Comments for Guests Believe Walt Disney Is “Rolling In His Grave” Over State of Parks

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  1. Thomas

    That is precisely what I would say about this.

  2. Margot

    My grandson is 12 now and is been more than 5 years , we have none been able to to put a foot in Disney
    I agree is a shame that some families can not afford been residents of Florida,cannot enjoy the Park not even once a year
    Shame on you Empire

  3. Walt

    I hope more of these people stop coming to Disney parks. More room for us people who care about others, respect others and love others. If you don’t like what Disney is doing, you don’t belong in the park and you certainly don’t have any right to be saying what Walt would or would not be doing. Bippity Bobbity Shoo!

    1. sam

      hooray for inclusion!!!

      except you. you don’t belong to my worldview, so you can be excluded.

      bippity bobbity oops!

    2. todd

      Well there it is. Total ignorance to the issues. Frame everything in your close minded world view and deny anyone else their right to free speech. Your own words betray your true inner feelings. Clearly you don’t follow what you say regarding respect for others and loving others with this misguided thought process. Because of your failure to be open minded, inclusive and have respect for the actual issues and other peoples’ feelings, you have succeeded in being a mouthpiece for the oppressive class.

      1. Raven Rose

        Wrong Todd.
        Please come to the park all you want, just keep your homophobia & hate to yourself & well all have a great time at the park just letting others be.

        1. Julio Figueroa

          Yet it’s those hateful heterophobes who tend to ruin most things. They are just a bunch of intolerant haters who cry and plead respect while they are disrespectful, intolerant and hateful of all who don’t think as they do.

  4. akg55

    I have said it before and will say it again. Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. This is not what he envisioned. Money hungry people in charge making it so hard for the FAMILY to go to his family friendly parks. It is all about the might buck not the people.

    1. Linda kirwan

      Your so right!! We are so done with Walt Disney!! Walt would be turning in his grave. They are money hungry and don’t care anything about the Dream anymore 😪 of what Walt had. They care about putting Starbucks that don’t belong in a fantasy World, ESPN , ABC, or news outlets that has nothing to do with Walt. Now it’s all about teaching our children about transgender, or CRT. Stay out of it Disney!! I have been coming since the early 70’s and stopped coming with my own kids in 2018. Just because of what you have been doing lately. Now the president of Walt Disney is making 300 million a year? Really? Can’t even afford to take a family

  5. Klm9

    Walt would most definitely be appalled at the way cast members are treated. He absolutely would be heartbroken to watch the magic disappear.
    When you have employees divided and when you start taking away rights of some just to appease others and when you start bringing politics in ….then you have trouble. Collapse your workforce and
    you destroy the heart of the company.
    Disney is broken. For sure.

  6. Jeannie

    Hey, if the bigots and racists and homophobes stop coming to Disney theme parks, the parks will be even more magical and enjoyable tor the other guests who won’t have to put up with their asinine narrow minded nonsense. Please stay home, Faux Noise sheeple! Buh-bye.

    1. Lauren Jen

      I have never met someone who is scared of homosexuals. Also the only racists I have met are racists towards white people.

  7. We 100% agree. Disney has been my Happy Place since I can remember. They have always been the company all others aspired to be especially guest services. Recently we had an issue that ruined our Disney Vacation. A castmember charged our credit card almost $600 when we were just inquiring about availability if we stayed another night. When we noticed this one our bank account we were met with rudeness and accusations. We made a video about it with details of what transpired. The link is below for our website. We normally make travel videos including over 100 disney related videos. Hopefully there will be many more positive Disney videos in the future. We feel like the newly hired castmembers haven’t been trained appropriately in The Disney Difference. That’s what has set Disney apart from all others but they have fallen short recently.

  8. Sandy

    That would be so nice if there were decent people like Walt who thought and believed in decency, wholesome values! Not the sick way of life that the people who are running/ruining WALT’S beloved company.
    They obviously have nothing on common with Walt.
    Walt’s company was for wholesome families, not what these people who are running/ruining Walt’s company are doing. Promoting completely different standards than what Walt did!
    These people are sick and have no idea and no right to be ruining everything Walt did.

    1. Raven Rose

      Did you know him? I’m pretty sure he wanted everyone… EVERYONE.. to enjoy the park. Blow it out your *** Sandy.

  9. Drew

    Jeannie the crowds, now there’s a misnomer, wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for average heterosexual families. The lgbt community is less than 3%, so yes the “crowds” would be smaller, they wouldn’t exist. You can love and associate with whoever you wish. Heck, you can call yourself a doorknob for all I care, just don’t expect me to take part in your delusions. Throwing terms like”bigot” and “racist” has lost any stigma because you play that card too often. Trying to marginalize an entire demographic because of the news they watch, or who they love, is borderline pathetic. What made this country great was our ability to have vastly different ideas yet still cooperate. Toeing the militant liberal line and expecting others to do the same is a losing proposition.

    1. Raven Rose

      Yes, I learned my tolerance & love not from Walt, but from the benevolent, cooperative & always open to others, the conservative Donald Trump. 😂

      1. Drew

        Glad to hear it. I seem to remember candidate Trump saying Caitlin Jenner could use any restroom she wanted at Trump Towers, hardly demeaning.

  10. Who,me?

    3% of the population trying to tell the other 97% that either you accept and normalize our perversion and the indoctrination of your kids or we’ll ruin it for everyone. Not a homophobe if you do not agree that two men or two women together is the typical family. Men with beards and eye makeup is not normal as is all the rest of this crap. Of course if they don’t get there way it’s fight with all we’ve got.
    Well , that works both ways. Keep going for our kids, we’re starting to wake up.

    1. Raven Rose

      It’s normal. Gay marriage is legal in the USA. Guess you could move to Iraq. Definitely not allowed there 😁

      1. Esther

        It doesn’t matter to me how anybody else lives their lives. Even if it’s not what I believe in it’s their lives, not mine, and it’s their choice. I only want them to also respect my choices and not try to teach my children that my way of life is wrong and that one race is responsible for all the hate in the world and all this other nonsense. I’m sorry to see Disney move in this direction. I would love a well rounded community with many different voices, but don’t try to tell me that I’m a bad person because I don’t see things the way you do. That isn’t kindness or tolerance. Whatever happened to celebrating diversity? We could use that these days

  11. Who,me?

    Sure it is. Keep telling yourself that. The rest of us will never buy what you selling. Lol!!

  12. Who,me?

    Sure it is. Keep telling yourself that.

  13. Connie

    Walt Disney is turning in his grave. The parks bare his name, his dreams not the craziness being shoved down humanities throat these days. I say give those far left individuals their own state and live as they wish however they wake up in the morning and leave the values and society and history you expect to change alone.
    As to Disney we were done 2 years ago!

  14. Mark

    This website just seems to run Disney down at every opportunity. Latch on to a negative comment and make an article about it. Lazy writing and Walt won’t be turning in his grave, he was cremated.

  15. Kris79

    1st the bill is not called “Don’t say gay”. Secondly if people would actually read the bill they would agree with it probably. It attacked or takes away from no one. Simply puts the power in parents hands and out of education where it Shaun’s not be. Disney needs to stay out of politics!

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