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  1. Nate

    Just stayed at CBR last week and it was wonderful. Yes the room service only consists of new towels and taking out the garage every other day BUT we knew that going into it b/c we follow the blogs. So while not ideal it met our expectations. Our room(5th sleeper in Jamaica) while it didn’t have a wow factor was sufficient. The main draw of CBR is the location and being able to take the skyliner to both Epcot and Holloywood Studios. Its quick, relaxing, and enjoyable. Not too mention the CBR property is beautiful.

    1. Dino

      Sucks to have such low expectations for the money you spent to go there.

      1. Michael

        I recently spent a week at yacht club and had almost identical experience to this article. I have been at least 10 times and this was the worst ever

        1. Teri

          Exact same place, timing and experience for me- wanted to experience magic of 50th
          Don’t like price, but all stores and inventory same in each store-
          Rides almost all needed “clean up/ kept up, food not as good- even Epcot no “special magic items on even drinks had no “wow” factor ( juice glass with blue fizzie to add? Please
          I grew up 5 miles from Disneyland finally realized missing imagineers touches and details everywhere! Restraunts facades attractions restraunts
          * after reading blogs felt I was being too picky and so didn’t “complain” so as to not be “one of those guests”

        2. Pat Davis

          I moved to FL to retire & a large part of that included Disney. Went there as a child & while we were raising our children. My husband is a 100% servce disable vet. On our recent trip due to the Genie+, he was not treated as he had been in the past but was instead told if he was not wheelchair bound or mentally disabled, too bad. We are annual passholders.

          1. Don

            what is a 100% Service Disabled vet? Amputee? Please do not consider me rude I just do not know specifically what you meant.

            1. Frank K.

              It means the disability is 100% connected to your military service, so they give you the full amount.

          2. Leslie

            You do not have to give details of a disability to get a DAS pass, regardless of whether or not you are using Genie+. You can use them together. (We did.)

        3. Brenda

          We were passholders for a long time we will not be going back they have less security less clean up crews less food higher prices even the cooks are not as good as they use to be Blue bayou was a great disappointment Disneyland is NOT worth the money or travel time I’m so sad yo see it go

          1. Jketoak

            Do you feel better after your woke hit piece? This is not about how many fries you got, political timing for a protest hit piece.

            1. Jeremy Jackson

              This was not a ‘woke’ hit piece but someone calling out an organization that has lost its way and is all about the money.

            2. Jstcant

              WTAF are you babbling about.
              (Notice the period. It’s not a question because I really don’t

        4. Nancy R Flacco

          We also stayed at the Yacht Club and while the room was sufficient we believe it was over-priced. In addition Disney promotes staying at a Disney property and using their complimentary transportation system. Our car did not move for 7 days and we were charged $25 a day to park. We will now stay off property and use Lyft or Uber. Disney has definitely declined from the first time we went.

        5. Joy

          I agree. I’m sick of everything Disney. As a annual pass holder for over 25 years, I’m calling it quits. Prices, wait times, reservations for parks and food, crowds, hotel housekeeping, I could go on and on. Just tired of it. For the thousands we pay to go to Disney, I’m going to start spending my money on uncrowded beaches. I wish I could sell back my annual pass, that hasn’t been used once this year. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Sad? I was, but the more I read and hear, the happier I am that I’m no longer going.

          1. how muc h do do you want to sell your annual pass for ?

            1. Leslie

              You can’t sell an annual pass.

        6. Lee

          Yeesh. You’re scaring me. I’ve got a short trip booked at YC in May…

        7. Peter T.

          Just spent the day at Epcot. I have visited the DW parks over 300 times over the past 35 years. We spent too much time yesterday on our phones trying to manage rides and meals. We had cast members at Spice Road refuse to talk to us until we pulled out our phone and scan the code and register online. I still have 5 non-expiring park hopper tix where I wonder if I will ever use them. BRING XTRA BATTERIES for your phone if you stay all day.

          1. Scotty

            My son has like 8 of those non expiring Disney park hoppers. He’s had them for years. after checking on them at Disney they do expire. But not until 2099. Lol

        8. Nichole Lamotte

          We traveled there from Wyoming with our 5 year old grandson and he is a huge Mickey fan. One of his first words. We never saw Mickey all day. We were told in the evening he would wave from a balcony. Finally at the end of the day saw some of the princesses ride by on a float. It was a terrible experience not at all what we hoped for.

        9. hasn't? Suddoth

          I’m sorry you are all experiencing problems at Disney World and Disneyland. I understand how expensive it is and how service has declined. I am struggling to survive the grocery store these days! Most of us can say that, can’t we? Just a sidenote here…Disney does do some wonderful things for Make-a-Wish kiddos. These children have terminal illnesses and come from all over this country. They enjoy a free trip to see Micky Mouse, along with their families, and ride the rides, eat what they want, and love every minute of it! Yes, things have changed with the prices, the service, etc. But can you think of anywhere that hasnt?

          1. Carol

            Yes, I can think of a place that hasn’t happened.

            I can take the cost of a week for 4 at WDW with Hopper tickets for 5 days before food and do the same level trip at Universal Studios including food – still spend less at Universal. Add to that, Universal is providing full housekeeping and their attitudes are currently 10X better.

            Disney has begun to forget about the Magic that drew us in. If they keep it up, a lot of us will forget as well.

        10. NANCY KELLY


        11. Shawn Buc

          I just came back from Disney also. Was there with my family 7 Years ago. I was pretty disappointed. I looked at my kids and told them to take it all in. We will never go back to Disney. Overpriced, overcrowded and bad customer service.

        12. Gary

          It’s called CHEAPAK! He has no idea what he is doing to the Walt experience. In his office with his abacus making sure he gets his multi million dollar yearly bonus. Until people wake up and stop going it will only get worse!!

          1. Robin


        13. Katy

          I’m a DVC member and have been one since 93 (via my parents and then myself) and I am so disappointed with Disney! We were there the last week of October just in time for the Genie+ to come into effect. I had already spent 4500 on tickets to the park and then was asked to spend another 125-200$ a day! The lack of a food plan was a huge cost for us and a let down. Luckily we have the full size kitchen but I don’t know how other families are able to go! If I didn’t have the points and the kitchen etc we wouldn’t have been able to do anything except get there. We stayed at SARATOGA in the Treehouses and while the cast members there were wonderful and kind, they were still lacking that “Disney-esque” way about them. Even the DVC lounge in Epcot was filled with unpleasant staff that seemed annoyed to have us there!!! I am so disappointed in Disney and have been saying this for months now!

        14. Nicky Vee

          At this point, only a fool would waste their money at Disney theme parks.

        15. Ronda

          Too focused on being woke. They forgot what they are. I’m done with Disney. It’s a shame

      2. JenniferB

        True story.

        1. Jana

          We are an annual passholder family and we’ve just let them expire for the first time in 30 years. Through the years, We’ve seen the deterioration of the Disney experience.

          What was the straw that broke the camels back you ask? On Monday, March 28, my granddaughter and I took a day trip for one last hurrah. Backpack was filled with snacks, drinks, Chapstick etc. The one thing I failed to pack was sunscreen! When we first arrived at Magic Kingdom, we went straight to the first aid station near Casey’s, right off of Main Street. They told us to go to the baby center next door for sunscreen. The baby care center had none. In fact, the somewhat aloof cast member said the entire park was out of sunscreen! MAGIC KINGDOM WAS OUT OF SUNSCREEN???? Thanks to a kind woman from Ohio, we were able to apply some of her sunscreen so that our skin didn’t FRY from the blazing sun in the cloudless sky! (85 degrees in the shade).

          I was tempted to get one of the cute little buttons you can wear if you have a birthday, anniversary or if it’s your first visit. Mine would’ve said LAST VISIT!

      3. Chuck C

        We have been Vacation Club members for 22 yrs. I agree that what used to be special about Disney vs. other Vaca clubs are the attention to detail. They have cut and eliminated too many extras and are pricing people out. Very sad. Planning on selling our membership.

        1. Jeannette

          We too are DVC members for 20 yrs. We plan on using ours more for exchanging thru Interval International and staying on Disney property but not going into the parks, more venturing out and pool time.

        2. Same here! I have been a fan, passholder, DVC member for 21 years. I am Planning on selling in the very near future. The cast attitudes, hotel management, ticket prices; zero perks for member loyalty? Nope. No thanks!

          1. Mitch

            Disney has sucked for a while, now. I built a number of the DVC resorts. Lower quality, higher prices. But the main thing is that Disney is too cheap to staff their resorts and treat employees well. Unhappy employees make for poor customer service.

        3. Beverly

          We feel the same way. We also took a cruise in December and it was NOT magical like every other one has been. We will be selling our DVC membership too. We enjoyed the membership and WDW while my daughter was young but not any more. They’ve taken away so many amenities that we gladly paid for. Now? I’m not glad about anything there I spent money on.

        4. Gordon McRae

          I agree … sold our DVC points. Sad day but still have many wonderful memories with my kids!

        5. Jim

          We are members at a local golf club they are doing the same thing more for less cutting many benefits while increasing prices – Reunion Resort stay away

      4. Susan

        Cast members have been doing a great job in my experiences the last few months.

        1. Sue

          Agreed. This situation is not the Cast Members fault. Disney would have enough housekeepers if they paid them adequate wages.

          1. Dianne Autenzio

            Yes went in January and feb
            Saratoga both times and it was great
            Did not enjoy the parks too crowded

      5. Violeta Roldan

        I just stayed @ CBR & understood going in that the beds would not b made or towels or cups replace till every other day due 2 COVID & they were short staff. But if u run out of something & need something sooner they would bring it 2 u the same day. I had a great experience @ CBR & this was the week of 1/5/22 through 1/13/22 w/ a family of 5.

        1. B

          We’ve always gone to Disney but with my kids getting older and being Harry Potter fans, we tried Universal about a month ago. Our beds were made daily and everything was replaced. I could even text them questions or requests.

          We did one day at Disney and it was not even half as fun as Universal. We spent half the day waiting in line bc Genie+ sucks. Eventually got to ride everything we wanted but at Universal we rode everything we wanted multiple times. The cast member I spoke to was friendly and helpful so credit to him.

          But yea I think we’re Universal people now.

      6. Tony Martinez

        Disney can kiss my ass.

        1. Mason

          This website needs a like button

          1. Lee


      7. We have been AP holders for over 15 years. The decline of value started before covid. Specifically the different festivals that are at Epcot. Prices kept going up and the size of everything down. The Magic left a long time ago. Certainly folks will justify that is just economics and staffing, but as I mentioned this started long ago. Another greedy corporate that hides behind Have A Magical Day. Don’t waste your money.

        1. Laura

          I agree 💯! It is no longer Walts Disney 😞 the magic is gone 😞

        2. Diana D

          I had said this to my husband a few months before covid started. I remember reading about Disney cutting certain things like the festivals you mentioned and also some “street” performers. These things were actually crowd control in disguise but, they were a welcome distraction. I told my husband that crowds are getting bigger so they need these things. I am sure they like the bigger dollar numbers, but it is sad how people are getting angrier with them.

        3. Sue

          What I am hoping is that they keep throwing their money into DVC building (instead of Imagineering, service, and loyalty rewards) and then can’t sell them.

        4. I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland. Growing up during the 60s, my family drove past it several times during our annual summer vacation trips visiting our relatives who live the deep South. The last time we went was in the summer of 1969. We drove past it AGAIN, which was torturous to my sister and I. We begged our parents to stop, but it was always the same speech: “We’re on a tight schedule. You father only has thirty days off, and we promised everyone (relatives) that we’d come down there there for a visit.” That was it. Now I’ll have to go by myself, since I’m the only member of my birth family who’s still alive.

        5. Anne Redahan

          You are absolutely right. The “cast” is nothing like they were over 20 years ago. Maybe they should stop worrying about shareholders and their board of directors getting their cuts.

          1. Mario A

            They won’t get a cut at the rate people are starting to walk away. Was at Disneyland 2 weeks back, so overly done with genie+, many people were fed up. We left each day at 4 and came back at 10 to near empty park. But you can only do so much in 2 hours.

        6. Angela

          That’s because Bob Chapek became CEO is Disney Parks in 2015. Now he is CEO over all of Disney, and things are getting even worse.

        7. Joe Holland

          We went to Disney in 12 years ago and you could see the changes starting. Way too expensive, crowded and quality suffered. Stayed at an off site hotel because I already knew that the onsite hotels were lacking.

          1. Mark M

            Went to Epcot for a day in March 2022. First time at Disney in 25 years. Just my wife and I. We were down over $300 before we got through the gate. Bought no souveniers or sit-down meals and still dropped nearly $600. Not sure how a family with kids can afford a week here!! Tried to get a table at the German resturant. Had to download an app and create a user account to do so. Gotvabout 10 minutes into the process and got so frustrated I just went to the beer stand. Not sure why they needed my date of birth, mailing address, annual income and a password to make a dinner reservation … unless they expected I would be taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay the dinner bill??? Completely rediculous experience.

      8. Luci

        Our family was there Nov 2021. We go often but this experience was so different. Multiple rude cast members. Horrible hotel service. Bad food service and Genie is a joke! We won’t be back anytime soon!

        1. Terrie Fourman

          We were there during Halloween and felt the same way.
          I also agree that the decline started well before Covid. Greed has clearly gotten the better of them. Serving only the shareholders and not the patrons will come back to bite them (I hope).

        2. Dawn Peterson

          Last trip 2 1/2yrs ago was my last trip. 40trips in all. It was one of the best. From the sounds of it i wont bother gking back. So 😔

      9. Brenda

        We went in feb and we wont be going back, shame how disney has went down hill.

      10. Anita

        Outrageous prices! Not fun anymore!

        1. V. Baker

          I have not been back to Disney World for about
          20 years. I was looking forward to one day taking my grandkids there. By the sound of the way things are going , I will be better off spending money elsewhere. Walt Disney must be doing flips in his grave over what is happening to his dream for families. The
          “AVERAGE” family can not afford to take their clan for a week of fun without taking out a
          loan !!! What is this world coming to ???

      11. Shana

        The article is spot on. We have visited Disney about 1x a year since 2012, skipping 2020. When we went in October 2021, we felt the service in parks and resort was really lacking. Our Disney vacations were always priced higher than other vacations, but the outstanding service always made it worth it to us. Now that the service is not there, we will not visit as often.

      12. Tom

        If you go during spring break you get what you pay for you know the crowds are going to be a lot so it’s your own fault

      13. John

        Sucks to be you to whine about this with everything going on in world. Sit down Troll.

      14. Steve

        I stayed at Disney World a few years ago. It was a terrible and extremely expensive experience. Never again.

        Disneyland, I’ve had a few good experiences with.

      15. R. Floyd Asher

        I can also say our visit to disney world was not good. It was our 7th trip there and it will be our last. We had to park way out and had to pay 25.00 per day with no transportation to the front gate after paying high entrance fees and the service in the park was at best marginal. Many of the rides were not operating. Will not spend another $ at Disney. Walt would be ashamed.

      16. Hema

        Exactly! When you pay all that money and they increase prices the service should be either the same or more but definitely not less! Better off getting hotel or AirBnB deals to enjoy your stay. The less the Disney brand is supported maybe they’ll see they need to make some improvement.

      17. Eric Macias

        Boycott Disney

        1. Melissa


      18. Marsha

        Everyone’s just realizing this? In the 80s we used to go take my daughter when she was little. It was horrible then and I hear it’s even horrible now now. Waiting two hours for one Coca-Cola not me anymore ever again
        Have a good day Disney Parks and good luck because you’re gonna need it

      19. Mike

        What do you expect. It’s a Mickey Mouse operation.

      20. John

        My wife and I decided to give Disney a try again since we were traveling in Florida. It is overrated and over priced what a disappointment wait sometimes up to 2 hours in line to get on a ride. And over priced fast food. We would never go back.

