Comments for Disney Guest Frustrated With $17 Meal, Portion Sizes Become Outrageous

lobster roll columbia harbor house


  1. Rabecca

    Lobster pieces are up 25% – what would you like Disney to do?

    1. Chris

      Considering they gave a massive profit margin already, simply make a LITTLE less profit. Seriously, most of their food has a 200% to 500% profit margin after accounting for all costs, including labor, electricity, etc. Absorbing a 25% increase in the cost.of supplies would easily be doable.

      1. Richard

        Shanghai Shendi Group now owns 57% of Walt Disney Resorts! Maybe that’s why the prices are rising…We hardly own anything in our once GREAT AMERICA….

        1. Christian

          Is this true

          1. David

            Only Disney Shanhai.

          2. Nick

            Only when you’re talking about the Shanghai location, not overall. It’s similar to the original deal with Disney’s Paris location until the French did such a poor job that Disney US had to step in.

        2. Jeff

          Shanghai Shendi owns 57% of Shanghai Disney, not parent Walt Disney Resorts.

          Get you facts straight (no wonder you’re Make America Great Again) and drop the xenophobia.

        3. Carrie F Matteson

          I would like them to serve the normal portion AS ADVERTISED ON the signage and then post a “sorry , we’ve run out ” sign when that happens ! We recently experienced this “false advertising” garbage throughout the parks in Orlando ; for example when ordering churros we found out AFTER PAYING FOR THEM that they had run out of the chocolate sauce . Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal , but when you are paying A LOT for the “Disney Churro” you expect it to be as advertised ! Just one of MANY things that left us shaking our heads on this last trip …

      2. Kg

        Disney is a stock holder company. Job is to make money not to give people more because they want it.

        1. SarasotaFoodLover

          No. It’s about providing a customer what they paid for and expect. If they don’t see enough profit due to cost then raise the price, but don’t provide something less that you advertise.

          1. Nick

            Re-“raise the price”,
            right, then there’ll be a firestorm about that

        2. UberChemist

          Yes, stop giving them your money until they fix things.

        3. Meltigger

          Yes but at the same time the company needs to remember they are there because of the people, the customer. That’s how they make money. They are forgetting how this works.

      3. Laura

        I work at another theme park in the area. It’s a mass industry thing. However we overcome it by taking it off the menu, or adding extra. And the comment above about affording it yes they can. Agree 100%. The quality of food has gone down. 100%.

        1. Daniel

          Most the food was mediocre at best the portions were ridiculously small and the price ridiculously high

      4. Mike

        What do you expect? Disney is a Mickey Mouse organization.

      5. Kat

        And you’re an expert on this How?

      6. Holy Diver

        They wanna encourage Disney most devoted guests to cut back on food intake? Fat rage coming soon.

      7. Jason

        Amen, Chris!

    2. Neal

      We went to Disney World last October and I got the lobster roll at Columbia Harbor and got the same measly portion when I said something to cast member at counter was told that is how they are told to make them.

      1. Deb

        At least make it on a smaller roll instead of one that looks like they taking the p…

      2. Janet

        I travel solo to WDW and I have felt in the past that the portions were too large. However the CEO’s come to was way out of line‼️Those in charge that are charging more for less food or quality are part of a big problem going on. Disney stockholders have been around for a long time and there hasn’t been the decline in quality and service until Covid. A pandemic that closed WDW for a time is not a good reason to run a shoddy business once it reopened. Sounds like upper management no longer cares about the wonderful dream Walt had. 😞

      3. Concerned Disney Fan

        **Price gouging** Everywhere you look Disney is price gouging whether it’s their food, tickets, hotels, merchandise, etc. This lobster roll is only one tiny tiny example. Just look at what the mainstream masses are buying like pizza, chicken tenders, french fries… They are all priced at gouging levels way above an ethical profit. It’s taking advantage of their consumers who save up for years in addition to going into debt and paying high credit card interest rates because Disney knows people will pay no matter where Disney sets the price at. This is where it becomes unethical and gouging because truly the people who go to this park – most of them don’t know any better… They are willingly being taken advantage of like lambs to the slaughter. Perhaps their stupidity means they deserve it but someone has to stand up for the consumer… Lord knows Disney certainly won’t!!

