Comments for Frustration Grows Amongst Disney Fans As ‘No Show’ Punishment Continues


  1. Andrea

    The no-show rules are good and understandable for me as long as the pre-reservation is necessary. It’s antisocial to make several no-shows because this causes that other people cannot visit because the no-shows block their window to come to the parks. If you buy a ticket for a show of a band and you don’t show up you have to pay the ticket price, too. The a.-m. woman who is angry “having” to enter the park only to not be punished behaves very antisocial and like the current egoistic generations. It was her fault not to cancel the reservation. Does she shout on her baby child if she forgets to pick it up at the kindergarten? Greetings from Germany.

    1. Max

      THIS ^

      1. Kellie Ramos

        I feel that we should be able to get inside without the reservations as all other parks are not like this and we are all at the end of this pandemic we are all vaccinated as well even the kids are

        1. OR

          You’re entitled to your opinion but these are the park’s rules like it or not. I personally think it’s a great policy so people don’t have to ne waiting gours in line to get on one ride. It’s ridiculous how crowded it gets and how rude people are.

    2. Michelle

      How hard is it to put a reminder on your phone?

      1. I understand the procedure. The only problem that I can see with this is, if you have a fussy child your mind isn’t really on the cancellation process. I miss the ” good old days”. Buying an annual park hopper pass ( which included Pleasure Island”. You could just get up and go wherever you wanted to go. I always enjoyed EPCOT which is my absolute favorite! I always made sure that I was there to enjoy the after 5pm crowd. Usually no young children. The park was lit up beautifully! The parade, the fireworks and I enjoyed the fibre optic walk ways after sunset. Ready for the Market Place where us girls would buy the little airplane bottles of liquor to add to our red plastic cups. We would go for 15 days at a time. We had to cut corners somewhere!

        1. Jenn

          It is not a one and done thing though, you can miss one cancellation, I believe it is like 3 in a 90 day period or something is when you are blocked for 30 days. All existing reservations you have during that 30 day period are still there, you just cannot make more. Not sure people are crying about the policy that was clearly stated when you agreed to purchase the pass.

        2. Kat

          It’s not even at WDW. It’s a DL thing only.

      2. Ruth Ann Williams

        Your annual pass costs have gotten rediculous in price. Florida residents have supported you for many years
        Please revisit your rates

      3. JC

        Tired of whiny people who many just use their reservations to go buy up all new merch to resale

        1. Denise

          How presumptuous of you.

    3. Dale

      Exactly. It’s pretty typical of people these days to not take any responsibility for their own actions or inaction. It always has to be someone else’s fault.

    4. Bob h

      Disney can K.M.A.

      1. Adam

        Im horrible with initialisms..what does the K.M.A. stand for Bob?

        1. Home

          It means … Kiss My Ass…

  2. Max

    So adults are required to be responsible for themselves and remember to cancel a reservation up until the last minute of the day before the reservation, otherwise there is a “penalty” for not being a responsible adult? Wow. That is asking a LOT from adult-toddlers. Bring on the whining: this is gonna make for good reading! LOL

    1. James

      Why would anybody spend all that money and all that time the bump into people.

    2. CathyWY

      Put on your mask, march like a good little sheep. Support the current thing…..bah bah baaaaa 🐑

      1. Jason

        Not sure what this has to do with anything being discussed here?

      2. Ventura State of Mind

        Oh, shut up with your sheep comments. Trump lost, you’re annoying, just accept it.

    3. Darcy Hedstrom

      We were loyal pass holders for years…. we’ve moved on and now are pass holders at Knott’s Berry Park…no hassle….just get up and go….

      1. Disnerd

        Yeah but it’s knotts, sorry there is no comparison.

      2. Gaston

        Hahaha. Cause it’s Knott’s Berry Farm. Like saying this rock tastes just as good as my Honey Crisp Apple. If you can’t cancel by midnight the night before, 3 times in 90 days. You deserve what you get.

    4. Denise

      I guess you’re one of the lucky ones who never has anything come up at the last minute that can’t be avoided.

  3. Aaron

    Disney should just shut down and open up as members only exclusive because that’s what there heading for making it where the average person will no longer be able to take there family

    1. Tod

      Please.. because universal is so damn cheap. Sports games are so damn cheap 🙄🙄

    2. Jacki

      You’re not wrong. Ticket prices are obscene. When it costs a mortgage payment to take two adults and four kids, and then pay SO much money to eat there- there is definitely no magical experience.

    3. Garnett

      I so agree. Prices are up for tickets then there’s the Genie pass . 25 dollars to park for the day. We always take are own food and drinks. We have been pass holders for years but thinking this might be the last.

