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Space Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Daniel

    Hiperspace for sure!!!

    1. Truth

      Yes, more Star Wars please!

    2. Jim

      Right, they’re going to do it anywsy..

  2. JC

    The Original Space Mountain. Enough with Star Wars.

    1. Robert Jones

      i agree with this statement! now the only reason i go to mgm studios is for muppetvision, 65% of it is star wars!

    2. Dave

      I’m with you JC! Hyperspace is kind of lame.

  3. Heather Gaines

    Space mountain sounds way better then hyperspace

  4. Karley

    It’s only “temporary” until they see if the public likes it. If it get a lot of positive reviews then expect it to stay. If not then “oh well it was only temporary layover.”

    1. Chuckers

      They’ve done Hyperspace Mountain before. They temporarily retheme Space Mountain almost every year.. For Halloween it becomes Ghost Galaxy.

    2. Mindy

      They do HyperSpace Mountain pretty often actually, I’d specially with May the Fourth coming up. It only lasts for a few weeks before putting it back to Space Mountain. I go weekly btw so I know.

  5. Julie

    Space Mountain. I don’t need more Star Wars


      1. Carrie

        Same. As. Paris then, it’s quite good, but I can’t compare as not been on the original yet 😅

      2. J Ryan

        Tell us you’re a bigot without saying you’re a bigot.

        It’s obvious that you’re hostile to blacks and trans individuals…likely the same to anyone not like you.

      3. MVT

        I hope they make goofy trans just to piss you off more 💀💀

  6. MoMo T. Amazing

    Space mountain ! Music is iconic . Stop putting Star Wars when they have an entire land 💯

  7. Kirk

    Yawn, Star Wars has has its own land now and soon a hotel… why the heck do they need to hyperspace Space Mountain. Why not oh I don’t know how about adding Hubble space telescope images and make it really Space Mountain

    1. VDog

      Yess! They have the map projection technology, they’ve been using it for years, man that would me cool

      1. R

        I like Hyperspace theme for a short period. I also loved the music overlay they did with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    2. Mindy

      That’s WDW that has the hotel, not Disneyland.

  8. Ashley

    Never cared for Hyperspace. You could actually see the tracks due to the brightness of all the Star Wars action shining right above you – this made the coaster feel much more slower. The darker, the better!!!

  9. Mindy

    Space Mountain has gotten stale. I’ve always preferred the Hyperspace Mountain layover much better. I’m looking forward to seeing the layover again, but they seriously need to update Space Mountain layover badly. It’s still 1960’s themed.

  10. Leeann Jacket

    No! Didn’t they just get rid of it because guests didn’t like it? Not again! 🙁

  11. Chris

    Here we go. More non-imaginative destruction from the execs who seek employment justification.

  12. Mike

    I live in Orlando close to Disney World, so I won’t get to see it sadly, but I’m for it, it could use an upgrade. Too bad it’s temporary.

    1. SS

      Forget putting the name Disney on anything and just rename the whole park to Starwars Land. Keep Space Mountain. Starwars has It’s own area/space.

  13. Christine Hoyt

    Doesn’t matter to me. just go back to fast pass please, stop with all the nonsense of having to use our phones for everything!

  14. Aja

    I love Space Mountain no matter what the name is

  15. Aja

    I agree with Mike. Too bad Hyperspace Mountain is temporary and not permanent

  16. Brett Faber

    The best Space Mountain in the world…Hyperspace Mountain in Disneyland Paris! If only all Space Mountains could be as cool and fun as that one!

  17. W Johnson

    Disneyland is iconic and so are the names of the rides. The thought of changing Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain saddens me.

  18. pattimarie

    So let me get this right–they make a whole Star Wars Land, but then put more SW rides in Tomorrow land?

  19. Shawna

    Keep space mountain the original Cheryl

  20. Mr. Mcmann

    Was Ric Flair consulted on this change? Woooo!

  21. Barb

    Tomorrowland is under appreciated and needs drones introduced! Why hasn’t Disney utilized them, yet? Walt would’ve for sure!
    I love Space Mountain but there’s enough SW going on. Call out the Imagineers! Keep this land as it was meant to be…futuristic.

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