        1. Puckles

          Well said. The absolute truth.

        2. Earache

          Ain’t that the truth. Recently I dined at the Blue Bayou and wad so totally disappointed! The $50 I paid for 4 ozs of salmon and salty kale was ridiculous! The table was boring, no creativity. It could have been a park table anywhere. I wanted to experience it and glad I did because I will not make this mistake again. Those high cost restaurant reservations are a waste of money. Either bring your own food or maybe mobile ordering ? I have to say the only decent food I found was at the Tongaroa Grill, mobile ordering Yum! Otherwise most of the food at Disney is mediocre at best and unfortunately very unhealthy.

        3. Donald

          100%. They have you stuck, since it is illegal to bring in food or drinks. After paying $45 for parking and $130 to get in, paying another $50 per person al least for a couple of meals and a snack is GOUGING. Then add on your $40 or $50 tee shirt. Forget it.

          1. Meltigger

            Since when is it illegal to bring food to Disney? I’ve done it every trip. The website gives you tips on food to bring! Not saying I’ll be going any time soon with the money they now want and the nonmagical trip too many are reporting.

    3. Rroe

      I’d like Disney to stick their Lobster where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

    4. Shane

      Nothing from now on I will go to Ancaster bush theme park if even if there prices are a little high at least they don’t serve warm beer at $10 for a 12 oz pastic cup.

      1. Hooked on Phonics

        LOL, Ancaster Bush.

    5. Puckles

      It’s morons like you who deserve what they get.

    6. Julian H

      For Crying out Loud Rebecca how can you defend this…?

      This is ridiculous, I would have asked for my money back, so not worth it.

    7. Cut back prices if your gonna rip people off..
      Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy recently indicated that in order to start cutting costs, Disney plans to begin “reducing portions” at Disney Parks restaurants as it “would be good for Guests’ waistlines.”
      This ass wipe shouldn’t be telling people how their waistlines should or be good for them.. Totally out of line and should be not a spokesman person.. Your doing people a favor by cutting back on their food for their waistlines.. Big FU there.. I wouldn’t go to that place ever just for that comment..

    8. Carrie F Matteson

      I would like them to serve the normal portion AS ADVERTISED ON the signage and then post a “sorry , we’ve run out ” sign when that happens ! We recently experienced this “false advertising” garbage throughout the parks in Orlando ; for example when ordering churros we found out AFTER PAYING FOR THEM that they had run out of the chocolate sauce . Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal , but when you are paying A LOT for the “Disney Churro” you expect it to be as advertised ! Just one of MANY things that left us shaking our heads on this last trip …

    9. SDM

      At least spread the lobster out across the whole roll. Just plopping a lump in the middle is just pure laziness 🤷

  2. Too poor to go to Disney

    This solves 2 problems for Americans. We are too fat and need to eat less and we are too rich and need our bank account drained by these major corporations. How do you expect these CEOs to afford these extravagant yachts and cars and mansions if we do not just fork over our cash to them? #helpceosgetanotheryacht

    1. Tess

      This is fake. I had the lobster roll and it was amazing! It looked just like Disney’s picture.

      1. Derpyderp

        This isn’t meant to be a picture of your visit lol.

    2. Dale

      The fattening part of that sandwich is the bread, not the lobster.

    3. Jon

      A lobster roll in New England last fall cost $38 – $42. Maybe the lobster roll at WDW didn’t meet the expectation of the picture, but it wasn’t extravagantly overerpriced. It’s Disnet. Get opver it.

      1. Wendy

        It’s Disnet. Get opver it. LOL.

  3. Disney is posting record profits. This article is just an example of their greed. Nickle and diming everything also greed.

    1. Kg

      Its a business essay not a charity. People don’t like it then say something with your pocketbook by keeping it shut. In the next 6mths wait till you see what you can’t get at the stores anymore and what you can the cost

      1. Tawnya Jo Hubbard

        It is hard to say something with your pocketbook, when you don’t know what you are getting is not as advertised, until you receive it. Then what? You complain and are chastised by people like you?

        1. Nick

          Nope, you complain to a cast member and they either try to fix the problem or , if you’re not satisfied, will refund
          your money.

