Comments for Disney Resort To Require Negative COVID-19 Test For Entry, Reduces Park Capacity

family riding seven dwarfs mine train in Shanghai Disney

Credit: Shanghai Disney


  1. RowdyE

    Has nobody told them Covid is over?

    1. Sparky

      I know right!

    2. Dale

      I stopped going to “WOKE Disney World” 2 years ago. I also canceled our Disney÷ account

      1. John

        Soooo… Why do you follow inside the magic then? Just so you can troll?

        1. Denise

          This website in not just about Disney.

      2. JS

        Lol, woke this, woke that. Somebody watched too much TV.

        1. Denise

          More like didn’t watch the slime oozing from the television set.

      3. Bob C.

        Wow good for you not going to Disney world… This article was about Shanghai Disney in another country. I doubt you ever went there or planned to.

      4. Pudding


        1. Bob C.

          He sure is.

    3. Puckles

      It’s only just begun. Phase 2 is next. Just wait.

    4. axt113

      Maybe China knows something you don’t

      1. kenr

        The Chinese dictators only know that they need to continually condition their citizens to obey their directives so that it becomes a natural part of their life. That’s why so many democrats and the socialist teacher’s union continue to force children to wear useless masks and why we still have to wear them on airplanes. It’s not about science. It is about getting your subjects used to doing what they are told, even if it is wrong and makes no sense.

    5. Chris B

      Covid will never be over with. Just when you think its going away something new will pop up. There was news a couple of days ago about a new variant showing up called Deltacron. Supposedly the new variant isnt spread so easily but still its something new. Dont throw away your masks yet lol. Never think something is completely over with even when it looks like it is.

  2. Sparky

    If you or anyone is still this worried about cooties .
    problem solved..

    1. YeahRight

      And if you don’t like the rules, JUST STAY HOME. Problem solved.

      1. Covid is OVER WITH, Buddy. Deal with it.

        1. axt113

          Clearly China knows something you do not

        2. Chris B

          Clearly Covid is not over with buddy so you deal with it.

      2. Puckles


    2. Covid was nothing more than a Flu virus, anyway. The greedy healthcare industry made a big deal out of it, because they knew the kind of money they’d make off of it. The hospitals, getting a Federal financial kickback per Covid patient and Covid death, and the drug companies for the “vaccines” that they produced. And let’s not forget Bill Gates and quack Dr. Anthony Fauci for helping to develop this “virus”.

      1. JS

        Yeah, no. The conspiracy loonies are out in force today. Over 1 million dead. Those are real people. Could have been triple that if we pretended nothing was happening. There are a lot of nurses who think you lot are hopelessly toxic and obnoxious, but I guess it never really happened. It’s the libs fault, I’m sure.

        1. Kenr

          Look at the total number of deaths in the USA from 2010 to 2021 (account for population growth) and you will see for yourself. For Covid purported to be such a powerful, and deadly pandemic, requiring lock-downs, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, businesses destroyed, and trillions spent, the over all death numbers don’t add up to anything close to what has been made of Covid. They have people completely neurotic and afraid to the point they wear a useless mask outside and alone in their cars.

    3. Chris Wood

      One of the captions say some people don’t feel safe without a mask! Then stay home and live in fear for the rest of your lives. We have to live with the flu and we just have to live with covid as well.

      1. Mike

        Not that I needed another one, but yet another reason not to go to China! Typical socialists/commies.

  3. Chester Nichols

    No mention of Fully Vaccinated?

    1. Awesome comment
      Only natural immunity
      Is fully vaccinated, I had Covid-19 it was real and it was for me a severe flu with Pneumonia. Thank God for his wonderfully well made immune system and illnesses always act differently in different peoples bodies just life friends.