      21. Marlo

        I’m appalled at the prices! How can a family even afford to visit! You won’t see me there at those prices! Not cool!!

      22. Tracy

        Me and my boyfriend went last month I thought it was wonderful but the prices are outrageous to eat so I’m glad we’re able to bring our own water and flavor the hotel is nice I don’t have a complaint with that I didn’t see many cast members dressed up but there were many cast members to help you if you had questions I do wish there were more outlets for scooters to be charged or phones even then to help you get her on the park because you need your phone for everything now and the genie plus is very Confusing

      23. They have gone down hill since Disney sold. Fist fights all over the place. Charges for things you don’t get anymore if you want to pay all that money and don’t care go for it. Plus they support things I don’t. Instead supporting crap they need to take care of their customers. Bye

      24. Ron from FL

        Walt Disney is rolling in his frozen state. If he ever wakes up from his cryogenic state, he is going to be completely unhinged at what this “woke” corporation has turned into. No need to give Disney my money.

      25. Linda

        I would have to agree. There is certainly a decrease of services, quality, increase is costs, and Genie plus and their algorithms are a joke, much less having to get up before 7 every morning and deal with the stress of trying to get on to it to sign up. You are supposed to be relaxed and on vacation. Certainly not what happened during our week of vacation March 11th. I know this is not something Walt Disney would be happy with. The cleanliness and taking care of outside areas is far from what it use to be. I would think twice about returning. The price is just not worth it. There are lots of other exciting destinations in the United States to visit and spend my hard working money.

      26. Jim

        Walt is turning over in his grave…

        Disney has become a money grinder – not the wonderous experience, Walt meant it to be.

        My wife and I have been life-long Disney fanatics – but this is NOT Walt’s Disney.

        Walt once said…
        “You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality…”

        Disney has forgotten that fact !!

    2. Chris H

      We started having these bad experiences two years ago BEFORE the price increases and gave up on Disney Parks then… and that was when Chapek was Parks president. I don’t want to even think about how bad it has gotten since then, but keep finding these articles. Once we realized that we were throwing $10k+/year on vacations that stressed us out, we opted to buy a a better house and found much better (and less expensive) vacations elsewhere.

      1. Suzanne

        My biggest complaint was Genie+. I go on vacay to put my phone down, and relax with my family. Genie+ had one of us constantly on our phone trying to figure out where to go next. Disappointing at the least. We’re taking a break, but I know we’ll eventually go back.

        1. Jeff

          We were planning on going to Disney World this year but after what I’m seeing in all the money grabbing and complaints I’ll go elsewhere. We live in the Northeast and for a long stretch we spent time at Disney because we had family in Florida. When you add everything in the prices have doubled in the last 5 yrs. People still filling the parks now but this will eventually catch up with Disney and hopefully they bring back the deals and quality of service they always had. Not a big fan of this CEO. Moving on from him may be the start.

        2. Dianne Autenzio


        3. DrFunOne

          Disney leadership ceded Disney culture to a distinctly un-American manager lacking the vision for delighting customers and staff.

      2. V Alicea

        Wake up Disney. Your prices are ridiculously high that hardly anyone can afford to go to parks. You used to be all about family’s and memories. Now it’s only about the money and nothing about the guests. Wake Disney must be rolling in his grave. Such a shame

        1. Prof Pete

          Noticed the typo, “Wake Disney”. You meant “Woke Disney” right? 😊

          1. Les

            Walt Disney

      3. Stacy

        I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge 4 years ago and things were going downhill then- the room was small, was sorely in need of updating (didn’t even have plug ins for phones and balcony over the “savannah”
        was dirty and had those cheap plastic chairs) . Check in was chaotic and the staff was obviously hurried and harassed, no no Disney smiles and magic there. The whole property looked tired. When a company loses the vision of its founder in favor of the almighty dollar, the vision is lost. The Disney brand, which I used to love so much, no longer exists. I don’t care if I ever go back.

        1. Same here. My partner has visited 35 times in his 81 years, I only visited 4 times, 1 with husband, 3 with partner. Our LAST and FINAL visit was in 11/2019. Was recouping from chemo. Disney Resorts (movies) was going downhill then, too. Rust, cloudy windows, bathroom was old and not kept up. But park members were nasty especially during fireworks, etc. We are disabled and were REFUSED entry to handicap area, had to go wait at bridge crossing, we were chased away for waiting for show, but when show started hordes of people closed all around us and pushed us to back. THAT WAS, DEFINITELY OUR LAST VISIT. Mr. Walt did not want this for his dream. This new “woke” CEO and admin must be removed and the Disney Family must return, to bring Disney World back to what Mr. Walt’s dream was all about – FAMILY, VALUES, MORALS, not this “woke” crap.

          1. Al


    3. PC

      Our last trip to Disney was before the pandemic in 2019. From all that I have been reading, it seems Disney’s priorities to their guests has gone down. My biggest concern is the increase in all prices!!! Disney is truly making it unaffordable for the average person/family. As much as we would like to return, we will wait until we see more positive comments.

      1. Leslie

        Right. Because Disney used to be affordable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    4. JLT

      My niece was just there at CBR and stated it was great. We are going in a few weeks and expect it to be a little different than last we were there. We understand that even Disney can have staff shortages and has to unfortunately adjust their service, but if you’ve ever stayed at any hotel lately they have all had to similarly adjust their service. We are excited to be heading back to Disney for more than just the hotel

      1. Cindy

        Beware – we just returned from Disney yesterday and won’t be going back any time soon. Stood in line at Hollywood for 4 hours only to be told the ride was shut down for repairs. Magic Kingdom was the same way. Stood in line for the Alien ride forever. Only 1 set of the rides was working. It seemed we were plagued with malfunctions after standing in line for hours. We have been to Disney several times and this was the worst experience we have had. We won’t be going back unless Disney steps up its game. Very disappointing when you shell out all the money and have limited vacation time.

      2. Beata

        I went in October with my family fir a week. Stayed at Beach Club. No issues whatsoever. I think people just like to complain and are lazy and self absorbed. Take it all in and have a great tume

        1. Nichole

          You obviously have more monethan sense.You play on average 5 times the rate of any other hotel their .Lazy funny We are lazy because we expect to het what we pay for. That is laughable.The prices have gone up up up services have gone down down down plain and simple.

    5. Jim

      I USED TO BE a fan of Disney. NO MORE. I’m done. Won’t be going back any time soon! Overpriced and services stink! Mickey would NOT be happy.

      1. Nichole

        truest statement i have seen.

    6. Steph

      This is exactly why they do what they do to guest. It is not okay to spend all that money for a motel 6 experience.
      We just sit back and except it…sad what we people put up with because we are to lazy to do anything about it.

    7. If Walt Disney was alive today, he would be in awe of the growth of Disney itself. However, the services and prices provided at these themeparks would disgust him 100%!! He always said, ” that he wanted families to be able to afford the Disney experience, and be treated like family.” In 5 visits, I’ve seen prices go up, and the quality of services or customer service go down. Sometimes, I fly Southwest Airlines, and believe that they are the ” Funnest Place On Earth”!!

    8. Lisa

      Definitely not the same. Our last trip was probably be our last! Way more expensive with a very disappointing experience.

    9. DJTluvsputin

      Hard to disagree… New management and labor problems may be affecting the experience. Regardless, this has been a recurring comment. I feel the same but will go back for my annual visit.

    10. Michele

      If these grouches don’t come back, it’s just more room for the rest of us who love the place

    11. Stu

      A liberal pandering to a liberal corporate company lol. Sad to see how mentally I’ll these people are to justify bad service after paying top dollar lol

    12. J33per

      I was there a month ago and it was terrible. People were being yelled at in line for not wearing masks properly and the food portions were half what you would expect for such expensive prices. Bring snacks and a thick skin.

    13. bill

      Service was terribe, lines way too long and the Genie + what a joke. they need to go back to what Walt would have wanted for families, not to keep the stock holders happy!

    14. been going to DW for over 20 years, every year. and my most recent visit was probably my last as my kids are now done with high school and this was the worse visit unfortunately that we ever had. They are letting in way too many people (i wonder what the fire code is for that) compared to any of the other years. The Genie+ was terrible, we waited almost an hour one time using it??? Please go back to Fastpass. the Hotels are too over priced now for what you get. I guess they are looking for the almighty dollar instead of what Disney’s Objective is all about – Making Families happy. too bad, but i guess all good things come to an end.

    15. K. Campbell

      I’ve never been to either Disneyland nor Disney world. With Disney so woke and playing politics is what is ruining it!! I will not give a cent to a company that I feel is no longer family friendly!

    16. Louis

      I lost respect for Disney decades ago, when they sued a daycare in southeast Florida, for using baby Disney characters on the outside of there building without permission.

    17. Eyes Onu

      Disney is shorthanded just like everyone else. And people are still going to these theme parks expecting people to give them the same service as when they are fully staffed. Everything would be that way but America wanted to crack down on the undocumented workers or people with retired visas. Guess who was giving you all that good service that you miss?? Smh, such entitled and unhappy people

  2. DM

    insidethemagic should be retitled: insidethenegativedrama because that’s all it reports these days

    1. JenniferB

      That isn’t totally true. But what’s magical about horrendously long lines, expensive low quality food, paying to wait in an expedited line that is just as long as the standby, lack of amenities at the resorts that cost twice as much as off-property comparable places, etc? The point is that the most magical place on earth has become far from it.

      1. L Cuilla

        Agree! Had the same experience on a trip to Disney in January 2022. Even left a day and just forfeited our park tickets. I was also a DVC member for 20+ years, but sold out a few years ago. I think I’m done with Disney now!

      2. Dianne Autenzio


    2. Tee

      Disney has gone downhill, whether you can admit it or not. If Disney gets their act together, the positive stories will resume. I bet you say the same about regular news, too. The “magic” sucks right now.

      1. Sue

        Sadly all of these stories are very true. As a long time Disney pass holder, I am deciding whether to renew this time. The top at Disney need to start reading and paying attention to the complaints being expressed. If something doesn’t change for the better soon, there are going to be more “I’m never going again trips” rather than “magical” ones. My young grandkids are coming down next month and we’re not even going. $1500 (before any Genie additional expense) for a day to do nothing but stand in hours long lines is not my idea of fun anymore.

        1. As long as these massive crowds continue Chapek will continue to dilute the Magic and everyones bank accounts. If everything is so bad then why are there sooo many people jamming the parks? And the food will continue to get worse and cost more. We are AP holders and DVC members. Chapek changed how many points are needed for a weeks stay so now we can only stay 6 days. Thanks Bob for stealing the value of my investment. But on the bright side we won’t be spending as much on food and other stuff. 50 years to build a reputation and 2 years to totally destroy it. This blog and others like it have gone from being very positive to almost totally negative. Again, as long as these large crowds continue it will embolden them to continue to basically rip off the customers. I say customers and not guests because you don’t rip off your guests.

          1. Sue

            I am hoping the crowds dissipate after Covid makeup trips and 50th Anniversary newness. Then we will see. If universal could just figure out how to give the wizarding world Disney’s charm with friendlier Customer service and more personable “wizards”(I know that Rowling won’t let them use characters), they could steal a lot of the crowds.

          2. kiko

            This is not your mother’s Disney. We have watched the core infrastructure that Disney was built on deteriorate over the past 2 years. It use to be you got what you paid for….We visit twice a year, even through the pandemic. Its now all about the money. If you want the magic it will come at a hefty price. Quality is not there. We just booked a graduation trip, took 6 phone calls and 2 emails to get the reservations correct…. Im hoping once they recoup their pandemic losses, the magic will return….

          3. Dianne Autenzio

            You said it perfectly

    3. Mindy

      Feel free to tell us what positive things we’re apparently missing, because all I see is a downward slope of sadness.

      1. JC

        For real. I don’t go to Disney for the perks. I go to get out of the real world for a while.
        Y’all need to get a life. It’s not Disney that lost its magic, look in side your self.

        1. You must be a dreamer ,get REAL !!!!

        2. Janet Floyd

          That’s just the point, too much real world creeping in.

    4. Bruce Berger

      An ostrich hides it’s head in the sand hoping to avoid what’s actually happening around it. If you can’t see what’s really happening at Disney maybe you should take off your rose colored glasses and stop drinking the koolaid they’re serving.

    5. mike

      That’s all there is there these days !

    6. Travis Weberling

      Hey DM,Who’s fault is that, that all you read about on here is negative news surrounding the way PAYING CUSTOMERS FEEL ABOUT WDW & WDL? It’s all the suits in the corporate office’s fault including Chepeck’s, maybe if they hadn’t raised ticket & food prices & at the same time lower the portion sizes & food quality, MAYBE people would report POSITIVE EXPERIENCES at the parks instead of negative ones.

  3. chuck

    With this CEO Bob and all this stuff going on and prices raising bet in a few years Disney will close just like parks around the world .Look what is going on with gas prices and food nobody will be able to go anywhere

    1. Leslie


  4. AmericanbyGod

    As of yesterday we have joined the thousands of cancelations. Gas is high enough and I would’ve spent on that just to take my kid on another Disney adventure. But, due to ole Bob’s greedy price increases and the fact that he had to stick his nose in the political scene I, like many many others, decided to cancel our May trip. My only regret is the disappointment of my child. It’s not worth it to us to pump even more money in Bob Paycheck’s pocket with no guarantee that the failure of Genie+ would even get us on a ride. Maybe Disney should have man-upped during covid and not closed so the revenue would continue to come in. That way they would not have to rape the Disney fans and guests now. Not that Bob and the rest of the board aren’t already rich…

    1. Van

      I’m disappointed in today’s Disney but they closed for public safety. Like high gas prices, Disney’s inflation is a rip out. They made billions on Disney entertainment during the pandemic. Unregulates corporate America is off charts. They rake in billions, pay little or no taxes, get subsidies then jack up prices. Amazingly, those who complain the loudest vote against regulations.

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        actually, they lost 4.2 Billion dollars. Not made money, but lost 4,200,000,000.00 dollars. That is not only a lot of zeros, but a lot of dollars. That means they spent 4.2 billion dollars more than they brought in.

        1. Carol Penquite

          And it didn’t hurt. Still raking in millions every day.
          Corporate America. Sad.

        2. sherry

          actually they announced a revenue of 67.4 billion in 2021 and increase of over two billion of the previous year. Also, first quarter of 2022 $7.2 billion in revenue

        3. AmericanbyGod

          From a post from a different article:
          The rich keep getting richer, Bob finding more ways to pad the ole bank account. How much exactly is Bob worth thanks to his profit making schemes and price gouging Disney fans? Anyone is free to Google it…
          For example: Disney CEO Bob Chapek and his predecessor Bob Iger more than doubled their salaries in 2021. Chapek earned $32.5 million, while Iger took home $45.9 million. And, Chapek received a base salary of $2.5 million, stock and option awards valued at nearly $14 million and other compensation, including a change in the value of his pension, worth $1.7 million, according to the filing.
          All that is personal earnings, not what the company absorbs. It’s funny how they doubled their salaries when the parks were shut down for so many months due to covid and no parks were pulling in revenue. Price gouging at the finest. Eliminate the dining plans and jack up food prices. Eliminate free resort parking and start charging $25 a day to park your vehicle in a parking lot long since paid for. And then the biggest ripoff of all, Genie+ and Lightning Lane to replace the free Fast Pass system that worked. All this without a reduction in resort or park prices. In fact, all those prices went up as well and there was a recent article that the multi-day tickets will no longer be discounted as much as they were. Bob is surely in line with the Biden Build Back Better plan that has proven to be a failure to this country. Likewise, ole Bob is a failure to Disney and all of us that are Disney families. But, he is the rich that’s getting richer. Think he, or anyone else on that board, gives two spits about any of us? No! He’s set for the rest of his life, his kids are set for the rest of their lives, his grandkids are set for life as well. And all from our dollars and because of our love of Disney. Read comments on almost every article, Disney is losing its fan base, it’s family based guests, hundreds, probably thousands, of people are canceling their planned Disney vacations, us being one of those families. We took a fraction of what that trip was costing us and bought season passes to Dollywood in Tennessee and can go any time we want for the entire year, get free parking and discounts on food and merchandise. It’s unfortunate that it’s not Mickey Mouse, but, we can still enjoy some good wholesome affordable family fun. Until Disney gets their act together they won’t be making any more money from us.

