Comments for Frustrated Disney Guest Claims Another ‘Simpsons’ Prediction Is Coming True

The Simpsons in Plusaversary

Credit: Disney+


  1. Robert

    That’s because the CEO is currently more concerned with forcing his political views right now than the state of the parks. The fun family magic is nearly gone and replaced with political agendas aimed at small children and a lack of empathy for the fans and park goers unless they complain or have to ask cast members where the magic went with increased prices, smaller portions, and money grabs. This is absolutely a sad representation of Walt’s legacy.

    1. CJA

      Disney’s been political since Day 1; even Walt got involved. Don’t mind that – everyone has a right to their beliefs. What I do mind is what you mentioned at the last. Money grabbing but no magic.

      1. CBC

        “Disney magic.” Meh. Their money comes from making princess movies and selling Baby Yoda merchandise.

  2. akg55

    I like the Gift cards. I do not load them on my account because I do not have a cell phone where I can use them. I just take them with me.

  3. Mr White

    Can these minorities not do anything for themselves? You can add it straight to the app

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