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Credit: ITM


  1. Chris Wood

    Hahahah! The balloons weren’t Disney approved? Hahahahaha! Somebody’s head would be rolling down main street, if one of those Disney high school drop outs crew members got in the way of my proposal.

    1. Shanelle Eppler

      Oh cool, a lifetime ban. That’s what a woman’s looking for in a potential life partner, uncontrollable anger. Especially directed at an employee doing their job. Yay!!

      1. John

        Shut up slag, no one would marry you already.

        1. Juniper

          Oh ouch! But you are right.

    2. Desi

      Wow how rude you are. Some people make really good money working there. She didn’t break up a proposal. And she didn’t escort to the exit.

    3. Drth

      Such a Kyle move, I bet you are one of those “GUEST” that complain each time you have to go through the security checkpoint and behave like a 5 year old who didn’t get their way walking down the snack aisle at the grocery store. Entitled much, also just cause you dropped out of high school doesn’t mean everyone else in the world did. Sorry you had to keep repeating 9th grade over and over until you just gave up.

      1. Carl

        And such a beta move from you. Don’t worry not everyone is a weak beta like you that just takes all the crap they get.

        1. Tea

          Lawl… What?

        2. Suzanne H. ThompsonS

          Never been to Disneyworld,Disney world, from. What I’ve just read,am glad I’ve never been!!

        3. Kris

          Just say it’s tiny and be done with it, yeesh. Men unironically using beta/alpha terminology broadcasts their insecurity loud and clear.

          1. Rick

            Ah “miss” Kris, it’s actually a very good way to describe the vast and very pronounced differences between those that are truly men vs. those that are just barely males! (i.e. the difference between mice and men)

      2. Karen

        How did he get past the first checkpoint with the balloons? Disneyland is taking the magic away with all their expensive rules. Shameful. Walt Disney is not happy about the ticket gouging and security guards spoiling a proposal in front of the castle.

        1. Shaheed Mohammed

          That’s what I want to know. If what was the balloons, they allowed him into the park with them only to have him removed? Whoever let him in should have been fired and the should be refunded.

        2. Del and Linda Streetman

          I had the same question, and feel the same about how they have placed money over ensuring happy guests. “The Happiest Place On Earth” is no longer in ANY of the Disney parks, or owned businesses.

    4. Jason Barton

      Did you get a free trip to Disney for writing this piece of trash under the guise of a broken marriage proposal? The article seems more about promoting what Disney has to offer than the actual title of article. Next time you write an article be sure it’s truthful to the title and subject matter.

      1. Groot

        Right feels more like an ad than anything else. Check out this stupid thing that happened here. Now do you wanna come? 🤡

    5. GBakes

      Well no matter where you decide to pop the question, I hope he accepts, and you two Pirates plunder each other! Jolly Ho big guy.

    6. Elena

      Please tell me you would never propose with those side of the road flowers and dollar store balloons.

      1. Karkat

        At least it’s more than an entitled swine disguised as a female like you will ever deserve.

        1. Pilgore


    7. Kris

      Yes, let’s act like an entitled doorstop and be an aggressive degrading arse to the cast member who is only doing her job enforcing rules that corporate decided upon and she had no personal hand in, all because you didn’t bother to check the rules beforehand to make sure your proposal went as perfectly as possible. You classist manly man, you. 🙄

    8. myk

      Bet that Disney high school dropout has a better job and makes more money than you do…

    9. Jorge

      Wow what a big man

    10. Patricia

      So if he is in the park with balloons that aren’t Disney approved, how did he get them into he park in the first place? None of that makes sense. And if he was proposing, where is the person on the receiving end of the proposal? What an odd story.

    11. Steven

      Oh shut up lol 😂 ghetto ass, because everyone who works at Disney is a drop out. Nobody probably even wants to propose to you lol

  2. Dean B.

    At least they didn’t lose the ring like they did with mine! I gave my ring to the restaurant manager who already botched up the initial plans who assured me everything would be perfect moving forward. The manager left work early with the ring in his office and neglected to inform the staff. So when the proposal came out on the dessert plate nobody knew where the ring was for quite some time. The restaurant manager didn’t even have the decency to follow-up and apologize. The end result was still positive but wow what a nightmare.

