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Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

Credit: Disney


  1. Sarah Jane

    Pirates of the Caribbean has always been my favourite ride at Disneyland Paris and is an iconic experience. It will be such a shame to close it down

    1. It’s one of the best rides. And we follow it up with the restaurant for a great meal.
      It’s a special occasion staple for our family. It wouldn’t be the same for us so we are waiting untill it opens again. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Jo

        I love this ride and will be there on the 13th!!!!! They better NOT remove Jack Sparrow!!!!

  2. Noneya

    If ya’ll take captain Jack out, I’m boycotting your park.

    1. Noel

      I’m pretty sure they are taking Jack out.

    2. Elena

      It’s not an indefinite closure…it’s closing for regular refurbishment…it’s due to reopen in early June…please stop stirring up trouble where there is none.

    3. Nancy Chandler

      It is disgusting the way Disney has treated Johnny Depp after the trillions of dollars he made for them.After a lifetime of loving anything Disney that includes parks :movies and cruises…and I am 74 years old . I will never support anything Disney ever again..

  3. So sick of Disney playing judge and jury! I do not want a girl pirate taking Jack sparrow’s place! That goes for the new movie too! Let the people who pay who Pay the high prices decide what happens in the parks from now on! So disgusted! Leave Jack sparrow alone!

  4. Donna

    This is absolutely uncalled for!!!! They had how much time to do this refurbishment during the pandemic! Since it is one of the most loved attraction to go on every time you goal and during the Spring Break!!! And warmer weather coming and summer!! Sound air and inconsiderate of Disney to do this to its loyal constant visit to “THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH”!

    1. Jason

      The pandemic was 2 years ago… it hasn’t been closed since. Also during the pandemic, no one was working here on property. So large scale refurbishments would not be an option. Now is the time for refurbishments before the summer crowds.

  5. Edward

    For cryin’ out loud. They do this refurbished the same time every year since the 70’s. Why is this a story?
    It will reopen just before the memorial day weekend.

    1. Jb

      It’s a story because people like our family who are flying from the UK for a visit that was cancelled last year will not get to ride the original Pirates.
      Don’t be so self entitled

      1. Bj

        “Cry me a river”

        -Justin Timberlake

        1. It’s been years since we’ve been to Disneyland and are finally getting the opportunity to go with the So Cal ticket promo. We are SO disappointed that the Pirates will be closed, as we are celebrating my son’s graduation and were looking forward to dining at the Blue Bayou. 💔

      2. Edward

        My point was that this story treats it like it is some catastrophic unknown. The Disneyland site posts all of the refurbishment dates for each year. (In my case, that’s how I plan my trips as I can’t afford to go often.) They are making it sound like they are planning to take out the attraction all together.

        1. Scott Toro

          last time I went to Disneyland they said the pirates is going to be closing 3 weeks later to decide to close it early and took out the bride scene and everything else that I wanted to see all they said is we don’t guarantee when we’re shutting down we guarantee we will shut it down when we want

      3. Dawn

        It’s closed every year, for the general refurb. No big deal and even if it were open there is barely anything in it that is original.

  6. Jaclyn

    IF Disney has plans to remove all signs in the POTC ride that Captain Jack Sparrow ever existed, I will not be returning to any Disney park. Ever. If this is why the beloved ride is closing indefinitely, it goes to show how power hungry big corporations truly are. And, let’s face it, that’s what Disney is, just a money hungry business that cares little about what their guests enjoy. Poor Walt must be spinning in his grave, wondering how his vision was of a happy, affordable place that families can enjoy together.

  7. Tammy

    Very sad news to hear that the iconic POTC ride likely will be closed when my family visits in May. My 3 kids have never been, my husband has not been in 35 years and I have not been in 21 years. We are coming to see the oldest kiddo play her saxophone with her HS band. When we did the surprise reveal our son said he cannot wait to FINALLY ride POTC and Star Wars. Please, please, please….re-open this ride prior to our kids’ FIRST Disneyland trip.

  8. Ro

    Not interested in another woke reboot. They are slowly killing the magic.

    1. Sandy

      The magic is quickly being eliminated with Chapek in there!
      I’m so sick of this greedy people destroying all the magic Walt made for everyone to enjoy!

    2. Sandy

      The magic is quickly being eliminated with Chapek in there!
      I’m so sick of these greedy people destroying all the magic Walt made for everyone to enjoy!

  9. AC

    I heard that they are removing two of the trees in the queue because they are diseased, as well as their usual update.

