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Disney Trapped Guests

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  1. Amy L

    No one would have been “trapped” if the monorail was down. Guests staying at The Contemporary and the Grand Floridian Hotel would have been able to walk from the Magic Kingdom. Disney transportation, aside from having the ferry boat, would have started running buses to all hotels, not just to hotels outside of the monorail line.

    1. Meredith

      Similar happened to us on the Sunday of the Princess marathon. The road to MK was backed up and buses and cars were sitting in that traffic. On ramps were still blocked from the race at 10am. We ubered to Epcot thinking we’d jump on the monorail to avoid the traffic and staff made us get off the monorail. No explanation but I heard one say they were told to “deadhead” the monorail. I watched as other trains let off passengers at Epcot but no one was allowed on. Epcot was the end point of the race so there were thousands of additional people at the front of the park. Monorail staff told us to take a bus. We walked to the bus stop and staff there said there were no buses! So, no Disney won’t automatically send a secret set of buses. The only way to leave Epcot at that point was through personal vehicles or rideshare, which was almost impossible since the majority of people were trying to get rideshare. It was a nightmare and I was shocked at how unorganized post-race travel was. We were stranded!

      1. Betsy D.

        I grew up going to Disney World… the monorail system going out is nothing new. But the people are… Everyone rushed to the ferries to be the first on the boat. No one else matters in that moment and you have several hundreds of folks with the same mentality. Disney isn’t the same any more… it’s the ungodly prices, rude guests with me first mentality, the heat, I literally could go on but it won’t change a thing. You can’t buy happiness, not even at Walt Disney World.

        1. Dan

          Same here, its sad, but completely true. It’s not even Disney’s fault, it’s the abundance of rude people

    2. Sandra G

      This, exactly! No one was trapped because those staying at the nearby deluxe resorts could walk, and in fact with the completion of the walkway to MK from the Grand Floridian area, you could walk all the way around to the parking lot near the Polynesian. Ferries take hundreds at a time and the guest did get to the lot in 20 minutes, which is about how much time it usually takes us leaving at or near closing. And yes, Disney would have added buses if the delay seemed lengthy.

      1. Robin

        It too over an hour to get on a ferry. I was there and it was an absolute nightmare. We watched the fireworks near the ice cream shop, proceeded to walk to the ferry at 9:25, we got on a boat at 10:40. The crowds were packed shoulder to shoulder. On teen had a panic attack and collapsed. It was my first trip to Disney and let me tell you I will never go back. The parks capacity needs to be drastically reduced . 4 days of misery. I don’t get why people pay an exorbitant amount of money to be treated like cattle.

        1. Robert

          You people have no idea how wonderful Disneyland was back in the 1950-60’s. Not even a clue
          It was Magic.
          I’m going on 74 and remember it well.
          An experience none of you will never know.
          Enjoy today’s Disney. Me? No Thanks

        2. True…this confession proves Disney & Disneyland Park’s are treating their guests LIKE chattel.ALL ABOUT THE Benjamin’s babies!!!

        3. Dan

          It was your 1st trip. Nothing personal but those that know better don’t experience what you described. We enjoy it because we know it.

    3. Tim Simms

      WALK??!! Now you’re just talking crazy! 😉 😉 😉

      1. Ken

        Literally, you’ve been walking all day. Suddenly a walk is crazy. I’ve never understood that logic.

    4. Steve

      Not only that, but if you’re parked at the TTC, you can walk all the way through Grand Floridian and Polynesian to get to the parking lot. And before anyone says they’d be too tired, you can stop at Captain Cooks for one of the most affordable food courts on property.

    5. Jacob

      I live in Orlando and go to Disney all the time. The buses are always running from the magic kingdom to the parking lot. Always!! no one was trapped. Way to catch readers with a BS tagline!!!

    6. lisa

      exactly. what a ridiculous story. As usual, media lies!

  2. S.

    Good grief, it’s taken us 20min to get to the parking lot when the monorail was up and running.

    1. Sandra G

      Yes, 20 minutes is about right leaving at or near closing for us.