    1. Donna Dito

      You allow fights, cutting in line..bully type behavior all in front of kids.. ruining their lifelong g memories ..you have raised prices way beyond what the Verahe person can ever afford..but unapproved baloons..from a guy proposing is the rule you enforce???
      You have seen the last of my family!

      1. Karen

        Right on!! Walt Disney is not happy with the shameful price gouging and the adults fighting in line at fairyland!

      2. DNR

        Security can’t stop black behavior anymore , it’s not allowed . Fighting , belligerent behavior…. No laws apply to blacks . But a guy wants to get engaged ?? Bring down the wrath of security!!!!! Clown world

        1. Kal

          P.O.S. you are DNR

    2. Ru46n2

      Dude is fake this journalists does not know hoento do research.

  3. Blaine

    All over BALLOONS!! To me it seems like Disney is only the “Happiest place on Earth” when it’s All about money! If they truly cared for their guests they wouldn’t have kicked a man out WHO WAS PROPOSING TO HIS FIANCÉ! WHAT A MAGICAL MOMENT!! Good going DISNEY! I WONT BE GOING TO ANYTHING DISNEY RELATED! THIS MAKES ME SICK AND SO ANGRY WITH DIDNEY! They make so much money and yet will kick you out for “unapproved balloons” cuz they want you to buy theirs! Btw DISNEY YOURE SO OVER PRICED IM SURE THE BALLOONS THERE COST AN ARM AND A LEG. OVER BALLOONS!!! DISNEY YOURE GREEDY AF!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. First of all, why did they let him in the park with the balloons, that’s where you stop him. If security gave him a break at the entrance you better give a heads up to nearby security that the guy is ok.

      1. Juniper

        That’s what I was thinking! It’s not like he blew those illegal orbs up in the park.

        1. RooftopVoter

          My guess: He snuck in a helium tank in his shorts and she was sorely disappointed to see the tank.

      2. Erwim

        Most likely there is more to this story , security doesn’t break up disney proposal. Sounds more like they suspect a missing person or robbery.

      3. people are the worst

        I had the same thought. Someone that works there had to let him in with the balloons, it’s not like he showed up with a bunch of deflated balloons and used their helium to fill them up, right? And if that is what happened then the person that filled the balloons that works there is at fault. Also, instead of escorting him to the exit, why not just let him finish the proposal, and then ask him to deflate the balloons because it’s against Disney policy. Why do people automatically go to the most drastic measure first? They’re just balloons.

    2. Aura L

      They’ll send you to jail for having CBD too… Even with a prescription, and obviously medical marijuana, even with your card and subscribers, will also get you sent to jail. C’mon I can’t have a few gummies on me to deal with the pain of standing extra long in line because of all the expensive fast passes that used to be free. Ugghhhhh lol

      1. VDog

        They don’t sell gum because lazy people would spit it on the streets of Disney. Other theme parks do the same thing. I have never had a problem taking my pack of gum into the parks though.. so that part isn’t true.

      2. VDog

        Wow, Bob, why do I suspect you were “totally cool” with the Holocaust too??

      3. Jerry

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  4. Ria

    How did he get into the park with ‘unapproved balloons’ to begin with

    1. Leeann Jacket

      That’s what I was wondering.

    2. Melissa

      That’s not inside the park. It’s in the area between Disneyland and CA adventure

    3. Ru46n2

      A did you think about this Disney let him him with balloons then kick him out. He is not even inside the park.

  5. Leeann Jacket

    That’s so sad. People propose in front of the castle all the time. If it was the balloons; how did he get into the park with them?

    1. April

      They weren’t even inside the park- that’s the esplanade between Disneyland and DCA.

      1. Mario

        I would like to point out that we don’t really know why she took him to the side, maybe they helped him me the moment more magical. Maybe there were other issues with his proposal…the problem here is that we don’t get to see or hear the end of the story

    2. D

      I don’t understand the balloon thing, at WDW people often enter with the big numbered balloons, knock off Disney balloons, mylar balloons etc. Could be because they are mylar, but I’ve never seen this enforced on the east coast.

    3. Ru46n2

      It’s fake he is not even in the park.

  6. April

    They weren’t even INSIDE the park. Disneyland is doing everything they possibly can do get rid of the magic, aren’t they?

