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  1. Disney Fan

    Disney should shift Tomorrowland into a wild mashup of futuristic things and digital worlds. Embrace the digital world of Wreck-It-Ralph, turn Autopia into Sugar Rush racing, and add some kind of ride based on Wall-E. The decor style should also be updated into the new dream of tomorrow – renewable energy, vertical gardens, and a wonderful mix of futuristic tech and nature.

    1. Noel

      A ride based on Wall-E would be awesome

      1. Mark

        It is sad to see old and lack of maintenance, many games in Disneyworld.
        My children enjoyed a lot the games in the 90’s.
        Today is quite different and worst.

    2. Melody

      When Walt Disney and the original Imagineers passed, the corporate world took over and the magical, creative side was lost. Disney’s ideas were never brought forward. That magic is not lost or forgotten, just hidden within the past cast members who kept Disney alive. You can’t see it in the performers or characters anymore because they don’t have the same passion and love for Disney that we did. Yes, I am an alumni of a past cast who cared to make guests smile, laugh at themselves as they remember being a small child with eyes of wonder. Those days could easily bring Disneyland back to its golden years…..if only allowed.

  2. VDog

    Ghost town?? Tomorrowland has been packed just like every other area of Disneyland these last few months. The “slow season” never came this year, and long lines were an everyday thing including random mid week noon time. Yes, the land could use some love, specifically doing something with the old Carrousel of Progress building and the Finding Nemo submarines, but it’s definitely not a ghost town when it’s just as packed as the rest of the park. If the area is still this busy now, I can only imagine the nightmare it will become when new attractions are added there. Just saying, be careful what you ask for haha

  3. Jeffrey the park right now

    Lol the park is insanely packed . Ghost town my ass 1 to 2 hour waits .

    1. We

      Nice mouth

  4. KevinY

    The outdoor queue area of Space Mountain is so drab and boring when I was waiting in line for 2 hours a couple weeks ago I had a lot of time to envision what an upgrade to that area might look like. Especially compared to how modern the queue of newer attractions are.

  5. Michael Hatherley

    Disney should team up with a team of science fiction writers and redesign Tomorrowland with the input of that team

    1. Doug

      Agreed. A famous science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury partnered with Walt Disney for some of the original plans for tomorrowland upgrades.

  6. Erin s

    They should go for a steampunk vibe a la Jules Verne. That way nothing ever is really out of date since it’s a fictionalized version of the future.

    1. Chris

      Totally agree with the Verne approach. Anything that tries to realistically look at the future reminds me of the Cronkite 21st show where they talked of the magic of taking a test by computer touching a pen to the screen to select an answer.

    2. Noel

      LOVE this idea!

      1. Andy Powell

        Bring back the Carousel of Progress!!! It’s my all-time #1 favorite attraction. And I don’t mean the version that’s now running at Walt Disney World — I mean the version that played at Disneyland from 1967 to 1973, complete with the Progress City model upstairs. Make it a “retro” attraction like some of you are talking about. It was Walt’s favorite attraction too and he never wanted it removed from Disneyland!!!

    3. Ann

      That was what it originally looked like, based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I used to love the submarines back then. Perhaps what was old can be new again.

    4. Andy

      This is the vibe they have at Disneyland Paris and it’s called ‘Discoveryland’ rather than ‘Tomorrowland’. Of course things have changed since they opened in 1992, but the general aesthetic of the area has remained steampunk-esque and so doesn’t look dated, just different.

    5. Jon Dixon

      I agree, it shouldn’t reflect anything political or agenda driven…

    6. Jordi

      They need to add a transformers ride and a Hogsmeade town to be worth the ticket price. LOL.

  7. Slider

    As a 30 year veteran Cast Member of Disneyland I think we know “Ghost Town” is a poor choice of words. However my idea was to go backwards to go forwards. Instead of trying to keep up with advanced tech, how about going retro and having the whole place represented by Walt’s vision of the future. Rename it “Walt”s Tomorrowland” and have Cast perform (Ala Galaxies Edge) as if it’s “the future” according to the 50’s and talk about amazing things like microwave ovens and “boy can’t wait till we go to the moon!” Space Mountain could be that moon journey. Dress in retro futuristic clothes. Main Street/frontierland/fantasyland are all about “stepping back to a simpler time” why not Tomorrowland?

