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  1. A Farish

    Do you need to be staying at a Disney Resort to use these Minnie Vans?

    1. Chris

      Assuming it is the same as before the closure, the answer is definitely yes.

    2. I love Disney

      No, they don’t care where you stay. However, in the past, you can only go to and from Disney locations, like from the parks to the hotels, or parks to parks, or hotel to Disney Spring.

  2. Marty

    Since Disney is “woke” they must be EVs right? 🤣🤣

    1. Chris

      Sadly no, but they really should be and honestly all cars sold should be. EVs are much better in multiple ways, quieter, more reliable, less maintenance, less electricity per mile driven than gas cars and don’t need gas, which is extremely expensive.

      1. AH

        Cost to the environment for an ev verses a petrol powered vehicle is waaay more due to the batteries.

        1. Julian H

          Should go hydrogen all the way.

      2. mike

        And how do they get the electricity to run electric vehicles? COAL

  3. Chris

    I hope that also means the accessible Minnie Vans will be back as well.

    1. AH

      Some years ago used an accessible Minnie to go from Kiwanis village to Magic Kingdom for 91yr old WW2 vet with mobility problems. The operator rolled him into the rear through a lift. The operator was extremely nice and knew what he was doing. Great experience.

      1. AH

        Kiwanis village. Stupid auto correct.

  4. I love Disney

    I hope they allow Minnie Vans to go only one direction to Disney location, so that you can travel to nearby offsite locations or get picked at a nearby offsite spot and go back to a Disney spot. Also, let Minnie Vans travel to Universal and back.

  5. Josie

    I used it to go to airport. Very nice and polite. I would use it again.

  6. mike

    Long awaited by whom? Minnie vans costed about double what Mears taxi or an uber costs on average! This site still drinking the Disney Kool-Aid ! Remember this site sponsored by a travel agency that of course endorses everything Disney $$$$$$ !

    1. Julian H

      Never a truer word said Mike, I’m sure they are very nice and all, but the cost is ridiculous.

  7. mike

    How do you get the electricity to run all these EVs? It’s not magic dust….it’s from burning COAL !

  8. mike

    I may be wrong but that’s what I have been told. I think I will research it more before shooting of my mouth too much LOL! Sorry .

  9. mike

    Just researched electric vehicles and I am right they use fossil fuels to make the fuel(electricity) for electric vehicles !

  10. Tom

    Why would Disney want their vans to take people to spend their money at some other park?

  11. Tina

    We love the Minnie Cars! These are so convenient especially if you have smaller children. The Minnie vans also provided car seats. We always budgeted for these on our trip with small children and taking a bus it’s sometimes difficult to all sit together! I’m so excited these are back and can’t wait to visit again! For a week trip we budget about 500.00 for mini cars!

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