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bob chapek

Credit: Screenshot via Annual Shareholders Meeting


  1. Jaime

    I can’t believe Chapek got 94% of the vote. Really?!

  2. Matthew

    I think this just shows how powerless those wise shareholders who voted AGAINST Chapek are in this situation, and just how hollow the majority of them are……..

    And even if that 94% HAD vote against him……..it probably wouldn’t have stopped Bob from making his decision anyway.

    I want anyone who sees this comment to answer this question: Is there anything WE could’ve done to change the outcome of this vote, or do you think those shareholders would’ve doubled down on Chapek? I want you all to be honest, because I fear that Chapek may not need ANYONE ELSE’S approval to stay…………..

    1. Matthew

      And as for the decisions at the parks……We need to address ANOTHER elephant in the room……Chapek’s apprentice

      JOSH D’AMARO, the one name that everyone FAILS to mention. As for all the smaller price hikes in the parks, Josh D’Amaro is the only one who can feasibly influence them….NOT Chapek, although Chapek’s business model has the power to set such things into motion……..So we need to ask ourselves, if Chapek left but D’Amaro STAYED, would the parks be much better, or is D’Amaro an EQUALLY greedy person in a more appropriate positon to execute Chapek’s plan. Think about that. LONG AND HARD……..

  3. Matthew

    I don’t believe the company is the way it is today BECAUSE of Chapek; that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just the greedy and self-obsessed culture of the entertainment industry AS A WHOLE, and not JUST Disney 🙁

    Shareholders and the Board hold ALL the cards, and Chapek is a product of THOSE bean counters. It’s a relationship of greed and MUTUAL personal gain among those people 🙁

  4. joe

    All the price hikes are due to the pandemic, Disney like all other companies are trying to make up all that lost money. so nickel and dimeing everyone is gonna happen. it will happen no matter who is in charge, they answer to the shareholders, and as long as they keep making 💰, they don’t care who is running the business..

    1. Matthew

      Would you say that Disney COULD be a lost cause, then?

    2. Keith

      The share holders are NOT making money. Dividends have not been paid out because Disney is not making money, yet the main employees are receiving huge bonus while the cast members have not received anything. I would sell my stock, but I don’t want to take a loss.

      And then they tell us that the parks are not full, have they walked around there? I went the first week in December and again for the Princess Run. The parks are full!

      1. I love Disney

        Of course the shareholders support Chapek, he is making the company money! What do you think shareholders would do, support the guy who loses money? It’d be different if people are staying away from the parks because of the high prices – why, those same shareholders would suddenly run Chapek off the highway like roadkill. Disney is in a precarious situation right now, with covid debts and Disney+ debts and all these heavy weights that are on Chapek’s shoulders. The parks are charging extra now and people are griping, but they are still swarming there like they are going to die from covid tomorrow. Therefore, I support Chapek and his extra charging because I love Disney and I believe this is the only way Disney can survive. Personally, I am not a shareholders and I’m not fond of paying more for less. But I understand that it is better for Disney, and I want what is better for Disney. If some day, the crowd dwindles in WDW because of the prices, Disney can always run sales (“Free genie+ with hotel stay!”) and people will come running back, all offenses forgotten.

  5. S1

    Disney should not even have any shareholders at all.

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