  4. CMC

    This whole reservation system is pure garbage and this punishment is a second slap in the face to annual passholders. Considering they are NOT limiting capacity, I personally see no issues with making a reservation every single day of the year considering a no block out date annual pass has access every day of the year.

    1. Denise

      Nah, it isn’t. Its holding people responsible. Don’t like it, you can mosey on your way to Knotts, Universal, Sea World, or Legoland. Reservation system has stopped parents from using the parks as their babysitters for their annoying teenagers.

      “Considering they are NOT limiting capacity, ‘

      they are. YOU just don’t like it, because you really don’t know what the capacity limits are. If you’ve been to their 24 hour celebrations (ie their leap year celebration and the 60th at DLR) you’d know that capacity is WAY more than the crowds being experienced now.

      1. Sneakertinker

        I agree with most of what you said Denise…Especially about adults being responsible…It’s ridiculous how grown adults act out…

        As for park capacity…The Wednesday after President’s day when the trams reopened was the busiest day I’ve ever experienced in the parks…Been there in NYE, Christmas, just about every major holiday actually…Shoulder to shoulder is an understatement…

        1. Gaston

          People are also filling the parks more because of the no mask policy.

      2. LisainVA

        There seems to be a lot of hate among Disney pass holders. I think Universal is a much better experience. I’ll pass on the mouse on my next visit to Florida

        1. Gaston

          They have a few more actual roller coasters, but the experience is not as nice.

    2. Donna

      This is unacceptable the tickets for Disney are very expensive and to get a penalty is ridiculous. Sometimes unfortunate things happen and you can’t get to Disney.

      1. Gaston

        Did you read the article? The rules are pretty lenient. Don’t no show 3 times in 90 days. You can cancel up until midnight the night before.

    3. Yasmin Graciliano

      My family has the Dream key passes where there shouldn’t be block out dates, yet I can’t get reservations on dates we plan to go, or if we want to go at a spur of the moment. Defeats the purpose of paying $1500 a year for a pass that is almost useless

      1. Sonia

        I’ve been to Disney b4 covid and I’m here now. I don’t believe they have capacity limits. It’s been super crowded with over 2hr waits for rides. The prices have gotten ridiculously high and your just paying more for less. They took away fast pass and now u have to pay for genie+. U still may not be able to reserve ur ride and have to pay a separate fee for that. All the merchandise has gone sky high as well. Its really not even worth it anymore.

  5. Luke

    This happened to me, but understood it was my fault for missing the first two reservations. If there’s weren’t any penalties, people would just make reservations all the time “just in case” they wanted to go. This sucks for people not being able to get into the park, but I really don’t like the reservation system. The only reason we missed our reservations was because my mother just started experiencing dementia and the day of were bad days for her so we couldn’t go and we couldn’t cancel. On the third day my daughter and I had to drive out (40 min each way) just so we don’t get penalized. Trying to call someone at the park today is like trying to get help from calling the DMV. You wait 1 hr on the phone to either be disconnected or be told that you contacted the wrong dept. “but this is the number for annual pass holder”. I have always loved Disneyland, but the magic from before is definitely depleting. The Nickle and dimeing is terrible and even a lot of employees seem to be miserable when your there. You can blame pandemic for a lot but the truth is that Disney has the money and power to do what’s right for the guests, and I’m hoping that management changes to someone who is there for the magic, and not just the money.

    1. Dawn

      Just making sure…. You do know you can cancel in the app, right? No need to call and be on hold for who knows how long.

  6. Jerry

    So, people are upset that the Disney parks are supercrowded and something needs to be done about it. Disney starts a “pay for play” system, to help limit numbers…Afterall who wants to pay more than they’ve already paid to get into the park? That didn’t work out now did it? I know, we’ll have another tier about that, hoping to cut crowdsize again ..NOPE! That didn’t work, but lets still complain that there are too many people in the park, and it’s Disney’d fauly for being in a finate spacea nd being able to accommodate so many at a time. Those that can’t get in are butthurt because the parks are full. Let’s go back to the original system. You go to the park…you wait in line with everyone else

    1. Garnett

      You still have to wait in line. Sometime a couple hrs. Unless you get the genie pass. Which is 15 dollars a day and you can only make one ride and after you ride it you can make another in two hrs. We’ve been pass holders for years but getting too ridiculous and thinking this is the last. Sorry I’m a whiny adult.

  7. We are a couple in our 70’s and use to enjoy going to the parks in late afternoon for a stroll and a bite to eat. With almost no exceptions the parks see attendance go down as the day progresses. Because of the reservation system we no longer can just jump in the car and go.
    We certainly miss it, and because we always go when things slow down we were plus business for Disney.