      2. Rachel Potter

        Regulations and government interference in the economy is the cause of the problems not the solution. As another poster already said if people would open their eyes look around and see what’s really going on.

  5. Dino

    Disney doesn’t care about the park or it’s guests anymore. They can make two movies which will generate the revenue of a whole year at the park.

    1. Mary

      Or any employees who don’t believe in the radical liberal ideology of their coworkers

      1. Stacy

        You are so right. Walt is spinning in his grave I have no doubt.

      2. Marge

        Exactly! What happened to the Disneyland I grew up with in the 60s where there were no coloreds and no maxicans all over the park!

        1. Leslie

          Okay, this comment needs to go. Marge, someone needs to wash your stinking racist mouth out with soap. Also? It’s “Mexican” not “maxican” you inbred piece of trash.

        2. Leslie

          We need a /sarcasm/ tag.

    2. Bobbie

      That’s a lie, the only thing that made them money during the pandemic was Disney world. There past 3 or 4 movies besides Spider-Man (which is a Sony movie) bombed and or barely made money.

  6. JenniferB

    Dear Disney Guest,
    Welcome back from left field. None of this is new information. A tiny amount of research would have saved you some money because every Disney enthusiast everywhere has made it clear they are beyond done until Disney returns operations to pre-pandemic service levels. The wheels are falling off that operation. Sit back and watch the show.

    But in Disney’s defense, they aren’t the only ones suffering ill effects. We travel a ton. And right now, nearly every hotel is without service personnel; housekeeping services are non-existent. Hotel prices are higher for less. Now that the immediate threat is over from Covid, we are going to start experiencing the epitome of first world problems: no one is willing to serve me. 😂 we just have to learn to accept some of this as the new normal, sadly.

    1. Mel

      I was a passholder from WI. I used to go to disney a out 5 to 6 times a year. I did not renew my membership this past year. The prices have doubled. The services are less and the lines are extremely long.. our last trip was in May and my kids hated it and don’t want to go back. They both said it’s not fun anymore. Who doesn’t like waiting in line for 3hrs to go on a ride. Sorry Disney we are DONE

      1. E I

        We have been passholders since 2014 and literally the only reason we renewed the last 2 years is our 5 year old, who loves going to Disney World (and doesn’t even remember character meet and greets 😭), and the fact that my husband has to be in the area for work multiple times a year, so it’s really the most cost effective for us that way. But with the Disney Magic not returning and the new Disney policy of making political statements when those statements have nothing to do with actual policy, we’re getting really close to giving it all up after we get the admission worth from our renewed passes. Disney will have some
        Time to prove themselves, but…they’re tanking themselves reaaaaalllll quick.

  7. Casal

    Went to Flower & Garden show today & it was packed.. the workers tried to squeeze more in each row for the ELO concert so we were on top of each other.. so much for their Covid concerns. The bathrooms had no toilet paper or drying towels (or machines). Not the “magical” experience I have been used to 😪

    1. Teresa

      Disneysdecline started well before the pandemic. Our last visit was March 2019, before Genie+ made things even worse! We experienced horrible crowds, long waits for busses, crazy pricing. We are savvy Disney goers. Have been there 12 times, but this last visit opened my eyes as to how much WDW had deteriorated. I won’t return as long as Genie+ limits my park experience. I’ll be damned if I’ll pay thousands only to get on my fav rides once or twice a day!

    2. Dottie

      Stayed at Yacht Club recently and agree that level of service is not as expected. Food quality is worse than ever. Disney has the opportunity to influence so many to choose a healthier lifestyle, but instead promotes junk fast food and alcohol at exhorbitant prices. Genie+ system is NOT the answer. You cannot book another ride until you complete the one reserved, but at that point, the reservations are filled or at 8 p.m. As it is, you can only book two rides in total/day.
      Are they no longer calling the girls “princess.” Haven’t heard it the last two visits. Disappointed that the happiest place on earth is no longer Disney.

  8. Donna

    Disney is a shell of what it once was. Pay to get in pay to ride. No real meet and greets, very limited tours. High prices for food and smaller portions. Service is down and cast members are not being treated fairly by guests or by the mouse. They no longer allow resort hoping by car so going to a resort for a lunch or to get a special snack takes three times as long using buses. It lost the magic.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Almost every single sentence you wrote is false.
      The Disney model was built on charging you to pay to ride attractions. When the parks opened, you paid to get into them (General Admission) and then paid for each attraction separately with A-E tickets. That was Uncle Walt’s model. Pay for everything you want separately.
      Meet and Greets have returned. Tours have returned. Service is not down, it is different. And finally, resort hopping is still allowed, even by car.
      Buck it up, Donna. Quit with the exaggerations and out right false statements.

      1. Stacy

        Different for Disney is down. And it is down. Disney now is a pale shadow of what it was – I worked there when standards were high- and now that it’s inserting itself into politics I don’t see the downward spiral stopping any time soon. The upcoming Buzz Lightyear movie is a case in point. Taking an innocent animated toy character story and feeling the need to insert a statement about sexual proclivities is beyond the pale. We won’t be watching

        1. KarenSmash

          Lol, really Karen, you already magically know what a movie that’s not even close to release is about? Talk about looking for drama where there is none. I hope you’re also “staying away from the parks” like ever other Karen keeps promising! You’re an embarrassment.

      2. Get out of your fantasy world , Know who you represent !

      3. Linda

        Originally, when you paid for general admission, that included a book of A-E tickets so, technically, you were paying one price, not two as your comment suggested. Disney, as we know it today, is far from Uncle Walt’s model.

        1. Sherri Smith

          We visited Disney this past February. I was so excited to take my husband who had never been. It was horrible. I was so embarrassed. Small world smelled musty and you could see the ceiling, there was trash all over the ground. Which I have NEVER seen. So many people, we couldn’t enjoy ourselves. We spent over 7,000 on this trip. We even skipped our park days that had been paid for, so that we could enjoy the resort. Fort Wilderness was great. The Disney that I have known in the past was gone. We stood in lines for almost 3 hours to ride Pandora. We won’t go back until we start to hear more positive things about Disney. Which breaks my heart. Needless to say, my husband was not impressed.

  9. Hope

    I understand this a forum to share experiences. 50 or so years ago Disney World was evolving into a place where magic happened. The awe of it all. Yes things have changed. We only have to read, listen or watch what is happening and the bad is often the focus. We as individuals and as a collective humanity need to remember to bring magic to each other outside of Disney first so that a place of the imagination can be a reality where we not only dream of a world full of awe and wonder but we focus on what we can do in some small way to make our wish come true for another or others as well.

  10. Joy

    Our family went in December. Part of the group stayed in the park and said nothing negative about the room service. They stated that the people at the front desk were excellent. They thought their room served the purpose and being able to ride the gondola was a plus.

    The rest of the party, who had been there 4 years ago, knew things had changed as we kept up to date on the changes so there would be no surprise.
    Yes we did have to pay extra for the Genie Plus but we all felt it was well worth the extra cost.
    All in all we would all go back in a heartbeat if time permitted but next trip will not be until next year.
    Still as magical as it always was….

  11. Justin

    Uhuh. They’re totally gone. Definitely. That’s why the parks are packed 7 days a week huh? Chapek sucks, granted… But this is mostly sensationalist garbage. The same complaints happen every 5-10 years after price hikes. This isn’t new. This site has gotten super, super negative though. To the point where I only come here to watch the drama and flame people. Disappointing.

    1. Tee

      Am interested to see their popularity once this 50th Anni ersary BS is over. Many people only are going now due to anniversary, but will be good for years. Many others will not be able to afford, nor want to go due to the drop in amenities and services. You might be wrong in the future. Many people planned to go now for years (I did, but refuse to go with crowds so big, not wasting my money to also get less!). You sound like a lovely person, be proud. 🙄

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        hey Tee,
        you might want to pull out that old Econ textbook. You know the one that explains the law of Supply and Demand.
        The one that will tell you that the parks are not overpriced, in fact they are under priced. The Demand exceeds the Supply, the parks are sold out almost every day. That means the prices are too low and must increase. IF you do not like the crowds, then raise the price to be there.

        1. Snake

          Chapek needs to quit posting on forums.

        2. Snake

          By that logic, Disney should have never built Epcot, or MGM studios, or Animal Kingdom. You build to accommodate growth. Strictly price increases do not maximize profits, clearly showing this current regime has no clue how to grow the theme park segment of the business.

        3. Dr. Gonzo

          You’re an absolute idiot.

        4. Dr. Gonzo

          You’re an îdîot.

    2. Liz J

      The new CEO is not about the experience that Walt was trying to create. The Disney experience has lost it’s magic. I went to Disney 3 times last year. Even with park reservations it was so crowded that it was not enjoyable. This company is all about movies and being woke that it forgot about the magic

  12. Nique Villanueva

    Love Disneyland since I was a child. Now ,in my 50’s not so much ! Walt is turning in his grave ! Money hungry ,not family fun / entertainment anymore. Don’t mind waiting in line for a ride but now it seems it’s only for those who are willing to shell out extra to skip ahead of lines. E-ticket plu$$ it what they should call it ! Might as well just go to Hawaii for the same money ! And I don’t mean the Alumni !!!!!

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Then you must remember that for the majority of its time open, you paid for each ride individually after paying to get into the park. You know, how Uncle Walt wanted it. What do you think an E ticket was? The most expensive rides to pay to ride. You seem to not have a clue about the Disney you visited since a child.

      1. YourWifesBull

        A ticket came with a book of A-E ticket book… Stan harder Scotty… Scotty doesnt know, Scotty doesnt know!

  13. Tara

    We recently stayed at Pop Century. Loved the new skyliner to get to Epcot. While the line was long in the morning, it moved very quickly. We found our room clean and updated. No cleaning services, but I knew that ahead of time. A staff member did stop by to “inspect” my room and I asked for towels. She brought me back a stack of what I later realized were bath mats. Lol. Parks were busy, but we had great success with the genie + Food at the hotel was decent and we did check out the Easter display at the Grand Floridian hotel. It was beautiful and we picked up some tasty snacks. All in all we had a great time.

  14. Hppe, I like your reply but yes, things have changed at Disney and need to go bavvk to at least 8 years ago We were always waited on in a regal way and food was great and the dining being able to book it with our time there was super and not like they are doing it now – it is poor and expensive and the grounds were not as beautiful as they were in the past. Too bad it is falling apart – get back to normal MICKEY!!!

    1. Greg

      Exactly. Those of us who know what it was like before know it’s becoming an expensive trash heap.

  15. We took the kids to Disney and the staff and food was not like it once was. The kids were so disappointed that they asked to leave.we haven’t been or planned to go again. And the food prices r out rageous

  16. Jo

    Definitely not feeling the magic with the customer service. Asking a cast member a question is not the same at all!

  17. Meghan

    We went to Hollywood studios last Friday and we were very excited about Star Wars land. It took us 1.5 hrs to get there and the park was way too crowded – shoulder to shoulder in some parts of the streets and definitely the stores. Our reservations for lunch ended up not having any food available because of shipping issues and all the rides had lines longer than two hours. Just to make a light saber you had to wait in an hour and a half line. And the lightning pass for rise of the resistance was also an hour and a half. We stayed an hour and a half in the park and drove another hour and a half back home. It was so disappointing because we are huge Star Wars and Disney fans.

  18. Doreen

    Agreed. The magic is gone Happy to charge a lot more for much less. I know a lot of Disney fans will hate to hear this but Universal has far surpassed Disney now in every way. Definitely in the hotel category! To make the Pop/Animation people wait that long for skyliner then make them leave the transfer station platform, go all the way out and start over in CB line instead of continuing right there on the platform is ridiculous. The Genie+ has people stuck to their phones the whole day to try to avoid lines. Again, ridiculous. The worst thing is to not allow park hopping until after 2pm. I can literally go from Walmart to Magic Kingdom but not Epcot to Magic Kingdom “due to covid restrictions”. Already made the decision to not renew if that hasn’t changed before. Sadly i have to agree with the original article, the magic is gone.

    1. Don

      Been going since I was 6. Now my kids are all grown but we’ve maintained annual passes for years. Gave it up this year. It’s no fun when prices are through the roof, service is marginal at best, parks are. It kept up with, and the political/social agenda pushing is out of place. After nearly 45 years of steady attendance, we are done. Now we go too Busch Gardens and Sea World. Bye Disney

      1. VDog

        just watched a YouTube video of an insanely packed universal studios as well. Good luck if you think you’re escaping the crowds. I mean, I agree.. the parks ARE packed.. but they all are, sadly. As for the political “agenda”, I’ve yet to have someone walk up to me while in line for Space mountain to try to recruit me for something or try to get me to sign some kind of petition.. sooo what the heck is everyone going on about with “political agendas”?? You are there for the rides and food!! If you are so interested in what Bob Chaepek is doing “politically”that it ruins your day at Disney, that’s your fault.

  19. Kas

    Where have you all been for the past 15 years? This is not new information. Disney upped the prices to keep the hotels at 2.5 star level, buy new franchises, and build new rides. If you want Disney to keep up with the hotel upkeep they’d have to triple the costs to stay there just to refurbish. I won’t comment on cast members because they had (I know from experience) a hell of a time from people like you before COVID and I can imagine it is 10 times worse just by these comments. Please remember they don’t go to your workplace and blame you on your bosses responsibilities. They are human and have bad days too. And for the Karens and Kens NO they can’t just shut it out like you can’t not complain about it. LOL

    1. Dr. Gonzo

      Oh, shut the hell up. You sound like more of a Karen/Ken than most of the people on here, you fn troll.

  20. Lori

    I was there 3/16 for my twins 3rd bday. I hadn’t visited in over 5 years but prior to that went a lot. The genie+ is a joke! Don’t waste your $. The cast member at the entrance “Ashley” I remember her name made one of the twins scan his finger in the middle of a meltdown while I’m proceeding to explain he’s 3 a million people behind us it was terrible. Then it was a fam trip so my parents had arrived earlier and were waiting right inside past the wheelchair rental bottom line they didn’t let my daughter in she had to go wait in another line for guest services bc they said her ticket didn’t match her name. What does that matter if they let my parents in and the other tickets hadn’t been used?! That’s after I actually paid for 2 tickets when I coulda just said the twins were 2 like everyone else does until their kids are damn near 6! I can go on and on. 5k later my sons still had a great time but the Disney experience is nothing like it used to be. Characters used to walk around, sign your autograph books etc now nada

    1. VDog

      Uggghh, the fact that you even had to include the cast members name to “put her on blast”.. because she had to do her job?? It’s a freakin finger scan! For your sons safety!! Surely, you could have had a little compassion for “Ashley”, realized she had to do her job, and controlled your precious little sons meltdown for long enough to get his finger scanned.. these cast members at the turntables face THOUSANDS of people per day. I’m sure most are fine, but How many adult and young brats do you think they have to put up with? Same thing with a ticket that doesn’t match the person holding it.. safety. You’re right, you should probably stay away.

    2. AuntieJ

      It’s a Florida law about not transferring a ticket from one user to another so having name not match is breaking the law.

      1. Can anyone dispute, higher prices- less in return, for ex. Food portions? Can anyone dispute less customer service for higher ticket/hotel prices? Can anyone dispute larger crowds due to an ending pandemic YET Disney continues to “cram” as many people as possible but still uses the “reservation calendar”? To control crowds shut down or lower the the amount of people in the parks if you are going to use a reservation calendar- its not hard to figure out!!