    1. Roy

      I’d argue that by not allowing non-Disney balloons, they’re preserving the magic. It’s unfortunate, but if non Disney balloons are permitted, I’m sure there would be some over the top guests brining in a whole big bouquet of balloons, competing with the Disney ones.

      1. RooftopVoter

        Those non-Disney balloons, what’s next, people sneaking in with non-Disney water bottles, wearing non-Disney approved underwear, smuggling in a WAWA hot dog? OMG, where WILL it end?

  7. Chris

    Hey I understand, It can happen to anyone. Are you aware that this happens all the time during MLB spring training? Security the teams hire harass the fans waiting to try to get programs signed, baseball cards, photos, etc. and those same individuals are standing on public, property (Yes, not private like Disney) and they get chased out by unprofessional and quite honestly rude people that get hired off the street. You see it almost everyday. I was a season ticket holder for 12 years at Spring training and I see how horrible they treat the fans. Disney is a private business on private property and if you don’t like the way the conduct themselves you don’t have to buy their product.

    1. Stephanie

      So you believe people should be able to harass players and it should be acceptable? Ok then.

    2. Fed Up

      Great PSA from you. Given Disney has fully adopted the tried & true “Go Woke, Go Broke” business model, this should serve as a warning to the peasantry to not try anything by the MausenStaffel Poliez. They should point these rules out, writ large, in their adverts too… Come to Disney, check out of your day to day, put on your favorite fascist t-shirt and have a great old Karen time. Fun for facists and anarchists of all colors, creeds, orientatation(except those noted at the bottom of your entry contract)

  8. Travis

    She was clearly just on a power trip. Probably pissed no one would ever want to propose to her

    1. Brian

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. Travis

        Go comment somewhere else cuck.

    2. Ru46n2

      It’s fake man the journalist is lazy and did not do research. He is not even in the park.

      1. RooftopVoter

        Where was he?

        1. Dawn

          The esplanade, between the parks.

  9. Mario

    You are correct, at least pre-covid.

    1. Just a number

      People are still getting married?

      1. DNR

        Not if Disney has their way. Disney is all about BLM, gheys, tranz . F the family

        1. disneygay

          cry about it

        2. BingBong

          Cute alternate reality you live in. Be a shame if the truth happened to it.

        3. Raven Rose

          The groups you mentioned all have families too. Did you mean only YOUR family matters?? Yta.

  10. George

    Sure but they’ll let a drill team from Port Neches-Groves High School in Port Neches, Texas—known as the “Indianettes”—perform a routine featuring drill team members performing movements perpetuating racial stereotypes against Native Americans while chanting, “Scalp ‘em, Indians, scalp ‘em.”

    1. John

      Oh good another woke white I know better than you entitled white liberal out to save and speak for the indigenous and minority people of the world. Because obviously they can’t speak for themselves. We thank you for being offended on their behalf.

  11. I need to have Post Marriage from Disney Parks because I love this Sleeping Beauty Castle with Space Mountain to It’s A Small World from breaking parts to everybody including friends and families.

    Definitely, That Theme Park is cool than I thought! How was you’re night? It was good to me. Good job for doing a our raising your voice about us.

    That’s it. Good luck with that! But, If you want to go to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Please do it with my families and friends. Thanks a lot! Bye. Have a nice weekend and a Good Friday evening. You too! Take care! Love you too.

    1. RooftopVoter

      When you have a moment, can you translate that to something more readable?

  12. Ciera

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like they are outside of the park in the “esplanade” area and she is actually leading him to the entrance to California adventure

  13. Muriel

    I saw someone say no. The young man was so hurt. It was terrible but in the long run at least this happened instead of getting married and divorcing.

    1. Juniper

      Oh ouch! But you are right.

  14. Shelia

    Disney used to be for families and for fun now it’s all about money and you have a miserable time they shut off all the rides the employees are mean they should boycott Disney and the prices are ridiculously stupid if Walt Disney was alive he’d probably turn in his grave Walt Disney made Disneyland for families affordable they just messed everything up the world as we know it it’s not the same you have to plan and save money for 10 years in order to go to Disneyland with everything that’s going on sucks

    1. joe

      shelia, go back to sleep

    2. Heather

      Punctuation is your friend.

