Comments for Florida’s Newest Coaster Undergoes Big Change After Guest is Struck By Beam

Iron Gwazi

Credit: Busch Gardens


  1. Angela

    What’s the rule? keep your hands inside the ride…

    1. Thor

      Little harder when your upside down

  2. SomeMumblingBum

    Two weeks from now there will be a report that the train ended up the derailing because two beams were removed from under the rails.

  3. AH

    Keep hands, feet, and all body parts inside the ride at all times. Cannot say how many thousands of times I’ve heard that.

  4. Dan

    Yeah…I’ve been on Iron Gwazi 6 times and you are flying through those girders. I almost put my hands up but MAN you come closest those beams. Greatest coaster I’ve ever been on.

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