    1. DECAY

      My wife and I enjoy going forna couple hours in the late afternoon when she gets off of work. We usually have to check the website a couple of times before we can get same day reservations. For the most part we get lucky but you are right it was nice to be able to just hop in the car amd go without having to deal with the reservation system

  8. DECAY

    Considering the “No Show” Policy is clearly written and you agree to it prior to purchasing your Magic Key. There is little ground to stand on while complaining here. If you didn’t know about it or think it is new then that is on you for signing a contract without reading the terms thoroughly. Furthermore this policy is fantastic.
    If we have to make reservations just to walk through the gate it is nice to know that people will choose their dates with more consideration vs reserving a bunch of maybe but probably not days and keeping folks that would really for sure go from making reservations.

  9. Lucille

    It’s called “killing the golden goose” When going to Disney becomes a full time job to follow all the rules, be on your phone constantly, ignoring your family to make sure they are having a family fun filled vacation, You quit. Find other places and things to do and Disney goes the way of other theme parks.

    1. Zara

      It’s hardly a full time job …

  10. Kathy

    I’m glad the reservation system is in place. It’s the locals who are mad about it because they can’t just “go to dinner” or hop on the car and go for a few hours”. I get why they want to. I might if I lived close enough but it makes it miserable for those who have traveled and can’t just come back another day easily if the parks are too crowed that day. We were passholders for decades before Covid. But after a 10 hour drive you are committed to staying and trying to have fun in a crowded mess. We can drive it in a day unlike others who have to pay for a flight or a multi day drive.
    Things do happen unfortunately. I had to cancel a plane flight once because I was sick. I lost several hundred dollars. It happens. I guess we all have to remember that when we make reservations for ANYTHING.
    We are going to wait to buy another annual pass
    (Magic Key) until things, hopefully, settle down a bit.
    Oh, and I think the Genie+ And Lightening lanes are absolute garbage.

    1. Amy

      The people that come for dinner are hardly the reason the parks get crowded. It’s not the pass holders that make the parks crowded. That’s a joke. There’s not enough pass holders to even fill half the capacity and I highly doubt that they’re ever all there on the same day. That’d be weird. I will say that the youtubers however fill up the opening days of everything for sure, but they don’t fill up half of the capacity either.

  11. Making the reservation makes sense because you are guaranteed to be admitted. What stinks is you can’t just go when and where you feel like going. At the very least if you can reserve the day, you can go there. I myself am a bit of ” I do not want to have to plan the day after carefully planning the whole trip. Also, is it true that only certain Disney Hotels are able to have the extra night hours? If it is, It’s like saying ” You being frugal will cost you the privilege of having extra time when the park is not crowded”. Is this true?

    1. VDog

      There are no extra park hours for anyone right now.

  12. Whitney

    I don’t hate the reservation system. It was far more upsetting when they were deliberately blocking magic key holders from making reservations and still claiming “no block out days”. That has gotten MUCH better.
    I also totally understand the no show policy BUT there are times when myself or my child will wake up not feeling well. We are forced to go to check in while sick to avoid the punishment. Granted, this has only happened to us once but im sure its happened to others too. However, it’s 3 times in a 30 day period, that shouldn’t even be happening. If you’re incapable of canceling by the day before without a really good reason, that’s a personal problem…. not Disney’s.

    1. Amy

      I agree about the not getting to go when you want. That’s why you buy a pass.it’s been a struggle this whole year. I go with a special needs adult and it’s caused much anxiety not being available when they need it. Disney is a calming mechanism for many people of various special needs. There was one time I thought I could cancel day of and wasn’t able to and then I knew after that. Luckily it was before this new no show policy. I wish we could cancel day of because then we know for sure. Sometimes you don’t know until of.

  13. Kim

    Truly it isn’t that difficult to cancel a reservation. Seems that the complainers don’t want to be responsible for their own irresponsibilities. Disney has given much leeway.

    1. Dee

      It’s difficult to cancel via the app for regular tickets. There’s always a glitch! Had to cancel on New Years Day and the app had wouldn’t allow me too. Finally at 10:30pm I was able to cancel!

  14. Elis

    People are spoiled. Be responsible and cancel on advance so someone else can take up your reservation slot. Not that hard of a task and not new, hotels have this policy to.

  15. Michael Shimer

    Two points with regards to trying to manage expectations: 1) Disney has to keep up with demand, just like every other business does (but not the government – anyone ever visited a DMV?), and 2) Disney has to keep their guests/customers happy. In these regards Disney is failing.

    I live near WDW, but I did visit both California parks in February, and visited Disneyland Paris pre COVID in 2019 (which also has 2 parks). I’ve also been a Florida annual pass holder for many years.