  21. Gail J

    I’ve been to WDW (for vacation specifically to the four parks) in 1998, 2003, 2006, 2009 and then not until 2021. We did go for half a day to just Magic Kingdom in 2018 during a trip to FL for something else.

    I have to say, other than a pretty significant price increase from our last trip in 2009 (Pop Century was $79 a night then, we paid $152 a night in 2021 for the same month of travel. Park tickets were more too); But other than price, I actually think it’s gotten significantly better! That skyliner is great! The updated Star Tours ride and Star Wars World, plus Pandora! Wow! I’m so glad they’re starting to get more high tech rides to compete with Universal! Nostalgic rides are great and all, but that can’t be all there is. My husband didn’t come in 2021 for that reason. It was just my daughter and I. He said the rides were too outdated. I’ve been begging him to go back since we went, trying to sell him on these new rides, lol! I won’t go, however, during really crowded times. And I won’t pay for that genie thing either.

  22. Chris

    Yeah, they’re also liars if they said that they’re over Disney. They always come back.

  23. D. Abel

    With Disney now being woke with racist philosophy and overt promotion of the LBGTQ+ radicals, Disney has now lost its charm and soul.

    1. E I

      Walt would be so PISSED.

    2. VDog

      Lol, unbelievable. I’ve yet to come across any “promotion of radicals”while standing in line in the park. You create the drama yourself. If you can’t just go and enjoy some rides and food because you’re so bothered by whatever “agenda” you’re talking about, then yes, you should stay home.

    3. Allison

      I agree! WDW is pushing liberal agenda and catering to the “I’m offended by everything ” culture. We happened to be there several years ago on “Gay day”, their words, not mine. We left the park immediately as we had 2 young kids and they were able to read the foul, suggestive shirts being worn. Disney could have done something about the shirts but choose not to.
      Given their high prices and pushing agendas, we have absolutely no desire to return.

      1. Karen k

        I agree!! I happened to come across a few people with those “gay” shirts on and I couldn’t BELIEVE Disney cast members didn’t for anything! One shirt said “Love always wins” with Mickey hands in shape of a heart. Disgusting!! Another had Mickey and Pluto leaning on each other with the words “better together” or some kind of other agenda. I’m so sick and disgusted I’m taking my money elsewhere!

        1. Leslie

          Ew!!! Love? WINS? What a disgusting thought!!!!!

    4. Yvonne S

      D. Abel, I agree with you! It makes us sick and we have not been back since they started that nonsense.

    5. Mikaila

      A disgusting culture indeed!! I had to stand behind two men holding hands while waiting in line!! I’m so sick of them SHOVING their agenda on us!! My 15 year old daughter and her 16 year old boyfriend were with me and they have a newborn! Disgusting example!! And her boyfriend has a weak heart as it is, he just came out of the hospital from a 2nd overdose this month! My family DOESNT NEED those disgusting lack of morals in front of us!!

      1. AJ

        Your 15-year old daughter has a baby with a 16-year old boy, whose ODed on drugs twice and you speak of lack of morals? You’re living in a glass house and throwing bricks.

      2. Stacy

        Had to reply to this hypocritical comment. You’re own 15 year old daughter has a baby. Her 16 year old boyfriend OD’d…twice. And…you don’t want THEM to see the “disgusting” immoral behavior in front of them? You definitely need to look at your own household before you judge anyone else ma’am.

        1. Kje

          The amount of people who falk for snark here astounds me.

          1. WheresvdVdog

            You gotta show these bigoted racist and homophobic people how ridiculous THEY sound somehow!

  24. Brent

    They lost me when they took out 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. That was pure magic!!

  25. Kevin Marcus

    This saddens me. It has been 10 yes since my wife and I could come to DW. We were hoping to save enough money for a magical retreat from the world next year or the year after. This has changed our mind. The over charging and less than magical experience of others has given pause. We always loved DW but these reviews and speaking with friends who have recently been to DW really scares us. DW was our happy place and retreat from the world. I thinknIbwould rather have the happy, special memories than have them destroyed. I breaks our hearts that the happiest place on Earth has lost its luster. Our positve memories will always remain in our hearts. DW will just jave to wait until they bring back the magic and bring the prices back down. We normal folk without big bank accounts cannot see dropping our money for a lesser experience that cost double or triple of what we payed 10 or 11 years ago. DW will just have to remain a happy dream of past happiness and glory. So sorry DW as old fans you have shown you are not worth it. After watching reviews on YouTube and reading here we can not afford you or risk being unsatisfied.

    1. Leslie

      The prices are never going to come down.

      1. E

        Nice pic hahaha

  26. Keil Miller

    I took my family to Magic Kingdom day 1 and MGM day 2. We stayed at All stars.

    The level of detail Disney puts into their parks and hotel (themed inside) is amazing. It’s the experience of Disney, not the thrill like 6 flags. The story, the detail down to the bolts on a box in a star wars city.

    The food was good, but expensive. The lines were large, but tolerable. No Mickey mouse in the parade at MGM! We saw him in a building, but had to keep distance.

    There isn’t a single price of trash on the ground. Trash bins everywhere. Bathrooms plentiful. Workers and customers are nice! We chatted with everyone in line. Totally unlike some places in new England. The experience was awesome.

    CEO Bob needs to stay out of politics and not take orders from the small extreme group. It will hurt your business.

  27. AT

    “As always, Disney Cast Members are trained to treat Guests with respect and be there to help them where needed.”

    No, they aren’t. It’s about time the Disney fan community acknowledged that. Cast hiring and training standards don’t in any way resemble what they were even ten years ago, and CMs from the 90s would be horrified by what’s acceptable now.

    1. Mary

      Totally agree. They are not friendly. I have been going for 30 years, customer service is the worst it has ever been. Can’t keep blaming this on Covid. Cast members need to be trained or retrained to be friendly to the customer. What happened to “have a magical day”? The don’t even smile anymore.

      1. Courtney

        I took my 3, 5 and 10 year old into Townhall Theater, I had a genie lightening pass; we get to the spot to scan our passes and the woman started yelling at me for being to slow. Mind you, I was not. Anyways, she wanted me to rotate between 2 scanners, back and forth and 1 of my passes scanned incorrectly, she yelled again, what are you doing, this is supposed to make it faster, you’re not making it faster. I responded respectfully and she stopped but did follow us through the next door and started yelling at other people to move up and get closer. She was not very Disney friendly.

    2. Chris HR

      Thanks for making a point about CM training. Last trip was 14 years ago and my family really noticed CMs coming out of character with other CMs- complaining and gossiping with backs turned to guests while on the job. Yes, I see this behavior from employees in many other places, but that is definitely not how Disney used to train their CMs. They were “on stage” when working at Disney and they knew it and did just that. There were definitely problems in that department even 14 years ago. Now it sounds like it’s morphed into a huge issue along with the additional issue now of difficulty finding people who even want to work. Disney is in jeopardy because of it in my opinion.

  28. Kimberly Garton

    I have visited Disneyworld recently and was so disappointed. There was nothing magical there. My last visit about eight years prior was amazing and everything I expected. For the cost, it is not worth it. Some major attractions were shut down, and per a Disney employee, this was due to not having enough staff to work!!! I sent an email as recommended on the Disney site, and of course did not receive a response. So not what it used to be, hoping others who see this don’t waste your money, the magic is gone!!!

  29. John

    I recently went and stayed at the cabins in fort wilderness. It was my 48th trip in 51 years. It was truly disappointing. The money grab is out of control. Walt would be embarrassed to see where his dream has end up. The portions are small the prices are high. The magic express gone. I had lowered my expectations for what was to be offered during the trip because of Covid but was disappointed even from there. The lines were huge though so nothing will change. They say they want to control lines by increasing prices. But they are missing the objective. Raise in state pass prices to lower daily visitors. Lower out of state passes that are tied to staying in resort hotels. That way you decrease daily lines and increase over all spending by drawing out of state repeat visits. The tone deaf corporate people really can’t see the forest through the trees over their and it’s truly sad. My next trip is to universal unfortunately.

  30. Rroe

    In the main feature article the below comment says it all.
    ““So many lost services but happy to charge us even more! I’m done with Disney.”

    As long as Disney keeps Bob Paycheck on their bankrolls, Disney will fail.

    1. We’ve been passholders for almost 20 years and can’t believe the deterioration in the parks. Rides break down continuously, bathrooms are dirty and run out of toilet paper—this NEVER happened before. The lines are insane, and Chapek has done the impossible—make both liberals and conservatives hate him. That takes a special talent!

  31. Stefanie

    We were at Disney about 3 yrs ago, and even then the magic was gone. It’s not the same as Walt intended it to be. The CEO only cares about the money not the guests. It’s outrageous what they charge for everything. It’s really stupid to charge hotel guests for parking also . We won’t go back!

  32. Kaydizzle

    My family and I stopped going to Disney. We were long time annual pass holders. But the prices going up and the quality of everything going down, plus the park reservation system! We stopped getting the passes. No point in having annual passes when you can’t go whenever you’d like, you have to make a reservation to do so. Very stupid.

  33. MC

    I would LOVE it if people who said they were done with Disney really meant it and never came back. Not all of my trips have been perfect but I’ve always found CMs to be willing to help, the resorts clean and easy to fulfill requests, and the Magic still there. Trips are what you make it.

  34. Manny

    Then throw in all of the woke crap and it gets even worse. My brother’s, sisters, and I grew up going to Disney in th 70’s and 80’s and it was awesome. My last visit was in 2004 when acting as a chaperone for a band booster club from Texas and even then it wasn’t the same experience and all it has done since is gotten worse. Woke agenda movies, television, and theme park leftist agenda…NO THANK YOU!

    1. Vdog

      No Nanny, thank YOU, for staying away since 2004!! We sure appreciate it!

      1. Leslie

        Indeed! We have noticed Manny’s absence and are so grateful.

  35. Steve

    I am done with Disney as well. I use to go there almost every year up to 2019 before COVID. Just went there 2 weeks ago and I too am disappointed with Disney. The food quality has gone down extremely. Pack Bills was a salty mess. Use to have great Burgers and a toppings station, now it’s this Mexican style food which was way overpriced and the chicken, for the fajitas was shredded and no taste, the rice was so salty. They increased the food prices everywhere and quality went way down. Stayed at the All-Star resort which was newly renovated. No daily room service and when one popped up in the middle of the week, just piled a bunched of towels on the toilet and took the trash. Not what I remembered. 4 out of 10 is how I rate my experience at Disney

    1. Leslie

      Should have stayed at a real hotel.

  36. Diane

    Sadly, Disney has become too political. I don’t want to go on vacation and have to listen to politics al BS. I don’t care about your political views and don’t ask me mine. We have been going to CBR for more than 32 years and have witnessed the downfall first hand. The last 5 years have been dramatically different in services and the overall feeling. Disney has consistently lowered services, transportation, but most importantly it is ruining the magic. Our last 6 visits in the last 5 years always make us wonder when we get home if we will go elsewhere for our vacations. Disney needs to stay out of political ideology and provide a service.

    1. Marge k

      That’s what I say Diane, BRAVO! I don’t wanna go to Disneyland and have agendas FORCED down my throat!! Last week I was in line for the autopia cars, and I was FORCED to sign an agreement that I support gay peoples!!! DISGUSTING. Then, at the Matterhorn, I was FORCED to watch the abominable snowman in DRAG, and he was holding a sign that said LOVE WINS or some other kind of disgusting agenda!! I couldn’t even get a churro without agreeing to hand over EVERY OTHER PAYCHECK to the LBDGD AGENDAS!! I’m SO SICK OF HAVING THIS STUFF FORCED ON ME WHEN IM AT DISNEYLAND!!

  37. Sugar

    I hope Chapek is seeing these articles. He either needs to go, or change things dramatically. Also, guests need to start filing their complaints on the surveys they can do at the parks. I hope things change for the better. I go in October with my family for my birthday, and my daughter’s first birthday (our birthdays are a week apart). This will be my Mom’s first time there, and I hope it’s magical.

  38. No one goes to Disney anymore — it’s too crowded

    1. Janet Floyd

      Lol, I see what you did there!

    2. Bobby k

      Exactly, everyone here apparently wrote their comments on their way to Disneyland again.

  39. Cheryl

    I’ll be taking my vacation dollars elsewhere. Last trip in august was close to 10,000 for a week for 5 at pop century. Taking the kids to AI in Mexico for less than 5,000

    1. Glenn Sivertsen

      We visit 2-3 times a year and are Vacation Club owners. Although we will always love Disneyworld and will probably continue to go, The Disney Magic has definitly been way down in recent years. Its not all Covid related. I started noticing a difference about 5 or 6 years ago with the Cast members not being as friendly. Its not all cast members. Alot are still great but definitley not the same. I think too much happened too quickley after covid. If you want to raise prices after covid I understand this from a business standpoint. Disney lost alot of money being shut down. But you cant raise prices and cut 50% of you perks and services at the same time you raise your prices across the board, Hotels are much more now, food is more, tickets are more, merchandise is more. Then you take away fast passes, magical express, for a year or so .. fireworks, charachter meet and greets, 25,000 hard working employees, shoter park hours, extra magic hours.too much all at once. BOB PAYCHEK needs to go but that wont happen because Disney was actually profitable last year and thats all its about anymore

  40. Karen Zarkades

    Went to Orlando in early 2022 with my adult daughter. We both love Disney and our family has visited many times in the past, but the price hikes and all the negative reviews, tales of crowding and of problems getting on rides made us decide to only do the free things. We stayed in a nice Universal hotel for a reasonable price, enjoyed Disney Springs with free parking, took free boats to various Disney hotels and looked around, took a free bus to Universal’s City Walk at night. Had one meal at Disney Springs (Guy Fieri chicken, pricey but okay,) and one at Wilderness Lodge where we used to stay (Roaring Fork, very sad food, outrageously priced). There is now a huge, black metal fence around the pool at Wilderness Lodge, destroying the natural feel and giving it the look of being on the grounds of a prison. So glad we took the kids so many times when they were younger. Now we have a new family member who is from overseas and has never been to Disney or Universal. Looking forward to taking him to Universal, but Disney……what a disaster.

  41. June

    We went in December prices are way to high and alot of the rides were closed and the food was way to high won’t go back no time soon

  42. Tony

    We were at Disney Music in December and our experience was nearly identical. Having been to Disney over 20 times, we were used to the “old” Disney experience. Every time we complained we were told it was due to COVID. It started on our arrival from the airport. Our checkin was supposed to send our room entry to my phone. After not receiving by check in time of 3 pm, I went to the hotel desk and stood in line to be told the room wasn’t ready! We finally received notice it was ready around 3:30. Entering our room, we observed long black hair on two towels.. We had other issues but quit complaining. We were frustrated that we had bragged to our son-in-law, first time, how impeccable Disney resorts were. Sad to see.

  43. Georgianne Summer

    I can agree with this! I waited 42 years to go to WDW and took my terminally I’ll son, we had a horrific experience, I complained several times to no avail! The person left me and my son (in a wheelchair) in 90+ heat while he drove our luggage to the room, I didn’t even know how to find out room! That was when we arrived, it didn’t get better! Al my dreams of WDW smashed! My son died 3 months later. I haven’t been back.

  44. Cristi

    My husband and I have been considering a Disney World vacation, however, these recent 50th anniversary reviews have us looking for other plans. We are now empty nesters and thought perfect to return 20 years after our last visit to WDW.

  45. Connie Pearce

    We went last year and stayed at the Grand Floridian and were so looking forward to it. But, we were sadly let down. The cast members at the hotel were terrible. I have been many times since the Magic Kingdom opened and stayed at hotels in all prices ranges and this was the worst trip. I have heard so many of the same stories and the price increases have made me rethink this vacation destination. I am done with Disney.

