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obi-wan kenobi with lightsaber

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Karina

    I do not have disney plus , so , i will not see it . Anyway i like to feel apreciated and paid to watch movies/entertainment . So nice thing, to feel apreciated

    1. Huh?

      So why don’t you pay for Disney+, then you can feel appreciated?

  2. Lucas Loyalist

    Watching with cautious optimism…

    1. In all honesty…

      After the last Star Wars tv show, I’m not 100% Obi Wan Kenobi will even be in this show. LOL.

  3. JB

    Can we please stop calling it “mando-verse” Not everything needs to be avengeresque

  4. People that write about about Star Wars these days need to start telling the truth about all the “new” lovers of the prequel movies. First a lot of these “new” prequel fans are actually the young kids that saw the prequels in the theater as kids. Wouldn’t you know it just like the people in my age group they enjoyed the Star Wars movies more as kids by saying the prequel is better the new Disney movies.

  5. Kevin Jones

    The prequels were huge films . Lots of interesting worlds and characters. A great story line. It also gave us a look at Anakin’s world before he became a Sith Lord. What’s there not to like. The sequels were lame in comparison and the TV shows are just OK. I’ve got big hopes for Kenobi series. I think they can pull it off and it will be the best Star Wars Disney yet.

    1. Lulz

      1) Anakin/Padme in Ep II was CREEPY.

      2) Trade Routes. Nuff said.

      3) “Now this is pod racing!” Nuff said.

      4) “NOOOOOOO!!” Nuff said.

      5) Jar Jar.

      6) “She’s dying. She has lost the will to live” versus Anakin inadvertantly mortally wounding his pregnant wife. I mean, I guess that would be crossing a line while choking her out was in bounds?

      I mean. At the end of the day the prequels were totally geared around driving merch rather than telling a compelling story. The over-arching plot was fine but the road it took to get from A to B was a bit rough. Lucas’s final product as a director was pretty cringeworthy, too.

      They’re dumb fun but they’re definitely a step down from the originals and a large part of that reason was that 2/3rds of the original trilogy were helmed by solid directors. The push to digital didn’t do it any favors either.

      Still… better than the sequels. I could go on and on at length.

      The Disney+ stuff is hit and miss but they know fans will watch regardless. BOBF was a turd but even worse it was little more than a plug for Ahsoka and Mando Season 3. Sadly, much like Marvel you have to watch everything now if you want to keep up with all the crossover stuff.

  6. CJ

    I have more reasons to enjoy the Star Wars Content created for Disney + vs the last Star Wars Trilogy (nothing will top the original Trilogy, but I’m enjoying how Lucasfilms is filling in the gaps between Star Wars III and IV).

  7. Chris Wood

    Since this is all speculation, I will wait until the show comes out. Now as much as I like the shows about the bounty hunters, id rather see a serise about the the politics of the Empire and the Rebels. The rise of the Sith and Jedi. Now if they actually had a story about politics of Mandalor, before, during the Empire attack and after. That would be interesting we certainly don’t need a story about Han Solo or Lando. There is a lot of story to be told to fill in the gaps.

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