          1. Carrie F Matteson

            If only that were still true ! The service THIS TIME ( last week) STUNK !

    2. Rroe

      Fine if Disney wants to make the portions smaller that’s OK, but then they should also reduce the pricing which is never going to happen at Disney. Bob Paycheck is to busy buying mansions for himself and they care more about their greed then they do their guests. I’m done with Disney and if you were smart you would be to. Make Disney feel the pinch and watch them readjust prices downward.

      1. Wendy

        Damn right!!!

  4. Remember How Great Disney Used To Be?

    Our last visit we spent $110 on dinner for a family of four. The best thing on our plates were the Tater Tots. After that (and multiple other in-park dining fails) we will eat before/ after our visit and only snack inside the parks. So many menu items have been modified or removed leaving such poor quality or quantity in dining options. Like other experiences in the parks…prices up, enjoyment down way down. Such a shame.

    1. Tim

      Just stop going there ..problem solved! It’s not that great of a place anymore. Do something else fun in life .

  5. Scott

    We were just at Disney last month & we ate inside the parks everyday for lunch and dinner. I was not impressed AT ALL with the food. Cafeteria food at its finest.

    1. NG Smith

      Why would you expect anything more from a theme park than cafeteria food? Because it costs more? ha!

      1. Tawnya Jo Hubbard

        No, you expect what you have received in years past. Same menu item should result in same meal. I expect price increases over the years, what I don’t expect is a completely different offering than what is advertised/given in previous visits, under the same name.

    2. Nick

      So, it’s someone else’s fault that you spent a week eating food you didn’t like? There’s lots of options, eat at the hotel if you don’t like the park food. Btw, almost all food in theme parks is essentially cafeteria type food because you’re eating in a cafeteria.

  6. Kim Bynum

    We went about six years ago with Free dining the food most of the time wasn’t even worth the tip we paid. Please everyone go to eat for the experience and ambiance but don’t expect quality with the food.

    1. Pam

      It wasn’t free trust me you paid for it.

    2. Nick

      You got free food for your entire trip that wasn’t worth the tip? Sorry, but that’s not really believable.
      Did you send all of it back? If not, you have to take some blame yourself.

  7. Stacy

    Sorry Supply Chain issues is BS when it was recently said by someone at Disney that they were going to cut costs by cutting portion sizes and that it would help their customers waistlines….

    1. Art Collier

      I agree. Not to promote them but I just ate at Red Lobster during their annual LOBSTER FEST and the portions were plentiful. No excuses about supply chain.

    2. Susie-Q

      The waistline comment was the most insulting thing a top level Disney employee shouldn’t say. Did she think it was a funny joke? Who is she to dictate what or how much someone should eat on their visit. I’m surprised the outrage of it wasn’t a bigger story than than the food.

  8. Last time we went two years ago the food was great at few places but surely not worth the price then! But since they cut portions and charge more, when we go back we will not be eating in Disney! Sorry excuse for what they got severed! Disney profits are out the roof at a range of 300 to 500 %! Not going loose anything to keep portions like they were! One comment I seen is about a shortage! There is no shortage If they keep offering the product! That’s just what they want you to believe! Charge more for less!

  9. Roseann

    We had the bar b que chicken in animal kingdom. There was blood in the joints. I could not eat it. We went to the cast member and he told us it was fully cooked and smoked for 8 hours. It didn’t matter,I couldn’t eat it. We went to guest services and were given a free meal. It was too late. Our dinner was ruined

    1. KenG

      More than likely the CM was right. I use to be a judge for those major BBQ competitions and when we went through training they explained that was normal, especially with dark meat on chicken. The smoke causes that. Interesting to note with beef and pork that “smoke ring” is near the surface of the meat but with poultry is often around the bones. Their is a scientific reason for that. If you are interested in reading about it go to AmazingRibs.com and do a search. Excellent web site BTW!

    2. YeahRight

      KenG is correct, and Roseann, you’re an idiot and a major Karen for demanding your money back even after you were told the meat was completely cooked. Sounds like you just wanted a free meal. Have you no shame?

    3. Lynne Aaron

      When my boyfriend and I went to animal kingdom a few years ago we both got a slice of pizza and a soda.we took advantage of the topping bar and added it to our pizza.I did notice that some other people started to do it.I am saying this because we did not want to spend a lot of money eating at the park.I would do that now if we went to the park.I would say if they wanted to do smaller portions then please drop the price of the food.