  46. Natalia

    Disney is running with half of the cast members they used to due to the pandemic. They are operating with just enough to keep going. Cast members are being burned out, and it doesn’t help that guest knowing the obvious situation around the world come to Disney with expectation that at this time are no realistic. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Most guest are honestly awful to the cast making their day not a magical. So you want a good experience start by treating the cast member like you want to be treated. There are things that a cast member has no control over and again you are choosing to be there.

    1. Courtney

      I can agree with treating staff members with respect, however, if Disney is operating with 1/2 the staff, and operations are limited, prices should not be going up, they should be going down to accommodate. Paying less staff, less performances, less services equal less prices.

  47. Linda Kampen

    Politically Disney is giving into the gay rights movement. Hardly family friendly..

    1. Mason

      I’m willing to bet money there might be Drag Queen versions of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy at the parks in June.

    2. Janet Floyd

      LGBT people have family too. And family values.


      I know, disgusting!! I was in line for space mountain, and a Disney worker came up to me demanding that I sign a petition to make gay people legal!! So disgusting! Then I went to the tiki room, and I was forced to make a statement that I agree with Gay Jose’s alternate lifestyle and sexual
      Proviclivities with the other male parrots on the ride!! Then the birds all had a gay parade at the end!! I’m so done with Disney SHOVING this stuff down my throat when I’m in the parks!!! I’m DONE!!

    4. Sashacohen

      My 15 year old daughter and her 16 year old boyfriend took their newborn baby to the park and had to stand behind a couple of men holding hands while in line!! what kind of example is that for my daughters newborn! And her boyfriend already has a weak heart because he just got out of the hospital for an overdose, and he had to put up with that disgusting amoral behavior!!
      What happened to FAMILY MORALS!! So DISGUSTING!!!

      1. Leslie

        Nice troll, Sashacohen.

      2. Leslie


  48. K

    We went for our granddaughters 5 birthday in January. We paid for the photo pass, but there were NO photographers in with the characters! We were lucky enough to find some roaming in areas, otherwise we would have only had 3 pictures. Also, I had to ask if they still did the pictures where they add the little characters into the pictures. So disappointed. I emailed them and all they said was sorry. The least they could have done was reimbursed half of it. Oh well, glad she enjoyed her special day.

  49. Kyle

    We just got back from our annual Disney trip and thought the same thing: lower standards and higher prices. We have been APs for quite some time and decided not to renew. The whole genie+ / lightning lane is a joke & it’s sad when you spend all that money for dinner and leave still hungry.

  50. We have cancelled our April reservation. We have been doing Disney for last 18 yrs. We have always stayed at a deluxe resort club level & knew the expense . Always had our day planned with dining reservations & fast pass for the rides. Since they have changed FP to genie that makes it a stressful start of the day ! The cost has also gone up considerably & we lost FP & dining plan! It’s cheaper for our family to go to Hawaii! Hopefully Disney brings back what makes it a Magical vacation . If we are paying for a magical trip we shouldn’t have to be on our phones !!

  51. Courtney

    Current am in Florida and spent a LARGE amount of money to give my girls an experience of a lifetime. I bought a park hopper pass and the genie services. I was forced to choose a day to go and ironically, it rained the entire day, performances didn’t happen and staff were cranky and short. I was snubbed several times but multiple staff which was highly annoying. I did have pleasant interactions but the day was spent hiding under any dry spot we could find and only able to use my genie pass 2 times. For the money that I spent to visit the parks, you would think that at least a partial refund could be offered for the less than excellent service and activities but no. The park was at capacity, so that means it made millions in that one day. I will not be returning, even my babies did not enjoy the time spent. So sad

  52. Kerry

    We had a 10 day trip planned at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness at the end of April. We cancelled our reservation after learning about the price hikes, ending of fast pass services (unless you want to pay even more for the similar service), ending tram service from the parking lots, reservations being needed for the parks (although we did already have our reservations for the 10 days we were planning to be there), dining reservations not able to be made until 60 days out (so not knowing if we could even get in where we wanted to for dining), the lapses in customer service we’d read about, the lack of cleanliness in the parks (we’ve been experiencing the decline in this area over the last decade or more), and I’m sure other factors that we’ve been discussing for several months! I’m from Colorado and my family and I have been to Disney World at least once a year (sometimes twice) for 34 years. It’s the end of an era for us. On the one hand, it’s sad to think it’s over…on the other hand, I’m gonna save a fortune!

  53. Nancy

    Wow I get it (kind of) do you want your beds made your sheets changed garbage taken out etc. etc. we’re trying to get back from Covid yeah Covid I think people are looking in the wrong places…. I had the most wonderful cast member at Hollywood Studios who helped me get my BR Guest reservation fixed/completed and just was the most amazing person so please don’t take one person like the one before me on this thread saying how horrible Disney is etc. etc. guess what it’s still so MAGICAL❤️ already planning our next trip and I’ll tell you what our trash got so high (in 1 hour) I took it out and put it outside the room came back from the park it was clean changed it done so come on people….

  54. Debbie

    I was done with Disney many years ago. We save for a long time to take our family and all we did was stand in line. It was totally miserable. I know the fast passes make it better but they are even more expensive. It is sad to think that an entire generation will not get to go to Disney because your normal family cannot afford it.

  55. Heather

    Just returned yesterday from a week long stay at Riviera- the resort was beautiful and the cast members were friendly. There were some glimmers of the old level of customer service but mostly it seemed cast members are told not to care. I feel like they wish they could provide the level of service guests are used to, but it’s just not allowed. And the fact that you have to pay for Genie+ and then it doesn’t work properly (i.e. every day multiple times a day, the app said certain members of my party didn’t have genie+, even though we did, app crashing or not loading, slow WiFi, spending hours of my vacation in line for guest experience in the park), can’t plan ahead and end of spending so much time of my vacation looking at my phone is extremely frustrating. Definitely will be a little while before visiting Disney again, despite being a new DVC member. I think I’d rather use the points to stay somewhere that isn’t Disney.

  56. We visited on March 10-16, 2022. We stayed at the Polynesian Village Resort. With that being said, I was delighted to have some housekeeping. They made our beds every other day. I was so happy to see that. The bathroom is really lacking in towel racks. They want you to hang them out and conserve, but theirs no where to hang them. We often asked for clean towels. Our worst day was day 2 of Studios. It occured on March 14, 2022. We entered the Rise of the Resistance line which posted a wait time of 2 hours. We had Genie plus but we were not paying to ride Rise. The ride broke down twice while we were in line. By 5 hours, we were sitting on the floor next to the lined up storm troopers. Still waiting for the second part of the ride. When we finally got off, our lightning for Toy Story Mania had expired and there were no lightnings that we could utilize until 8 or 9 oclock. We were already planning on going to Epcot for extended resort hours that evening. Disney refunded our genie plus for the day. I don’t think I will waste my time on Rise again. It ruins your day. Extended hours at Epcot was great. We went on Spaceship Earth, Soarin was a walk on, Seas with Nemo, and Remy. Remy was the longest wait. It was better when we rope dropped remy on an other day. Of that day, enjoyed Epcot more.

  57. I think all of us would agree that everything is different right now. Inflation, empty store shelves, inability to entice people to work despite high wages, etc., etc. , and the effects are everywhere. Remember this feeling at your next election.

    1. Manny

      Thank you Russian bot.

      1. Ali

        Karen, so true!!

    2. Ali

      So true!!

  58. Sue

    My husvand and I stayed at All Star Movies. Checked in on a Tuesday evening. On Wednesday a cast member checked in to see if we needed anything. We didn’t. Garbage and used towels piled up. No one showed up until I called on Saturday asking for towels. Then the cast member had me lock the door so he could come in and inspect the room, noting we needed cups. Towels and cups were delivered but it sure wasn’t what we experienced in the past with towel animals, making the bed, etc. in the past. Last time we were in WDW was 2017. Disappointing. Don’t get me started on Genie+ and ll.

  59. Mary

    Yes…prices have imcreased and service had declined and I believe it is because of a loss of Walt’s vision and poor leadership. I had a hard time explaining one cast member to our granddaughters on a recent visit..,he/she wore makeup, lipstick and had a mustache so they were very confused. Is there a place for someone like thi? Sure. Just not in public taking photopass pictures. Tattoos are required to be covered or used to be but that’s less offensive than someone having an identity crisis. Food portions are small. We used to be able to share an entree with the kids but not anymore. $5 for a soda? I realize it’s Disney but that’s a bit much. We have been forced to limit visits and bring our food. STILL I love Disney and can always find the magic somewhere. This is our last year as passholders though. We have been priced out. 😢

  60. Danielle

    As often as I go to Disney (I have an Annual Pass), I should see at least one of these “bad” cast members at least once a year, maybe even once a trip, right?

    I haven’t had a bad experience with a cast member since the late 90’s, and even then it was more my sister in law that caused the problems because she wanted a room adjoining ours (I told the hotel I wanted to be as far away from them as possible when we checked in a day earlier). And the result of that was a free dinner at the Yachtmen’s Steak House for the five of us that we didn’t even ask for!

    These days I go by myself, and I need to use a scooter (I’ve had 1 knee and both hips replaced and need the other knee done within the next year). Every time they ask me nicely if I can walk when entering the park Some days I can, some days I can’t. They understand this. The people at the tapstiles are always nice and courteous.

    This last trip I needed to purchase a mask to ride the buses and monorails. They gave me one for free every time I asked.

    Yes, Genie+ is a disaster. I knew this a year and a half ago when they announced it. I thought “you need a phone with you all day to use it?” Not for me and I work in IT. Don’t buy it. How did we get on rides before even FastPass? We looked at the board wait times and we decided then and there what we wanted to ride, went and waited in a line and rode the ride.

    There’s only one reason the lines are so long. The number of people in the parks is so damn high. If the people who are complaining actually didn’t show up, the crowds would be lower. Alas this isn’t the case. It seems to be that most people think they should be able to never have to wait in a line for anything. They think that in this age of “Me, Me, Me, I want it now, I’m paying good money, blah, blah, blah” as if everyone else isn’t paying any money, they want the immediate satisfaction “they and only they deserve” and never have to wait. Get over yourself.

    If you go between President’s Day and Easter, any time in summer, or at Thanksgiving or Christmas there will be a very crowded park waiting for you. And that means very crowded transportation.

    Every one needs to stop saying “Oh my, no, I have to pay for, parking? What am I going to do?” Disney was the last major hotel in Central FL to charge for parking. There was a time when I used to stay at the Hilton in Disney Springs, back in the 90’s. Work had a corporate account with Hilton so I had to stay there. I paid for parking every time I stayed there. And this was back in the 90’s!!! It’s been several years since they have charged for parking. Again, get over it already.

    Your Disney Magical Vacation is just that, yours. It’s as magical as you make it. But if you go with an attitude, then just stay home.

    1. Chris HR

      ❤️ your wit and wisdom! Best comment on this thread.

  61. Lia T

    I was over in Disney World last week and I can safely say I am never coming back. The weather is crap, the tourists are rude, and there were toll booths everywhere.

    1. Leslie

      Toll booths?

  62. Farrah Galloway

    We had a similar experience as well when we went last June, 2021. Terrible service, cold, old food. Lots of closed rides and service stands. Rude employees. We were so miserable we only stayed a few hours and contemplated asking for a refund. Taking a family of 6 to a Disney park is not cheap! Thankfully we also visited sea world and discovery cove on our trip so it wasn’t a total disappointment for our family.
    We’re planing our next trip to Florida and won’t be visiting and of the Disney parks. I hear universal parks are much better these days. And if you haven’t visited the sea world parks I highly suggest you do! Great experience and the food was AMAZING!!

  63. Hal

    The only thing magical is your money disappears.

  64. Rob

    Disney is an American corporation and will ultimately behave like one. I live an hour & a half from the park and will not go. They can keep it!

  65. Bernie

    Since Chapek has taken over, not only have prices soared but what you receive is a lot less. No fast pass (now they charge for Genie +). No magical Express (now you have to pay to get to Disney). So, what’s next Bob? Will you start charging guest to ride the buses? Food prices have gone up and portions have gone down. I’m sure once the latest craze of the 50th anniversary slows down, so will the crowds. I have heard quite a few people day they are vacationing at other places instead of Disney. Can’t really blame them!! Thanks Bob!!

  66. Jay - The 80's Guy

    I live a 1 hour drive from WDW. I have not been in 6 years also. My family always did the “hey – lets go to Disney” type vacations. With the changes and horror stories, I dont plan to go back. Now you need to make reservations? Need to use an app in the park? wear a bracelet? just to be given the blessing to enter the parks and ride the rides? Who’s doing who a favor here? I’ll pass. I went to Universal Studios a few months ago – just picked up and went. No reservations, just go. Had a great time.

  67. Jenny

    Prices to the parks, food and hotels abusive. How can a family afford to ti this and the the genie is a joke besides a rip off . Zero guarantee on being able to use it in the things you like within the time frame. Calling customer service another joke. No was in hood for 1 hour and 25 minutes. Service sucks. You wonder where all the money that families pay is going to.

  68. Brie

    I literally just left Disney, and we were treated so well by everyone, we even had three people treat us so well we put in compliments in on them. I haven’t been to Disney World in about 7 years myself and I believe everything is worth the price, the wait, and the crowds. Still the most magical place on earth.

  69. Susie

    Disney employees are awesome! However, Disney World executives SUCK! Disney does not pay their front line workers well. They basically work for peanuts and it’s definitely not a living wage. One perk employees could enjoy was free admission to the parks for them and their family. Recently, Disney has not allowed that. They have blacked out a huge amount of days where Disney employees are not allowed to visit. They can no longer bring their families either. It’s no wonder they aren’t as happy to help and to work there. The company has treated them poorly. Unhappy workers equals poor quality service. I definitely will not be visiting Disney anytime soon. I will not give Disney my money until they start treating their employees and their guest as Walt Disney did 50 years ago. They charge way too much for their products in the park. It should not cost $20 for three chicken fingers and some fries. I believe Walt Disney would be so disappointed and sad if he could see how Walt Disney World is ran today.

