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Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal


  1. Melissa

    I took two extra strength Dramamine an hour or more before this ride just in case. When I got off the ride I had to take a nausea pill and one for anxiety. This ride is not for everybody. You must have a REALLY strong stomach. I was not the only one recuperating after the ride. Grown men were being tended to by their wives. If you’re unsure, ride it at the end of your day at the park so you won’t spoil yourself for the other rides.

  2. Jan

    Absolutely loved this ride. Best rollercoaster I have ever rode. The 2 launches are incredible, the roll over the water….wow….just WOW. The experience starts in the queue lines and goes until the roller coaster stops. This is a DONT MISS experience.

  3. Lauren

    Most intense ride I ever witnessed! The queue is amazing and the ride it indescribable! This was the first ride of the day I rode at Universal & it scarred me for the rest of the day! I love roller coasters, but this was so extreme that I turned into a scared little girl about every ride there after. I am proud of myself for riding it but never need to do it again!!!!
    It is absolutely life hanging & I will never forget feeling so terrified!!

  4. Erin

    Loved this ride sooo much! It actually gave me energy enough to ride again.. if my fiancé would of let me to! But had to meet up with his parents at the time. At least can say rode it once during my trip!

    1. Jillian

      Nope! Very again. I love roller coasters but this was too much for me. At every turn and drop i was lifted out of my seat which was a horrible feeling. Thanks but no thanks!

      1. Dan

        It’s a thrill ride, and it meets all expectations. I’m from Cedar Point area. They have the best thrill rides you’ll ride. This ride is an awesome throwback to the adrenaline rush you get from well designed coasters. The launch is awesome, the twists and tirns, the barrel roll, and the weightlessness as you shoot over the park upside down– fantastic. Best part? It’s a new coaster, so the track is smooth. No rattling of the brain. Dont read these whiny posts and skip it. My 10 year was scared to death to ride it. After her first run, she couldn’t get enough chances to ride it.

        Do it once during the day, and once at night. Like Hagrids, each is uniquely different during the day and night.

  5. michael

    absolutely the best roller coaster i rode in years my daughter’s loved it.

  6. Carrie

    I have been to several theme parks across the country and ridden son AMAZING roller coasters but Velocicoaster by far is my all time favorite. The first time I rode it was at night and it was TERRIFYING! Not knowing the track is one thing but not being a bike to see it in the dark takes it to another level. The next day I braved another ride and LOVED IT! Well worth the wait in the line and I love it even more each time I ride! BEST COASTER EVER!!!!

    1. Ali

      I am SO jealous! I wanted/still want to do it at night as well. People think I’m crazy when I try to explain how SO very different the experiences are based on day vs. night, so I love seeing/hearing from others who know exactly what I mean. The dark adds such a heightened sense of mystery (no matter how many times you’ve experienced that particular attraction) that it makes the rush even better!

  7. Laresa

    We loved the Velocicoaster. It was my ten-year-old son’s first real (tall people) roller coaster and the one he wanted most to ride again. So, we did.

  8. Ali

    We have been AP’s since 2011 and even though we live out of state (roughly around 4.5 hours from Orlando), we generally end up making at least 2-3 visits a year. I knew from the beginning that I would be riding solo as my darling husband would rather be deported back to Australia and made to swim the entire way, than get anywhere near the queue ! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was literally speechless after exiting the ride (both from excitement & from trying to keep the little “bubble” in my tummy from making an appearance!), other than passing around numerous fist bumps and high fives with the others who were in my row. He asked me if I knew any of them since we were all laughing and crying like we were at a high school reunion, but I told him I didn’t know any of them other than we had all just been through something so amazing/scary/crazy together that we were forever bonded! lol! I also told him that I would never be able to look Hagrid’s in the “eyes” again because I knew if I did I would be admitting I had “cheated” and would be forever shamed! We haven’t been since Christmas and I am beyond ready to hit the road! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  9. AJ

    I am 72 y.o. and ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    coasters! Rode Velocicoaster when we were there for HHN last October. First ride was front row. What a rush! Went back later in the day a ride last row. Not for everyone. Lots of air and bouncing around. Cannot wait to ride it again!

  10. Rode it in July 2021 with one of my sons. First off WOW!!! If I had hair it would have been on fire. It’s a pretty violent ride. As close to being in the seat of a fighter jet as one can get without leaving the ground.

  11. Chris Wood

    Well my experience with this ride was the following “I need to get off this effing thing” best ride ever

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