    2. R

      Nope I was there, it took more than an hour. It was a terrible situation. I’ll never return to Disney again.

    3. Wayne

      How about these top executives go through the Disney parks as a regular guest and deal with the issues and delays and prices and lack of transportation and actually experience the frustration that guests endure.

  3. Angie

    Trapped? Lol. And the video shows nothing but sky. There are also busses that take you to TTC when crowded and guest can walk to any of the monorail resorts

    1. Patrick

      Actually those busses aren’t running right now. I was there spring break and there were none. To get back to parking it is either boat or monorail.

      1. Lisa Lavin

        Yes which is absolutely ridiculous being that Disney is making bucko bucks. We pay even more to get to Disney (was there just 2 weeks ago3/22) There are mobs of people and we deserve the curtesy of bus transportation period. People are very tired at closing no their exhausted!! Lol tram and boat but no buses spells CRAZY!!!

      2. Sandra G

        In the event of a shut down of the monorail for the evening they would have added buses. Normally there are no buses from the parking area, just monorail and ferry, so you wouldn’t have seen them unless it became necessary to replace one of those modes of transport.

    2. BeachRetiree

      Agree. This article made a big deal about nothing.

    3. Richard Dorfman

      HA HA HA! Try being REALLY trapped in NYCs Penn Station at rush hour and all service is shut down. You can’t leave and have to wait an hour or more for trains to start running as a hundred thousand people continue to enter the platforms. That’s a disaster!!

      1. Tim Simms

        To be fair, the trains at Penn Station do not cost a family hundreds of dollars a day. As I mentioned in another comment, it seems perfectly reasonable that people would be angry, but I agree with you; it is hardly a humanitarian crisis.

      2. Sara

        Exactly how are you trapped in Penn Station and can’t leave????

  4. Doug

    Years ago in the eighties we were in a similar situation at Disney World. The monorail was shut down and everyone had to use ferry. It felt like it would take forever. No problems with the crowd. Driving off property we saw that a monorail had caught fire (burnt spots) and fire department had ladder to evacuate guests. Less than a year later I became a Cast Member. Found out that the Lead and Supervisor ignored the fire sensors on that monorail because it was crowded. They both were later fired because of it.

  5. Ron

    OMG!!! Such extreme nonsense. Every night tens of thousands of people leave the parks after the fireworks. The fastest way back to the parking lot has always been the ferry. Disney does an awesome job getting everybody out of the parks and on their way. The monorail was down. Okay. Catch the ferry, a bus, or walk to the Contemporary Resort and take a cab.

  6. Holly

    The AT&T was down. Happened earlier in the day too. No radio = no communication = 101.

    1. JMR

      See what?? You covered half with the poster’s name. Going to Reddit, nothing plays. 😝

  7. Wm

    Yet another Tragic Kingdom Story, who knows what to believe?🤔

    1. Kelly Crossen

      I was there last week. All the parks were completely overcrowded to the tune of 120-170 minute wait times for the big name rides, lines to get in the rest rooms, long lines for Disney Skyliner at the end of the night. Even Disney Springs was so crowded you could barely walk down the roads let alone go into a store without people completely on top of you. It was an extremely disappointing experience especially for what it costs. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Disney fan and I’ve been going since I was a kid. Might have just picked a bad time of year to go. But definitely way too overcrowded.

      1. K.

        Panic,my arse, what’s the big deal, some people are just morons

  8. Zara

    Well said

    1. Steve

      People are loosing there minds, been to Disney many times, for people to to get mad over the monorail stopping, they get them running pretty quick, and there is many ways to get out, or just walk, no problem

      1. Some people are not able to walk for long periods of time. Face reality, when you have to wait 2 hours in a line to ride a ride they let to many people in the park. It takes the fun out of it. Yes I was just there last month. I saw first hand. Pathetic.

        1. Tim Simms

          I completely understand that for the money they charge, it is certainly reasonable to expect a more pleasant experience, but there is a different lexicon for that situation than the one used here.