  4. I had COVID back in dec/Jan and I still test positive. I was told I could test positive for 3+ months. Why would testing positive be valid for Disney to bar me from going to the park. Doesn’t seem appropriate to me. Even my Dr & Hospital said I didn’t need to get tested for my surgery. I don’t understand why everyone has a different view of how to handle this. A lot of people feel the same way I do. I LoveDisney. I live in Maine and have been there 5 x…..Would love to be able to come again and possibly go in a Disney Cruise. ✈️ 🛳Thank you for listening 👍😍

    1. Marion, fortunately for us, this only applies to China’s Disneyland. Just recently, some Chinese cities have gone back into lockdowns again. But, don’t worry about that EVER happening again here in the United States. We WILL NOT stand for it.

      1. Puckles

        Sure you won’t.

    2. Bravo and Right?
      Why so much uncertainty

  5. Mike

    Not that I needed another one, but yet another reason not to go to China! Typical socialists/commies.

  6. Mike

    You are correct and it is entirely inappropriate. I think this is less to do with Disney and more to do with the socialist/communist government of China. Socialists and communists are only interested in two things power and control. It is yet another tool for them to control their population.

  7. Cameron

    Unfortunately they are having a major outbreak in Shanghai. Which is probably why they are doing this.
    If you haven’t noticed, in the USA our news coverage has completely dropped COVID coverage and concentrated on Ukraine. The only other thing you hear about is inflation, and the only reason is because it cannot be ignored (since it is effecting us directly at the gas pumps and the grocery stores).
    COVID is lingering just in smaller numbers, and yes it is very much like the flu, it will be around for years to come. We will see outbreaks. The Chinese will tackle it in an authoritarian style, and since the Disney company is owner by the government in China,they don’t really have a say in it.

  8. Dale

    I stopped going to WOKE Disny World 2 years ago.

  9. Mason

    You know what I think? I didn’t leave Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World left me.


    I dont know why China and Disney are so worried. there have only been 115,000 Covid cases in China according to Worldometers, and only 4,000 deaths. but they are requiring negative tests to go in a park, and masks outdoors? that doesnt make sense.

    1. Azza

      Almost all Covid deaths are not because of Covid, it’s due to old age and comorbidities. It’s pretty much just a flu.
      The flu kills old people and people with serious comorbidities.

    2. Azza

      Also the vaccinated catch and spread the virus at the same rate as the unvaxxed so there’s no point o vaccine mandates.
      Natural immunity from catching covid is vastly superior to the vaccine so many top doctors believe we should all catch Covid ASAP to get proper herd immunity. Attempting to stop the spread of Covid makes no sense.

    3. SMB

      When has it ever made sense? There is more Covid today than there was this time last year and the media has completely forgotten about it. I’m glad I wasn’t one to shut down life for a little virus.

  11. DPBr

    We pay far a ticket and pay for a test on top of that.

  12. Azza

    I’m just amazed such a virtue signalling company wouldn’t have vaccine passes required.
    Covid is just a flu. I have Covid as we speak and took some vitamins, Quercetin and zinc and have almost completely recovered.

  13. Mandee

    This needs to stop already. The virus isn’t going away. It’s here just the common cold and flu. There is nothing we can do about that. Just get on with life! This wouldn’t have gotten so “big and scary” if we only tested people who were symptomatic not testing just to test. Seriously we all just need to move on already.

  14. Peter

    SCREW THAT!!!!! Just canceled our Disney trip. Universal is not demanding testing or even masks anymore.

  15. Denise

    Here in Florida, although Disney can ask you all they want about your status at the gate, it’s illegal for them to require proof of vaccine or negative test. So, they can kiss off.

  16. You title these articles to deliberately make people think it’s Disney World or Disneyland in California all so you get them to click the link and get bombarded with ads. Please stop scaring people into thinking this is in America.

    1. Fred

      Drop dead you orange disgusting piece of filth.

    2. Betty

      Ohhhhhh Trump!!!! I want to suck your ding dong!

  17. kenr

    They never should have built a park in Communist China.

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