    1. Ann

      I love this idea as again it won’t age as it is retro instead. The food court area is beautifully Mid-century Modern.

    2. Jon Dixon

      I like that, it reflects nostalgia for people, I think. It’s supposed to be fun. I guess for me at Disney world it was a good experience because it hadn’t changed really from when I had gone as a young teen with my Grandparents and returned as an adult… brought tears (happy)

  8. Mike

    Tomorrowland after dark is dead without Tomasina. The 80’s All Stars and all the other rock bands that brought enormous energy to the park every night as the stage rose up from below Tomorrowland Terrace.

    1. We

      Bring bring back Walt Disney and he would die of boredom

  9. Rick

    I would like to see a remodel with both old and new. For the old, start with bringing back the People Mover! Tomorrow Land’s laid back ride to rest the weary as other lands have (Small World, Pirates, Jungle Cruise). Take out Alien Pizza Planet and bring back an updated version of Mission to Mars!! One of my childhood favorites and Space Exploration will never in our lifetime be outdated. Keep Autopia, but give the cars a fun twist. Maybe something from The Incredibles or land speeders from Star Wars? Also, move the Astro Orbiter (keeping the current Jules Verne style or updating) and put it back on top of the People Mover station where it belongs. It is thrilling for kids to be 5 or 6 stories in the air with a view for miles. Lastly, put something back into the building housing the Star Wars Launch Bay. We enjoy the Launch Bay, but another indoor roller coaster similar to either Crush’s Coaster (awesome ride!!) or the Aerosmith roller coaster would be great and take some of the pressure off the Space Mountain line. And when it comes to Space Mountain, I’d like to see the Hyperspace Mountain become permanent.

    1. Rick

      I meant to mention that the indoor roller coasters I refer to (Crush’s Coaster and the Aerosmith Coaster) are rides that we loved in Disneyland Paris.

    2. Doug

      Approved ! 🙂

  10. BERT


    I am with Slider’s post above. Do some retro Walt’s Land…that is what Disney was always all about! I have visited Disneyland as a child, mom with kids, with adult couples, as a gramma with grandkids and 3 mos ago as adult with other adults-my feelings as I came home ” I don’t care if I ever go back” it was so disappointing. Costs off the charts! Food lines not worth waiting, the lands were so confusing and squished together-what a disaster.
    Do something to save it or Disney will be gone in 20 years!!

  11. DJTluvsputin

    Change the name to Yesterdayland… Problem solved. But really folks, autopia draws a crowd but is sooo outdated. Do something else with that space imagineers!

  12. Donald

    Turn Tomorrowland into Wakanda. Add a Black Panther themed ride. The new land could be themed on conservation, resource use reduction, and renewable energy. Speaking of which, Autotopia needs to go electric yesterday.

    1. Rick

      I think the idea of Wakanda is great, but that should be a California Adventure expansion/remodel. Agree Autopia should go electric, but I’ve loved the sound of those cars for the last 50 years.

      1. Dawn

        Wakanda is an upcoming expansion of DCA.

  13. Dan

    Not sure when people went, but it’s always packed. Disney’s biggest issue is allowing too many people in the park, not Tomorrow Land. Sure, another ride could lift that side, but it isn’t necessary. The only thing that is sad is spending hundreds of dollars to get in, and then feel like cattle being prodded around all day. I would welcome walking in and being able to actually see the place, not a sea of people.

  14. James

    I got lost on the Autopia and had to stop and ask for directions.

    1. Seattle Zanne

      Too funny!

  15. Mark Ibarra

    Because for every person who says something at a Disney Park is outdated, you have someone screaming how you can’t remove a classic attraction.

  16. Phil


  17. DO

    It sounds like these Disney dorks have too much time on their hands and go to Disneyland way too much.

  18. Seattle Zanne

    Make Autopia all-electric. The gas fumes are horrible and it is a terribly noisy ride!
    Also, make the cars more futuristic, Jules Verne style.
    I like the idea of a steam punk retro Tomorrow land!

    1. Jerry

      Autotopia brought to you by Tesla? Zippy electric cars?

  19. I always looked forward to Tomorrowland, but it is way outdated. Unfortunately those who took over recently don’t appear to have much imagination. Does Disney even have Imagineers anymore? Maybe ask fans for ideas? A futuristic space station type ride could update the carousel of progress & people mover. C’mon, Maybe they need to rewatch some sctinai-fi movies.

