Comments for Disney Wanted Jim Carrey to Play Jack Sparrow in Pirates Franchise, Not Depp

Johnny Depp in Pirates

Credit: Disney


  1. Pocho Villa

    Carey is no Jack Sparrow. Depp will always be Jack and I hope Disney brings him back for more Pirates of the Caribbean.

  2. Shel

    A heartbeat is natural and free as it’s meant to be. A gift from God cannot be taken and sold. Pressure will not cause one to fall but to endure as long as it takes to understand the true meaning and importance of hope and love.

  3. NOBODY, BUT Johnny Depp will EVER BE JACK SPARROW. does not matter if they have ms Robbie replacing him. Changing the movie plot to all girls is totally WRONG. IT will Flop. And I really hope it does. Disney is not thinking straight. I’m totally disappointed in them.

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