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Stroller Parking

Credit: Kate Lewis


  1. Walt Disney was a Christian man and this country was built on Christian morals thousands of soldiers died for to protect it. End it says in the Bible that being gay is wrong and it’s bad enough that it’s uncontrollably out there in the world that we have to witness and deal with but now you’re going to change Disneyland to being OK with open gayness makes me sick to my stomach this world just keeps getting worse and worse Walt Disney would be rolling over in his grave see the way things are being handled at his beloved dreamland. Now I can never bring my kids to enjoy Disneyland like I did because I’ll be afraid you’re going to be exposed to this terrible terrible step To keep up with modern times. My kids are crushed and I don’t understand why. This CEO of the company and its head speaker lady who is openly gay and now pushing for Gayness should be fired immediately for not following the protocols that Walt Disney put in place for what Disneyland experience that you get out of it has been crushed. I’ve never been so appalled an disappointment in my life!!

    1. Dixie

      LoL. You probably have friends who celebrate “gayness”. And you don’t even know it. I pity your children being raised in hate instead of love.

  2. Lynette

    While I don’t condone breaking the rules, I can understand why the family did that. My daughter and I were at Disney World in mid-February with a stroller – one of 1000’s! Nearly every time we got off a ride, it took us a good 10-15 minutes to find our stroller! Sometimes (often) they get moved to a more strategic spot by cast members. Other times, our stroller was “buried” behind many other strollers. I don’t know what the solution is. But I guarantee this family had no trouble finding their stroller when the ride was over!

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