Comments for Guests Told to Evacuate Disney Ride After Alarm Warns Them To Leave

Space Mountain DL

Credit: TripSavvy


  1. Chris

    Can someone please check their facts before writing these articles, smoking and vaping isn’t allowed ANYWHERE inside the parks, Downtown Disney or Disney Springs, the only places smoking and vaping is allowed are in designated areas outside security and at the hotels.

  2. Stephen Burgess

    Yes! IN 2019 at Thankgiving Epcots Spaceship Earth we had to be evacuated when the ride stopped all of a sudden. Had to wait 20 minutes to get off

  3. Kdzndgz

    I have been evacuated off Space Mountain, when I was a kid, about 40 years ago. Most recently, within the last 10 years, Splash Mountain, Pirates & Small World.

  4. The Mayor

    Let’s be a lil more specific. There is NO smoking of ANY kind allowed ON DISNEY PROPERTY. That includes hotel guests. If you need nicotine, use a patch, Nicolette, or dip. The only place you’re allowed to smoke is out near city streets.

  5. Mr White

    Wow people were told to evacuate a ride?! After an alarm got tripped and went off?! I would never expect this to happen?

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