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  1. Mike

    I was just there 3 days. The line was long to get on the Skyliner but the line was moving fast and we waited only 20 minutes. Part of the reason for the line is Art of Animation was not running buses to Epcot or Hollywood Studios…not sure if that’s been the norm or not but that will cause long lines at the Skyliner.

    1. Mickey

      Since people have the SL to get to the two parks they don’t wanna spend the money on the busses

      1. DMD

        There is no charge for the buses between resorts and parks.

        1. Jason

          He means Cheapskate Bob doesn’t want to pay for busses between parks connected by the Skyliner.

    2. Andrea Hoole

      We were there Feb 2q-24th at AOA. We got up at 6:30 am to walk to the skyliner. When we walked out our door and looked across hourglass lake, we saw a huge line adjacent to the little mermaid hotel. I was like there is no way that is for the skyliner. Yep. It was. We were told it evildoers be approximately an hour to 2 hour wait to get on given the length of the line. I have a disability but am able to walk… just not long distance. I only rent ecv or wheelchair in the parks. Which Is what I intended to do. They no longer offer bus service to Epcot because of the skyliner. Which is just ridiculous. We ended up having to drive. Which was another nightmare. Unlike MK, you cannot enter parking lot more than an hour before opening. So we were sent on our way 5 minutes before we could enter the parking lot. We ended up lost because of detours and NO signs. Also, there is no humanely way possible they are operating at reduced capacity. I’ve been an annual visitor my entire life. It was a nightmare. People have their faces buried in their phones, so people with ECV or strollers constantly have to stop short to avoid someone not paying attention to where they are going. It was difficult to enjoy the magic when you have little to no wiggle room. Epcot is so much better ….more room to move around and avoid crowds.

    3. Jessica

      We just got home from a stay at Pop Century and agree that the line was long but moved very quickly. We waited no more than 20 minutes to board the Skyliner.

  2. Jay

    This morning at Pop Century Station it was a walk on for us. It all depends on when you go.

  3. Cindy

    It’s SPRING BREAK time folks. One of the most crowded times of the year.
    Morning lines are the norm since busses to/from POP and AOA only run during times when the Skyliner can’t operate due to weather.
    Face it—you’re going to be in a line!

    1. janet

      NOT due to Spring Break. It was crowded February 7-9. And we booked dates before all the dance teams and stuff starts. NO events. We’ve been Christmas Day, Spring Break, Summertime, October. Actually every Month and Holiday. Every year over Feb 7th for my Birthday. Crowds in February were close to those at Christmas when MK shut gates at 10am due to full capacity. Crowds, long, long lines for food, rides, whatever. SOOO many frustrated parents with kids. I wanted to reassure them that it’s not normally like this, don’t judge by this visit. But it would have been a lie. IT IS LIKE THIS EVERY DAY. Fluctuates from bad to awful. Looks the same as February, no worse.

      1. Deb

        For those of you with an ECV please be aware that the Skyliner line moves differently. How fast you get on depends on what is in front of you. The car leaves the handicapped section every 92 seconds if not more. Yup they have a timer. We always left before the fireworks to avoid the crowds. Still, I think everyone had that idea with an EVC. It took a while. It wasn’t much different with the buses. They have to load you first and tie you down. Then you are the last to get off the bus. Actually one of my better times last vacation was when they filled the bus up. One family with a 2 year old and 5 year old were about the last to get on. They were standing. I checked the ECV to see how secure it was and then offered the mom that if it was okay the 5 year old could hold on to the ECV. Mom was carrying the 2 year old. The 5 year old and I had a nice conversation about nothing. I kept him entertained the whole bus ride back to the Pop. Mom was more than grateful and thanked me.

  4. Michael

    We waited in that line. Yes it looked super long but the line move very quickly and we were on within 20 minutes.

  5. Michele

    We just got back from Pop Century. The line was really long but it moved really quickly. Couldn’t have taken longer than 15-20 minutes. People need to stop complaining. Its’s spring break – what did you really expect?!?

  6. Doreen

    I got nailed for saying this in a social media thread, no one believed me. YES the line was ridiculously long and it made us miss early entry entirely. Not because of the Pop Century /Animation line as much as the INSANE method at the transfer station where they don’t allow you to connect right there, they actually make you exit the platform go all the way out and get in a second half mile line at Caribbean beach. That’s like going through security at LAX, getting to Charlotte and having to exit out of the airport and make you go through security line again after already doing it at LAX. Insanity. I expected better from Disney.

