Comments for Disney’s Grand Floridian Might Be Getting New Theming Soon

grand floridian resort lobby

Credit: Disney


  1. Vincent C

    Don’t even think about it Chapek! Don’t mess with the Grand Flo!

    1. Ron

      If anybody could screw up the Grand Floridian it would be chapek

    2. CristinB

      I think the spa is supposed to be getting refurbished. Hopefully they’re just working on that. Especially since they just did the new dvc villas section. I can’t see them re-doing everything!

  2. disduke

    probably deluxe room theming to popular disney movies and characters.

  3. j

    Chapek has to go . He is worse that Putin

    1. James

      You’re touched in the head

    2. Marc

      Worse than a murderer? Far from it, I did not vote for Chapek but he is far from anything that bad.

      Let’s be reasonable.

  4. Rusty

    Can they make it any snootier?
    Not sure…

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Another sterilization coming to a Disney resort near you.

    1. Patti

      Yep! I can see it now. Someone got offended because it’s too reminiscent of a southern plantation house. How long before the mansions at Port Orleans get rethemed? I have never stayed at the GF because I can’t afford to, but l don’t ever want to see them retheme it. It’s beautiful and needs to be left alone.

      1. TMCK

        you might not be able to afford it because you’re backwards thinking has held you back in life

  6. John

    This will probably follow the incredibles at contemporary and Moana at the Polynesian with IP-themed rooms. Most likely Mary Poppins and Alice in wonderland like we’ve been seeing

  7. Susanne

    An article that’s says absolutely nothing. What a waste of time

    1. Brad

      Right?!? Disney files a general construction permit, which could be absolutely anything, and then this article takes that and runs with it with all kinds of theories!

  8. Tim

    Several of the hotel rooms are going to be converted to DVC soon, so this could be that, could also be pool or restaurant theme, probably not redoing the whole hotel

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