      1. Erjen

        Unfortunately, they’ve never really brought the toppings bars back.

  10. Michael Paulson

    Gouging seems to be the game of the day. Disney’s greed is representative. They don’t care what you think. Only consequences for them will change things. Remember nothing Disney sells is necessary.

  11. Lea

    Bought sectional containers for our last trip- bologna sandwiches with pickles on the side, hot dogs with veggies on the side, brought into the parks in a large cooler bag with frozen water bottles- put in a locker at the start of the day. Yes, they weren’t hot but they were very satisfying, looked appetizing, and Cost so little!

    1. Gordo Panson

      I just ate six of these yummy lobster rolls and a diet coke. No complaints

      1. Tawnya Jo Hubbard

        Would be nice to drop 100+ on an inadequate snack. Hope you enjoyed the carbs!

      2. Al Upinya

        LMFAOOOO I saw that too🪦

  12. Ruth

    Blah blah blah- you’re in a theme park – eat corn dogs , popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy , and enjoy the rides . Stop whining 😶

    1. Tool. You are the problem. People like you who put up with this type of crap are the idiots that cause the problem

    2. Sam

      Would you pay $20 for a turkey leg and be satisfied with a chicken wing because you’re “at a theme park?”

    3. Nick

      You’re right, it’s a theme park not Daniel’s or The French Laundry or even Rao’s. If you don’t like the food there there are more than a hundred places to eat within the Disney property so just go somewhere else.

  13. Phillip

    Our family just got home from 7 days at Disney world. Quick service food was absolutely horrible. All of it. I don’t care if portion sizes go down, but quality going down is ridiculous. $70 per meal on average for quick service junk was frustrating. Table service meals were much better but $140 on average for that was hard to swallow. This was our fifth trip to Disney and most likely our last. We kept saying last time for this one after each ride. Bye bye Disney.

    1. Cee

      Here’s a thought for all the grown a$$ adults who won’t stop crying.

      GROW UP AND FIND ANOTHER VACATION SPOT!!! What are all of you, 6?! How about you all mature and go visit someplace other than the home of a cartoon mouse.

      1. Nick

        And yet, here you are on inside the magic, a place where people to to talk about their experiences in the parks, upset that people are going there and sharing their more recently subpar experiences.
        Now who needs to grow up?

  14. John

    The whole Dizney restaurant situation has deteriorated since Covid. The reservation policy is simply unacceptable. It’s totally unreasonable to have to make reservations in a theme park 60 days in advance. At the very least a third to half the available seating should remain available for walk ups.

  15. Christian

    I hate people who complain too much. Lobster roll is my favorite thing at Disney. After Biden got in I honestly can’t afford anything.

    1. What does Biden have to do with this?!?

      1. Nick

        Inflation at 7.5% and rising, supply chain issues that weren’t issue before.

      2. Al Upinya

        Found the perv geezer voter

    2. Susie-Q

      Are you like under 21 or something? Economics 101… Supply abundant. Lower prices. Supply scarce. Higher prices. Disease shuts down economy… Reopening: gouges to make up for loss of revenue. Dude… it’s happening everywhere!

      1. Al Upinya

        Yea I’m sure the dependence on foreign fuel has 0 to do w this geezer administration too and it’s got nothing to do with this administratio not wanting fuel independence and isn’t turning to Iran for it right now which also isn’t going to help us..

  16. Kathy

    We went to Disney the last 2 wks all four parks food was ok price was way too high 100 or more 2 people is expensive per restaurant.

  17. Laura Newcomer

    I have got to stop reading this stuff, it just gets more ludicrous. Oh puuuleeeze. Helping guest’s waistlines? What a bunch of hooey. I find it insulting that some executive would sit on high and say such a judgmental thing about their “guests”, implying “less-for-more is for your own good since you are all too fat and have no self-control.” Yea. Haha laughing NOT. You are serving smaller portions to help me. Gaslighting anyone?

  18. David

    Only for Disney Shanhai.