    3. K8EJEEPER

      “If Walt Disney was alive he’d turn in his grave?”Whoa, that would suck.

    4. RooftopVoter

      Most keyboards come with a . in the lower right corner; become friends with it.

  15. Brian

    Because it wasn’t about the balloons. That was just speculation, and just the latest example of poor reporting from ITM’s writers.

    The author couldn’t even get the location right. This didn’t happen inside the parks. It happened in the esplanade between DCA and Disneyland. This is a free walking zone, you can just stroll through it without a ticket.

    So, there’s more to the story than we know, and we may never know the whole story.

    However, if I were to expand on the speculation, then I’ll just say that, in general, there are only a handful of reasons why security would pull someone to the side like that. Maybe the man was previously trespassed from Disney property. Or, maybe he was drawing a crowd and being disruptive to the flow of traffic in the esplanade (evidenced by the booing). Both of those explanations would be infinitely more plausible than the balloon theory.

    1. RooftopVoter

      I like the balloon theory

  16. joe

    can you take a break posting! you piss off the world putin2 electric bugaloo. Jesus you suck at the existence game.

  17. joe

    95% of you need to be deported, ill wait.

  18. David

    People are right, guy who wrote this is a joke. Doubt it is real, as a lot of others have noticed that it is more of an ad for disney than an actual news article. I
    All it says is that they don’t know why the MAIN TITLE HAPPENED.

  19. BLH

    In 2011 I was part of a flash mob proposal in Downtown Disney CA… the proposal was actually planned for a different location and Disney security tried to shut us down moments before it was going to happen. After pleading with security they said we could do it but only in DTD. We sprinted to the new spot just in time to set up. It went viral and Disney loved posting about it online as though they were in on it.

  20. VDogg

    This video is at least 3 years old, since the tower of terror hadn’t changed into its current iteration, Guardians of the Galaxy.
    The employee walked the guy to the side entrance of California adventure and seems to ask him to wait here. He seems cooperative. she did not “kick the guy out of the park”.
    I don’t see anyone else in the video other than this guy standing in the promenade with a bunch of balloons, including a Mylar one with the word love on it.. but he’s alone. Who’s he “proposing” to?
    If you notice next time you’re in a Disney park, they themselves don’t sell any Mylar balloons for the very valid reason that if one of those beauties is released and gets stuck on a power line, you get a nice big power outage! So, yeah, IF the balloons were the reason, I would see why he was taken to the side.
    My advice when reading any future articles from this website, take it with a VERY small grain of salt, and don’t get yourself amped up.. it’s not worth it, lol

    1. RooftopVoter

      Oh come on, I love journalistic license, makes the story juicier. After all, I get all my news from the National Enquirer.

  21. Lisa D

    I bet Disney helped him make it special by giving him Disney balloons. He wasn’t really escorted out by the look of the video. He looks like he was just taken aside to another area probably to get him Disney balloons. Disney is awesome like that. Just like with the T-shirt thing.

    1. Craig

      Sure, keep telling yourself that. Still waiting for that proposal that will never come eh?

  22. Yasmar Notlob

    Another keyboard edgelord lol

  23. Juniper

    Awwww, that would be terrible to witness.

  24. So Sercurity at the front gates allowed him in with balloons that were not oked by Disney Powers that be…so wait until he’s about to propose and embarass them as he’s about to pop the question…good job Disney

  25. Crystal

    Is this a article about a proposal gone wrong or a advertising about Walt Disney???
    Wondering if Disney paid for is spot.
    Disappointed in the reporter. More interested in advertising than the subject!!!!

  26. Rafael

    Great job Sherlock Holmes LOL

    1. Aj

      I wouldn’t have paid the little security troll any attention. If that were me that was proposing and I knew that some security troll was going to try and interfere because of balloons I would have kept on going and pretended she wasn’t even there or grabbed her by the face and face planter and continued on with my proposal.

      1. VDog

        Lol, ok big guy. “Face plant” a security guard at Disneyland and see what happens

      2. Kris

        You would “face plant” a small female security officer who was only doing her job while you were the one in the wrong, violating park rules that you didn’t bother to check beforehand in order to make sure your proposal was as perfect as possible.

