Comments for Guest Aggressively Slapped Disney Character and Was Immediately Removed, Banned From Park

Disney character assault at Shanghai Disneyland

Credit: Disney Stuff Back Up (@disney_stuffbackup) TikTok


  1. Patti

    Removed. As it should be. Wonder why this is okay for an aggressive park guest, but not for an A-list actor at an awards ceremony.

  2. M

    Please tell me it was Will Smith.

  3. Kev

    Will smith made it ok for some people.. it seems

  4. Yossarian 22

    I have never seen aggressive behavior at a Disney park, but I was subjected to abuse once as a chrildren’s theater performer. After the performance, the actors would meet and sign autographs for the children. One child decided it was okay to kick me in a very personal area. Needless to say, the family was never allowed to attend another performance at that theater.

  5. Johnny

    the aggressor, in his defense said: “But I was only trying to swat a fly that landed on his head”


    Ah yes because trash will be what trash always is. This is how people will ruin a good thing for others, just like the people who stole displays on one of the Disney rides, or the people defacing the millennium falcon. Ah people can truly be trash

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