  19. Andrea

    Just wait, with all the price gouging paying too much for food, having to make reservations just to GET in!! People will revolt. When you are paying ten grand just to see the “magic” it is nothing but BS! I have been to Disney at least 20 times in the past 20years. No more. I will not be held hostage any more for false crap they say is magic..

    1. Meltigger

      I hear you. I thought me buying a ticket was my reservation! That’s what it used to be.

  20. Jason Nelson

    We just got back from a week at WDW. I have to say I’m done. I’m an avid lifelong under 40 fan of Disney, hell I even went to Walt Disney Elementary in Burbank, CA, had family retire from Disney, etc. Now that I have a family of my own we’ve been going to one of the parks 1-2 times per year. This last trip…was our last until changes are made. Maddening ride wait times, 2/3 meals were massively overpriced and failed to satisfy, simply too many people in the parks, etc.

    The Genie+ fiasco continues – unlike max pass, if you want to get on a AAA ride by using one of your reservations, sorry. If you’re not staying at a WDW resort you can’t grab passes for them at 7am, and they’re usually gone by the time you can (at park open). That means you must get there extremely early for rope drop: we did this at HS, got to front, raced to Rise, and still waited 90min, after which the minimum ride wait time was 85min for the rest of the rides in the park, with the earliest lightning lane pass available being 3:30pm. WTH are we supposed to do for 5.5 hours? Everyone was grumpy, bathroom lines were 10-15min, coffee 60min, and the gift shops – well it’s the “you’re perpetually in someone’s way” experience.

    It felt like a week long gut ounch for someone who has prolly dropped $100k+ on Disney parks before turning 40. I’m done.

    1. Peter Paul

      Being a 60 year old fan, you can’t even imagine how much better Disney World was in the 1970s. It’s been an enormous fall from it’s height.

  21. Peter Paul

    Ahhh! The Columbia Harbor House! Flashback to the 1970s with me as a kid. Me and my younger brother were free to roam the park alone in the evening while my parents enjoyed their room at the then affordable Contemporary or Polynesian Resort. The smell of fresh fried chicken would come from the once proud restaurant. We would get some after coming out of the Haunted Mansion (much shorter wait time). Flash forward to today, and Disney is an ultra expensive woke heck-hold with impossible lines, and the Harbor House’ real fried chicken has turned into processed chicken tenders.

  22. Terry

    I booked a Disney trip before COVID, 2 adults, 2 children
    We canceled because of covid mask requirement..
    Tried to Rebooked last year, same vacation, went up to 4900.00. Did not book due to rediculous price increase
    Checked prices yesterday, now 2 adults and 3 children since my kids have aged. 2900.00
    This is seven days with speed pass. I do stay at off site hotel and get free parking with weekly tickets….

    1. Jason Nelson

      Do yourself a favor and download the Disneyland and Disney world apps, then check wait times throughout the day. If you don’t want to do that, I’ll save you the time: WDW wait times are on average 40-100% higher depending on the ride, and the crowds are obscene. Do yourself a favor and go to Disneyland (we just got back from a week at WDW).

  23. Leslie

    One of the better meals I had at a recent trip to Disney was at Columbia Harbor House. Had the grilled salmon — 3 dollars cheaper than the lobster roll and it was a decent sized portion, truthfully too big for lunch.

  24. Tawnya Jo Hubbard

    Sure, but then the offerings would be half the price. Sorry, but my local theme park corn-dog isn’t $20. It is probably $8-10 (also outrageous) We all know theme parks are expensive and over the top. The issue is showing a picture that is attached to a price of a particular offering, and then giving less than half that, plus charging more. I understand supply chain issues are happening. Shoot. Then you can cut the portions and price, or increase the price and let less people receive it. You can’t do both and expect people to receive it willingly

  25. Kim

    I sure hope all of the people who continue to complain for boycott Disney. It will make it a better place for those of us who still find it a magic place. You all act like prices aren’t going up and portion sizes going down everywhere. Disney is a company who’s responsibility is to make money and don’t give me the crap about Walt would be so unhappy. Did you know him personally? How do you think they update and create without money? Just stay home and let the rest of us enjoy!

    1. Walt’s Happy Place

      Walt would be so unhappy for you, Kim.

      1. Al Upinya

        *and indifference to false advertising.

