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  1. C-Los75

    Why are we giving attention to spoiled and entitled guests?

    Yes, there will be lines. To not have lines would show there’s a problem of low attendance. What do they expect at one of the most popular theme parks in the world?

    Can we stop giving attention to these brats?

    1. Robert Stewart

      Totally justified. The cost is for a premium vacation. There’s no reason that Disney couldn’t have accommodated the crowds other than saving money. If I paid those rates to stay on property and then was unable to use early park admission because of Disney transportation, I’d be unhappy too. This isn’t Six Flags we’re talking about. Now, Disney doesn’t have to change a thing until it hurts the bottom line but that doesn’t mean people aren’t right. They now have to speak with their pocketbook, like I have, and decide that the product is no longer worth the asking price.

      1. Steve S.


      2. Disdave

        I was there with a group of seven for all of presidents day week. Never had a problem with transportation. Was able to use early entry, and we even had a scooter that had to be loaded. This seems like a one off of someone crying because they chose to use uber to me.

  2. Bill

    The crowds are ridiculous, I have been many times from TN since 1971. Never have I seen such crowds. It is more like a hang out kind of crowd too and less a vacation kind of crowd. I suspect it is because of all the low price annual passes offered last year to our Florida friends. Only one high price option was offered for everyone else. The genie system is horrible. No one likes it. The value of the product is lessened, while at the same time, the price has gone up. I went back in November and it seems worse now. I cancelled my trip in March.

  3. Bill

    Crowds are ridiculous! Genie is horrible. I have been going since 1971, when I was young. I have always loved every trip of very many trips, until now. I went in November and do not want to go back anytime soon. I cancelled my trip there in March.

    1. Bill

      Oops. I thought I lost my first comment, but there it is up there. I did not mean to be repetitive. My bad.

  4. Jarvis

    This current administration has done everything it can to kill the economy, scare people needlessly and raise prices of just about everything to get power and keep it. Now comes the complainers about prices and service. What did you expect? To be treated like Pelosi? Be careful who you vote for next time.

    1. Jim

      This has nothing to do with politics, you troll. You jackasses will blame a stubbed toe when guy get out of bed on Biden.

      This has to do with Disney overbooking and simultaneously cutting costs. Corporate greed and disregard for customer experience, nothing more.

  5. Doug

    The bus system was my biggest point of frustration 3 years ago. Wife and I waited the better part of an hour for a bus to arrive, and ended up splitting a Minivan with a nice lady and her daughter who were on the verge of missing a fast pass reservation they left in plenty of time for. I couldn’t believe how poorly managed the system was back then. Not surprised to hear things aren’t any better now (and experienced it). We went again last month and Disney’s current business model seems to be to overbook for staffing levels. We, fortunately, rented a car for this most recent trip, and may never go again without doing that. There were a couple points of major frustration with the bus & transportation system when we attempted to utilize them. The buses/skylines/monorail/boats were not running early enough to allow guests to make early morning tours and reservations (despite my wife confirming multiple times with both hotel cast members and the transportation crew that buses would be running). My wife also wanted to go meet a friend at Disney Springs and waited over an hour at a park for a bus to bring her back to the hotel. Be prepared to make travel accommodations if you’re going and can’t afford the wait times or missing reservations.

    1. Kristin

      We are going next week. Were you still able to get into the parks for early entry when driving? We’ve only been once before and utilized the buses but these horror stories are making us reconsider our tactics!

      1. Doug

        Yep! If you’re staying at a hotel you just use you Magicband at the tollbooths for the park parking. The parking fees for the hotel covers the park parking.

        1. Kristin

          Perfect! Thanks for the advice, car has been rented! Hoping we can get at least a few rides in. Might be a bit of a crazy vacation it sounds like!

      2. Lynette

        My daughter and I were there 2 weeks ago. To be sure to get to early entry on time (and to be first in line for Ratatouille at Epcot), take an Uber to a resort that is within walking distance of the park for the day. Walkers get in before everyone else. I thought you had to have a restaurant reservation to get into another resort. But our Uber driver simply said he was dropping off guests, and we were in.

  6. Wlo

    Was at resort during Princess Marathon Weekend. My experience with transportation was excellent. No long waits ever. Busses were rarely full even tho we rode them many times at various hours of the day. Boats were also enjoyable and quick! In fact, speed of transportation was much better than Princess weekend 2020

  7. Jon

    Screw that place. Too damn crowded, too expensive to enter and food is WAY over priced. Waiting in the heat at least an hour before every ride and some rides are sped up to push crowds thru faster. Such a magical time……for the people profiting off all those suckers going in every day.

  8. Amiekinyon@yahoo.com

    Agreed 👍

  9. tvnutt

    Nothing new. One year we were at The Boardwalk during the Fall and tried to get a bus to DS on Friday night. We waited an hour and then decide to get an Uber. Buses have been obnoxiously Kate for years…well before Covid.

