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  1. Victor Nazarian

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Please, can we not have so much politics in our Disney lives.

    Be kind to people, help those you can, act and talk like your beloved grandmother is there with you.

    1. Hillary C

      You’re preaching to the wrong choir on this site. Half the posters here have their grandmothers giving them white sheets w/ hoods at Xmas to wear as clothing.

      1. Sheep-are-Tasty

        While the other half is licking their lips while watching the Little League World Series. They think it’s the Buffet Channel.

        We know what half your in.

        1. Sheep-are-Tasty


          1. Hillary c

            Do your (or you’re) mean the Catholic church? Preeeettty preeety preeety sure they sponsor the boys in outfits and ceremonies of kneeling every 5 minutes. Me….once I found out God was a woman I was peace out.

    2. JW

      Face it Victor Disney is Politics now. Walt Disneys amazing dream has been ruined by a bunch of sniveling employees who were not dealt with as Walt would have dealt with them which would have been to fire them!!
      I blame the threat of Litigation for the ruin of Walts dream, such a shame .One more thing Attorneys have ruined for us all.

  2. Reiner

    Until Disney makes the right decision and becomes more inclusive to the community and rejects hate, I refuse to go back to the parks. The world needs to reject hate.

    1. Joseph Kastner

      See ya. But you are right. They need to be more inclusive of grown adults who want to sexual groom toddlers.

      1. Dodger

        Let’s take a few steps back here. Sex education and sexual orientation are two different things. The bill mentions “sexual identity” and “sexual orientation” specifically, which is vague wording that also covers marriage between a man and a woman. If we are going to strictly adhere to the bill’s actual wording, then teachers of K – 3 should be avoiding discussions related to heterosexual couples as well, such as marriage or kissing in public or similar things children are already quite aware of at that age. The bill doesn’t mention “sex education” specifically – i.e., instruction regarding intercourse, reproduction, etc. – and if that’s what the bill was intending to say, then it needs to be rewritten and made much clearer, instead of relying on us to guess what is and isn’t allowed. As of now, all it shows is that an embarrassing number of Florida politicians don’t grasp the actual meaning of “sexual orientation.”

  3. Truth

    I refuse to support homophobic and transphobic companies

  4. Reked

    Letting Disney buy Star Wars and all these other companies was a mistake.

  5. marty

    This has become more of a disney bashing site than anything else. I guess they figured out that negativity sells and people love to complain.

  6. Sheep-are-Tasty

    Temper tantrums are funny.

  7. F

    Come feel the MAGIC, at Pedo World!

    1. Hillary C

      Pedo World? That’s headquartered in Vatican City, right?

      1. Sheep-are-Tasty

        Only the gay priests.

        1. Hillary c

          Sorry. I should have prefaced that I meant the 90% of priests that are into boys. To the 10% of adult male priest that didn’t sodomize, rape, or abuse young boys I apologize. Keep doing the good work of sheaperding the US’s lowest common denominator

          1. Sheep-are-Tasty

            Awww. Bless your heart.

  8. F

    Customers of WDW Corp. are NOT boycotting while in the park because of anything the alphabet people are pissy about.
    They are refusing certain “events” and “experiences” due to the outrageous price gouging and absurd prices for cheap Chinese plastic crap toys.
    Just like the pedo activists named the Anti Child Grooming Bill (the don’t say gay bill).
    They again LIE about what is REALLY going on.

  9. Pat

    You poor ignorant sheeple. You haven’t even read the bill. You just choose to believe anything the left media says. The bill concerns the rights of parents to decide whether their child should be indoctrinated into believing they can change their sex at will depending on their daily feelings. Wake up, scientifically you can’t. You can choose to wear clothes of the opposite sex if that’s what you like but no amount of surgery or hormones will changes you genes.
    Go ahead, boycott. The rest of us will be happy to have less idiot interrupting our visits.

    1. JW

      Well said Pat. Bidens nominee to the Supreme Court Mrs, Jackson can’t even define what a Female of the Human race is???? They are the ones who brought us Sleepy Joe and the Me Too Movement Mrs. Jackson. They are also the ones that gave birth to every human on earth, our Mothers ,our Grandmothers and our Daughters. Stop this ridiculous wokeness it’s just another way for Politicians to divide us into groups so they can lie to us separately to get our votes.
      Career Politicians need to find a new career!

  10. JW

    All you Libs if you are wise enough and old enough to remember Please listen up and I will educate you. Back in the early eighties Disney was prevented from building Disney World on what was then a defunct long beach Pike Property because of regulations and environmental regulations required by the Liberal ignorant Long Beach City Council and mayor. The same Liberal Politics has prevented the opening up of that filthy harbor to this day.
    Sooooo Disney built Disney World in Business friendly Conservative Florida! Disney now wants to relocate the Imagineers from Liberal Cali to Conservative Florida( less regulation and business friendly Florida ..Go figure!) Liberals you have yourselves, your politicians and your media to blame for this. Hillary oh I mean Hilariously ironic don’t you think??

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