      2. Tiffany

        Im sure he is happy to play ventriloquist every time people drag his bones out at every little slight. I think Kim is right let the rest of us enjoy and please stop complaining about your lack of money in front of my child.

    2. Michael harbuck

      Easy fix change the photo so people don’t feel like they are getting one thing but end up with another

    3. Al Upinya

      Super way to let everyone know you’ve got massive amounts of continuous disposable income geared towards superficiality, vapidness and false indifference to false advertising.

  26. Eric

    As a former employee of the Disney Store, I can tell you this company is morally bankrupt. The “magic” only works if you can afford it… thus “magic” is code for “Are your parents wealthy?” When a poor family came to the store to look at some of the dolls, they dispatched a loss prevention officer to observe them until they left. Screw them.

  27. Jerry

    We all understand prices are going up and there are supply problems. The ISSUE is that what the menu picture looks like IS NOT what she received. That is FALSE advertising. I love Disney and am a DVC member but they are being run POORLY now. Either make a picture to show what you are actually getting or raise the price and match the picture. What DISNEY is doing is wrong! The customer is 100% in the right on this one!

  28. Deb

    I don’t know what one would expect for $17. It is actually cheaper than getting a lobster roll in Maine. With the lack of lobster orange in the guest’s picture, I would be a bit concerned that there are fillers besides lobster and mayonnaise.

    1. Bonnie

      Did Marlene mention how she treated the CM? About how she yelled at them??? No one deserve to be treated like that by anyone, especially a young person making minimum wage. Shame on Marlene. Address your issues to a manager.

  29. Mickeymouse3

    Sure, blame everything on supply chain issues. Will Disney revert back to full plates or lower costs once the supply issues subside? You and I both know they won’t. Hello Jimmy Johns?

  30. Sandy Guthrie

    If it’s supply chain issues, then adjust your price for the meal accordingly. Most people will pay more for a meal at Disney because it’s superior. You start messing too much with portion sizes and continue to charge the same, people are going to complain.

  31. Dodie

    We ate at Tonys at MK the meal was fantastic the service excellent. I would highly recommend for sit down meal. Portions are very generous. Can’t say enough great things. Even got to meet the head chief because I was so impressed about the meal. Sausage was EXCELLENT!!

  32. John Scarfi

    If the CFO list her job for being an out of touch elitist, it would “be good for her waistline”. Wow.

  33. Pat G

    Have you seen the change in your home food bill recently?? Prices are out of control everywhere. Yet, Disney is a business and yes, corporate wants to make money. Welcome to America. Oh, and just a thought – “Disney isn’t in a bubble”.

    1. UberChemist

      Raise prices or change the picture. Post a notice as a bare minimum.

  34. Bob

    Once was an avid fan of Disney. Not anymore. Last trip was Dec of 2021. Bad experience all around. No longer interested in taking out a second mortgage just to go to Walt Disney World. Over it. Stay home and do other activities with your children. Disney is NOT the happiest place on earth.

    1. Carrie F Matteson

      Yep , us too ! VERY GRATEFUL our kid is rapidly loosing interest in the Disney experience. While kids have a good time , the adults , who actually PAY FOR IT , are finding it more and more galling ! And those of you who are calling people who speak up whiners ? YOU are the problem !

      1. UberChemist

        Same boat here, only I’d love for our youngest to have the good memories like her siblings. That place doesn’t exist anymore and we won’t be wasting our money at WDW.

        1. Meltigger

          I’m with you on that. My youngest just turned the age we took his brother and we just can’t justify it. The cost, the time, the crazy. Maybe some day it will be truly magical again, not the close your eyes and take it “magic” I’m reading from too many people.

  35. Victor

    Can Disney even use the supply excuse here? I doubt the roll contains any actual lobster. Aren’t they just dying tuna or some other fish red?

    1. Léa

      lobster actually has a particular flavor to it. You know that flavor if you’ve eaten lobster before and it’s so familiar that they wouldn’t cut corners that badly.

  36. George

    The lobster roll is just one example of guests not getting anything near reasonable value for the high prices being charged. Another example is the recent changes in dining at Disney hotels. Had breakfast many times at Ale & Compass. This last time, eggs came without toast. When I asked “where’s the toast?” I was told that you now have to pay extra for toast, in addition to the high price for simple eggs. The mgr said she doesn’t make the rules, it’s the higher ups in Calif that decided these things. In general, the food is nothing to rave about and the prices are high and portions are getting smaller.

