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pirates of the caribbean disney world exterior

Credit: Disney


  1. Doug

    Sounds good, hopefully there won’t be a Genie ++ charge for fresh air on the ride. If Disney is really as broke as they claim, I wish they’d make their finances public, because on appearances it looks like they are the Greediest Place on Earth.

    1. Me

      Trust me they are! Over 70 billion in profit. Not to mention they had a whole year they were shut down to do all repairs and were making plenty of money with Disney+ to do it!

  2. Ro

    Lol Doug!
    I also hope it’s not getting ready for some woke reboot. That is sheer laziness. Make new stories instead of cancelling and reimaging everything.

    1. Ro

      That is, in addition to “we wants the rum”, that was the right thing to do.

      1. Anonymous

        Only in your delusions and by your tongue.

        1. Ro

          If you think women being sold at auction is appropriate family fare then that is the delusion. Peace out, have a magical day.

          1. S1

            It is appropriate and it is not a family park. It will be restored in time for the attraction’s 75th. Pirates of the Caribbean will be made great again. Nobody was upset about its existence in the first place and no one will cry foul when it is restored.

      2. Shell

        I and many other Redheads loved that part of the ride. I really do miss it. I also wish they would have kept the end with the soldiers being tied up in the treasure room.

    2. Eric

      WE wants the redhead!

      1. Kathy Brutsche

        Yes WE do! If those woke snowflakes are so offended..stay home!

  3. Eric

    I think it’s much more likely that is related to for prevention as thar LinkedIn description ended with talk about Fire Prevention offices in various locations INCLUDING Orlando.

    1. Eric

      Stupid auto-correct * “related to fire prevention”

      1. Chris Wood

        Closed for mechanical maintenance? Just a more woke saying they are getting rid of the offensive stuff, like big busted women, men chasing said women and getting rid of Jack Sparrow!

  4. Adam

    They better not get rid of Jack Sparrow

  5. Keep Johnny Depp as Capin JACK sparrow

  6. Ed

    Disney stock is worth 239.9 Billion today. They have plenty of money, but they are out of their minds. They support teaching kids 5-9 years old about sex and perversion in school. As a family we used to be annual pass holders. Now with their woke bull$hit and price increases while the rides break down every day and lowlifes start fights, we will no longer buy annual passes or go at all. It’s a shame my wife and I honeymooned at the Polynesian Hotel there 39 years ago when people didn’t act like animals in the parks.

  7. Ed

    Disney stock is worth 239.9 Billion today. They have plenty of money, but the rides break down daily and the “people” start fights in line. No thank you.

  8. Ed

    Disney stock is 239.9 billion so are they broke? I think not.

  9. Ed

    The cliiiiick baiiiiit on this site is through the roof… the title talks about “mechanical changes” and then the article says they hired an A/C and fire suppression company… you think we’re likely to notice these “mechanical changes”??

    1. Jen

      Wow. Such negative comments must be real healthy for your soul.

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