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  1. Michael Knight

    Been slaving over the booking of a fantasy vacay for 8-YO and family for 5 months. WDW is beyond sold out for Spring Break. Took 2 weeks just to get a “sorry we can’t help you” email reply. Forget the phone. Not a single table reservation to be had. No special tours or experiences. Can’t even buy Genie+. Got a great villa at Wilderness Lodge and park reservations, but that’s about it. Sure hope it’s worth $10K.

    1. It won’t be! You will be waiting most of your time in lines to maybe ride 2 or 3 rides the entire day. We went during Christmas week and it was a disaster. Never ever going during a holiday again. Even worse, we all got Covid and yes, we followed all the protocols.

    2. Not during spring break. Later in the year.

  2. Matty

    I have a feeling that park attendance is going to be drastically different in a few months if the current fuel prices continue on their trend. As of right now even as a local only living 20 minutes from the Disney parks I’ve cut way back on going due to the insane fuel prices. Either the people going now have an unlimited disposable income, and are paying cash for their trip and will have no debt upon returning from their vacation, or they are spending themselves into oblivion with credit cards, and when all that comes due and there isn’t any more credit to extend, hold on tight. It’s interesting, because on the pass holder side, there are still wide open reservations for all of next week. That says that these people coming next week are all day ticket buyers. I want our local economy to keep going strong, however something here has to give. There’s no way this out of control spending with the current price increases with fuel, entertainment, food and housing, can keep going much longer. This all is very reminiscent of 2008 when everything came crashing down. This time though we don’t have the luxury of lowering interest rates to near zero to help stimulate the economy. They already are close to zero, so there will be only one thing to do and that will be hold on tight and ride this out. If these trends continue, my prediction is by mid summer, these parks will be dropping prices like crazy to try to boost attendance, because no one will be able to afford to go, and attendance will be very low.

    1. I just don’t see a drop in attendance for the future. People have been caged up for 2 years and now they have either saved up or are willing to go all out with spending to get to go. Disney knows this and that’s why they have increased prices, reduced perks, quantity and quality food, magical experiences, free transport from the airport, shows and parades. They are trying to make up for their losses during the pandemic and are making us pay for it.

    2. Christian

      It will be the worst time ever. Was just there and was so overcrowded and overwhelming that it was no fun at all, if we didn’t stay at the Yacht Club it would have been a complete disaster. Never again Disney. Oh and plus make sure you make lunches before you leave or you will be hungry and pissed. Never again.

  3. Victoria

    I won’t be going to Disney anytime in the near future and I was an Annual Passholder for many years.
    Between the changes in Fast Passes, the price increases, the decline in customer service, etc etc etc, they’re giving far less Disney Magic for more money and I’m all set with that.
    Everything that made it worth so much money has gone away.

  4. AH

    Gas is high $3 to low $4 and diesel a buck higher now. If you buy it diesel brought it so everything will go up. The crowds are above red death levels as they were the worst I have in seen in 20 previous trips last year in Nov dec.

  5. HM

    We had some really magical at times at Disney, I think our first trip was 2001, we went early December. It was an incredible, magical week. We visited a probably 3 or 4 times after in December time frame and always a special time.
    Now – I wouldn’t step foot in that place. They are raping families to death with the prices they are charging, then you have all the add ons to speed up your wait time. It atrocious what they are charging for souvenirs, dinner, drinks and just about everything. That on top of having to wait in lines for hours upon hours to get on rides.
    Nope – Never again, we go to universal now.

    1. Ella Harmeyer

      HM, may I respectfully ask that you not use “raping families” in your word choices unless your conversation truly is about the issue of rape, meaning sexual assault. It is really hard for those who have experiences sexual rape to have it equated with charging too much money. Not even close to the same trauma. Thank you.

  6. Carol Popovich

    Nothing “magical” at these prices. Poor Walt must be turning over in his grave! I don’t think his intention was ever to exclude the entire middle class from attending his beautiful park.

  7. HM

    One more thing, ‘What Does Sold Out Mean To The People Who Get In?
    What is their expectation on their maybe once in a lifetime trip Disney? What are the anticipated wait times for the average family?
    How Long of a wait at restaurants?
    This info should all be available to the public.

  8. FL-Dad

    If you are coming from out of state, just prepare yourself for massive holiday crowds, rude/violent people, drunk people (at EPCOT), and waiting in line for EVERYTHING. You will have to order your meals hours in advance, and then STILL wait in line to pick it up. Transportation will be slow too, as bigger crowds mean longer lines/wait times for buses, monorails, ferries, etc. Build that into your plans.

    Also, the Genie+ is a bait & switch. You pay $15 per person per day. You will get your first ride, but then once you do that first ride, your next available ride slot will be hours later, sometimes right before park closing. So you will either have to stay in that park all day and see what rides you can walk onto, or you give up for that park and “hop” over to another park after 2pm. By the time you get to that second park, all the rides on the Genie+ list will be spoken for either entirely or until just before closing time. All in all, a rip-off. A clever one, but a rip-off. If you are lucky, you might be able to ride 2-3 rides per day per park. Also, Lightning Lane slots are sold out by 7:05am every day. Disney is now purely a money-grab, and if you don’t realize that by now, you will leave tired, angry, and sad because you have saved up for a long time to have a “magical” vacation, and all you got was swindled and jostled around by the crowds. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  9. Robert Katz

    The spring break sellout doesn’t directly affect me, but after about 25 yrs as a loyal WDW guest, I’m getting sick &tired of the increasing loss of flexibility & personal choice. ADVERTISING things like Genie+ to “increase flexibility” doesn’t cut it, when in practice, it’s not our (GUEST’S) plan that we follow & adjust AS WE DISIRE; rather we must make a plan months out, and just live with the disappointment when desired changes (like choosing a different park schedule) are not available. Couple that with escalating prices, & well… Disney, you’re losing my family!

    1. Kit

      Disney created an escape from reality with their “magic”. People will continue to pay mega bucks for the false perception of being able to escape the reality we live in.

    2. Joy

      If people continue to go”, nothing will change.
      They up prices, people still go. So as long as people are going Disney has nothing to loose, actually they are gaining by charging more to enter and being short staffed. Less people to pay.
      Nothing. I repeat nothing will change if people still come. Do you think Disney is concerned with peoples money?!
      They don’t give a ratatouille butt about people going into debt. Because to them when you continue to have full parks even when things increase, it means their strategy is working. They will never lower their prices. They are pretty much set for life if no one ever came to the park.
      So sad. But money is what talks.

  10. John

    Just got back. What a nightmare. Very long lines and very expensive. Bring the bank with you.

  11. Michael Shimer

    Universal Studios Orlando. Nuf’ said.

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