    In order to keep up with demand, Disney can either build new parks in California (and even Florida), or raise their prices to continue pricing out some people. The first option will keep most guests happy, the second will not. The first option takes years to achieve, the second can be done instantly.

    In regards to keeping their guests happy, Disney is steadily failing. Parks are crowded and everyone is over the COVID restrictions. Universal Orlando has taken these two points I’ve made to heart: they’re currently building a third park in Orlando, and they’ve kept prices reasonable with no change to how to go to the parks daily (no reservation system). Some days they may close a park fire to capacity, just like parks at WDW use to. Guests expected that during crazy days of the year and understood to get there early and be prepared for crowds. That’s still true at Universal. One of these two business approaches will work in the end. Any bets on which it will be?

    1. VDog

      Sure, the sure annual price hike. As for the covid restrictions, they’ve all gone here in California as well (as far as guests. I dont know about cast members).

  16. Crup

    If you had the pre-pandemic Disneyland Flex annual pass, you had to make reservations and there was a penalty for no-show. They’ve just made it that way for all magic key passes now.

  17. Mickey M

    Hello from Florida where Disney World has no such penalty. Reserve any day you want even Bonus reservations and never feel the need to show up. You can keep your fruits and nuts.

    1. VDog

      And I bet you are one of those who would take up every single day you could and then not show up if you were in California. We don’t have 4 spacious parks spread out throughout a huge piece of land the size of a small state. We have 2 compact parks within a space the size of a couple of city blocks, where space management is a necessity. I’d rather live with “fruits and nuts” that know how to be responsible adults than with entitled man-babies who think they own the world.

      1. CathyWY

        Such a virtuous, moral Karen …all that huffing and puffing. You made my day with that rant.

        1. VDog

          I bet it would, Karen.. shouldn’t you be out throwing hot coffee in an employee’s face somewhere freakin witch??

    2. Jayson

      Don’t sound so pompous.. they already said they are implementing it here in WDW as well..

      1. Fran

        Yes they are.

  18. Barbara

    Getting tickets for reservations to the parks needs more clarification, plus needs to be easier to do, along with talking to a person on the phone instead of doing computer. A lot of still don’t have a computer. You should be able to book about 6 months ahead in advance for character dining and getting into the parks. If you make it 2 months ahead instead, it’s too late to get into the parks. At least I think so.
    There needs to be an easier way about the no shows too. You could be on your way to the park and get a flat tire or be in an accident, for example.
    There needs to be an easier way about the tickets, the reservations, the character dinings, etc.

    1. Saralee

      If you have 3 strikes in 90 days you are penalized. If you have 3 flats or wrecks getting to Disney…maybe call an Uber. Don’t look to make excuses…be positive and go have fun if you made reservations.

  19. Saralee

    Disney is worth every penny they charge. I never want to see this place go broke to accommodate the poor. Save your money this should never be an everyday event if you can’t afford it.
    2 and under have no business in the park. Some of these people smuggle their tiny babies on the rides. Babies are crying all the time. Babies and kids are forced on rides or left with grandma blocking the walkway with strollers…Babies need sleep and rest not chaos.
    Lightening lane would be fine if they always pull at least every other car or when one walks to the line. We like the lightning line…just not happy that we pay the price and can’t do a second paid ride as well. Also one time we waited in the front of the line over 10 minutes…that seemed odd. We chalked that one up on bad Disney staff. Most are outstanding for making this adventure all magic. Super cool rides? Pay or Wait to get it free! There are lots if other things to do.
    Reservations aren’t tough “if” you use online systems. Also you people…you know who you are but so do the Disney people…if you make reservations every week and cancel every week… Walking in for a churro or riding your favorite ride isn’t a profitable customer or a proper reservation. Hmm…just thinking.

    1. Jayson

      Wow.. so many complaints about kids being in a kids theme park.
      Btw… My 1 and a half year old daughter loves Disney world, Mickey mouse, Ariel.
      Please know that Disney world does not cater to you, lady.

    2. MrsH

      What would you propose I do with my baby whilst I, my 10 year old and my husband are on holiday and at the park? We travel over 3000 miles to come on the holiday so no family are local. With your “logic” we would not be able to have a family holiday and I am fairly sure Walt designed the parks so families had somewhere they all could spend time together. What a ridiculous comment

  20. Drewski

    Obviously no one read the TOS when they purchased the magic key. It’s been in place since day one when they released the Magic Keys.