        My, what a big brave man you are. A real catch for any lucky woman — who doesn’t happen to inconvenience you, of course. Would you “face plant” her, too, if she said no and made you mad? 🤨

        1. Del and Linda Streetman

          I have one question for you, (and anyone else who thinks Disneyland was in the right) it’s very obvious that regardless of when it happened that the poor guy didn’t have enough balloons to lift him and his girlfriend into the park meaning that unless a balloon vender inside the park inflated his balloons that security allowed him into the park WITH HIS BALLOONS, and that they were also allowed to go through the park to get to the entrance to the castle so unless EVERY other security person was totally blind this is an examp!e of a power happy little security person who was bent on displaying her position of power regardless of how many people it made unhappy. If it was indeed an order from a higher power it’s just another example of Disney taking a position of making money over the happiness of those who have ALREADY paid to get into the park and it is making it a lot easier for people to make decisions on where to make reservations for their next vacation. My wife and our family have already started to make plans for our 50th anniversary in November and it will NOT be in Disneyland THIS year. And that will be a big change from the usual practice of the six of us spending two weeks in the parks and at home of the Disney hotels of which have stayed several different times in all three of them. It’s just getting harder and harder for a family to have an enjoyable experience and not have to feel as if they are inheriting the national debt.

      3. Mike

        No you wouldn’t

      4. myk

        Ooooohhh! Looks like we got ourselves a bad a** over here!

      5. William

        What alternatives were there? No Disney balloon not s that would have the words ” love” on it?

    2. DNR

      That’s cuz Disney is all about progressive bs- gheys,tranz etc. Done want ppl getting married & having families!

      1. Raven Rose

        We have previously replied to your ignorance. Please stop repeating the same stupidity. Families are not all straight, white hetero.

    3. Jday

      They should worry about the pedos that work there

  27. TazzAnderson

    Following statement is a sarcastic jab of course…
    “Sorry, in order to propose to someone in our park, you have to buy a special “Disney Proposal Permit”, ahead of your visit. You must purchase one permit for each member of your proposal party. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and the extra cost, but we’re assuming you will have to only do this once in your lifetime. Have a magical day.”

  28. LanceLagoon

    Having worked at the park I can see a dramatic and drastic change in the way Disney operates. They have become so woke as they pander to the leftist ‘mob’. Walk with flip out if he saw what is going on. Their main objective and goal is money, money, money. The standards for hiring are nonexistent as they take in people who are definitely not qualified to work in that environment.

    1. VDog

      We all thank you for leaving. No one wants to come across any more “anti-woke” Karens in the parks. You guys swear every little thing every employee does at Disney is “woke” nowadays. Don’t be so gullible to fall for a story that doesn’t even do the research.

  29. Alfred

    Disney is WOKE i wouldn’t give them the time of day F••k Disney

    1. VDog

      Bye bye big man, no one’s gonna miss your bigoted Karen a•• in the parks!!

    2. people are the worst

      I have never not been high at Disney.

  30. amiccus

    The sheer level of entitlement here is scary. Real great idea. Let’s get arrested for assaulting the security guard, it’ll totally be worth it!

  31. Stupid!!!! Are you kidding me? Is Disney really that money hungry? What a great ad it would have been if Disney characters had applauded this moment.

  32. VDog

    Bye bye big man, no one’s gonna miss your bigoted Karen a•• in the parks!!

  33. David

    As a single dad, I took my then-5-year-olds to Disney. That was over 20 years ago. My little daughter saw Snow White signing pictures, so she asked me if she could go over to her. I said, sure! I didn’t know about Disney protocols. Well, you should’ve seen the look on the faces of the parents waiting in line! I realized then that there was a whole procedure, so I took my daughter’s hand and we left. The parents were still in a state of shock and horror, as if I’d threatened to detonate a bomb near their babies!! The Happiest Place!!

    1. Jim Trebowski

      Your daughter must have been heartbroken that you refused to wait in line.

  34. Obamanure

    Guess Disney has joined BLM & help push their agenda of destroying the nuclear family

  35. Obamanure

    Guess Disney has joined BLM
    to help push their agenda of destroying the nuclear family

  36. Lou Cipher

    Who wants to propose to their future wife at a place inspired by, employs and looks the other way at pedophile themed movies, rides and attractions? Walt was a pervert, just like Michael Jackson. Where’s this guy gonna take her for the Honeymoon, Neverland Ranch?