  70. Rhonda

    I went to Disney every year since my daughter was born. I had my hip replaced, got my masters etc.. Toward the end things started to change and the Cast members were different. I would ask the cast members questions as to why these things had change and they would simply say, “Well I wasn’t here then”….That isn’t how it used to be. My daughter and I had reservations at Jamba House for dinner and we switched our reservations to Animal Kingdom. They messed up our reservation and it took us so much time to fix that we were late for our reservations. We had the dining plan so it was paid for. Again, they didn’t offer us anything. The restaurant started putting the food away even though it wasn’t closing time yet and we were still eating. We were planning on going swimming that night after dinner but the pool was closed. We lost all of that time and didn’t receive anything for their mix up in return. For some reason Disney takes forever to credit back their Disney Visa card. My American Express card gives me funds immediately. Therefore I was out all of the money from their error until I returned home from my trip. My sister and I went and were unable to do certain rides and experiences because of the changes. They would close a restaurant early without any notification. They would close rides that were normally offered during extra magic hours. The last time I went I tried to get the same section in CBR that my daughter and I stayed. I was told I would get that section. When I arrived with some friends of mine along with a young child the room was not ready until 2 hours later. It was not where they said and I was told that section would cost me more money. Which is not what I was told on the phone. This is all because of Riviera. Again, Disney changes everything and the Cast member just say “Well I wasn’t here then’. I am glad there are bloggers now because it does help to know these things ahead of time. I bought tickets and paid extra money to dd the non-experation clause to them. I could add the extra days when I only had 1 day left. I still have an 8 day ticket with 7 days used and it can have 2 more days added and Disney refuses to do it. They tell me I have to go to customer service and I waste all of my time at customer service and they still refuse. When they made the changes one of the cast members marked one of my passes as a park hopper and it wasn’t. We were planning on park hopping so I gave my daughter her ticket that said it was a park hopper. We were with some friends from Florida and we started out at Hollywood Studios. When we went to Animal Kingdom they would not let my daughter in. We spent so much time at customer service that the park was ready to close by the time we got finished. The problen was that I had other tickets that were park hopper tickets she could use but they would not fix it. Instead they transferred the ticket to me????? When we then hopped over to Magic Kingdom they would not let me in. I also had other park hopper tickets I could use but they would not fix it. I explained that we had just went through this at Animal Kingdom but they were closed. They treated us like criminals had security rush us over to the booth surrounded us and the kids had to sit on the concrete. Their response was that I could let the kids go in without me. At least when it was my daughter’s ticket that wasn’t an option. It took over 2 hours before they finally let us in the park. Again not enough time to enjoy the attractions before they closed. The cast member that marked the ticket a park hopper was from Diwntown Disney. I went there and wasted an entire evening just to save time in the parks. This was all because they changed the tickets to the magic bands. He was the one who missed my 8 day ticket also which they won’t let me change now.
    I also do not like the new rooms. I still have unused tickets but the cost to stay at Disney is not worth it. I am a night owl so I like the extended evening hours. At least when Disney tried the character Cavalcade and it didn’t work they changed things back to please their customers. It definitely seems like Disney just doesn’t care. They are trying to be like Universal. I don’t want to go to Universal. I want to go to Disney. The Disney when it was Magical and every Cast member treated you so great! You wanted to come back year after year. Things were the same and you didn’t get hassled over your tickets and you didn’t miss attractions, dining experiences, or rides because Disney decided to do something different. The cast members didn’t say, “Well I wasn’t here then.” They would say “How can I help to make this a magical experience for you?’ That’s the Disney I loved and enjoyed visiting every year until my daughter turned 16. I haven’t been back for 7 years now. I am hoping that Disney will realize that they have made a “Cavalcade” mistake and fix this.
    They also need to train the Cast members to return Disney to the “Magical Experience ” it once was. That’s what set Disney apart from others and had people wanting to come back year after year. Also offering packages and discounts for returning cusomers. When I would get that mail offer, the email offer, or the cast member on the phone would say.. I see your a returning customer and we can offer you this special promotional offer! It was Magical!!!!
    Not, “Well I wasn’t here then”….

    1. Jonsie

      Ooohh my gawwd gurl, ain’t no one gonna read all that!

  71. Lynne K.

    We recently went to Hollywood studios and magic kingdom. Terrible service just at the parks. We didn’t even stay at a Disney resort. The genie app was a joke. Not worth the money. Food prices in the parks horrible. $7.50:for a Mickey pretzel, really. Commissary dining in the studios free refills on soda while magic kingdom says no refills on soda due to covid. Aren’t you all one company. Why different rules. I won’t be going back for a long time.

    1. Deb

      So when I paid big bucks to go to Disney and hubby’s back became inflamed 2 days before our flight, what would you suggest? It’s not like he could schedule a cortisone shot that quickly. So we went with the flow. 75% of the CMs were great and he was able to get the ECV as close as possible so he didn’t have to walk with extreme pain. It’s not like he could go on a lot of rides. Forget roller coasters and thrill rides. Then we had the absolute rudest and inconsiderate CM at Ratatouille. He refused to bring the ECV over to my husband. So my husband had to walk an unsteady and painful 15 feet to get to it. Just BS. You see stuff like this are the little things that take away the magic. Granted things go wrong every vacation but this last one had us saying not in a very long time if at all.

  72. Tami Johnson

    Disney, you have a huge PR problem. You need to regroup. Or just close down the theme parks and focus on your other projects. You’ve lost the magic. Your cast members are arrogant and not at all acting in a manner of the cast member creed. I just checked on getting a room at the Grand and for a standard room it was over $1300 a night. As much as I love staying there I can go to the Ritz for that. You need a reality check. It’s not for the public anymore. It’s an elitist day camp. Get it together.

  73. TThomas

    I love Disney but they cannot continue to raise the prices and lower their standards. The crowds and the lower standards for customer service throughout the parks are such a disappointment.

  74. Jim

    It was filthy and dirty last year. We said we would never return. Sure isn’t the same as 20yrs ago.

  75. David

    We’re locals and we realize the changes every day. Price increases,portions decreased, service went down. We feel that the magicalst place on earth has be changed into a hard business to make maximum profit from their guests. The cast members tries to help so good as they can in their possibilities but they don’t have to break the new company rules.
    Sorry Disney that’s leads into a No Go.

    1. lorraine

      we are going to renew our passes this summer just to see if they go back somewhat to what they were before…..right now too many rides keep breaking down and so many ( like the railroad are closed for years) the lines now go so slow because of the genie. People are on their phones while walking to get reservations and just about plow you down……..The souvineers are the exact same ones that were there 5 months ago, its not even worth going into the shops . we have grands that like a gift on occasion but nope not going to happen……..One more year and we may not renew again , and I absolutely HATE the reservation system but I hear that wont change .

      1. Leslie

        You seriously expect them to change out the merchandise every few months? (First off…not true. Some of the merch is the same, but there’s obviously seasonal differences. But to expect a company to change out merchandise more frequently than annually is a bit much for any corporation, not just Disney)

      2. Leslie

        Since we can’t edit comments, and I had another 30 seconds to think about my reply, are you freaking serious here? You can spend a week just SHOPPING at Disney Springs. Take your ‘grands’ there and buy them all the gifts they want. I have to get off this board. These comments will make your hair turn grey, I swear.

  76. Laura

    Went in November 2021 and stayed at the animal kingdom lodge. Was there for 4 days. Not a problem or concern. Treated well and enjoyed every day at the parks. Did not use the jeanie plus and planned ride experiences accordingly. Ate breakfast in our room with store bought groceries and one meal in the parks. Carried around water and snacks. There are ways to enjoy without the expense. Given the climate of covid at the time you can expect some issues but have a little understanding and show some compassion for those who may be working overtime because of lack of workers. Sometimes our expectations may not be fully met but i think you can always find something to enjoy or. Spend your day complaining about something insignificant. Family and creating memories Beth our small is what is important.

  77. Pam

    We were there in January 2022 and won’t be going back for a long time, if ever. As stated in the article, the “magical”experiences such as towel characters on bed, refreshed rooms, packages purchased in the parks delivered back to your room, just to name a few, are gone. Crowds unmanageable, extra fees for lightening lanes, Genie+ a nightmare at 7am, the list goes on and on. The most un magical experience ever. This was at least our 4th trip! To top it off, prices that make the “middle class family experience” a thing of the past.

  78. JOAN K

    We have taken our adult kids and grand kids to Disney 3 times. This December the 13 of us went for a week of Magic. No Fast Pass, no dining plan, no one drink per dinner order, many eating venues closed, and elevated prices gave us pause. Then the skyliner broke down twice and forced us onto a bus which came 1 1/2 hour later despite us communicating twice with staff that there was no bus to Epcot from Art of Animation. Lyft for a crowd isnt cheap. We had to run thru epcot to make a dining reservation and were over 1/2 hour late anyway.

    In the past the child swap policy would allow a parent to enjoy a ride with their child if the other parent had already taken them on and was waiting with a toddler. New policy means one parent always rides alone through any of over height rides, and has to buy 2 Genie+ passes for the Genie+ rides and coordinate the timing. Seems a bit mean spirited.

    Room service was light and when they came they did not change our sheets or replace our coffee without asking. One young grandchild wet the bed.
    Staff brought sheets, stripped the bed and left the wet sheets on the floor.

    There were no complimentary Disney drink cups. Our final dinner which we always enjoy at O’Hana had less food options, food was seriously overcooked even burnt, and there were no tables which would accommodate our family, even at several rectangular tables. They shoved two round tables squeezing us togerher with four people having to sit awkwardly in the middle seats.

    In all we spent nearly twice the amount for our family than two years prior and received half the magic. It was a significantly more expensive vacation and not worth the price.

    We will not be choosing Disneyworld again for our family trips. It’s just not the same.

  79. K

    The food prices are too high and servings smaller.
    Disney is too woke and playing politics and catering to the few numbers who can’t read a law.

  80. Mason

    I haven’t been to Disney World since February 2020. But It sounds like ever since the parks reopened in June 2020 Disney hasn’t been the same. I wanted to walk in my sister’s footsteps by doing the Disney College Program but it sounds like the DCP became the Disney Communist Party. Chapek is ruining Disney I knew Disney was ran by liberals but I didn’t think they would force it on its employees. Call it Genie minus not genie plus. I live in Florida so I have been to Disney parks many times. But still I didn’t leave Disney World, Disney World left me. Disney going woke will cause its downfall

  81. lorraine

    we have had two bad experiences…….first was last year, we were in line in a pizza place in a park. there were a group of kids ahead of us which was fine they were being respectful……..a couple minutes later the rest of their group got in line , the restraunt worker saw us in line with them and asked us if we were with them, we said no and she said then we have to get to the end of the line because we apparently budged…..well we didnt and the kids even said we didnt but the worker said to either leave or she would get security…….we left after I saw her name tag, went to guest services and made out a huge complaint……..we havent eaten there since……….the second time was december of 2020 we stayed at a resort that was gorgeous…….when we got to our room it looked decent, but the bathroom hadnt been cleaned, there were clean towels, the coffee pot was nasty and the bed hadnt been changed……….we complained but nothing happened , luckily we carry blankets in our car and we bought our own pillows (pillow pets) and used them ……..its going to be a long time b4 I stay in a disney hotel again…… We havent had a problem in any of the parks since then, cast members have been great but I can see from our experiences that it can happen…….oh and I wouldnt waste my money on the genie, I have heard too many complaints

  82. Shane

    Stayed at Coronado Springs on Feb, 2022. Had a very bad ‘first of it’s kind experience’. From simple calls to front desk where you aren’t actually speaking front desk but a central department for all resorts. That call had a 10 minute wait. Restaurant put us on a waitlist on super bowl day and we waited an hour to find out they were closed and no one should have put us on a wait. No other action was going to be taken until I pressed saying ‘is that it?’ They finally gave us a time to return in 2 hours. About 30 minutes later I got text saying table was ready but that was 90 minutes sooner than that said so we had to lug our way back to restaurant.
    For mousekeeping we got towels and fresh coffee pods. Also our mouse keepers kept walking in our room unannounced at 11pm and 8am which was super weird. We have maybe 9 other issues with the hotel.

  83. You put yeas instead of years. 😆

  84. Cindy

    Just returned from all 4 parks at Disney World after a 10 year hiatus. Was absolutely shocked at the garbage pile-ups in all the parks & also the trash around on the ground. NEVER used to be that way! 4 times waiting in line for at least an hour, 4 rides broke down & we had to exit the rides. Very disappointing for my 9 year old granddaughter who was having her 1st visit. We did have a very pleasant dinner experience at Beauty & the Beast Castle though. All in all, the trip had many disappointments that I wasn’t expecting from Disney at all.

  85. Karla

    I went to Disney last week and stay at the Disney’s Contemporary Resort and had the same experience with the service. I also noticed the parks dirty, the trash cans to the top, deteriorated, and too little cast members. Prices have gone up too much, the parks way too full even though there’s a “capacity limit”. Ao many negative changes in so little time (I visit the park yearly and my previous visit was on last June).

  86. Dawn

    I have been to Disney 40+ times as a DVC member. I have great memories but will probably never return because of all the changes. If I wanted to go to 6 Flags I’d do that. Sold my vacation club in December.

  87. Frank Rizzo

    DisneyWorld has gone to 💩the past 10+ years. The attitude of the cast members and the overall greed of this company is disgusting. This absolutely is not the same company that Walt Disney founded.

  88. Sooz24

    For $350 a night at Carribean Beach, I expect Rooms to be serviced. I called after 4 days of no Trash picked up , no new Towels and dirty carpets and told them in a nice manner that our room was to be serviced the remainder of our 10 day stay or I would ask for a charge back on my credit card. I have Fibromyalgia and could not deal with enjoying the Parks and cleaning the room as if I were home . Disney is milking 5he Covid excuse for all its worth.

  89. Rey

    I agree that Disney services have definitely declined. We went as a family to celebrate our granddaughter’s 15th birthday. There were 10 of us and all were very disappointed. It was not a magical experience. We had visited Disney at least 8 times with our kids as they were growing up before, but this time were so disappointed. The high cost of food, bad service and we didn’t feel welcomed. Mickey was a total stranger. We felt all they were interested was our money, not making us feel a magical time like it used to be. We know it’s a business and need to make money but it didn’t seem like a business in past years. Our past experiences were great, you felt like a little kid. We don’t mind spending money; but would like to have been treated a little better. It seemed when we were purchasing food items or buying items as if they were doing us a favor. Our over all trip was horrible. I don’t feel like ever going back again and that saddens us

    1. Allissa

      I agree, we spent an enormous amount of money to help celebrate my daughter’s boyfriend’s 16th birthday and we have been before and yeah, it always cost a bunch, but this time it was different…every ride, item, cast member, shop, was just mediocre at best. And my husband and I went it for out anniversary it was the worst experience ever. I’m disabled and unable to walk that distance due to a previous broken back in 3 places….but because I had rented a scooter i was actually being made fun of during the food and wine festival….some actually said “I don’t know why they let so many of those people in here” and she pointed right at me and huffed. My husband was about to tell the women off but I told him it’s not worth it. I also found out how unfriendly they are to the disabled in general. I saw a boy who wanted to ride a ride but couldn’t stand in line or walk to the ride so therefore he wasn’t allowed on the ride….there are almost no disability entrances….it is not very accommodating to the disabled and needs to be. If they can make theme parks overseas that can fit people in wheelchairs in the ride we can do it to…..sorry for the rant….but anyways Disney has definitely changed and we won’t be going back anytime soon.

  90. NETG

    I have not been since 2015 . Every year I say this is the year. But unfortunately home front has stop a trip. To Disney. I’ve always and my family has always injured our stay there. My dream is and was to come during the Halloween and fall and Christmas winter time. Know since our kids or older. I have tried and keeping up with the new ceo and the new changes at Disney I really don’t care if I every make it back there. Walt is turning big time over in his grave. This is never what he wanted. He want happiness family and safety to come to his parks. Heck he did not want Gum in his parks that is how smooth he want his parks and plans to go. So I thing someone needs to take holed of his dream and step up and make sure the cast members or doing what Walt wanted. It is like any place in the world of business. If you do not have a awesome dream team including the CEO they will turn it up side down. Which the look at it something or some one needs to go before I ever and others that feel the same way do ever go back. I know myself and family want brake the ceo banks but hello someone needs to do something before it’s to late. Walt was a dreamer. And as a kid I was a princess thanks to Walt and his dreams. But now my kids are not getting that magical love that Walt wanted us all of us to have. The price gouging and causing the earatation of humans fighting because of the change and the uncontrollable learned of Disney. Mr. CEO you need yo be a shamed of being greedy.

  91. Pat

    Prices going up everywhere. Crowds? Remember the crowds pre-pandemic? With all the complaints, they’ll be less crowds with people saying that they are done with Disney. Came back from a week trip this past January. Rooms were up to par, hadn’t run into a less than cordial CM and had good meals. Yes, there have been changes. When you’ve been around something long enough, changes are going to happen. Unfortunately with the pandemic, many of the seasoned CM’s had to move on. As anywhere, it was tough getting people to work. Many are inexperienced. Make your magic. Life is short.

  92. That guy

    We’ve spent $45,000 for a DVC membership. Our first visit was subpar. Room wasn’t ready until 6 pm and the view was awful. Only received shrugs from the management. We were there for a week and not one visit from housekeeping. Chapek has ruined Disney.

  93. Tom Clayman

    Disney fleecing their flock is hilarious.