  9. Angel

    Every year to wdw until the pandemic. Never any trouble. But with all the changes, problems etc i will never go back. Thank you disney for turning my hapoy place for 40 years into complete failure …walt is turning over in his grave fir the way things have changed

    1. Tim Simms

      Walt wanted the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to be a real place for people to live, work, research, and share ideas. He has been turning in his grave for many years now. Sad.

  10. Kathleen

    First time to Disney?🤔 This is the scene at closing time, in every Park, every👏🏼single👏🏼night👏🏼 between February and December Monorail or not. It may have felt like it, however; nobody was trapped.

    1. Liz

      Yes! Every night, right after fireworks! One mass of people, moving out of the park.

  11. Sue

    It’s Disney. For the ones complaining there is a simple answer don’t go. There r tons for other places to go not only Disney. I don’t care if they charge 500$ a ticket people will still go and complain. Disney is a business they don’t care about you bc it’s about money to them. They don’t have enough help things are old things break down and they haven’t the help to fix them. Plus when you have internet problems every thing goes down. Like that day with att. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who complains about waiting in line for hours or having to wait for transportation. You chose to go. Then that’s your problem.

  12. T

    We are residents and prior to the pandemic, there were periods of time where you knew never to head to the monorail as it was completely nonfunctional. This was the case for months. We tried to go once or twice a months and every consecutive visit, the ferry was the only way to and from the parking lot. I don’t know if they were doing extended repairs to the monorail system or what. But even with that extended closure, we never waited too long for a ferry even in the worst crowds and no one was stampeded. I’ll say I avoid Orlando like the plague during March so I haven’t experienced Disney during spring break but still…

  13. Eugene Artemyeff

    My wife and I visited EPCOT in February. When you have a venue that takes most of the morning to fill little by little but has everyone leave all at once there are going to be massive crowds all heading in the same direction. Inevitable! But our experience was that the people around us were quick to move, polite and everyone felt a shared sense of having spent a fun day at the park. The little trams that I remember from years ago that shuttled people to the parking lots were not operating, and walking was the only way out, but there was no sense of panic or rush at all. The complainers here just need to chill a bit, realize that there is no rush to get to your car and all will be fine. If crowds freak you out that badly, none of these entertainment parks near Orlando, not just Disney, should be left off your visit list!

    1. B

      Eugene I couldn’t agree more. If you can’t handle the waiting and crowds then theme parks are not for you! You are very lucky to have had a good experience when you went in February. We use to go all the time before the pandemic and now every so often and we have gotten the big crowds of people who think that they are the only ones paying large amounts and should be treated like royalty.

    2. Sandra G

      Yes, a voice of reason. In fact, we tend to mosey slowly out of parks if we are there at closing time, not trying to rush the exit. Its a good time to grab a hot or cold drink or one last pin at a stand while the crowds rush by you. I actually prefer to get to my car after the mob has exited the parking lot ahead of me.

  14. Tlambert

    That situation occurred Sunday as well. In that case it was a communications issue. The only option we’re buses. Glad I wasn’t on the cable cars

    1. Jenny mclaughlin

      We were supposed to!! It was a mess for sure but still made it back. It was tricky though

  15. B

    What is the frustrating part is this Disney had time during the lock down to remodel, fix problems, run their rides and transportation everyday to guarantee that everything will be work at 100% when they open up. Instead they shut down everything fired a good chunk of employees. Stating they didn’t have funds to keep them. But turned around and brought property, gave suits a nice big raise. Then when the lock down was lifted opened up like everything would work like new. On top of that complain they have income problems and need to up prices and take away perks. People pay good money to go to these parks not to be told a form of transportation is not working, or a ride is down. Disney has ruin the experience by their greed.

    1. G

      Nah, Still a good time. And I’d rather have them shut stuff down then people get hurt.

    2. Sandra G

      I’ve had brand new things break down and need repair or replacement, and newly repaired things like my car suddenly have another issue that wasn’t apparent before. Any place as complex as a huge theme park is going to have things go awry no matter how thorough they are with maintenance. Thirty year old attractions are going to have issues, and the monorail is now 50 years old. A problem with the modern communications system isn’t always Disney’s fault either, anymore than it is your fault your home wi-fi is out because someone two miles away hit a pole and took down the connection.

