Comments for Resort at Disney World Sells For Whopping $120 Million In Cash

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek

Credit: Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek


  1. Teena Gordon

    What does this do to the Wyndham Time Share owners? We are an owner of Bonnet Creek. Does this change “our” ownership?

    1. Manny

      It does not because I am also an owner and the hotel was never part of our ownership. The hotel will probably get access to the amenities and that is it.

      In typical ITM fashion the article is a little deceptive.

    2. Sandra G

      Nothing should change for you as it is only the hotel that is being sold, not the timeshare development.

  2. Richard

    I used to own in Wyndham. I got out of it because of the lies about ownership. You own nothing and you will be paying ever rising maintenance fees the rest of your lives for something you only use a couple of times a year.The main reason we got out is because they told us we could get cheaper financing through a bank. Guess what? Banks will not sign on to timeshares because of one little thing. You don’t own anything but a piece of paper that says you own points. No bank would sign on unless there is real deed with real property. And the fact that after we were sold our initial contract we were hounded every single time we used it to go to see the new programs and offers they have. All to get you to mortgage your life away. We ended up suing them and the judge agreed and Wyndham was forced to pay us back every dollar we put into it.

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