  94. Jeff

    Stayed at CBR and spot on review. Things are outdated. You pay more here than at a 5 star hotel in a major city. And get crap service. Our room door didn’t work because the battery died, zero maintenance. And the experience at Disney itself is crap. For what we spend it’s sub par at best. We’ve been over 10 times in the last several years and won’t be heading back.

  95. Sandy

    I agree with the article and I won’t be returning until the quality improves. No parades, no cup lids, no room services, forcing you to use apps to order. No thanks. I’m done with Disney for a while too.

  96. Mike

    We stayed at CBR last year in March 2021 and are going back this April. Honestly I’m not entirely sure the prices went up all that much, the room rate was the same as last year and we got discounted tickets thru my wife’s work which paid for Genie+ and part of park hopper. No negative experiences with the staff, it’s a mid-level resort so the rooms were as expected, access to the Skyliner is amazing, and we had a fantastic vacation overall last year. Room service complaints are of no concern to me, we are grown adults and prefer to clean our towels / wash cloths because I’m not wiping my face with something 20k people have wiped their @ss with LOL. Then for food we had Amazon deliver to the room to save on eating at the parks. SOOOO excited to go back, for every negative blog written there are THOUSANDS of people who had amazing visits to Disney. Unfortunately those reviews aren’t attention grabbing so we are left with blogs like this one that provide very little substance. We’ll see if the magic is truly dead on our next trip (3rd time), we are tech savvy and know what to expect with Genie+ so there are no surprises there, will probably do LL for RoR and Avatar Flight then rely on Genie and standby for the rest of the trip.

  97. Linda

    I’m done with them. Totally.

  98. Jordan

    So glad to see this article because we couldn’t agree more!

    Just returned from a trip in February, staying in Kindani Village, and experiences the worst of everything Disney. For the price, our entire family could’ve gone to Paris for a week!

    Our room needed two repairs while we’re there, our magic bands didn’t work the first day, we literally paid another $1000 to get on the rides (vs waiting avg 2 hours per). The crystal palace buffet was $30 a person for nothing we would call a buffet based on the limited options (quick note, our 3yr old only cost $24, so yea, huge savings there). Both kids play areas in the parks were halfway working (large areas blocked off).

    Thier app is slow and buggy. We went with two families, and trying to get a groups together in the app was a pain (linking everyone together just didn’t work).

    We saw ONE parade and not any characters around at all.

    We are literally done with Disney. The “magic” is literally gone.

    Universal Studios was AWESOME tho! They actually had a fast pass that worked. We could text our hotel service and they responded very quickly. Also expensive, but they showed we got something for it. Disney just took everything and improved nothing!

  99. Don

    8 years ago we were considering buy into the Vacation Club….the prices were terribly high but the salesman assured us that prices were only going to increase in the future. He recommended to just come in at the lowest level and we could always increase from there. The cost was still astronomical even at that level. We looked into buying from those wanting to sell, but Disney had those things wrapped up so tight it really wasn’t feasible either. Finally my wife and I sat down and talked about it long and hard. We live in Illinois so going there for a weekend was not really an option. It would have to be a full week or none at all. Then we discussed children at home, and do we really want to take EVERY vacation to Disney so that we got the most from our money? We backed off on our thinking and decided not to pursue any further. Looking at where Disney is now and the Vacation Club members being basically given very little advantage it was a one of our wiser decisions. As it turns out our daughter has been to Disney World (and stayed on the grounds) so many times that as an adult mother she herself has no desire to go back. She’d rather go on a cruise than return to Disney World….I can’t say that I share the same from of mind, but I do understand where she is coming from. At this point in time if she can not share the same wonderful experience that she had at the parks, she won’t waste her time and money. There are vacation spots out there for far less money that will come close to what Disney is offering today. I’m like everyone else with my expectations. If I’m going to spend that much money to go to Disney I expect to get the most for the money spent….from all I have been reading about Disney World, it appears my expectations would be too high.

    1. Christy

      Haven’t been to Disney since 2013. My last trip was in November of 2021. The experience did seem different and I felt nickle and dimed the whole time I was there. I didn’t feel relaxed. I felt anxious and stressed trying to constantly book a ride that we really wanted to go on and not have to waste half a day to ride it. I wasn’t able to sleep in because I had to make sure I was ready to try and get a spot in line at 7am. The whole system was so stressful. I wasn’t really able to enjoy all the scenery at the parks because I was always so busy on my phone trying to plan my Disney plus and lightning lane choices. I was usually looking at my phone after each ride trying to find my next pick because you can only pick one at a time within a certain time period. And also was trying to get as many as I could before they were all gone. I do not believe that I would have gotten on more than a few rides within the day without purchasing the Disney plus. I felt bad cutting the line knowing there are a lot of people waiting who maybe saved up everything they had just to be there and wasn’t able to afford to buy their place in line. I was very fortunate that my children were grown and could afford to pay for their own. I don’t get to Disney that often so I felt like it’s either pay or miss out on almost everything we wanted to see. Also the quality of the food was not even close to what I expected. Mostly everything I had eaten at the counter service restaurants was average to poor. It was extremely hard to get sit down service restaurants and the few we managed to book the food was average. While we were there, we had to walk from the parks to our cars because they had no parking lot transportation. After a long day at Disney the last thing we wanted to do was walk all the way to the car. We stayed at the Polynesian for two nights and we were extremely thirsty. We got back to the room and went to get a drink out of our soda machine and it was not working. We then tried to walk to the Main house to get a drink but everything was closed so my son had to walk back to the park from the Polynesian through the path and found a drink stand that was still open and brought us back drinks. We were also there during the 50th anniversary. I was expecting a little more. The experience seemed more hyped up then it actually was. I still love Disney, don’t get me wrong, but it just wasn’t as good as it past. Between the crowds, the food, and the money spent.

  100. Ken

    I’m saying this for years that Disney is no longer the happiest place on earth both Disneyland and Disney world the employees are hard to deal with it’s not as clean and they’re trying to do too many projects at one time so too much of the park is closed down

  101. Bre M.

    It’s been almost 2 years since I have been to Walt Disney World. The last time I went out I had a terrible experience and had declared I would not return at all. But since then I’ve had a change of heart because the place makes me so happy. I could not afford to continue to pay for my annual pass and not be able to attend so I discontinued it. I was sad to see that when I was able to afford annual pass again that they discontinued most of them especially the best one and also they have decreased the services. When I was an annual pass holder before which was about eight years straight photo pass was included and you could buy the pass which was the highest one that included access to everything including the water parks. Now I see that you have to pay for the photo pass separately as well as the waterpark access separately . I agree prices are increasing and services are decreasing. Not to mention the horrific parking lot experience I’m not sure what they were doing back then but I hope it’s complete it now from parking to the ticket and transportation station. I love Walt Disney World because the overall experience makes me happy as someone who is clinically or has been diagnosed as clinically depressed. Mickey Mouse and friends and all the colors in the happy music just give me so much. I plan to return for my birthday really wanted to get an annual pass again but as stated they discontinued the best ones and the only one that is available is the one that is weekday access only . As a working hardworking woman that will never work for me. That means I would have to take off from work anytime I want to visit Disney with that pass which is the only one available I believe it’s the pixie dust pass. I work for a preschool and we are open year-round and taking off every time I want to go to Disney which for me used to be at least twice a month with my past is unrealistic. I know Covid has brought about so many changes but I hope Disney gets back to where it used to be. The acknowledgment the access the Fun. I love Walt Disney World but don’t know what direction they are headed. The shut down with Covid and so many other things has made it very difficult however I do not think that Disney is the same that it was I would say at least five years ago.

  102. Mary D

    Who cares what you think or if you go…..

  103. Renee

    My family has been there 4 times the last couple of years, we stayed at Art of Animation 2 times but the last 2 we decided to try Universal hotels, we’re glad we did, for years we praise Disney for the service, man we were so wrong, Disney service is bad, we noticed food is getting worse with smaller portions and definitely more expensive, they also started hiring more local ( uneducated with non white American people, disrespectful, lack of enphaty, rednecks, I have friends and we love them I live in North Carolina but floridians are special) and there is no place for them in a place that receives people from around the world, we used to love Disney, we have been there every year sometimes twice in a year for the last 16 years and we have definitely seen the decline. We have decided to find a better place for our vacation.

  104. Bellapooh

    I live here in Florida I’m only 20 minutes to 30 minutes away depending on traffic we normally get our passes every other year ever since the pandemic Disney has catered to the rich and your local people here that can’t afford to go to Disney don’t wanna go we get the crap of the end everything has gone up Disney+ sucks I wanna go back so bad but what’s the sense can’t afford it and they need to open back to normal no making reservations because it’s very hard to get in I wish Disney would go back to normal OK yes they have to raise their prices but they don’t have to raise their prices that middle class people can’t even go

  105. Rebecca

    American privilege at it’s finest with the lot of these complaints. 🙄

  106. Bob B

    Yes the magic is gone. Killed by Bob Chapek. Disney better change course fast or their future will be that of any other low grade theme park. Only this one will be waaaay overpriced.

  107. Ann

    My 2 friends and I were at Disney’s Epcot the last week of February. It was a last minute decision and we were pleased to get tickets as you needed reservations. We expected a lighter crowd with that required reservation. We were wrong. We were 3 senior women and arrived at the park about noon. Our first thought was some lunch. To our dismay most of the small kiosk’s were boarded up and any place that offered food had lengthy lines or a need for reservations. People were telling us they made reservations 3 months+ in advance for reservations. Without a reservation you need to scan a sku at receptionist desk and attempt a last minute spot. Most had waiting lists 2+ hours long. It was crazy. As the day went on we were starving. We finally found a cookie kiosk in Netherlands I believe. We waited in line with about 50 people in front of us. There were two service people making drinks and trying to move people through the line. After 40 minutes in line in 90° weather ( yes 90° in February) we had our cookies but no place to sit. We walked around park hot and hungry. Mobs of people were rudely bumping and pushing. Babies crying everywhere. We wanted to see the evening night show and fireworks but without food it would have been horrendous. We found a restaurant in Great Britain that had a few open seatings for dinner. We would be by the water, be able to rest and see the light show. Unfortunately we had to pay $95.00 in advance. We enjoyed the night show and then wormed our way back to our shuttle for our trip back to hotel. Exhausted and frustrated bed was a welcome relief. My friend is planning a trip for his whole family this Summer. I think he should reconsider the whole thing.

    1. Leslie

      You can order anything at Epcot quick service restaurants (of which there are many in the World Showcase) on your phone and pick it up without having to wait in line. I’m sorry that your trip wasn’t more enjoyable. Epcot, and the World Showcase in particular, is our favorite part of Disney World. Rose & Crown is one of our favorite restaurants (in the UK Pavilion). We were there in mid to late January and sadly didn’t enjoy any particularly warm weather…it was in the 30s one day! I hope you get another chance to visit Disney World and have a better time! I think the crowds are larger right now because of the 50th anniversary.

  108. Cindy

    I was at Disney in September 2021. Besides the parks being very empty ( maybe because school was back in session and the 50th Haden’t quite started yet) I was very unhappy with WDW. I have been going to WDW since the mid 80’s and I have to say the last couple of years Disney has just gone down hill more and more. Food, service, changing all kinds of things like fast pass, Rules for those with disabilities, ever growing prices and add on charges etc. The Magic is gone.

  109. Kristy

    We went to Disney about 4 years ago, way before Covid and staffing issues. It was beyond horrible. Staff, food, hotel service and over crowding at parks was mind numbing. I should have just burned the thousands I spent and saved the headache. With that being said, we were huge Disney fans. Spent out honeymoon and brought our children many times . We will never go again. I am a firm believer that if I am spending that kind of money , I want the magical experience. I want to escape reality….not have more stress.

  110. Joe

    After my last experience with Disney in November I’m DONE. Worst experience I’ve ever had there. It felt like an overpriced carnival with children for employees instead of drug and alcohol addicted ones. Also it was dirty and trashed like a teenagers bedroom.

  111. Kristin

    I just emailed Disneyland with a complaint. We went to downtown Disney and had to leave because it was PACKED. We reserved tickets for Disneyland and it’s supposed to be reduced capacity. It was more packed than I’ve ever even seen disneyworld. We spent 500 dollars to be there for 7 hours and we got on 4 rides!! It was awful. Just lines everywhere stretching into the walkways so you couldn’t walk anywhere. Reduced capacity.. yea right.

  112. sherry

    Absolutely it has changed and not what it used to be. This was my happy place and now you have to jump through hoops, pay extra and just not what I experienced. We have been going for over 30 years and it is kind of loosing the magic it once held.

  113. JOE SMITH


    1. VDog


  114. I was deeply dissatisfied with Disneyworld. Had better service and more fun at universal. Nicer staff and much more fun. Disney should be ashamed of it’s self for the outrageous prices.

  115. Josh

    Disney has become nothing but a money grab. I’ve been multiple times prior to our last trip in November and you expect the some prices to gradually increase but not the drop in quality of service. We stayed at a deluxe resort and for the thousands of dollars shelled out for it you think we would be happy about the room. So our villa had kitchen cabinet doors almost falling off the cabinets. The bathroom mirror had a crack almost all the way across, our towels never got replaced on a week long stay. I had to take the dirty towels to the front desk and get additional towels but they said to take the others back. The staff was ,for the first time I’ve ever experienced, rude and unhelpful. We’ve been 5 times in 12 years and after this last trip I will not be returning. The food portions were ridiculous too for the price, used to be like $18 for a burger tray and you’d be full with that and fries. Now it’s $23 and the burger looks like a smashed happy meal. Not to forget the genie app, that you have to pay to use, and then pay $ for rides on the app. Disney used to be expensive but fun, now you get a shell of its former self and they try to charge you more for it. The cast members don’t even greet half the time and don’t go to the restaurant window to order your food, was told by a cast member that I should have ordered on the app two hours ago to have my food ready…. oh i’m sorry David, I didn’t think to order my lunch while drinking my $7 bottle of orange juice this morning. Don’t waste the money on their facade.

  116. Tionna

    We went last week and I was very very unhappy with animal kingdom and the bus transportation. We arrived about two and a half hours before the park was supposed to close. About two hours left of the park and almost everything seemed to be shut down. We were unable to see any of the animals and from what we could find all the restaurants we closed except one. We were only able to find a popcorn stand and a place that had churros and Micky mouse pretzels. Again this was all within two hours of the park closing. There was one churro left and it was over cooked. We had other family who tried to come by bus from Hollywood studios and they were told more than once that they were at animal kingdom and each time they were dropped off and some other place that had animal kingdom in the name. Overall I would give our trip to animal kingdom one star if even that.

  117. Kathy

    Disney parks on both coasts are just shriveling. I’ve gone to Disneyland since I was an infant. Things have to change but not like they are now. We went one day in Oct ‘21. Crowded. Crowded, crowded. I’m not going back for a few years and I am really disappointed that I feel that way.

  118. February 2022 Visit:
    Stayed at the Beach Club.
    Room was ok. No special deals on the Room price for February.
    Magic Kingdom was overcrowded, at opening and we left by 2pm due to the crowds, people running into you with baby carts, and the motor scooters. On opening, Disney needs to either open all the lands, or keep people outside the gates. This was the most miserable experience with crowding waiting for the lands to open. From previous experience, 2020 and previous 2015 this was ciaos.
    Best lands were Animal Kingdon and Epcot, where it seemed crowd control was ok. We had set 5 days at Beach Club, and 3 days at Port Orleans.
    Yes the service and cleanup of the rooms were not present, but when we arrived the rooms were clean.
    For a vacation for myself and wife, the 8k vacation is not what I expected for off season, and rain, where previous trips it was not packed crowds. We pick this time for the arts festival, and by far this was not the Disney Magic that we have experienced on previous trips.
    The Genie+ and lightning lanes, once you pay for them, and cannot get reservations, you are at a lose. With this new system, it is difficult to plan your day schedule, rides/meals etc.
    We do not plan to return, until either Disney changes the way park crowding is, or we really get “Disney fever” in years to come. We will try Disneyland in Ca, hopefully this will be a better experience. I still remember being able to ride, almost all the rides and attractions in a day, sometimes 2 days if necessary. Now, if you are lucky and stand in lines all day, you may be able to do 5 to 10 attractions.
    Disney take heed, but you still have enough folks coming that you can afford to negate the negative responses from the diehard Disney folks.

