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  1. James

    It also doesn’t show The Punisher, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming onto the server. Stop starting the bs rumors

  2. Danielle

    The iron fist was already handed over to Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), and I think she’s a better actor to carry on the role.

    1. Dr. Gonzo

      No. Absolutely not. Foh with the gender reversals.

  3. O

    No we need a real Iron Fist and Luke too, introduce them as Heroes for Hire. Let Colleen and Misty shine on thier own.

    1. Sj

      Yes I definitely agree

  4. Tazemebro66

    No conversation of Netflix foray into the Marvel universe should ever happen without mention of the Punisher. Daredevil and Punisher were the top tier of the class.

    That said, I liked all of Netflix / Marvel shows. No doubt Iron Fist won no popularity contests but it may have had the most moving parts. I didn’t have the disdain for it that some did. I’d like to have seen Luke Cage and Iron Fist allowed to operate a little more off the chain than they were.

  5. Jason R. Tippitt

    Hasn’t Hulu already been announced as the new streaming home of The Punisher?

    As for Iron Fist, I can take him or leave him, though we did barely scratch the surface of his bromance with Luke Cage. Now, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight … those two definitely need to return, maybe in a Daughters of the Dragon series. No need for a recast, either, as the original performers were perfect.

  6. Ronnie

    Why does everybody hate on Netflix’s Iron Fist so much? Granted, it’s not winning any awards, but it’s got a pretty good arc. I really liked the actors, even Finn Jones. Danny Rand being a billionaire who was raised by warrior monks makes his origin story less relatable than the other characters, and he lacks people skills, BUT that’s the character. He’s supposed to be eccentric and idealistic. Disney with all of it’s resources could make this iteration of Iron Fist very relevant. BRING THEM ALL BACK. MAKE IT ALL CANON. People like me would love it. Just think, if Disney could make Iron Fist popular, which they can, the tremendous losd that would drop on Netflix (insert Kevin Feige mic drop)

  7. Twink

    I really hate this writer so much. He’s the kind of person to see a defender billboard beside a stop signs and say marvel wants you to forget about this show. What he’s essentially done is go by RT which is the worse rating systems out there.

    Because its not telling you 1-100
    Its telling you how many people score a show or movie over 59% So if everyone scored Thor an even 59%
    The RT score would be 0%
    If everyone score moon Knight at 60%
    The RT score would be 100%
    Iron first and defender werent bad at all. Iron first got bomb by non marvel fan, the reason why I know it was none marvel fans because they were complaining that iron fist was white. They thought the heaven pocket dimension was China. When it literally wasn’t on earth. They were extremely racist to assume because a superhero has martial arts theme in their history the have to be Asian. Something that Asian actors have fought not to be typed cast in those roles. Whether it been wise Asian old man or dragon lady. In the power ranger movie Ludi lin ask that his fighting style be a mixed of brawler and street fighter than any form of martials arts because of this. There was rumours he wanted the part of Johnny cage in the Mortal kombat movie but got cast as Liu kang in a much reduced role.

    This is what pisses me off about the far right and the libreal left. I’m saying Liberal because Liberal like to think they are bue not they react with out thinking. A bunch of white people being offended on behaviour off every minority, while we the actual minority is actually getting annoyed by them essentially whitesplanating things to us.
    Then we have the right pretty much bomb movies and show for simpling having women, black, Asian, characters they go nuclear at the thought of any lgbtqia. Because they think that us being in movies is some sort of agenda. Batwoman is a prime example of review bombing on imdb calling it sjw. Preaching left wing propaganda.

    So amount actually fans If and the defender aren’t the worse.
    Hell a lot of people while like the characters of daredevil, they season that are only 13 episodes dragged things out, so much unnecessary scene. It’s by far my least favourite. Jessica jones, luke cage iron fist then daredevil is my favourite to least. Defender was great.

  8. The Rizz

    Finn Jones did what he could with the scripts and time given to him. His later appearances were much better, and with a good team of writers and action choreographers he’d be just fine.

    Really though, the best way I can see to go forward is to continue with the Netflix show as canon, have Wing stay the Iron Fist, and have Rand take more direct control of Rand Industries (as a sort of non-Avengers Stark Industries replacement). Use those two and add in Misty and Luke and relaunch as a Heroes for Hire series.

  9. Julian H

    Disney Wants Fans To Forget About Two Marvel Shows? Really… If this is true? Is this another Bobby Ewing, it was a dream as he walks out of the shower…So Stupid.

    Not a chance I enjoyed the Netflix shows. Bring on more please.

  10. Ben

    What a big swing in the dark. Funniest bit was when saying people didn’t like iron fist with no back up to the idea. Not one piece of info to back up any of this crazy claims.

  11. Sj

    I actually like Iron fist and the defenders with them all working together I really love when Danny and Luke work together im praying they bring the punisher back that show was my favorite all the shows all the original actors and actresses

  12. Chris

    It would be pretty stupid to recast iron fist and keep luke cage as Is because Iron first shows up in luke cages story in 2 episode.

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