  7. Mike

    We were there last March (2021) and the Skyliner lines start to form about 45-60 minutes before it runs. The line was CRAZY long, but it moved really fast and I think we only waited about 20-30 minutes. But keep in mind that’s only at the start of the day, it’s a revolving door otherwise and mid-day / evenings we never waited more than 5-10 minutes for the Skyliner.

  8. Della Osuna

    We just got home yesterday. The longest we ever had to wait was probably 10 minutes. Love the skyliner!

  9. tm

    If you don’t like lines, you better vacation somewhere else. The skyliner line is a piece of cake compared to what you’re going to deal with in the parks.

  10. Jo

    Stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, walked over toward the Rivera and were on the Skyliner in less than 5 minutes!

  11. Gail

    We took the skyliner this morning from Pop Century to Epcot at 7 am. There was no line, we got right on and made it to the park entrance in time for rope drop at 8. Now I’m wondering what it’s going to be like getting back to the hotel tonight??

  12. Gail

    That skyliner is still better than busses. Especially at park close where sometimes you don’t get on the bus, and have to wait for the next. We always give up any seat on the busses to families, elderly and the disabled, and stand. After walking all day, it’s tiresome. But still the right thing to do! Kids, elderly and disabled should ALWAYS come first! But on skyliner, no one stands. So if I’m waiting in a line anyway, I would prefer it over a bus. I imagine all the busy times (spring break, summer and holidays) there’s bound to be lines. We went last Sept though and stayed at Pop Century and walked on skyliner every single time, no lines. Well, that’s a fib, I guess. There was like a five-ten minute wait once leaving Epcot during closing for Food and Wine Fest, lol! But it was always walk on from the resorts. If folks don’t like waiting for things and crowds, best to go off times.

  13. Carmen

    My family and I where there 2 weeks ago , Got up early to be in the sky liner at 7 am . 4 mins top waiting. At the end of the day at Epcot , the line was 25 mins long, everyone leaving for the night. I had no problems waiting that long. If you can’t wait 30 or 40 mins in line, You probably going to start learning that any ride you want to ride takes about anything between 20 to 2 hours to get to the ride. We had fun, the only thing I didn’t know is that at Epcot, nothing opens until 11:00 am besides the rides. I’m talking about food places lol. We visited Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios. We stayed at art of animation. We all loved it.

  14. Mike

    I have seen the Skyliner backed up with huge lines several times. If you’ve ever enjoyed any attraction on a relatively busy day you already know Disney is a master of line management. More difficult to hide the Skyliner and bus lines though. Yes, they do have a shortage of bus drivers but with what Disney pays vs what they expect, decent drivers can work for local carriers and make more.

  15. Michael

    Was there 3/12-3/18 @ AOA and yes the lines to the SL were long early in am, from resort to SL was a lengthy Walk we waited 20-30 mins as line moved to load. It’s all about marketing and Disney is always figuring out ways to make more. I’ve been ar Orlando Disney 5 times and alot of the original rides haven’t changed, some are new. They will probably eventually charge an extra (Lightning lane) on skyline to move up in line. Imagineers will probably thank me for that idea, lol.

  16. Cristina

    Has anyone considered that because they are saying that capacity I will never be at pre pandemic levels that perhaps they are exceeding it not below it? They have to make up for their pandemic shutdown somehow although prices have been raised.

  17. Jennifer

    That’s the line at Pop. Hollywood was extremely busy Sat. This past week we saw lots large school groups there. They had school bands performing at MK last weekend. I’m guessing all those groups were staying at Pop and Movies.

  18. Lynne

    was at Art of Animation in December. Lines moved quickly and most times there really wasn’t a line. Waited as long for the bus transportation as for the skyliner.

  19. Leslie

    The guy in the video said it was a 25 min wait. Normal. Stop saying they are operating in a pandemic. We haven’t been in a pandemic for a very long time. Especially in FL. Pointless article.

  20. Victor Nazarian

    Disney should please put in a walkway from Pop/Animation to Caribbean Beach as a start and then more walkway to Hollywood and Boardwalk. Perhaps make some of the path nature exploration trails similar to the path from Saratoga to Key West.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      For that matter, put in a walkway from Rivera to a new back entrance to Epcot behind China.

  21. Randy W

    Was lured to AoA because of the new skyliner service, back in Nov 2019, pre pandemic and all that. If you’re doing rope drop at HS, there can be a line, but usually 10 minute wait at most from the AoA side. Closing out EPCOT, on the other hand, it was at least 30 minutes to get on, plus the extra 10 to get back over to AoA. Either bounce right away after fireworks, or sit around the park until they are literally sweeping guests out the door.

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