  16. Angela

    I can’t believe the author of this story gave this person her 15—er, 20–minutes of fame by even taking the time to write this. Some people were inconvenienced is all. No nightmare–the boat did not sink, the monorails did not crash with people on them or derail, and no one died from having to wait a little longer (they likely waited longer on each of the rides they rode at the park). Stop writing stupid stories to elevate complainers.

  17. Sandra G

    My thoughts exactly. Thank you.

    1. Jamie

      Leaving MK at closing is always a hot mess of “everyone for themselves” which is why I dispise staying till close. Taking a bus back to a resort can most certainly take more than an hour on a normal day- so I’m not sure what the problem is because the ferry took so long. If you’re going to close a park you need to pack your patience and take it with you. No one was stranded. Some people have never stayed till closing and it shows.

  18. Dsteele

    Leave it to Disney to use 100 yr old transportation. When I visited 3 years ago I was baffled on why they still use buses . Buses ? That burn natural gas . A multibillion dollar company that says they “ care “ about the environment . Get a light rail or subway system already

    1. Arilady

      Well that doesn’t make sense as those are not environmentally conscious mode of transportation either.

    2. Laura Newcomer

      Good luck w a subway in Florida. 😉

  19. Gmail

    And meanwhile people are dying in Ukraine while this pettiness goes on.

  20. DeLaunhardt

    Am I the ONLY one seeing Cheap-eck “cost cutting” here?

    No “courtesy busses”? Monorail down?? No trams?? Rides going down CONSTANTLY.

    What do YOU think is happening? I am an ALMOST ASSUREDLY A PERMANENT, FORMER Annual Passholder who will NEVER go back until things change (no more Genie+, “reservations”, return of the fast pass).

    I do not AT ALL understand all of the sheeple who continue to pour more $$ by the bucket load into a VERY diminished experience!!

    This is NOT my fathers Disney World………

    1. Gary

      I agree completely. I used to leave the park thinking about my next trip, but I don’t think I’ll be going back anymore.

  21. Mick

    Use the buses or walk to the car park

    1. Gary

      You can’t. You are on an island at the Magic Kingdom.

      1. Darth Snoogins

        No you’re not. You can walk the path from MK to Grand Floridian to Polynesian to the TTC
        It’s a pretty good hike but it is easily walkable by most people.

  22. Liz

    I’d feel for them, but I don’t. Disney is amazing at handling crowds. We had a similar experience last May 2021. Not spring break…. but the ferry operators and staff are marvelous. And those ferries hold a lot of people. In a spoiled society where we expect instant gratification it becomes a problem. Well all I can proudly say is we fidnt make the news with our impatience. It’s not the end of the world pun intended.

  23. Karen

    They move ferries quite quickly. The crowds can look overwhelming for those waiting but the lines actually move faster then the ride lines so just chill out and have patience.

  24. Gary

    This happened to us a couple of weeks ago. What a mess!! and it was raining so everyone was miserable. What made it worse was that the employees did nothing to eliminate the confusion. So disappointed with Disney this trip…for numerous reasons.

    1. Arilady

      How was the Cast members going to eliminate the problem? Magically make a monorail appear? It’s called having patience when you make the decision to stay at the park to closing and everyone is trying to leave at the same time. This happens no matter where you go. The monorail still would have been crowded with the same complainers that it wasn’t fast enough or there were too many people. No one force people to go to Disney. It was a choice.

  25. Jane

    I am baffled by all the people playing the White Knight for Disney and do not seem to care that paying customers should be treated better. To them I say ” just keep dancing for Masta”. I was at multiple parks at the end of February/early March and this same thing happened, in the rain. At no other Disney park was it as chaotic as Magic Kingdom. It took us over an hour to get back to the Transportation Center.

    1. Arilady

      For one thing , no need to use that phrase. Another is that people are acting so entitled these days. No one forced people to go to these parks and stay to the end along with thousands of other people who all are trying to leave a park that has been there for all these years. Yes, the monorail was down, so hat means there is going to be backup of people trying to use a different mode. This is a situation that can /has happened at many places. The more people that says they will never come back means there will be more room for me.

