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  1. A

    “the Cobb Salad comes with a “heaving” serving of turkey…” Oops! : )

  2. $11 to $20 is a price increase. Disney is of the opinion that we have more money in our pockets because of government spending leading to inflation. Disney is crazy. Boycott Genie+

    1. Chris Wood

      All these complaints and yet people still go there. Don’t go there or stop bitching

      1. Twenty dollars for a side salad. That’s what it looks like. I hope when the 50th anniversary is over people will boycott till prices come down. It has gotten ridiculous. As long as there are huge crowds nothing will change.

    2. Chris wood

      Chris please, be a person

      1. Chris Wood

        Thank you Chris

  3. Katie

    We went to Disneyland over Christmas for our first, and LAST time! We love Disney World and always do the dining plan. A favorite part of the trip is sitting down for dinner at their restaurants and enjoying the awesome food. We were SHOCKED at the quality of food and portions on our last trip. Disney should be embarrassed. It was the absolute worst trip we’ve ever had. When you pay a high price you expect high quality.

  4. Sean

    Wow the CFO thinks it’s a good idea to fat shame Disney’s guest? Really, when people already have to pay $150 or so per person to maybe get on 3 rides because you run your parks to capacity. Over charge people for crap food, and bad service. Top it off with expensive hotel rooms that are glorified motel 6. You can keep it. I’d rather take my family to Dollywood, it’s cheaper l, better run, better food and her hotel is a much nicer place.

    1. Tiffany

      Bye. One less fatty

  5. Donna

    I’ve been 2 times, the last, 20 years ago. From everything I read and see, I have no desire to go back. How does a family of 4 or 5 afford it without taking a 2nd mortgage on their home. Too many better things to do and see…

  6. Freedomrocksusa

    I brought a lot of snacks & meal replacements with me on my trip last fall. It’s just too expensive to eat all meals there.

  7. Laura

    When we ordered it last month it was very small and disappointing. Thankfully we had just ordered it to share as a family appetizer, but it certainly did not live up to the hype.

  8. Cele

    I don’t even know where to start. 1st Disney probably shouldn’t be bragging about recently having they’re second highest grossing quarter….I was there in February, not during a holiday and I think it was one of the most crowded visits we’ve had. This is a place we took our girls every chance we had. And now they want to do the same but between the cost increase for admission, the crazy lines for everything it is becoming impossible for the average family. I don’t think that was Walt’s dream.
    So sad that greed wins!!
    Disappointed Disney!!!

  9. I guess they need to get smaller bowls. 🥣

  10. Lee

    This a disgrace. Disney executives should be ashamed of what they are doing. How about they take pay cut, no bonuses no golden parachute and let that money flow back to the people visiting the parks. Magical experience alright your portion size and money are Magically disappearing.

  11. Bonnie

    Just had this salad a couple weeks ago. Portion was smaller, but still more than I could eat. However, food quality at each fine dining meal was outstanding in WDW. However, I have noticed quality issues at Disneyland, especially at breakfast.

  12. William

    That is NOT a Cobb salad from the Brown Derby. It’s normally served in a bowl. I see a plate. It is served with avocado, tomatoes, turkey bacon and chives. I see none of that.

    Once again ITM, fails to vet an article.

    1. Virgo

      You can clearly see tomatoes, chunks of avocado and bacon… What it’s clearly not is the larger portion size from before. If they reduce the portion size, of course they’re going to remove it from a larger bowl that would just emphasize that and instead serve on a plate. Overall, that is a Cobb salad that she has already tossed. I have no desire to renew our Disney passes that we had for a decade plus until 2020 in CA…. In fact when we leave to visit Florida in summer, we are bypassing WDW.

      1. William

        Sorry posted this in the wrong spot.

        I’ve worked in that kitchen. The woman who makes 99% of those salads has been there for years. The Cobb is still served in the same bowl it was last year.

        Please bypass WDW, save your money and enjoy your visit to Florida.

        Ps. Have a magical day

  13. Elizabeth Blondefield

    I’ve been getting the famous Lobster Nachos at Lamplight Lounge (formerly Cove Bar) for YEARS. Yes, the price keeps going up, and yes, the portion has slowly decreased. Imagine my surprise and disappointment this past January when I had them presented to me and the size was literally half of what it used to be. But the biggest disappointment is the “lobster” is not longer lobster! It may have some finely ground up/shredded lobster, but it was mixed with a ‘filler’ (finely ground bread crumbs) and some weird seasoning. My favorite Disney treat is gone! SMH.

  14. Vivian

    My family was so looking forward to having dinner at the Brown Drrby.
    The service was terrible. The place was packed. Our drink order was delivered after our appetizers.
    I ordered the mushroom risotto. It was no more than a 1/2 cup of risotto with some brown mushroom sauce, which included two small pieces of mushroom. And then they topped it off with greens to camouflage the portion. It was cold. We told the waiterr and he brought out another one that was cold. I just pushed it to the side and ate nothing.
    On the other hand we ate at Tony’s in the MK and The Coral Reef at EPCOT. Tony’s was excellent.
    Tony’s was the best meal out of the three parks. Nice size portions. Food served hot and excellent service.
    Coral Reef was good. Good service, ok portions, food could have been hotter, but it was ok.

  15. Kathy

    We have eaten at the Derby many times, always getting the Cobb. The first picture is the way the Cobb is presented. The video is the server mixing the salad table side, it is then placed in front of the customer.

  16. Justin

    Nope. Was there 3 days ago and also back in November. I noticed the Cobb salad was much smaller portion 3 days ago. It was the size shown in the picture.

  17. Margaret

    We saw the same issues at Via Napoli in EPCOT. Portions were smaller, prices were higher and the menu was very limited. At least they have a convenient scapegoat “supply chain” issues.

    1. Ting Ming

      Disney doesn’t own most of the restaurants in Epcot. They’re essentially lease spaces.

  18. Kenr

    Thanks for the high rate of inflation Brandon!

  19. Took my two kids 16 and 14 (at the time) 2 weeks before covid -19, wife had to stay home and work ha ha. Went to Park for one day, bought Park hopper pass cause I wanted Star Wars they wanted Madjic kingdom. Went mid-week 2hrs 45min. Wait for Mellenium Falcon ride, tried to see Rise of Résistance no res no go. (my bad should have done my homework)2hr 25min line Space mt. Did ride Inde. Cars, and small world(only 45min. Line) few other bs rides. Burgers for lunch plus few waters each no gift s Over 1200.. Bucks spent on one day for 3 of us were most of time spent on lines. Never Ever Again. Even my kids said Dad NEVER AGAIN. Plus not our first time, my kids 4th trip my 8th. Never Again.

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