  21. Saralee

    What do you want? Disney is worth every penny they charge. I never want to see this place go broke to accommodate the poor. Save your money this should never be an everyday event if you can’t afford it.
    2 and under have no business in the park. Some of these people smuggle their tiny babies on the rides. Babies are crying all the time. Babies and kids are forced on rides or left with grandma blocking the walkway with strollers…Babies need sleep and rest not chaos.
    Lightening lane would be fine if they always pull at least every other car or when one walks to the line. We like the lightning line…just not happy that we pay the price and can’t do a second paid ride as well. Also one time we waited in the front of the line over 10 minutes…that seemed odd. We chalked that one up on bad Disney staff. Most are outstanding for making this adventure all magic. Super cool rides? Pay or Wait to get it free! There are lots if other things to do.
    Reservations aren’t tough “if” you use online systems. Also you people…you know who you are but so do the Disney people…if you make reservations every week and cancel every week… Walking in for a churro or riding your favorite ride isn’t a profitable customer or a proper reservation. Hmm…just thinking.

  22. Bob Brown

    If WDW is going to penalize passholders for not showing, then they have got to make it easier to cancel. Impossible to do it the app and it takes way too much navigating on the website to be able to cancel. I don’t have a problem with the policy, just make a less onerous process to cancel.

    1. CJ

      From one Brown Family member to another, I agree with you 💯!

      The policy of canceling your reservations is fine, however the Walt Disney Company has made it very difficult to do on their Website (it is impossible to do on their Mobile App), calling the 1-800 number for Customer Service is too long of a wait (I honestly miss when you could walk into a Disney Store at a Mall and handle your Walt Disney Theme Park business).

      We are having a better time at Knott’s Berry Farm, so it may be a few years before we decide to return to Disneyland – DCA (perhaps in a 3 to 5 years the ‘reservation and cancellation’ situation will be solved).

    2. VDog

      It’s quite easy to do on the app. just get to the “view reservations” screen and once there, there should be a blue “cancel reservation” link under each day you have reservations for. (I’ve never tried it on a desktop website).

    3. Dawn

      It’s simple to cancel via the app…. I have done it a few times. In fact I had to change dates for 5 people just yesterday. Took all of about 3 minutes to cancel and reschedule two days.

      1. Dee

        You were very lucky then!

  23. Phil Davis

    Does anyone see the bigger picture here? Life isn’t complicated enough without places like Disney following the trend to make more authoritarian rules. Everywhere now it seems someone is telling us what to do and if you don’t follow this then you’re penalized. It looks likely this trend will continue and will make life more frustrating. These little things add up.

  24. Leon Brenner

    Disney’s idea of capacity is when the last person has to be body surfed over the turnstile and falls back out.

  25. Txgingerbread

    You have until midnight the day before. Give me a break! There should be a penalty. No reason you can decide what you’re gonna do tomorrow! Wow. Spoiled brats.

  26. Jamie

    What a joke, seriously. You spend hundreds of dollars on this over priced nonsense in the first place and Disney is a disgrace from what they were originally meant to be. Walt is flipping in his cryo chamber I’m sure. Save your money and go somewhere else.

  27. OhYeah?

    I have no problem with this policy…

  28. Mindy

    I refuse to support hate

  29. Lisa D

    It’s selfish to think Disneyland is just for California residents. I was there 8 days and couldn’t go but one day. I had to forfeit my second day pass beacuse I couldn’t use it beacuse of people like this who didn’t cancel. I don’t feel sorry for you beacuse you had to get up off your couch in your PJs to clock in so you don’t get penalized. That must have been the third time. How inconsiderate. I understand people make plans and it falls through beacuse of weather, emergency, but some people just don’t appreciate what they have and don’t think about others.

    1. Ventura State of Mind

      1) The number of passholders and ticket holders allowed in on a daily basis are seperate, so, your failure to get in has nothing to do with passholders.

      2) YOU came to CA for eight days and you have the audacity to be mad because YOU couldn’t be bothered to plan ahead and make reservations in advance? That’s the fault of CA residents?

      How does that even make sense? It’s amazing the lack of accountability people such as yourself have for their own failures.

  30. CathyWY

    Disney takes Guests for granted. Parks should operate at full capacity. Maybe Guests are appalled that Walt’s legacy is being trashed by execs who trash parents ‘ rights regarding their child’s education. Butt out Disney, just run your parks and stop dissing locals.

    1. Bill

      Trump lost and you should just stfu.

    2. VDog

      Spoken like a true Karen!! I mean cathy.

  31. Bob

    People when will you understand Disney doesn’t want you they are making it so the upper middle class and higher can come it doesn’t get any planer than the way they are doing it way overpriced

  32. Mr White

    Diddums, they had to be an adult and play be the rules.

    People act like its one strike and out, its not you have three reservations in a 90 day period, which seems entirely reasonable and caters if something does come up.