  26. Merissa

    I used to visit Disney World often and if you didn’t time it right, every night looked like it was The End of The World happening. You saw people pushing and shoving to get to the front. Nights the monorail was down it was way worse. If you visit often you have to learn to leave during the last show and fill in every gap as you see it. Otherwise well, start singing it’s the end of the world until you get through it. 😂

    1. Arilady

      Lol. Exactly!!

  27. Ryan

    It only took me 2 minutes because I had purchased the parking lot Lightning Lane pass.

  28. Thomas

    On Nooooo! Stuck trying to get back to your hotel after a day of fun in sunny Florida. Oh the humanity!!!!! There are people in Ukraine waiting and walking for hours/days so they won’t die and these idiots can’t wait an hour? How long did they wait in each ride line throughout the day?

  29. Jenny mclaughlin

    The att communication for the state of Florida was down and that’s how the monorail and skylines communicate. We had to walk a mile to get to a bus since we were supposed to take the skyliner. It was a hot mess for sure!! It seemed like there was no plan b in case this happened.

  30. Yikes Thats Why I Stay Home😲🙄😳👀😥

  31. Mike Hunt

    This person: “THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE!!”
    Also same person: “I was out of there in 20 minutes.”

  32. Alvis Woodall

    Ahh the poor poor baby had to endure a crowd for a whole 20 minutes. This is why other countries say Americans are weak, because they are!!

  33. ok…………. Um

  34. amanda

    so silly!! there are more options that just monorail and ferry. buses. you can wall if you are at poly, grand Florida or contemporary. and the ferry hold a ton of peeps and they have 2 running.

  35. Wayne

    Every article from the ITM is sooo bias. Overly exaggerated. I have been there as pass holder for some of these supposed instances.

  36. Chris Whitworth

    Oh please!! That has been an issue for decades, and while it’s aggravating it’s not the end of the world – I took my kids approximately 35 years ago and we were stuck on the monorail ramp for a couple of hours

  37. We are here what happened was the comm system went down foe the entire park so monorail and skyliners were impacted. We sat for an hour at the transfer point at Caribbean Beach report. We were told busses were coming but that would only occur after the parks were cleared. We finally reached our rooms at AofA around 11 at night.

    1. Josie

      We were there and it was our first time at Disney World Magic Kingdom. We were getting ready to get on the monorail and was told that it was down and it did take us an hour to get to the ferry with everyone else. All and all though I am grateful to God that my family and I had a great time and that we made it safely to our vacation home off Disney Property. I learned a lot! I will definitely be purchasing lightning passes for rides in the future and staying longer after the fireworks to avoid the mass exodus after they take place. I am glad that Disney personal made it so that getting to the ferry was like getting on a ride. This made it safer I think in the midst of a bad situation so that no one got trampled on the way to the ferry from people trying to get to the parking lot. We will definitely be back again and hopefully we will get to stay longer next time and have more time to visit the parks.

  38. Rick Pearson

    The monorail shut down on my daughter and I’s first visit in 2008. The leaving crowd went berserk to be first to the busses that were coming to the rescue. The problem wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the actions of the adults.

  39. Got it.

    I know young adults today feel entitled and are forgetful. But they need to remember that song from the Christmas cartoon. Place one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking out the door. I’ve been to the M.K. just use your feet. Or sing like Dory, just keep walking, just keep walking.

  40. Richard s

    We was there Sunday night March 27. And they closed the monorail on us too .. but we still saw it coming and going…and had to take ferry Also .. the line was backed up then too…not like this article tho….whew…glad about that.

  41. Byron

    This is nothing new and probably will still happen. I am starting to wonder if it is intentional. I remember this happened to me last year and it took an hour to get to the lot. Yes we had to take the ferry boat and you can see everyone was cranky and tired. Worse part is that boat infested with spiders. We had to watch our backs and head.

