Comments for Disney Releasing Different, NEW Version of ‘Encanto’ This Week

Luisa, Mirabel, and Isabela in 'Encanto'

Credit: Disney


  1. Elaine

    Will the new version be included in the DVD I am getting from the Disney Movie Club?

    1. Chris Wood

      Now this movie isn’t my cup of tea. In glad it is doing well, by why does Disney need to release a new version if it?

      1. Bob Ligma

        Did you read the article?

      2. Kay

        Sing a long version

        1. Virgil Bates jr

          We end up watching this once a day, we have a beautiful 1 year old granddaughter who loves the music, she’s mesmerized and watches from beginning to end every time, it’s a catchy movie and we all watch it too, thankyou for this awesome movie, we all love it

        2. Franci

          The only “new version” on Disney+ today is a sing-a-long of encanto. It’s not a whole different version of the movie.

  2. Jessica

    Absolutely we will be watching!!!

  3. Jonathan Garcia

    About time, glad to see Latinos are getting some first rate exposure in Hollywood and in the house of the mouse!

    1. Tired of it!

      Why does everything have to be about race and culture? Why can’t we all just be people?

      The more we focus and push on race and culture, the worse it’s going to get. If you want to end racism and culture discrimination, you need to stop forcing it on people and just handle the POS racists as they come up. You’re creating a reason for them to fight and a justification to exist. You’re making racial tensions worse!

      Nobody ever complained or hated on jehovas witnesses until they came banging on your door. Haven’t seen much of that lately. And what a coincidence… haven’t heard anything negative about it either.

      Now you people even have Disney making snow white a different color so they’re not hated on or canceled. They know it’s stupid, but if the majority of society is stupid then that’s where the money is.

      Stop pushing us toward an idiocracy and end this race and culture craze BS!

      1. Bob Ligma

        Okay, Mr. Racist.

        1. Ron

          I don’t believe he is a racist, but he is very wrong. I have loved the inclusion of these other cultures. I am white European and have been watching and reading stuff from this culture for over 50 years. I am very widely traveled and have enjoyed learning from many other cultures. This inclusion is necessary to break down all the barriers of misunderstanding.

          1. James

            He is not wrong at all you will all see one day soon

          2. Meleyna

            Why did this trigger you so much? The original post just said they appreciated the inclusive nature that disney is adopting. The only people who have a problem with that are in fact, racists. Don’t know why you’re making a huge fuss over it. It’s weird af.

        2. jal11180

          Ironically says the whiny racist scumbag that is yourself, Bobby. Hank Hill was right about you and you are not right.

        3. Lee Marie

          He’s not racist…….he’s accurate!! Everything nowadays has to be about race! It’s ridiculous! I have biracial children so I am far from racist! I am just so sick and tired of EVERYTHING being about race. What ever happened to just WATCHING a movie without a full critique of race, cultural appropriation etc etc. jUST ENJOY THE MOVIES 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

          1. rizzo

            I know y’all haven’t had to notice, being that you’re likely white, like me, but nonwhite people have been trying to tell us for years that WE have made it about race all the time. By creating systems of discrimination and exclusion, WE, the white people, have “made everything about race” and it’s not an option for nonwhite people to simply opt out because we feel guilty and/or are tired of hearing about it now. And that’s that on that.

            I gave this website my private info specifically to tell you this, so I hope you take it to heart and think about it the next time you want to shame someone for “making it about race”.

      2. David

        They send me mail now. It’s kind of funny.

      3. Lee Marie

        Agree 100% Wish people would just watch the movies without having to critique and criticize each and every detail!!!

      4. Synjon

        *Shouts the angry White man from his Ivory Tower.*

  4. A persona

    If you bought the extended version like I did for my daughter you already have seen the sing along lol

  5. Richard

    Not a new version at all… it just cast karaoke style “sing-a-long” subtitles…

  6. Grandmom

    My grandson and I have watched “Encanto” every weekend for a month! Absolutely adore this movie! We will be watching the new sing-a-long version on Friday.

  7. Bridey

    We may or may not, but mostly because not having the words on the screen hasn’t stopped every viewing from being a sing along at our house!!

  8. Tee

    We love movies that the whole family can watch and Encanto has become the new favorite. We sing along at home and in the car with the kids.

  9. José

    No, I won’t watch this. Encanto was a forgettable film with a safe, generic plot and unmemorable songs. The only thing I can remember about the film is that we don’t talk about Bruno. It was colorful, certainly, but none of the characters made any lasting impression on me other than Bruno, who actually seemed to have any sort of multifaceted personality. Everyone else was pretty one-dimensional. And before you go calling me racist, sexist, or any other -ist you can pull out of your fourth point of contact, I have Hispanic heritage and four children, and none of them remember this movie.

    So no, we will not be watching the sing-a-long because nobody in my house remembers enough to care. I hope those who do watch it enjoy it, though.

    1. Teri

      Love it!!! I think you nailed it and I am as Hispanic as you get.

    2. Ramon

      Same here! I enjoyed Coco… probably one of my favorites but this movie just didn’t do it for me. Not sure why such a push.

    3. Lora

      Shut up no one forced you ugly

    4. Lee Marie

      So…….why was it necessary to write that 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ If it was “forgettable “ why even bother to remember to let others know you “forgot about it as soon as you watched it” 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Two cents noted 👍🏾

    5. VeroMiami

      Thanks Debbie Downer

  10. David

    I have Granddaughters who love Encanto. We have Disney+ just for them.
    3 guesses as to if I’ll see it and the first 2 won’t count

  11. Teri

    We talking about Bruno in thus version?

  12. Meonia

    I’m definitely going to watch the new version tomorrow can’t wait to do the the sing a long

  13. Gabe

    We talk about Bruno all the time.

  14. Angela

    My 7 year old daughter already knows all the words to every song but we will definitely be watching! Love this heartfelt movie!!!

  15. Realistic

    My family tried to watch it, but were laughing way to hard. That movie was a waste of time and money. Disney has really been scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.

    1. Lee Marie

      🙄🙄🙄 Doubtful but ok

    2. Sara

      Umm weird but ok I guess?

  16. Phil

    TOTALLY watching it!

  17. Drew

    It took THAT MUCH of an article with filler info about the movie to say “It’s a sing-along version?”

    Could’ve saved us all a heck of a lot of time and skimminh to just include that in the title.

  18. Squirrel

    A song where different parts sing on top of each other, (like “We don’t Talk About Bruno”) is called a “Madrigal” 🤯

  19. We just watched the original one 3 days ago so absolutely, will be great to compare!

  20. Sara

    Is it going to be this week like Saturday or something? 🤔💭

    1. Hmm yeah I’m not sure what happened

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  22. The movie is fun

  23. Mama is going for a trip with England And Scotland

  24. Cheynagal

    I’m looking forward to the Sing-a-long version so that I can sing a long.

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