  37. Tod

    Then eat else where, and yet most people don’t have a problem with $10 hotdogs at baseball games

  38. Kelly Haines

    We went to Disney before Christmas and spent a small fortune. We were never so disappointed after spending so much money. It is so obvious and in your face that Disney no longer puts guest experience first. They used to be the best place to go for a great guest experience. Not any more, It is incredibly sad Disney is all about the dollars not their guest.

  39. Ken Brenner

    I have a suggestion, based on what we do.
    There are several restaurants just outside of Disney Springs (along/near FL 535). Red Lobster is one, but there are others.
    We (2 retired seniors) eat breakfast at the hotel (Dolphin is where we always stay) and bring heavy snacks into the parks. We enter the parks (normally Epcot but 1 day at Magic Kingdom) at opening and stay until around 2:30 pm.
    We then go to one of the hotels near FL 535 to eat, and return to the hotel and parks around 5 pm.
    Even if one had to get a cab, it is still cheaper than eating in the parks.
    One exception is the restarants in the Dolphin. Compared to the other Disney eating places (hotels and parks), it is more “reasonably” priced (a relative term).
    Just a thought for you to consider. It has worked for us for MANY years…
    God Bless!

    1. Al Upinya

      An experienced and sane pair with some radical advice thank you Grandma and Grandpa and God bless🤯👍🏽😇😇

  40. Proudravenclaw

    I live local and have an AP for Disney, Sea World/Busch, and Universal. Been going to the mouse since 1971. No more. Universal is now my home park and when my Disney pass expires it will not be renewed. The charm and magic are completely gone.
    I’ve had great meals at Universal from street side kiosks and sit inside restaurants. You just have to know the spots

  41. Shoemaker

    Friday night at the Gurss Who concert in Epcot i ordered a cheese burger at the Regal Eagle with onion rings. By the time I was able to pick up my order it was COLD and very close to eating a very thin hockey puck. We left after the fire works and on the 45 minute drive home my stomach was flip flopping. My husband, who had eaten a couple of bites, experienced the same symptoms later that night. How sad Disney has lost its magic! I did not complain but will call disney dining today.

  42. LG

    At Sleepy Hollow in MK in December. I ordered a Nutella fruit waffle. The waffle was half as thick as it used to be, 5 blueberries and the strawberries were actually fermenting!

  43. DIZNE ED

    Around the Philadelphia and South Jersey area lobster rolls are around $28+, but to be fair they have larger portions of lobster.

  44. Cindy

    This from a company that made billions in their recent quarter financial disclosure. Oh, cutting corners is their specialty.

  45. Léa

    I had the lobster roll there at the Halloween party in 2019, and asides from there being red pepper in it which I don’t eat, the portion size was prefect. Looked exactly like it was supposed to. I’ve eaten quite a few lobster rolls while out east and unfortunately Disney doesn’t have the upper hand when it comes to Canada’s East Coast lobster rolls. Still decent but I wouldn’t order it again.

  46. Nick

    Glad they were able to bring this to attention. I am a little surprised Disney decided to make these changes and not address them with – at minimum signage – at the same time. This is something they have historically been very good at. Anticipating guests frustration at new policies or changes to venues. Surprised they didn’t change at least the imaging used to depict the newly offered product sizes, or note current images not representative of current offerings due to recent changes, etc.

  47. Karen Jackson

    Sponge Bob Square Pants has been caught eating some of the lobster off of every lobster roll served. Disney must BAN him from the park now. Spongy is affecting Disney’s quality control.

  48. Rob

    Their portions really did get horrible lately. I love Plaza Inn and go for special occasions. I went on christmas eve 2021 and the chicken meal was tiny compared to photos I have from years past.

    I get it, supple chain issues but don’t raise the price and make it smaller. Pick one. Stop abusing your paying loyal customers.

  49. Marc

    How pathetic can a corporation get,I guess hundreds of millions in $ isn’t enough to take from their guests annually

  50. Guardian angel

    Please, their food has always been overpriced and sub par. Lol. No surprise here.

