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Disney Walkout

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  1. Chris

    The problem is the bill has been misrepresented in the media, of you actually read it, you will note that it doesn’t ever say don’t say hay or anything like it. It simply outlines what should and shouldn’t be taught at various grades and sexuality (in any direction) is not to be taught to younger grades.

    If the media (including this site) were truthful about what the bill contains, this wouldn’t be the issue that it has become, as it is really not what it has been made out to be.

  2. Doc

    So as of 3PM here in Sunny Florida… home of the bill, WESH 2 is reporting only one protester found. I think the majority of the people working at WDW read the bill and understand this uproar is silly.

  3. skull_angel

    Let them go, let them go
    Can’t hold it back anymore
    Let them go, let them go
    Turn away and slam the door
    I don’t care what they’re going to say
    Let the leftoids rage on
    The leftoids never bothered Disney anyway

    1. Ashley

      “By the hundreds?”

      The NYT reported it was around 70 people…and there was also that one dude in Florida.

      I’m not sure lying about it is helping our cause.

  4. Joreph R.

    This is disgusting, this is only a very tiny percentage of the employees. All of them should be out there, no question.

    1. Ethan

      Then joreph r. maybe you can answer this question because i can’t get one person to give me a good reason why any sex education, gender identity, etc for straight or gay should be taught in our schools to children in k-3rd grade . . . . which is what the bill is all about. Please explain to me why you think this should be taught in school to that age group.

      1. Shawn

        Typical liberals in California thinking other states have to do what they want in their state. Not the way it works. Stay ruining California.

  5. So Proud

    Disney pride, so proud of the protesters!

  6. Senator P.

    Fire them… all of them.

    1. Lady T

      Why would you fire people who did the right thing

      1. I love Disney

        You don’t fire people who did the right thing. You fire bums who walk out of their jobs.

        1. Ray

          They didn’t walk out, they challenged a sexist, white supremacist, Eurocentric, and oppressive law, the least they could do is to challenge it. The real thing they need to do is to vote, get more like mined people to turn up in the polls. Encourage people with the same views to move and make a change.

          Make make Florida like Orlando, for a better world.

          1. Ethan

            You obviously didn’t read the bill. It has nothing to do with sexism or race or anything. It simply states that sexual education, gender identity, etc, shouldn’t be taught to school children in grades K-3. So could you please tell me a good reason why kids that age should be taught these things. Still looking for somebody to explain it.

    2. I love Disney

      I know people who would beg and take pay cuts to be able to work for Disney headquarters. For every walk out here, there are a hundred better qualified people drooling after the job.

  7. I love Disney

    I know why many more people walk out in California than Florida, where the bill actually applies. Some Disney employees in California are being forced to move to Florida, so they are using this walk out to pressure Disney to let them stay. This is for their own benefit, not for gays.

    It won’t work. Florida has cheaper housing and other expenses than California, and Disney is not giving up on the millions they will save from the move.

  8. Craig

    Oh so you’re absolutely okay teaching children between kindergarten and third grade about sex you are a sick individual you must be some sort of pedophile

  9. Chief Beef

    What the heck is this nonsense? One single employee in Florida, maybe 50 in California, less than 120 people WORLDWIDE. In a company that employs almost 200,000 people.

    That’s not a “march by the hundreds”. It’s a self-own massacre.

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