  10. Erik

    I keep hearing about crowds, crowds, crowds. About how it used to be so different, bla bla bla. I guess these people had never been to Disney on any other day than the slowest day of the year. I guess they have never been when pre-covid parks would legitimately hit capacity, not reservation reduced capacity, MK was notorious for that during busy season and any holiday, Epcot too, now that was a mess. The current complaints seem to be a grass is greener kind of thing. The parks are busy sure, but nothing like they could be. Disney transportation is very efficient when you consider the kind of mileage they cover. Most people don’t realize how far it is from the Contemporary to animal Kingdom. You are on vacation, relax, enjoy it.

    1. Ross

      It’s funny when people who don’t know what they are talking about make proclamations. We live 15 mins from WDW and go all the time. We have been going since 1990. I can tell you unequivocally, the complaints are not unfounded. It’s has NEVER been so busy, and Genie plus has made the wait times ridiculous. Service has never been so bad, and the prices never been so high. People are complaining because it really IS bad. It’s hard to relax when you expect something that you’ve always gotten before, and now it’s gone.

  11. Jill

    Been a loyal Disney vacationer for the last 18 years going sometimes twice a year and these complaints are completely understandable. We were last there in Nov during what is usually slow time and I never saw it that bad. Disney has pushed out the middle class completely nothing feels magical anymore it’s all nickel and dime people to death very sad state. Parking use to be free at resort, the extra magic hours were accessible and at night as well morning fast passes were free, dining could be made 6 months in advance and hotels for value resorts were roughly 98 a night moderate around 160 much more affordable and they offered return discounts as well as free dining plans all gone now just to name a few …. Did I mention still no character meet and greets, no more very merry Christmas party … unless you pay 200+ for after hours. Ok rant over but I could go on just to depressing too continue

  12. Yami G.

    Just came back from Disney Orlando and the wait times for the rides were out of this world — Disney’s Genie is a waste of money! You can only select one ride and then wait 3 hours to select another ride…fail. Still love Disney – but will wait until the Disney fever wears down a bit before going back. We went on 2/24 and it was super crowded. We went to Hollywood studios on Friday 2/25 and you’re could barely walk due to the masses 😭😫

  13. Undercover Mouser

    Im just going to put this out there. As a current CM who deals with transportation and trying to get everything running as smoothly as possible. I want everyone to understand we are doing everything we can. We’ve been trying to hire new bus drivers to get more busses on the roads to make times more sustainable and so your not waiting more than the “20 minutes”. But unfortunately, we are not getting ample applications for the section. Don’t get me wrong we are hiring left and right for drivers, but most get to DAY 1 then don’t bother coming back. We’re pushing incentives. We are doing what we can.

  14. Michael Knight

    Reserved a top-of-the-line WDW resort villa for 5 last November for travel from Houston 3/13 to 3/17. Bought multiday passes and made park reservations up front. Bought custom Magic Bands and worked around out-of-stock tees by customizing our own so we could deliver a box of magic to our grandson on Christmas Day.
    To-date, I have been unable make a single reservation at any of the premium restaurants – despite begining attempts well before a merry reminder was sent. Special tours are entirely unavailable. Genie+ is advertised but not actually available. No additional park reservations can be had. At least mask restrictions have been eased!
    Most galling, is that after dropping five figures and making multiple attempts, I have yet to be able to get anyone on the phone – or even respond to a professional email. I wasn’t going to make my last payment until a human could explain the discrepancies. No matter the number you call, you end up in the same automated system that literally takes 4 minutes to navigate – only to be told you should expect to wait 90 minutes!
    In the meantime, I got a terse email letting me know that if payment was not made within 48 hours my res would be cancelled. I was actually excited to see this included a special phone number to call resolve my money issues. No doubt they would answer this this call! Same 94 minute loop.
    I have my own business to run. I choked it down and paid up. I get that quality labor is tough to come by right now. Bought tickets for Universal just in case. Figure we’ll buy our own groceries, wait in ridiculous lines and make the best of it.
    Never regretted a dollar I spent at Disney in the past. Hope Micky’s current guardians don’t change my mind.
    I am very worried that making genuine human service disappear will be the only magic we see.

  15. David

    We go to Walt Disney World every year during Christmas and even went during the pandemic. We stayed at the Boardwalk then The Beach Club since our favorite resort Port Orleans French Quarter was closed and we never use any Disney transportation. We could actually walk to two of the Parks and we had breakfast reservations at one of the other Resorts so we drove our car there and then after we walked to the other Park. We have been going to Walt Disney World since the 1970’s and if you take time to do your planning you can find ways around some of the issues. It has worked for us. One note we always make our reservations a year in advance that way we can make monthly payments so when it’s time to go the Resort and Park parts are completely paid. The only thing we will have to pay now is the gas to get there and our meals.

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