  33. Roland

    The whole thing is stupid, used to live in Anaheim and work at Disneyland. Why buy a year pass which in the past enabled you to go everyday of the year for the cost of the pass. Now you buy a pass and hope you are able to get a reservation to go, if your only able to go on certain days and those days never happen to be open for a reservation it seems like a waste of money spent. But it’s Disney and there all about that corporate greed California liberals love to complain about but yet still wind up going to park

    1. Ventura State of Mind

      This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is plenty of availability, you just actually have to *GASP* not be lazy and plan ahead. If you can’t do that, then maybe your problem is bigger than annual passes? Maybe it’s more of a problem with not knowing how to be a responsible adult?

  34. Trix

    This reservation doesn’t work out the greatest if you have a disability of sorts. We are magic key holders and I have a disability but I often don’t know how I will feel until the day of. I’m not trying to be inconsiderate by making reservations in advanced and not cancelling them on time but I truly will not know how I will feel until I wake up that morning day of. Some days I feel great and others I don’t but we have to make reservations way in advanced because it’s almost impossible to get a reservation the day of. The days I don’t feel good and have a reservation we have to go and waste 30 bucks to park just to go scan our passes and leave. We thought it was going to be easier to get day of reservations occasionally but it really isnt.
    They are not limiting the capacity in any way but they are limiting the amount of magic key holders that can go. I have seen days on the magic key reservation calendar wide open and the next day it’s full but if you want to buy a ticket that reservation calendar is wide open.

  35. Cheryl

    So with Covid still around. You wake up sick the 🌄 ring your going and you get penalized.

  36. Heath

    We can all thank Stupid Chapek for all this!! Worst CEO in the history of Disney by far!! Universal doesn’t have this stupid reservation system, Sea World doesn’t have this stupid reservation system, Six Flags doesn’t have this stupid reservation system. Need I go on? Chapek sucks!!!!!!!

  37. Arcarels

    Thank goodness I’m a passholder at Disneyworld. I wonder what the policy is with special needs? There are times when I’m not sure if my special needs child will be able to to go to Disney on the day we have reservations. Sometimes a few in the group can go, other times we all have to blow off the day of. Granted it doesn’t happen often, and if I can tell before the day of that we need to cancel I do that. If this comes to Florida it will add another level of stress.

  38. Joyce Sundquist

    I think the no show penalty is good. Anyone traveling from another state has to seriously plan to even get there, hope you can get a reservation to eat at one of the restaurants. It’s not like they can just pick any weekend. I don’t feel sorry for them. Plan better, plan smarter, not everyone even gets that opportunity. Just because you are a local doesn’t mean you are entitled. Some people only get to go once every 5 years, 10 years, once in a lifetime.

  39. ST

    This rule has been in place since the Magic Key passes went on sale. I’ve known this from the beginning have had to cancel as late as the night before to avoid penalty.

    1. Ventura State of Mind

      Read the rules and fine print BEFORE I commit my money to something? How DARE you even suggest such a responsible thing.

  40. Mickeymouse3

    I would like to see an article about why a reservation system is necessary now. Two years ago it wasn’t used and the many vacations we took, the parks were not a problem. They were crowded, but why are they more jammed up now?
    What changed?
    Personally, I’d like to see the reservation system and Genie+ service go to the curb with the rest of the garbage.

    1. Ventura State of Mind

      So, there was this thing that started about two years ago called a pandemic. No big deal, just MILLIONS of deaths worldwide, destruction of lives, jobs, economy… but, yeah, Disneyland has to mitigate the number of people they let it. You’ll get it, just do some reading and welcome to 2022.

      1. Trixie

        LOL! Yes, blame COVID…..blame it for everything. *SIGH*

        The “pandemic” is over and has been for a while now. Everyone is trying their best to get back to normal except those people (such as Ventura State of Mind) who want to keep the “pandemic” going for whatever reason.

        Get rid of the reservation system and Genie+ and get back to the “old days” of being able to go to Disney whenever you want! That’s why Annual Passholders pay so much money every year – for the spontaneity!

        1. Ventura State of Mind

          The only dignified response to this response is “congratulations, you’re a selfish moron.”

          Everything about what you just said is the problem with the world today. You can’t be bothered to plan ahead because “WAAAAAAH, I want spontaneity.”

          Seriously, you sound like the a giant overprivilged jerk. I bet you’re one of those people that whined and moaned about masks from day one.

  41. j smith

    So… now it’s not only incredibly expensive to go you may not be able to go because of the reservation system? Lol glad it’s not an issue for me anymore. Go back to the ticket system. That limited the number of rides aanyone could go on. Then when the tickets were gone you left.

