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  1. Danielle

    I’m currently vacationing here now. You have the also understand the flower and garden festival is going on at Epcot as well. Which brings in special musical guests for concerts on certain days as well. There are also a bunch of schools that are here for senior trips as well.

  2. Michele

    We were there in February. The parks were packed. There is absolutely no reduced capacity. It was beyond full. They’re lying

  3. Lisa

    Trust me they are at full capacity! We were there March 7-14th and it was wall to wall people. Wait times for rides were two hours. I’ve been there over 30 times and I have never seen crowds like that!

  4. Melodie

    It these crowds, Genie+, and cost that are keeping lots of longtime fans away.

  5. T

    Its also because not everything is open yet, lots of attractions are still closed. At AK you’ve got no Nemo, no River of Lights (how long did they spend getting that right then they trash it!) Few are interested in Kite Tails (I’m not). The Dino area is extinct. Everest is closed. I think some restaurants are still closed too. This means people are less dispersed too, I don’t believe they aren’t back to precovid at capacity level but the fact people have less options means it’ll feel more crowded.
    We will make this our last trip for some time. If we hadn’t rescheduled this from 2020 we’d be doing universal instead.

  6. DTN

    My family and I are currently at Walt Disney World and it is wall to wall people. I would be shocked if the parks are not at full capacity.

  7. Tiffany

    There’s only one word to describe this trip, and it isn’t magical. It is absolutely miserable. We will never come back. I can’t believe I wasted this much money on a vacation that I dreaded participating in two days into my trip.

  8. Sam Clement

    We were there back in January and there is no way they have reduced capacity . I’ve been there 20 times over the years and it was a miserable experience because of the wait times . Then charging you for the lightening lane when fast pass was no charge . Extremely disappointed

  9. Lisa

    Agree with other comments, just spent 4 days in all 4 parks this past week. Been visiting Disney for 40 years and this was not quite the Disney I remember. Very long lines, a ton of ride closures, unable to get on the newest rides at all, as well as some old favorites. A noticeable issue was definitely lack of staffing. Cast members were missing in so many locations, and not always projecting the magic of days long ago. That said, we came into this trip with lower than usual expectations knowing things are still not quite “back to normal” anywhere in the world, including Disney World. Didn’t really feel we got our moneys worth, but still glad to return to what remains of our happy place. Hoping Disney can pick up the pieces, bring fast pass back, train cast members to provide the hospitality Disney used to be top notch at. Oh, and get the trams running again soon! Walking across a huge Disney lot in 90 degree temps was a definite low point of the trip. A bright side though were the new fireworks shows at Epcot and MK. Nice job ending the day at least on a magical note.

  10. Rich

    We just returned from a week at WDW, and while it’s crowded (as always), it is certainly a much lower capacity level than they’ve allowed previously. We’re annual visitors, at minimum, and the crowds now are noticeably reduced from pre-pandemic levels.

  11. Harveyhouseholder

    OK I have a question. To be at full capacity would mean you could let no one else in; other than Christmas and New Years has Disney ever closed for attendance pre-covid? So is it not possible that attendance is actually higher. 100% of 85% is actually higher than 80% of 100%.

  12. Tennessee

    Yes it is crowded. I was there recently too. Genie stinks. There are other subtle changes too. I have been going since 1971 when I was 5, and I have never been disappointed until now. I have been many times over the years, and it was just different. Maybe it is the woke. Maybe it is the loss of pre-pandemic staff. Maybe it is the new classes the employees have to take. Maybe it really is that not everything is back up. Granted EPCOT is just not back up and ready yet. But, I think one very noticeable thing to me was the character of the crowd. It seemed more like a hang out than a vacation crowd. I chalk that up to the many many annual passes that were sold to Floridians at low prices.

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