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Credit: Disney


  1. Carolyn

    We had a similar experience. It was awful. We were DVC members and we expected better service. We were in an end room on a long hallway. Guest services said it took a long time to get hot water down there. We spent 4 days never having hot water.

    1. Rooftop Voter

      Large commercial properties have a recirculating hot water system in loop. Handing you that line that it takes awhile is pure BS. You were played.

  2. Maureen

    Oh no I feel so bad for this family. We were caught at Disney springs yesterday. We forgot ponchos but had the stroller cover. The boats were down and we got drenched walking there and back and then to the busses. My two year old was so cold and wet I thought he was going to have hypothermia with the way he looked. I have never seen that much standing water in Disney. It was past our ankles near Coke!

  3. For the prices people pay to stay at these places, there’s NO excuse to not have hot water for everyone!!! Looks the maintenance crew needs to get on the ball, and get some work done.

  4. Marquita

    That’s crazy that guests were without hot water. I hope Disney at least comped a night or two of their stay for the inconvenience.

    1. Kevin

      Disney comping a night or two to EVERY guest that didn’t have hot water for a few hours that nigh? LOL! Like that’s ever going to happen

  5. Mickeymouse3

    The pools have heated water…Just sayin’.

    1. FL-Dad

      In a survival scenario, yes that works. But for normal use, chlorinated water will dry out your skin and leave chlorine residue on your skin.

  6. Walts Frozen Head

    Wow that’s some hard hitting investigative reporting. So as I read.. ONE FAMILY reported no hot water. Disney said the boiler was down and should be back in 30 , but it didnt. And now 2 days without a followup? So, you reported what someone said in a post on Facebook and then…. ?? WHAT HAPPENED?? DID THEY DIE??? How the heck is this news? Does it suck.. Yup. But news??? Do Better.

  7. Puckles

    Oh the problems of the privileged. You are all about to find out what REAL problems are.

  8. Danny

    Hold up people really complain about not having hot water…wow…people need to get their priorities straight…

    1. Travis Weberling

      Danny,if the people were staying at 1 of the scumbag hotels that are in Orlando, you know the 1’s that want to charge $25/night, then I would agree with you, that hey you get what you pay for. HOWEVER, if you stay at a Disney property & pay the outrageous prices that they charge for a room every night, THEN they have a right to complain about it, wether it’s to hotel management & ownership DIRECTLY, or do it through the media.

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