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Expedition Everest at night

Credit: Disney


  1. Pete

    Consummate Professional this write 😂

  2. Deb

    Had me going for a bit of exciting news 🤣🤣

  3. Janelle

    Honestly – Who thought this title was appropriate?

    1. JustJessee

      Golf clap. You got me.

      When I realized what the “unbelievable” experience was, I literally snorted. Good one, I needed the laugh! I would never have believed that hopscotch was the experience to ‘replace’ EE lol

      People, please lighten up every once in a while. It’s okay to laugh with the writers on occasion. Puff pieces are fine when you have only a grain of material to work with.

  4. Jade

    This article sums up Disney perfectly. Create big hype on the outside only to be let down once you’re inside. 😂

  5. Patrick

    Lol. Walked by the hopscotch game the other day when there. Unfortunately didn’t see anyone use it though. TBH that are if the park is kind of a ghost town.

  6. Nose

    Chingen a su madre pendejos expedición mountain es casi la mejor atraccion de todo el parque

  7. AD

    Seriously? I would hardly call those little sidewalk diversions an unbelievable experience!! I was expecting to read that guests could maybe meet and greet a real Yeti.🤣

  8. Rob Chapek

    The worst article on here.

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