  42. Boss lady

    I came down to Disney world for vacation (2022 march) and as it being my first time we had purchased tickets online . Mind you we read threw everything as we arrived on March 13th to magic Kingdom we go to enter the park our write bands wouldn’t work they sent us to guest relations as we wait in line for 35mins . We get to the counter and the lady was very nice but impatient she then says we need to reserve each park and day as we go . We can’t just come when we choose even though we paid for the tickets for those days. Which was very embarrassing being stopped with a group of people, she told us to wait a few minutes to see if someone canceled for the day, thank God within 20 min which at this point we waited 1hr 30mins, she says we have a opening but in the future please know you need to make reservations upon arriving. Okay fine not a problem but the problems was there wasn’t anything about reservations when I booked the trip or I would have made them it’s not that easy to find. But overall it’s beautiful but between the reservations and wait times for lines it’s a disappointment we couldn’t go on alot of things and half the rides shut down and it was our first time coming. For the amount paid for the trip and group I was excepting more than what we endured.. I believe it’s poorly put together (reservations) I believe the first come first serve even knowing we purchased the tickets is not right . You have to wait for an opening knowing they allowed you to purchase them without saying hey there’s a chance you can’t get in the park yeah no we all paid alot of money I believe we should be treated equally !!!

    1. Dddppp

      Except the very first page that pops up when you click purchase tickets says to be sure to check the reservation calendar to make sure there are openings on the day you want to go prior to buying tickets. You click that box and it once again tells you to check the calendar before buying your tickets.

  43. Kate

    Everyone should be boycotting Florida parks anyway in response to rediculous “don’t say gay” laws that were passed. Disney should have thrown their weight around to help defend gay rights in FL.

    1. Gay

      I think you spelled Karen wrong. 🙂

    2. Shelly

      They’re a theme park for crying out loud…they need to steer clear of politics.

  44. Former Disney Passholder

    Yeah, Disney sucks these days. Everything is a no online reservation or overpriced. We canceled our entire vacation in early January and spent the money at Universal which was WAYYYY better! Better resort value, better perks, cheaper everything and amazing time!

    1. Ventura State of Mind


  45. Steve bell

    I hate the reservation system. Spontinaety is gone. Plus if this is used to limit park capacity why are the lines soooo long at WDW?

    1. Trixie

      EXACTLY! You can’t convince me that the DisneyWorld parks aren’t back up to 100% capacity (or higher). The lines are ridiculous.

      IF the reservation system kept the park at 60% or 75% capacity, I could understand (maybe) a penalty for not coming, but with the parks as full as they are, reservations are idiotic. And penalties for not showing up (sometimes stuff happens that morning) is ridiculous.

  46. Ray

    I think it is good they get penalized. I am a Keyholder from northern California and it sucks to have to arrange my trip around locals who take a reservation slot because they might want to go to the park that day or just to grab a churro. Realize that there other pass holders who may have wanted that reservation slot so your churro just made it more difficult for others to get the day they wanted. I hope Disney keeps penalizing these people so they stop taking reservations from people who have to put more work into visiting the parks.

  47. Dana

    Being on a fixed income as it is, I’d never get tickets again. With airline cancellation, expensive room, food, tickets.. it’s not worth the headache of possible more fees if I can’t make it on days I reserved. Not the happy place it used to be. 😔

  48. Shelly

    The whole reservation process is a joke. Disney gets the money up front. Customer loses out on spontaneity of a park visit. What if weather is bad or a child is sick on the day of your reservation and you can’t get rebooked due to capacity for the remainder of your vacation? I’ve heard of three hour hold times with Disney customer service. Perhaps a win for Disney but definitely not for the customer.

  49. Puff

    Just shut Disney down for good. Problem solved. Besides that place has gone down the toilet lately anyways might as well just turn it into a parking lot

  50. Roofusj

    Good. People just make reservations for no reason and should be punished.

  51. Ventura State of Mind

    Seriously, 95% of your complaints are ludicrous. The penalties have been in place since the beginning. Next time, read the fine print first.

  52. Mombie_of4

    That’s BS!!! I pay good money for my pass and if I make a reservation and dont show it shouldnt matter I’m paying for it some times things come up and I can’t cancel in time blocking me for 30 days is BS. For example the week before last I had a reservation day of my daughter woke up sick so I couldn’t go I had already had a reservation for the following week and that day woke up and my son was sick things happen that is out of our control sometimes and we shouldn’t be punished for something we’re paying good money for. If you take 30 days from my pass I expect I’ll be seeing my money back for those 30 days.

