Universal Guests Fight Back After Being Coughed, Sneezed, Stepped On In Line

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When visiting any theme Park in the entire world, you will surely be waiting in line at some point or another, it’s just part of life as a theme park goer.

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While Universal Studios continues to create new and exciting rides and attractions, new rides also mean that the lines will get longer and longer. Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter consistently reaches multiple-hour waits every day, with no end in sight. While waiting in line is usually just boring, it can turn uncomfortable when someone gets too close and invades your personal space.

In a recent Reddit post, one Universal fan discussed the issue of crowds and personal space. They asked “Just curious. How do you deal with people in your personal space in lines? Like people standing close behind you and breathing on your neck?”

Universal Orlando
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The comments were filled with some very interesting advice, some helpful and some not-so-helpful. Lots of Guests chimed in and talked about how they will simply start coughing or sneezing, a technique that they say has shown lots of success since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

universal orlando
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One user suggested stopping showering as that might deter people from standing so close. Another proposed swinging your backpack around and giving the space invader a slight poke with it. One suggested to just be honest with them and simply ask for them to back up. Another said that they start singing which usually deters people.

One Universal fan claimed they were coughed on by another Guest, who then said they waited for the right moment and returned the favor.

Universal Orlando Mardi Gras
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Now, of course, some of these actions would be against Universal Studios’ rules and regulations for its Guests. If you choose to disrespect or endanger those around you, be aware that the consequences may be grave. One Guest even talked about how they will simply let the Guests behind them go ahead of them, completely solving the issue. Some reported that not only was their personal space invaded, but they were actually stepped on by the Guests behind them.

While we do not endorse some of these tactics, the best way to avoid personal space troubles would simply just be to ask the Guests if they could stand back a few steps. This not only stops the annoyance that some may feel, but keeps Guests safer as well.

wizarding world of harry potter
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Have you encountered people invading your personal space at a theme Park? Let us know in the comments below. 

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