Comments for Disney Significantly Shrinks Pizza Slices While Food Costs Increase For Guests

Guests wearing face masks at disneyland resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Rya

    Fire Bob Paycheck. He’s a pig for money. Those aren’t Walt Disney’s values. Just study the history of a single attraction, like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, and you will come to understand Walt himself valued quality. Fire Bob Paycheck!

    1. Deb

      Honey I Shrunk the Kids was at MGM Studios not EPCOT.

      1. Deb

        Sorry, I just realized my comment doesn’t have anything to do with anything.. I request a traction.

      2. James

        The Honey I shrunk the kids 4d film was at Epcot…

    2. Keil Fleischbein

      Don’t blame Bob for higher prices. Blame the idiots who didn’t recall Newsom. Blame the biden-harris block.

      Their policy is raising prices across the board. Or are gas prices Chapeks fault too?

  2. FireChapek

    It’s all going to be kid size portions at fine dining prices. Pass on that!

    1. Keil Fleischbein

      Fire Chapek for what? Staying above water while Biden inflates the economy? Staying in business after Newsom and a change.org cancel crowd shut down the park for an entire year resulting in thousands of layoffs?

      I’d rather have fewer people paying more in the park, than have slobs throwing trash all over the queue, or 40 year old obese women dressing like college sluts, with rolls hanging out. I can’t wear a costume to Disneyland because I’m over 14, but a 40 year old gets to dress like that? Disgusting.

      1. Katy

        You sit in the dark rides jackin it to those obese ladies. Can you say incel?

  3. Jonathan Lee

    No problem Disney.. we cancelled our season passes, not that we can even get in the parks with them anyway.. Universal Studios is a better value anyway and more convenient.

  4. This article about rising food costs and shrinking portions while showing a photo of three
    Robust women.WRONG on so many levels.
    Poor taste.
    Disney is going to hell in a hand basket. Rising prices while half the park is out of order. $5000.00 a night for a windowless room.
    Glad I went back in the good old days when it was still Walt’s vision
    This is nothing but , a scam

    1. Julian H

      John – You are so correct on everything you said, 100% agree.

    2. Kevin

      “Robust?” LOL. Well I guess that’s one way to put it.

    3. Keil Fleischbein


      Morbidly obese with impacted lifespan.


  5. Sharon

    We are sad to hear this. So how much money are you really saving by cutting portion size? I doubt that it’s that much. Just makes visitors more angry. The prices on rooms and tickets have gotten way out of hand. When will it all stop? Are you wanting to close Disney for good? That’s what it sounds like and that’s the road it’s going down.

    1. Keil Fleischbein

      Don’t blame Bob for higher prices. Blame the idiots who didn’t recall Newsom. Blame the biden-harris block.

      Their policy is raising prices across the board. Or are gas prices Chapeks fault too?

  6. Debbie

    It’s not going to stop until people stop paying and cancel their trips to Disney. Money talks. And the more people are willing to pay, the less change will take place. Boycott Disney. They’re not going to fire Chapek when he’s proving his point; people are still paying to come regardless of all the b*tching, the blogs showing all the negative reviews, etc. Profits are up = he won.

    1. Kevin

      “Boycott Disney” So many people on all the articles like this say the same thing. You know this is never going to happen though, right?

    2. VDog

      Exactly.. for all the commenters on social media “threatening” to switch to universal, or cancel their passes, or whatever… I read even MORE articles about how the parks are more packed than ever! All talk I guess.

      1. Keil Fleischbein

        It’s all a bunch of nonsense from the anticapitalist antiwork crowd who think everything should be dirt cheap. They don’t care that businesses have expenses. They don’t care that California is expensive. They don’t care that the governor’s policy nearly ruined Disneyland. They don’t care about blaming who’s actually responsible, because then they would have to admit they were wrong in the voting booth.

    3. Backcountry164

      LOL!! This is what they want!! They want all of the plebs to “boycott” so Richie Rich will have a better experience.

  7. Wendy Wooding

    Wow Disney really is screwing the pooch on this one the lady me the comment about cutting the portion sizes back which would save him money I find that hard to believe and the fact that you were making a choice on what making smaller portions cut their waistline is really not their business and it’s not for them to decide you know what size of pizza they should have cuz they’re on vacation I’m very disappointed Disney and I hope they get their crap together because I used to go and enjoy it and I can go eat someplace else and come back they can they are just they need to whoever’s running this is just needs to to not have a job

    1. Keil Fleischbein

      Calm down. Fat people need to get skinny, and businesses have overhead. Blame Biden and Newsom, not Chapek. Chapeks just trying to stop the coronavirus from killing people. 78% of covid deaths and hospitalizations had obesity as a strongly correlated X factor.

      Stop the spread, don’t be a fatso slob.

  8. Kevin

    Does anybody but me see the irony in the lead photo they decided to use for this article? Anybody?

  9. KenR

    Newsflash: The Biden/Harris inflation and general ineptitude of the woke Democrat socialist party has caused every food manufacturer to increase prices, reduce size or both.

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