  37. WTF

    What a garbage article

  38. Jeannie

    If the balloons were a problem, then how did they allow him to enter with them in the first place? Why couldn’t she just tell him it was a problem and remove the balloons? Why remove him? Disney doesn’t make enough money? They have to reject balloons from outside of Disney? Wow!

  39. Thugster

    It is hilarious how much this blog site hates the Disney cess pool

  40. Marc

    I have a feeling that there’s more to the story. I know that Animal Kingdom has a policy against balloons for the safety of the animals but I’ve never heard of that policy being enforced in Magic Kingdom.

    1. RooftopVoter

      Well it’s for the safety of the employees there. They have been eating the balloons.

    2. Brad G.

      This wasn’t Magic Kingdom. not even the same state. It was DCA.

  41. Christopher


  42. Mare

    I really don’t think this is the happiest place on earth for me because every time I go it’s been the most AWEFUL for me. Between rude and horrible people, other park goers and Disney Employees, I pay an incredible amount of money to be treated like crap and to be disappointed every time I go there. Not worth it to me. And certainly NOT the happiest place on earth.

    1. RooftopVoter

      Send the money to me and I can treat you the same way.

  43. Michelle

    Lousy story! You spent most of it advertising for Disney!!
    Why was this man not allowed to propose?! Did anyone think to find him & find out?! If it was because of the balloons, why didn’t he just release them? Or is that against Disney rules too?!

    1. Fed Up

      Great PSA from you. Given Disney has fully adopted the tried & true “Go Woke, Go Broke” business model, this should serve as a warning to the peasantry to not try anything by the MausenStaffel Poliez. They should point these rules out, writ large, in their adverts too… Come to Disney, check out of your day to day, put on your favorite fascist t-shirt and have a great old Karen time. Fun for facists and anarchists of all colors, creeds, orientatation(except those noted at the bottom of your entry contract)

      1. Fed Up

        Sorry double posted that… Trying to delete it

      2. Melissa Fields

        Awesome comment!

  44. Charlie

    You suck at writing articles. What was this crap?

  45. Ken

    Walt Disney and Sam Walden are rolling over in their graves. Guess who is the most unpopular loveless B…h! in Disneyland.

  46. RooftopVoter

    Wait? I am at the end of the comments?

  47. Maria Medina

    Why didn’t they stop them at the gates with the balloons they let them enter with them

  48. If the Ballons were NOT Disneyland approved then SECURITY was lax from the start for letting them inside !!!

    Rules are made for Safety but it should have been at the Gate to begin with…

    Disneyland charges a small fortune to even get through the Gates so I hope they Gave him his Money back…
    Maybe it would have been better to just Take the Balloons away instead of making him leave !!!

  49. Melissa Fields

    So he was aloud to walk into the park with balloons then gets kicked out… someone wasn’t going thier job, not knowing the rules but yet a customer is supposed to know a stupid rule as no balloons unless they are Disney balloons.. got it

  50. Benjamin Collins

    As this was posted march 18th this year, this Disney park gets a thumbs down from me. If this was me I would say I just asked an important question, where is the Disney magic? Disney parks is a mega organization any way.

    1. Crangis Mcbasketball

      It’s not Disney magic anymore, it’s Disney money.

  51. Renae

    Try 2013 lol

  52. Brad G.

    Good. Keep your personal events to yourself and outside the park. The rest of us don’t want to see you using the park as your personal stage.

  53. Ruben Reynoso

    Little bit of info is needed here: he’s not actually IN the parks. He’s in the esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure. If you’re looking at the entrance/exit to California Adventure and can see what was then Tower of Terror, then you are outside the park, not in it. You don’t need a park ticket to be in the esplanade. He had to get past the first line of security to get to the esplanade, but they probably wouldn’t have said anything about the balloons because he’s not technically taking them into the parks. So all these comments about CMs needing to be fired, Disney’s rules on balloons, etc. are all hogwash. No one knows why security guided him to the gate, but if anything, they are leading him to the ENTRANCE, not the exit.

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