Comments for Disney Park Nearly Sold Out For Entire Month As Capacity Restrictions Become Permanent

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Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    I refuse to accept that Full Capacity is gone for good. I want it all back!

    1. akg55

      Unless, I misunderstood, the article said full capacity, that to me mean 100%. If you look at the pictures it looks to me like it is at 150% capacity. My Brother was just there and he said it was should to shoulder.

  2. Ken Brenner

    I never go (nor went in past years) during Spring Break.
    That also goes for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
    Going during those times guarantee no fun…

  3. De

    Even Cast Members are blocked out of the parks. Another perk gone.

  4. Dale

    They need to get rid of this stupid reservation system for us annual pass holders.

    1. Patrick

      Just because we have annual passes shouldn’t make us exempt from reservations. It’s a business and they need to plan for expected business. Doesn’t bother me at all. Living in NW Florida and it is a five hour drive. So we plan. And save for these busy times, that are typically busy, parks don’t fill up till a week out. You can still be spontaneous adjacent.

      1. Adam M.

        If you have an Annual Pass with no blackout days, you should not have to make reservations. You have paid for the right to go any day you want.

  5. Steven

    Someone actually has an annual pass, like with no black out periods? How? When going online, they simply don’t offer them anymore. Coupled between no annual passes and the obviously antiquated reservation system, I am passing Disney completely up. I never left Disney, but it definitely left me.

  6. Kevin

    HOW?! How is this possible? How can you have BOTH a “capacity restriction” AND record high crowds BEFORE said “capacity restriction” was ever put into place? This makes absolutely no logical sense. Can someone please explain this to me?

    1. akg55

      You can’t have both. “Capacity restriction” is a false statement and in Disney terms really mean 100% at all times. So the reservation system is allowing it to have 100% if not more. My Brother was just there and it was wall to wall people, should to shoulder. He said it looked more like 150% capacity.

  7. Stacy

    It’s not worth it any more.

  8. Patrick

    Honestly. Disney us not the place at all for last minute anything. For I am fine with that, I plan, then wing it. But even if parks still had tickets available, the rooms on property are usually sold out. There are exceptions, so usually the most expensive room nights are a available. Staying off the park opens things up but if you wanna stay close enough to not mess with traffic, better plan ahead.

    I will say we just returned from a 5 day trip (not counting travel days). All parks. Spring break March 13 thru 19. Even though all four parks were at capacity, it wasn’t horrible. Now we weren’t trying for Rise, Remy, Seve Dwarves as we were traveling with little kids and they didn’t even know about those rides. Plus we had done those in the past. Genie plus helped a lot and we did t pay for any fancy rides. Fiddle Faddle is your friend with that app, but don’t let it take too much time. #casualfiddlefaddle

  9. Deb

    How can these crowds b so bad but yet not full capacity,I’m pushing my visit of till next year hopefully it’s just 50th madness

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