  20. Phil

    Ghost town??? You gotta be kidding!! A queue to “outdated” Peter Pan’s Flight is nothing less than 40 minutes, I think I was lucky to get into the Star Wars rides just shy of 2 hr waiting! And it was on a Friday!

  21. John DeJones

    It’s all about the money, and always was, we just never came out of a pandemic before with such pent up demand. When the big recession 2.0 hits demand for disney will dissipate, this year or next!

  22. Chila

    Is there an adults only day at any of the Disney parks?

    1. Dawn

      No…. but Disneyland does have special ticketed events “Disney After Dark”. They close the park at around 8 at night and change it over to a special ticket event (the tickets are $120 or more, depending on the theme). Limited number of tickets, so less people… but they still allow kids.

  23. Pudding

    Jeffrey is a little slow thinking he has been hanging with the zoo crew.

  24. MikeL

    The problem is, Tomorrow when those were created is now Today, and they never updated the park and rides to bring back Tomorrow. So Tomorrowland is just boring stuff that shows how inaccurate Disneys imagineers were in the past, about what the future would hold. The future is now, and they weren’t even close.

  25. Donna

    Tomorrowland has definitely been outdated for some time ! There have been many new inventions and events in the space industry. Disney has not kept up with what has happened since Tomorrowland opened!!!! Space Mountain is great! Keep it! But everything else needs to change.

  26. Mike

    Well one they were going to basically turn Tomorrowland into a Steampunk version like in France, but EuroDisney happened and then they just went a cheaper route and just painted everything copper.

    Because of the Rocket Rods… they can never use the old people mover track again, so they can not bring that attraction back. The rocket rods put too much stress on the tracks and damaged them beyond repair or you would have seen the people mover back.

    So unless they do a massive overhaul on the buildings etc.. people mover is not coming back.

  27. Michelle

    I personally feel that Disney should just channel nostalgia for “the future.” I think our world is too future-focused, in reality. Disneyland, for me personally, should feel like time standing still. An escape from reality. With the exception of bringing in more inclusive and diverse characters (from Moana, Coco, Encanto, etc.), I like that the park otherwise typically feels timeless.

  28. jhcg

    Everything old becomes new again. Male it retro to pre 1995 when Eisner wanted it to look like Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris. The old style was more futuristic than a bunch rocks jutting out of the ground. And let us see the Mary Blair murals! They were bright and eye-catching.
    R.I.P. Peoplemover. When ever I see the abandoned track it makes me sad that this company just does not care anymore.

  29. Akuin

    Honestly only got to go once before they replaced it, but I would love to see the Carosel of progress go back to being a worlds fair kinda place with Robotics demonstrations, new building techniques, new video game advancements and more. When I went they had age up technology on display that you could play with. Answer some questions and they aged you up to elderly. That expo style thing left a massive impression on a younger me who was excited and inspired by the advacements on display. I could have spent all day in that building wandering exhibit to exhibit. But I had family that found it all boring except the interactive stuff that they briefly used then moved on. So I couldn’t ask technical questions and geek out over new technologies on display. Beyond that I think tomorrowland should just become sci-fi land at this rate.

  30. Karen

    To my 14 yr old eyes Tomorrowland was mostly broken, trailing edge tech when I went there. IN 1967!!! I was (and still am) an avid scifi fan and expected to see some really cool tech! Boy, was I disapointed! The one thing that still stands out in my mind was the Picture Phones. I’d just seen those in 2001, Space Odessy and wanted to see them in action, but no such luck. I was informed that they usually didn’t work and even if they did there would be nobody at the other end. Ancient tech now, but back then it was a ‘Gee Wiz!’ thing.

  31. Dave

    I actually think one of the problems was trying to catch up to “futuristic” ideas. I think they need to go all in on the retrofuturism aesthetic.

  32. Disney63

    Yesterday, today & tomorrow land…..Love the WallE ride idea!
    And bringing back the carousel of progress! Get rid of pizza planet. Transformers ride! Bring something in with DNA theme.
    And update the entire look of the land. Autotopia going electric is spot on! Refurbish the PM track & make it into time machine ride. You spin a digital dial, the time period it lands on is where you go/what you see on your ride. Refurbished/update the entire land design.

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