Comments for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Coaster May Not Be Available For Everyone When It Opens

Guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind

Credit: Disney


  1. N/A

    Andrew, Avatar flight of passage is not in EPCOT. Otherwise thanks for the update. Looking forward to this new ride.

  2. KTS

    Why don’t they go back to fasspasses, it was less queues, more fairer for people to go on rides, all these changes just makes it worse, longer queues as people won’t pay to go into the park & disney expects people to pay for rides, just go back to fasspasses, magic bands, the park queues are for worse than they ever were

    1. Randy W

      I agree, but chapel is making a fortune on gullibility of guests, and thinking the genie service is worth it. You’d think that they would include it in the cost of the hotel if you’re staying on site. Nickel and dime the working class out of this vacation option.
      Welcome to Disney, vacation spot for the elite only

  3. Adam M.

    Disney keeps saying how revolutionary this ride is with its backwards launch and rotatable cars. Sounds like Escape From Gringotts cars. And Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens already have rides with backwards launches. This ride isn’t revolutionary, its just playing catch up.

  4. Ricky Brigante

    Idiot, avatar flight of passage is at animal kingdom. And you call yourselves a new site and Disney fans. Sell your damn company to someone that will actually get ITM to be what it used to be.

    1. James

      You could start you own company and put yourself out there for people trying to rebuild their weak ego by critcizing others.

  5. CJ

    This is a “wait and see”, because I can’t tell you if it’s Innovative for a Coaster until I see legit photos, videos, or go on it myself …. all I know is that like Space Mountain? it’s an indoor Coaster (maybe it will have individual boarding, maybe it will have group boarding, maybe it will have access for both, maybe we will learn more about wheelchair access!)

    To my fellow Walt Disney Theme Parks enthusiasts, I agree that Fast Pass and controlling the Max. Capacity Levels worked fine for decades (this Disney App, Genie+, Fast Lane, Magic Key are taking the Magic 🪄away!)

    Bob Chapek is making this household reevaluate plan trips to Disneyland / DCA … and choosing to go elsewhere (I am aware that those in Florida are doing the same thing with regards to Walt Disney World).

  6. Chris Kinney

    I expect all new rides from now on will temporarily open with boarding passes.

  7. We were just there last week. Genie plus sucks. Not worth the money.

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