Comments for Internet Refers to Disney as a “Cult” After Huge Crowds Gather at Park Entrance

Disney Crowds

Credit: u/sunsetbabe221


  1. Noel

    What was failed to be mentioned is that last week and this week is spring breaks for school out in Southern CA. It is ALWAYS busy during these times. Not anything new.

  2. JS

    This is what happens after you lock people up for two years. Everyone just wants to get out and have some fun. I was there over a month ago and each day was “sold out”, but I have seen worse. It’s also Spring Break. After Easter it will probably calm down. Now is Disney a “cult”? Absolutely! One that I’ve been trying to break away from for years. Should everyone break away from Disney? No. It’s an entertainment company. Let people have fun. However, everyone should just be careful that they don’t fall for any propaganda. Again, it’s an entertainment company and probably the worse place to get political advice from.

  3. Jim Trebowski

    Are we sure that’s not a trump rally?😂

    1. Agreed. The worst possible place to get political advice would most definitely be a Trump rally.

  4. Veronica

    Wack, your name says it all. DT was the best president in modern times. Life was good when he was running the show and he always put America first. But yeah, why don’t you get your political advice from Biden/Harris….they’re doing such a great job. Can’t string six words together and the country is circling the bowl. It’s just Wack.

    1. F Trump bots

      LOL brainwashed sheep! Best president at LYING

    2. F Trump bots

      Trump lied about COVID, the wall never built, VA reform, universal healthcare plan, ending the wars, gave tax cuts to the rich

  5. F Trump bots

    Trump voters are sick in the head. Arrest them for treason

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