  119. J

    Not the first time I’ve heard this. Really sad. I don’t know what needs to change to bring back the magic that we all know and love. Maybe a change in management would help?

    1. Daniel

      You are absolutely right bottom line take the peoples money that’s only magic

      1. Daniel

        Everyone needs to stop going there boycott them hit ‘‘em where it hurts mighty dollars I was a loyal Mouseketeer for forty years or more not no more

  120. Mike

    Disney is getting worst. All they care about is making money. They are raising prices of tickets, food, etc. and cutting down on services.

  121. Reggie

    100000% nightmare

    1. Leslie

      I’d rather be woke

      1. R


  122. Don’t care about Disney
    Anymore since they went WOKE Corporation
    Now. Going down the Tubs.

    1. Smasho!!

      Rick Roll your ass outta here.

      1. Leslie

        LOL. Reading all these lame comments was worth it, just for this one.

  123. Joshua

    Will be canceling annual passes at renewal period. Have been loyal customers for many years. The experience is definitely not what it use to be. Extremely disappointed in staff, experience, prices, line waits, food quality and portions. Walt would be furious.

  124. Roger

    Disney was created by Walt&Roy for the express reason they wanted EVERY family to be able to afford a fun theme park.
    Man old Walt and Roy must be rolling in their graves.
    Disney theme parks or no longer for the poor or even middle income families.
    My family will NEVER go to another Disney theme park again. Not becausevwe don’t want to but because were not paying a kings ransom for a one or two day visit!
    Way to go Disney!

  125. Sparkitus

    Diddlyland in California is a horrible experience. Save your money for gas!

    1. Smasho!

      We know what YOU were doing while you were there!
      Too bad the best ride that describes YOU is probably it’s a small, small world..

  126. Pablo

    Hi, I’ve been to Disney more than 100 times and let me tell you that genie+ is the worst thing ever. Fast pass used to give you different times to choose from and it was free, genie+ you have to pay for it and on top of that it dosent give any option on any ride, you are lucky if you get one or two passes. I think it should give you more options to choose from since you are paying for it. Disney shlould know that Its no just get and get they should also provide good service, give good service for the money its been paid.

  127. I didn’t like the big crowds, but I think Disney world is fantastic.
    Everyone loves Disney world, fools!

  128. Duties

    We have become a less civil society in general, a great example being the toxic political environment. No one is accountable for their actions. Everyone is a victim. Social media has made interpersonal interaction a thing of the past. And we’re attempting to come out of a draconian, top-down imposed pandemic, institutionalizing isolation, suspicion, and tribal behavior. Add to that, Disney is a woke, social justice warrior cramming leftist ideology down our throats, it’s no surprise that The Kingdom isn’t magic anymore.

    1. Gorgonpendejo

      You got ALL THAT from waiting in line for the enchanted tiki room?? WOW, you might have been on a controlled substance bud, all I saw was a bunch of animatronic parrots, Wtf did I miss!??

  129. Stella

    My family and I all caught Covid at the park.
    We spent thousands to be there and all got sick.
    I could see so many people who were visibly ill.
    We were there on Christmas/ New year holiday.
    The park was the most crowded I’ve seen in years.

  130. JP

    Omg please stay away. Do us all a favor. I witness these guests on a continual basis. Always complaining, wanting something for nothing. That’s the main thing- they all want something for nothing. Big fat Americans in the heat with bad kids. It’s a nightmare. The staff at WDW go above and beyond. Professional, fun, kind and for $15 an hour? Sheesh And yes prices go up. That’s life. 6 years- yeah a lot has changed. Plan your stay and shut your pie hole. And seriously go someplace else. You actually make moronic spectacles of yourselves complaining about everything from crowds to rain to prices and your kids are monsters. Just stay away- Native Floridian Disney fan here.

  131. Adriana

    Same as the person coments the servís horrible I spect at least the beds be done every day but wasn’t like that everything more expensive ridiculous I can say and bad service we have dinner inside the parks and the food crazy expensive I have fun cuz is why we went for but also many rides were closed plus stand lines very long

  132. Cb

    I was à happy pass Hölder until this year, not any more..
    My money now goes to the meny other places to see in Florida.
    So sorry uncle Walt

  133. Katie

    I just went to the magic Kingdom on March 1st. It was the most horrible experience ever! I brought my whole family as a gift (10 people. 1 being my grand daughter who is 5). We all ended up leaving. It was so crowded and the genie+thing is an absolute joke. I ended up complaining to Disney and getting my money back… a Disney e- card actually, but at least it was something
    I will NEVER go to magic Kingdom again

  134. John

    Disney must have to maintain a certain amount of headcount to keep their tax-free status in the state of Florida…. They really need to eliminate a lot of the middle managers they can provide a better value to the Disney Guests

  135. We went on our first trip about 10 years ago. This year we took all of our kids and grandkids. We all enjoyed it so much! Not having our bedding changed and made up is not a big deal! How many of these
    Complainers about that change their bedding everyday? It’s not a big deal to sleep on the same sheets 2 or 3 nights in a row. It’s not as if you are suddenly sleeping on sheets someone else slept on! There is Green this and Green that everywhere! Most hotels request that you hang up your towels so they dry for use by the same person the next day and also no change of bedding for 3 nights! I bet these same people complaining about that talk a good “Green” talk but don’t actually live it. Most of the food was very good. I would like to request they line the walkways with more benches. Us old ones need to sit down more, especially when it’s so hot outside. I would say, all in all, it was a great time!

  136. Well, I can answer the question on why the expectations and experience @Disney sucks. As a former cast member of Disney, I used to work in one of the parks years ago and let me tell you. The payrate that we(cast members) got are really pathetic. You know that phrase “you get what you pay for”? Well, that is so true. I mean don’t expect to get a 5 star experience from them when the way we get paid. If Disney wasn’t as tight as they are, things would be alittlebit more different today.

  137. mark Thornton

    Brought the Family there for my 70th Birthday in 2010 Dec. It was a disaster the parks were so overbooked I thought I was on a NY subway.I felt like a sardine .This was Before the pandemic. So I have Confirmed I will Never go back . Universal was almost as bad because it is a Battan death march to get to a rental area to get a handicap cart. If you are disabled. Don’t go there.

  138. Melissa

    We stayed at one of the DVC rentals at the Contemporary. We had a bedbug in our room. Room service wouldn’t come until we left the room for our breakfast reservation. That was the tip of the iceberg. I can’t imagine staying in Disney anymore.

  139. Zach, PHD

    Well first off they made a mistake in hotel, I agree that’s one of my least favorite. But if you go to save money you get less than stellar. Disney is an expensive vacation. It’s not meant to be a value. It’s also not an airport where cheapskate have to announce their departures. More people than ever are going. The CEO is chasing a new demographic that doesn’t follow fan sites. One that comes less often but spends way more. We have DVC at Polynesian so that’s the only place we stay. We now go every two years, and we don’t have to budget so much. Maybe you’re going too much if it’s losing the charm? Maybe you need to find a new place all together. But, do it without ruining for everyone else.

  140. Bob

    When will you people understand Disney doesn’t want the low life anymore only for the rich they’re too busy they raised their prices and keep the people happy who can afford to go couch is much as you can from the people that’s the American way now

  141. Err

    Disney will never be the same!!!! They upper management doesn’t care anymore because they know that no matter what people will continue to come from all over the world it’s there free printing press to profits

  142. Maria

    My husband and I go for our anniversary every year except 2021. This year I was so disappointed with the genie service. I have a disability and cannot wait hours for rides. Our 3 fast passes which used to come with the paid ticket enabled us to go in our top three rides (we don’t do rollercoasters) this year I want able to go in my favorite rides because I couldn’t do the fast pass 30 days in advanced. Only two passes on the day of and you couldn’t book the 2nd one until after the first one. I expected price hikes but was not prepared for service to be so bad. There were stores that were closed and the parks were over packed. We wanted to o change one of the parks and couldn’t get a reservation so we lost to out on a one day ticket. We may not return next year.

  143. Dave

    In 2015 in broke my hip in a totally unnecessary fall at Disney World Orlando, caused by the poorly-marked height differences in paths crowded condition, making it impossible to see where I was walkining.

    In excruciating pain, unable to move, I was moved out of public view quickly, offered zero first aid or pain control while we waited 45 minutes for an ambulance. No one from the park took any further interest, or became involved, or issued any payment for my medical costs. I was discarded like a soiled diaper.

  144. Maureen Nowak

    I told my kids we aren’t coming back for a long, long time. The Genie+ was horrible, you do one ride- which broke down- we got a “magic pass” for that inconvenience, we accidentally used that for “the wrong ride” couldn’t re-book our next ride before it was full-
    We had rides break down on us 3 times- Space Mountain we waited from 9:30pm-11:30pm, it broke down 3 times but we waited it out- then so many genie+ people came in at 11:30 they kicked everyone who had been waiting for TWO HOURS out. No fast pass for the next day, nothing. Just byeeeeeeee

    The hotel was gross, of course. Art of Animation- $400+ a night, no maid service, as mentioned. Because you get COVid from cleaning an empty room, right? Sorry. That was rude. But it was just dank.

    Free hotel transport is gone, parking in the wasteland of parking spots was free last year now is $25/ day.

    Everything is based on tech, as someone mentioned. Staring at phone all day trying to plan Julie next ride instead of having them lined up.

    Oh and for a family of 4, what was free last year is now $80 extra per day?

    We’re done. Sorry, kids, the trip was painful. They weren’t too thrilled either with the endless lines and genie+

  145. Ana

    I visited the parks on 03/26/22 and waited in line at the frozen attraction for 80 minutes, when we were 5 people away from getting on the ride it broke down. In the past they would have given you a fast pass for another attraction but not anymore. Now everything is overpriced there are no fast passes anymore, the tickets are way more expensive and if they make you waist your time in line on a broken attraction they don’t do anything about it they’re only interested in taking people’s money but not providing a good customer service. So upsetting!!

  146. Terrie

    I agree with this article. I have been a Annual Passholder for 10 years and I’m definitely not renewing it again. I find the prices are too high and the service all around is horrible.

  147. Laura

    I have recently noted that ITM seems to delight in reporting the “failures” of Disney and Disney Parks…instead of celebrating it as one might assume. Case in point: “Cast Member ruins wedding proposal “. That was replayed several times. If mylar balloons (that explode on contact with electricity…like the Monorail track?) Are the lynchpin of the proposal moment? Get real.
    I’m saddened that a site that I thought was going to focus on the Magic seems to be reveling in the opposite.

    1. River L, Ph.D.

      It bleeds, it leads. This negative post is probably their most commented thing ever. They see that and see $____$

  148. Gary

    Disney llost me, my family and my stock. When they decided to hold the annual gay pride event at a park for children. Lgbtwxyq & sometimes y people should also be disgusted. Not the right venue for that.

  149. Beth sottasante

    We are going in April and let me tell you so far EVERYTHING HAS BEEN HORRIBLE !!!!! Trying to my confirmation number I’m to the resort so that I can pre plan and book reservation for the park and I had to call customer service. All times waited over 2 hours just to talk to someone. The one night I waited 3 hours and I wAs so excited I finally got through!!! But I didn’t it was a recording!!! If this is any indication of how it is going to be there I’m a bit concerned. I know we have spent a ton of money and if it does not end up worth it I will be be very disappointed. This is supposed to be the MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH!!

    1. Julia Walsh

      Be prepared to wait in 3 hour lines per ride. The crowds this time of the year are unbelievable. The entire day we got 3 rides in. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  150. Luis

    I also stayed at CBR booked 1 week checked out in 3 days the Parks experience was not magical. Went to Universal and stayed in Hardrock and had a better experience. Disney is too expensive for what they offer.I would rather get Annual passes for Universal and not Disney.

  151. Jennifer

    I agree that it has gone downhill. After these recent changes, we didn’t renew our annual passes. Disney wants to charge an arm and a leg, but give less product. The fact they increase prices, service should reflect where the money is going.

  152. Disappointed Californian

    Disney is a cult that has made billions off of us for years, but now they don’t want to keep up their end of the bargain. Let’s boycott and let them feel the withdrawal if our finances from their coffers. They need to understand that without our patronage, they do not exist.

  153. L

    Totally done with Disney… terrible experience…no magic! Awful awful

  154. Dale

    I wonder how much The Disney Co. wants for The Disneyland Resort ? They don’t care about it, so they should sell it to someone who could restore some Magic. Otherwise, Disneyland will just be a cheap tourist trap. Such a shame for what was a special place.

  155. Nancy

    My daughter went in February with her family. She said it was certainly no longer magical. The astronomical costs were ridiculous. They won’t be returning!

  156. cheetah

    Will get worse. After all, they’re woke lovers, now. Hit left where hurts the worst…wallet

    1. Smasho

      Hit right where it hurts most… an intelligent conversation.

  157. Lucy

    Unfortunately this is the “new normal” almost everywhere. People get called “Karen” for expecting a basic fair trade of money : quality of goods/services. I think that’s part of the issue. Complaining is so frowned upon even if it’s for a valid reason. It’s no longer just the coked out soccer mom demanding 7-11 carry her favorite slurpee flavor.

    Before the pandemic; minimum wage employees in almost any industry were overworked. Many of them were allowed to be lazy because they could get away with it…since they weren’t being paid equal to duties expected of them. So the employees started to be allowed to choose what performance would earn them their pay.

    Now during and after the pandemic I’ve noticed it’s such a mixed bag. You see the people worn down but that genuinely have pride in their work…then the other lazy entitled people that think they should get $30/hour for being courteous and pressing the same 5 buttons all day.

    We have passes and stayed at a Disney hotel once this last year. There was one rude bellhop out of about 8 employees we encountered. We DID have our issues with being in one of the most expensive rooms with no microwave, and some of the furniture was definitely worse for wear. The electronic check in system didn’t work. If they were to keep the price and the rooms the same or higher both I’d be for keeping it the same tbh. But I do think it’s a shame they aren’t too standards anymore. It’s just not a surprise to us.

    80% of the employees the last few times have been great. The two times previously we almost stopped going for good because of how disappointed we were. It definitely isn’t consistent Disney as I grew up with. Most of the restrooms in the park are atrocious in condition imo.

    But especially since the craziness of the pandemic is pretty much over I’ve seen a huge positive change. Most of the employees did not want to deal with enforcing mandates and babysitting all the while being told to contradict that with smooshing strangers together like sardines.

    There’s so much happening in the world right now. I think it’s unfortunate that standards have slipped everywhere. Disney could certainly do a lot better at the current rates. I agree with the disatisfaction of food portions, quality of such etc. But tbh most people eat way too much. We also typically bring our own food so it’s not the worst thing. We aren’t ready to call it quits but I’m not against other people doing so. More room for us!

  158. Selena

    I’m not surprised the cast members haven’t been as happy, they’re being exploited and seriously underpaid. I feel the same working at Target in California. (It’s not even enough to live off of.)

  159. Mike

    Yep – been going to Disney my whole life (almost 50) because we live nearby. Feel like I kinda grew up with it. And lately, it’s just sucked. Used to be there were off season times, but not any more. Now it’s just crazy crowded all the time. I don’t mind paying if the experience is enjoyable, but it’s just not anymore.

  160. Willy1divx

    Long time Disney pass holder here, why don’t Disney go back to the old ways, with fast pass kiosk and no reservations for theme parks. Don’t raise prices for more revenue, instead open another theme park.

    1. John R, MD

      They should just triple the price and cut the number of people allowed by half.