Comments for Guests Forced to Wait In INSANE Resort Bus Line as Disney Crowds Increase

art of animation bus line


  1. Mark Chagnon

    We stay at pop and waited a hour for the bus in the morning for MK one day and it took over a hour to go DH by Sky line.

  2. Jessica

    We saw that same kind of line on Monday, 3/7, to Magic Kingdom from Art of Animation! We decided to we were NOT waiting in that line and we just drove to the ticket station. Took us 7-10 minutes to drive there and as a resort guest, we got free standard parking!

  3. Kelly

    I was visiting on March 7th and got to the bus line at 8:00, saw how long the line was and knew I would have over an hour wait. I waited about 5 mins, then decided to take my car. I drive over to MK, missed Magic hours, but did get to the park. Tried the Skyliner the next morning to go to EPCOT, saw the line all the way into Pop Century, turned around and headed to my car in the parking lot. I was at EPCOT in less than 10 mins.

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