    1. DLand

      Well that’s a really good move then. The trees are great for the shade, but if they’re sick, then they should be removed. Good for them in doing this if that is part of the case along with regular refurbishment time for this ride 😁👏🏼😁👏🏼😁👏🏼😁

  10. William

    I suppose that I will wait until POTC reopens before I go back to Disneyland. And that goes for the Haunted Mansion, too.

    1. SandraSNS

      Me too!!!

  11. I remember this ride was beneath one of the better restaurants. Be a shame if that eatery is being closed too.

  12. Douglas Vitrano

    Aww man! Too bad it won’t be open when I’m thee next weekend!

  13. CarolineRN

    What a bust !

  14. DLand

    People, Disney Always does there refurbishments on there rides Annually and close to the same time each year. It’s nothing big nor new. CALM DOWN. YOU’LL LIVE. It’s just 1 ride. So let me get this straight. To ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON HERE CRYING 😭😭😭😭 that this ONE RIDE is closing for a while, tell me, did you pay several hundreds if not several thousands of dollars for 1 RIDE? I don’t think so 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy the rest of your time there, minus the one ride. Redonculous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Sheeple 🐑 🐑 🐑

    1. Taya

      Shut it Dland. You are right, we are paying so much, we should get to ride our favorite ride. Mr. 🐑

  15. SueA

    No, what’s redonkulous is that Disney has made themselves judge in jury in many situations. They decry laws that they have no even read (yes, this is fact as they make claims that are not even in the laws they are decrying). They are so afraid of the woke culture that they have lost their way and forgotten Walt’s vision – to be a place for families, to be the “Happiest Place on Earth.” No one is “on here crying” over that; people are upset over what Disney has already done, what they continue to do and what they have said they will do in the future.

  16. Taya

    Is it just the CA one?

  17. Justin

    Disneyland Cast Member here. Pirates of The Caribbean is too iconic of an attraction to just close indefinitely with no major news coverage. Chances are the attraction is scheduled for an extended refurbishment and management doesn’t know exactly how it will take. My guess is it will be back open for guests sometime in the Summer.

    1. Michelle

      Just crummy timing with Spring Break. Same with the Main Street Electrical Light parade’s limited return. People visiting over spring breaks are being denied these iconic attractions. Our family is crushed to be missing that parade by a couple of days on our upcoming visit.

  18. Tracy L

    I’m coming to Disneyland the week of the 28th first time back in 15 years and I’m devastated that this ride is closed

  19. Brock K.

    Why get rid of captain jack sparrow just because of the lawsuits against Johnny Depp, that’s seriously f@^$%:$ stupid!!!!!!@

  20. Dawn

    The are reworking the QUEUE, It’s no big deal, but will hopefully get rid of that massive road block that the line creates, Especially since they are prepping to bring back Fantasmic. Besides, it’s a water ride and they always do the refurb on it at this time of the year.

    People are not “devastated” that it’s closing for a couple of months. There are plenty of other (better) rides to entertain people that are open.

    1. Scott Toro

      it just was surprising to me they didn’t do all this while they were shut down during covid they seem to have time that they could have done it while they were not having guests in the park I never understood why they choose to do it when guest came back to the park and last time I was at the park in May 2019 the ride was closed but the restaurant was open

  21. I wonder if this has something to do with the island that he owns near Epstein’s island.?? It’s a shame I’ve always loved him so and his work especially this ride!

    1. Scott Toro

      can you please explain more I don’t understand what does this have to do with pedifier Island

  22. JL

    So is it reopening in summer of 2022 or any time contrary to your posted title of indefinitely?

  23. Jim

    Wife and I planned this vacation about a year ago four anniversary. She has never been and I wanted to splurge and get our anniversary dinner in the Blue Bayou but with the ride and restraunt closing, and Toontown out of her reach until MAYBE 2023, I feel screwed. We are at 63 days so we were hyped about trying to get the reservations set.

  24. Emanuel Stockton

    We were taking our 8 year olds in mid May. Toon town closed, Pirates closed, Nemo closed 2 rides at cars land closed. Over $10,000 for a week long trip, and that doesn’t include food, fuel, or the lame genie thing. 2+ hour long lines. Will never go again, that’s for sure. Just cancelled Disney+ as well.

  25. Scott Toro

    if the Blue bayou disappears in Disney will see my money disappear from their parks one of the reasons I go to Disneyland is to go eat at the Blue bayou restaurant somewhere I take my wife every year for her birthday of course we’ve had the skip the last year we went because there was no availabilities for the restaurant it was closed when we got there I hope they don’t remove it and I hope they don’t change the ambiance we don’t go for special effects we go cuz we like the way it is and it reminds us of the original time that Walt could have been there

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