  53. Ruben Reynoso

    Ah, first world problems. How DARE Disney expect you to keep the reservations you make? The nerve of them expecting you to be responsible enough to cancel your reservation by midnight the day before if you do not plan to visit the parks. Like it or not, the days of being able to go to Disneyland on a whim are gone, gone, gone. Disney uses the reservation system to not only control crowd size but also control staffing. It’s what they’ve wanted to do for years, and the Covid pandemic was the perfect excuse for them to institute it. As it always has been, griping here or on any other site does absolutely no good. Disney really does not care what you think. If you want to make a point, speak with your wallet. Refuse to renew your pass. No one came to your house and forced you to buy a Magic Key. If the reservation system is that much of a hindrance to you, then just don’t buy one.

  54. The Emperor

    Magic key….brought to you by the people who’ve kept Krapleen Kennedy around to eff up Star Wars

  55. Greg

    No more Disney for us.
    Prices are outrageous.
    Their stance in some moral issues are unacceptable.
    We are done.

    1. VDog

      BYE GUUURRL!!!
      Don’t let the Disney door hit you on the way out!

  56. Mike

    Your doctors charge you $$ for missed appointments, so this is no different. Can’t make it cancel. How do you “forget” that you had a day at Disney? Like “oh crap, forgot Monday morning was coming and I had to work”

  57. Trixie

    Hate the reservation policy. It worked for a while, but now the parks are as crowded as ever – you can’t tell me they aren’t at 100% capacity.

    Hope the penalty policy doesn’t come to Disney World – if it does, will rethink our annual passes. Sometimes you just can’t go for whatever reason.

  58. Tish

    I’m a California resident. I don’t have a pass, but have a family member coming this weekend and bought tickets for us to go. Because of the reservation system, we can’t make reservations to go because they are all full. It’s seriously irritating that people are just choosing to not go even though they reserved that space, and getting upset because they’re penalized for not canceling the reservation. Life happens, if you’re not gonna go, that’s fine. Just CANCEL. It’s not that hard.

  59. LisainVA

    There seems to be a lot of hate among Disney pass holders. I think Universal is a much better experience. I’ll pass on the mouse on my next visit to Florida

  60. Ashley

    We’ll yeah of course the park should it. … If you want to reserve and boom your day to be there , and block other guests from going that day when it may be the ONLY day that they can go together as a family , yes of COURSE you should be charged for no show… People are too entitled now. If you’re going to book your day , then make sure you go. Because if you reserve and don’t show, you just screwed it up for another family who ACTUALLY WANT TO GO THAT DAY. .

  61. Jack

    So Disney has gone from being Mickey Mouse to full blown chicken$hit.

  62. Shay

    Is this really a problem? People complaining about making reservations to effing Disneyland??? Sounds like these folks live in a Magic Kingdom and not the real world with real problems.

  63. Louie

    This whole reservation thing is baloney. It’s just another way money grubbing Disney to screw over people stupid enough to trust Disney. They do not care about their patrons. They know people will always want to spend 4 years salary for a “chance” to enter the park and spend another 4 years salary. What’s next? A lottery system? You buy the ridiculously priced tickes, have to show up that morning and wait while they draw tickets to see who can get in, meanwhile reducing capacity. However if you don’t get chosen too bad. You already paid for your tickets, no refunds. <- that is the most Disney thing there is…

  64. Mary


  65. Joe

    Every doctor and dentist as well as imaging centers have a no show policy where you must pay for the visit if you don’t make your appointment. What do these people do then?????

  66. Michella

    I think they should be penalized. Be responsible and cancel if you aren’t going to make it. At least you have that option. Besides the fact that you may be preventing someone else to get in that really wanted to go.

  67. You should all consider yourselves lucky to have a Disneyland Park in the country you live. I’ve never heard so much petty whining about cancelling a reservation. Lots of people penalise you for no shows and non cancellations, hotels are the big one that comes to mind.
    Be thankful you can get in a car and drive there and don’t have to plan an overseas trip to go. I’d love to go to Disneyland, but I live on the other side of the world. And for you whingers who live close by to one and it’s disrupted your regular trips there???… Boo f’n hoo…call a waaaambulance. Jesus, never have I read so many ‘spoilt brat’ comments.

  68. Maria Weigel

    It will cut down on people making reservations- which will help with openings for people who can’t find an available date to go

  69. kevin bell

    What is going on with Disney? I’ve not seen so many people angry with them, ever. Prices going up, services in decline or just taken away, park reservations, genie +. The list goes on. I think I’m ready to sell my DVC.

    1. What is going on with Disney? I’ve not seen so many people angry with them, ever. Prices going up, services in decline or just taken away, park reservations, genie +. The list goes on. I think I’m ready to sell my DVC.

  70. James

    Imagine scheduling a Dr appointment and not showing up, 3 times in 3 months. One, okay yeah stuff comes up no worries. Two? Kinda pushing it but okay. Three? I think you’ll be looking for a new dr

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