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disney college program

Credit: Disney


  1. Stooge Pelón


  2. Jessica Warren

    DCP Grad!! I worked Yacht Club guest services and concierge June 97- Jan 98. Which complex was sold? Vista Way?

    1. Andy

      I was there that same time! I worked in Epcot at Wonders of Life and was in 4007.
      Many good times were had then!

      1. Kami

        Lived there in 98. Worked as a roll hopper, meaning I filled in where ever I was needed, at any park. It was a fun experience.

    2. krissy

      Yup, Vista Way

      1. LaJoy

        I worked the program in 97. I worked Honey I Shrunk the Audience in EPCOT.

  3. Candis

    I just left this program last week. The worst experience of my life. They had me scrubbing mold off walls and scrubbing walls inside of freezers. I spent over 1k to get there and cry for a job change they told me to leave the program.

    1. William

      ROFL. You had your roll before you got there right?

      I don’t think that’s all you did.

      1. Ex Castmember

        Well. William, you’ve never been a castmemebr and it shows. Worked 8 years for Disney world in multiple positions and cast members have always been treated poorly, by guests and management alike. They will boot people out of the CP for ridiculous reasons. I’ve seen it. I’ve also worked with many CP that informed me at the time that they learned less than minimum wage. Why do you think the union fought so hard to win $15 an hr? Only for inflation and being priced out of our homes. Why do you think Disney is so short staffed? They don’t pay people enough for locals to live nor the work they do. And it is tedious work, more than an average retailer. So please, shut up about things you know NOTHING about.

        1. William

          I was a college program participant. Would you like my Penner? I converted to the culinary program. I stayed at FCV, I can share a copy of my bus pass. I worked food and Wine Festival at EPCOT. I am currently a full time Cook 1.

          Do I still need to shut my mouth?

  4. Mickey

    Is the community hot tub still operating? Those were some memories.

  5. Kimberly Overstreet

    I worked twice for DCP. Loved it, and lived in Vista Way. 2007-2008. First in animal kingdom as a food vendor and then I worked the world showcase as a custodian.

  6. Disney evil

    Disney is evil

    1. Scott

      So is Apple but people still flock to them.

  7. Kristen

    DCP grad here – June ‘97-Jan ‘98. I worked at AK, in the Tree of Life and lived at Vista Way. I loved my experience there but made little $. It was the first question in every interview I had after graduating college!

    1. Jake

      DAK didn’t even open until April 98

  8. Joseph Cotler

    It is slave labor with window dressing. Been there done it. It’s all about maximizing profits for Disney and abusing humans. If this model were in China it would be all over the newspaper. Because the Disney name is attached anything is allowed. Disney owns Orlando politicians etc. Disney has lobbyists in Washington DC. Just recently people are waking up to the Disney formula.

    1. Joseph Cotler

      This post is not to denigrate Walt Disney. He is a former neighbor and a wonderful person. Currently rolling over in his grave.

  9. Dr. Commonsense

    Imagine all the gay sex and STD transmission that went on in those apartments…

    1. Tom Morrow

      And at your mom’s house.

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