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Credit: Disney


  1. Russel Rankin

    People make up stories for TikTok… and now this site turns those TikToks into articles. What a country…

    1. Julian

      Lmfao, just because females want nothing to do with you, doesn’t mean things like this don’t happen to people who are actually attractive.

      1. Haha

        I take it you don’t go on TikTok much

      2. Em

        Thank you Julian.

  2. Michael


    What’s a “popper”??

    1. Sheryl

      I was wondering the same!

      1. Micah

        According to another comment it’s Pauper and that she misspelled it

  3. Kellysux

    Kelly it’s pauper, not popper. If you’re going to verbatim a TikTok story, you need to at least learn the differences between words that sound the same. Or, do some actual research.

  4. Turmp

    Why do you use the photos of unrelated Asian family with kids face shown?

    1. CaliforniaNeedsToStartOver

      And where are these photos found? Random persons social media? I thought you were supposed to buy these stock photos. And the dude is white. Kids look mixed for sure. Still, wouldn’t want random photos of my kids popping up on any sites

  5. Gman

    Sounds like the guy had a crush on her.

    What an ordeal…who’s going to play her in the movie?

    1. Blabe

      We are in the production and casting stages for the movie. More to come..

    2. Em

      Being stalked actually is creepy. I hate guys like you who think this behavior is no big deal. We don’t know what that guy is capable of.

      1. Kenley

        Its one thing if someone is literally following you around everywhere, but this man was only seeing her at work. There’s a huge difference.

    3. Angel

      You’re quite dense if you don’t see the problem here. He literally stalked her and hit on her while she was on the job. Let people do their job and don’t be creepy, creepy!

  6. Kenley

    Let’s demonize the man who did nothing wrong.

    1. Dave W.


  7. Stella

    Let’s put aside fact some people don’t understand that this is actually predatory behavior and honestly creepy, the real question is what did management do about this situation??? I think that it is inappropriate for a guest to single out a single cast member for gifts let alone waiting around for her after breaks and following her around to different posting in the parks.

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