junk article. Nothing but nontruth defamatory remarks, trying to convince yourself of exactly what is NOT happening to Johnny Depp’s rep. He is breaking through the Turd’s toilet of BS to a new beginning, resurrecting who he iS. Exactly as a commenter above said; go write about yourself, except you are most likely a boar of a bore.

  23. Shel

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe you’re being set up? Look back, see when the mood changed from positive to extremely negative. Then you might understand the meaning of my story. Until then continue to blame an insignificant name.

    1. RobbieRa

      Are you saying you wrote the article? Tsh, Tsh

      1. LOL

        Your words, not mine. If I had to guess this sounds like PopRocks. Well played. I don’t believe anyone is who they say they are on FB or Discord so I’ll no longer use. You got your wish. It’s only fair I take over part 3!

        1. RobbieRa

          Nobody has any what or who you’re talking about, or cares. Sounds like you’re in a circus for one.

  24. LOL

    I don’t like the circus Robbie! I like giant trampolines that, in one jump, launch you into space, directly in a black hole of monolith that transports you to the jurassica era where dinosaurs gained rule over cave people after tricking the cave people into believing they needed them in order to survive. The dinosaurs were incredibly convincing, nurturing the cave people, doing the work the cave people didn’t want to do themselves, leading them to complete dependence for survival. Once the dinosaurs gained total control they turned their back on the cave people forcing them to live life the dinosaur way. Their work was chosen, thoughts had no value, freedom no longer existed. Their life belonged to the dinosaurs.
    Good thing the monolith was still there for transport back to the black hole into the clouds on a giant slide twisting and turning downward until the impact of the trampoline woke you up.

    1. RobbieRa

      Hiding, Shel? Always talking about yourself, though I have to say this last comment of yours didn’t hold together as so many of your comments, and I couldn’t bother wasting the time to finish reading it. You should know that about your comments!

      1. Shel

        Why would I hide? I have no reason. Wasn’t aware my comments were aiming for the nobel peace prize. Let me know when they reach your goal. Or, a better idea, if it’s not good you can fix the ending. I’m open to your suggestions and very interested in how you would end the story.

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