  51. Jamie

    Portion sizes do need to be looked into, however they need to bring back the dining plans as soon as possible, or they are gonna price themselves out of families being able to afford to go

  52. Al Upinya

    WhAT dOEs BIdEN hAVe To dO WITh tHIs
    You got deep fuggin pockets at that gas pump don’t you. Don’t have to worry about money for anything do you. Notice gas was cheaper about 2-4 years ago? So was food? Everything?

  53. Bren

    Wow so many attitudes directed at the consumer who complained. See it’s really simple. They show you a picture of what you are going to get. You get said item only to find it does not even come close to what was advertised. So by not saying anything, and for those of you saying Disney is in the right, no they are not. They are doing a bait and switch. They are able to update their billboards and raise prices literally at the push of a button. If you are going to cut the portions, then you take the old picture down, put up the new one. Then the consumer knows what to expect if they order said item. Sorry, Disney isn’t God, and here lately they seem to be going more to the devil. Sorry if I offended any of you who think Disney is all that,but dang, you people need to quit drinking that Disney kool-aid! If you can honestly tell me you would be fine at any establishment who pulled the same bait and switch with no complaints, then you are the problem. And exactly why businesses are getting away with their bull. So if they want to cut portions, increase the price, and still show something inaccurate, then Disney is at fault. Not the consumer who received something completely different than advertised.

  54. Wade

    It’s NOT Disney’s JOB or BUSINESS, to WORRY about MY waistline!

  55. Susie-Q

    To put this lobster roll fiasco in better perspective… This “New England Roll”? I was raised in New England, specifically Rhode Island. They’re “a flat side & bottom hotdog roll”. Easier to “toast & stand”, and similar size & price as the buns the rest of the country eats their hotdog on. Now it’s possible somewhere that they make them longer (maybe they do at Disney?). I don’t eat lobster, and probably never will… but personally If was a lobster salad.. I’d be a bit insulted to be served on hot dog bun. Just saying….

  56. P

    We stayed at POP Century. The food was horrible! The food was expensive! I’m sorry to say we ate junk food The whole week we were there. The size of the portions and the taste of them DID NOT indeed me to Disney at all. I tell everyone I know who are planning to go to take a toaster oven and some small cookery with you. Make your own food!

  57. mariaestelaquintero@hotmail.com

    Disney is not the same like in the 80 and 90 the food is very bad; and all the good restaurants are book for months really the magic is out to lunch.

  58. I was there in Oct. for the 50th. I was able to snag reservations at Be Our Guest, for lunch. This was a character meal, so to speak. Beast made a cameo appearance, stood at the door for approx 30 sec. The meal cost $70.00. Very few choices and extremely small portions. The best part of the entire meal was the bite size chip dessert. That was actually a splendid surprise. NEVER again.

  59. Vincent

    I was there in April of 2021. I did notice the prices were high for some places. But that is expected at this resort. I am from Maine and I know lobster rolls. I think she had a good reason to be dissatisfied. The solution here is being missed by Disney. Forcing a patron to go complain to get what they should have been served in the first place is not good practice. It will not lead to happy magical times. Either keep the portions reasonable and absorb the cost or raise prices on tickets or the food itself to compensate and let the market decide if it is worth it.

  60. Kathleen

    $3.50 for an individual size bottle of water! You can’t carry in enough water for your party, and I think they could cut you a break. That’s an outrageous proce

  61. Stephen Leets

    My friends and I frequently visit the magic kingdom, at least once in every two years. Always a great time. Our most recent visit, while entertaining, was overshadowed by the stingy portion sizes compared to prices. Especially the Epcot food festival where we had paid a hearty admission to sample various foods from the different nationalities featured at the park. Not only were the portions minuscule – compared to the prices – the quality was the same as something we could have purchased at a local fast food establishment. This service wasn’t what bothered me the most, however. What has prompted me to comment on this food related thread was that when I arrived home, I brought in some delicious looking 50th anniversary chocolates that I had purchased at Disney Springs intending to share with my co-workers. What an embarrassing surprise when all the chocolates were found to be moldy on the bottom (not seen when viewing the package). Another food associated waste of money, thanks to the House Of Mouse.

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