Comments for Disney Adding ‘Encanto’ To Parks Amidst Massive Guest Demand

Mirabel (L) and Bruno (R) in 'Encanto'

Credit: Disney


  1. Erwim

    In Tampa we say, ” We don’t talk about Brady!” In Orlando we say,”We don’t talk about Bruno!”

  2. Perkster101

    I’m really hoping they’ll be adding encanto before November! Were going for 1st time and my kiddo and her bestie are obsessed with encanto

    1. Erwim

      I give Disney 4 or 5 years! 9 months is way to early for Disney!

      1. Derek

        Yeah even if they started on an Encanto attraction, restaurant, etc. it would take Disney 2-3 years minimum to complete. This was the quickest way to shoehorn something Encanto related into the parks to appease the fans.

  3. Kevin

    Encanto is one of the worst Disney movies I have ever seen

  4. Ann F Hilbrecht

    Love the fact that they will have an Encanto Garden. Now they need to have a couple of the characters from the movie for photo ops. Marabel, Luisa, Isabella, Dolores, and of course Bruno. Everyone would go crazy over them.

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