Comments for Guests Distraught After Noticing “Putrid” Raw Sewage Smells Throughout Disney Park

disneyland cast member with sleeping beauty castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Ventura State of Mind

    Distraught? That’s a bit melodramatic, don’t you think?

    1. Michael

      Maybe less time spent on politics and more on business.

  2. Cara

    We were there March14th-18th. We smelled raw sewage at different times throughout the park. On the Storybook land boat ride it was bad. I even stated don’t tip the boat because we would be swimming in toilet water. Also I noticed that the park wasn’t meticulously clean like it has been in the past. One good example we passed a pretty large spot where someone had vomited and over an hour later we passed the area again and it was still there. Not the Disneyland I remember from the past.

  3. Oracle

    It’s the smell of Bob Chapek’s unwashed butthole.

  4. Barbara

    Agree…distraught wouldn’t have been the word I’d have used.
    Actually, I am reminded that last Fall It’s a Small World was closed for a bit while plumbing issues were being worked out. Could these complaints be related to that issue?

  5. Puckles

    White privileged problems. How about you go to India where there are no toilets and ppl sh*t
    on the train tracks. Get over yourselves.

    1. Melba Moses Wolfenstein

      That’s because you can’t make that dump smell any worse, so why do they need toilets. Not like they would even know how to use it. Smelly people, smelly place.

  6. James Tolbert

    It’s the curse of Walt, I tells you he’s had enough!

    1. Domenic

      Over the years ive experienced odd aromas most of the time id say it was an orange juicy smell….pirates outside que side of building…..fantasyland ride lines….im thinking this has been an off n on thing for years….just now everyone likes to complain about sonething.

  7. Natasha

    Yeah donna and I just got back from Disney about three weeks ago and noticed the smell over there when you walk through the back way of cars land to go through Pixar pier over that bridge it just starts to wreak really bad in that area it’s just so bad and you would think that they are aware of this and they would do something about it it’s just disgusting. You’re paying all this money and even extra money now with constantly raising their prices you think they can hire a specialist to figure it out.

  8. Debbie

    Yes, there was a very strong sewage smell from the drain gates threw out the park.
    I have visited the park many years and the only smells were of fresh popcorn or churros. Come on Disney and use some of the money you get to make it right again.
    We visited on March 24, 2022.

  9. Glenda

    This is not a new problem. A few years ago, before Covid, my daughter and I went to Disneyland. Because she has had both of her knees replaced, she uses an ECV so we went thru the exit to access Splash Mountain. While we were waiting for a log, we noticed this strong stench of urine. We asked the cast member was this was about and she indicated that is had been happening for a long time, nothing had been done about it. Talk about a health hazard for the Cast Members!

  10. Sandra

    Me and my family went on 18 -19 of March and also smelt that. We where actually all over the park fantasyland- tomorrow land – California adventure as well. We did not let it get in our way of having fun. Just not a pleasant smell you want to be smelling when your on a ride. Especially on the teacup in Alice and wonder land. Sad thing is we also smelt it in our hotel as well.

  11. J

    We smelt the sewage type smell aswell. Mainly/the strongest in Fantasy Land, but in other lands aswell. We visited from March 18th-22nd, 2022 we noticed as the park got fuller further into the week the smell wasn’t as noticable and the popcorn/churro smells became more prominent.

    The park semmed quite unkempt compared to past visits even just 4 years ago. Paint chipping, dust pilling up on light fixtures, hedges unkempt. They need some grace do to the park being closed. However there was trash everywhere and throw up and spilled food left on the walk ways, not of the same standers the park has had in the past.

    Obviously some of this comes from the lack of care for the property from guests. In line for tea cups (which has a trash can in the line right before you enter the ride aswell as trash can right outside the ride) I picked up close to 30 pieces of trash (soda bottles, cotton candy sticks, open mustard packs etc.) And threw them in the rides trash bin before boarding.

    We all need to help keep the experience of the park pleasant for everyone.

  12. Mark

    We were just there and it smelled literally like piss everywhere inside the park. April 16 2022

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