  42. Rick

    Whew, just misted it my wife and I were on that the day before

  43. Bob

    Oh wow!! What horror!! Grow up people..transportation glitches happen everywhere…wait for another mode of transport or walk..I’ve been to Disney and they’ve had interference what?? Everywhere you go that has thousands of people a day will have equipment issues too..apparently anything that goes wrong or breaks down…everyone gets traumatized!!! Seriously???? I can’t wait for the next citywide blackout somewhere in the US

  44. Rogerthat

    Looks ike they are actually protesting Disney’s foray into gay politics.

  45. Etyler

    It’s like that after the fireworks even if all transportation is working. Just like a sporting event, concert, etc. Gotta have patience.

  46. A

    The capacity of the ferry dwarfs the monorail capacity, so this is a non-story.

  47. Concerned

    I was there last night the park wasn’t crowded or even erratic when that happened, but you would expect better. I think the worst part for me was that they walked people through backstage instead of letting people go down main street right before the fireworks. Walt would be rolling over right now in disbelief! The whole point of building MK on the second level is so people didn’t see backstage and the magic could be kept alive. They should not be doing that at all. If the park is at a reduced capacity there should be no reason for any of that nonsense! And people are tired of everything constantly being down!

  48. Lukas

    20 minutes? So a normal amount of time?

  49. Shrinkingviolet5466

    We were there and it was chaotic. Our last ride was Splash Mountain we got in line just before 7:00pm with wait time showing as 75 minutes. The ride had difficulties while we were in line and if an announcement was made we never heard it. By the time we finally got on the ride we missed most of the fireworks and headed directly to the exit. They had us exit backstage instead of down Main St. and it still took us well over an hour to reach the ferry landing. For the most part everyone behaved very well but it was a trying episode. Not being familiar with the park we had no idea that it was possible to walk. I only wish someone had told us we could. It was a great day, but would have liked a better ending.

  50. Christian Sandoval

    I am adjusting my settings so I no longer get “news” prompts. You guys continuously create stories where there is none. I suggest everyone else do the same. ITM just stretches soooooo far for a story.

  51. Matthe

    Geez, a whole 20 minutes? It’s taken nearly an hour with the monorail and ferry both going before lol.

  52. R

    I was there. It was bad. It was over an hour. More like and hour and a half. I’ll never return to a Disney park again because of this situation. Even the security said they had never seen it that bad. Parks capacity needs to be lowered, it’s a disaster in the making.

  53. Heather Houston

    Really! I mean really?? People get over yourselves. The world does not revolve around you. Not everything works correctly. I have been on the monorail, broken down for over 45 minutes. Yes, it got hot and stuffy, but not one person acted a fool or thought it the end of the world. You are at Disney. Disney provides so many modes of transportation, there really should be no problem. Although, we cannot control how people act.

  54. Mike R.

    In short, Disney was crowded and there was a long line leaving the park at closing time. The end.

  55. Jeff

    Are y’all really that sheltered that you can’t remember monorails going down and the ferry and buses being the only way back to your hotel? LOL I remember people walking down the road to get to TTC. This article is a joke and people are so spoiled

  56. Paul

    Ridiculous. No one was TRAPPED. They were impatient is all.

  57. JohnB

    Here’s the thing, in 1972, the ferries were added because the monorail could not handle closing time crowds. It is nothing new. Disney has had this issue for over 50 years.

  58. Brian

    I worked there. Seen all kinds of madness. Also got stuck on Cars for an hour one time. Then it took another 45 minutes just to be escorted off and out. I also remember being a guinea pig on Roger Rabbit Toon Spin before it was open to the public. There was guys working on it while we rode it.

  59. Paula

    Yes !!! But worse!!! A huge storm was coming and the monorail was down and being worked on. The ferry was the only way out. However it was taking so long and people were trying to beat the impending rain. My niece was here with her husband, infant son and toddler daughter. My daughter was with us with her husband and 2 kids as well, also young kids. We were waiting in line at the ferry and suddenly the rain came and when it did it was hard and fast. The ferry shut down because of the lightening. The rain was so heavy it flooded the whole area. My feet were soaked and I was wearing sneakers. People didn’t know where to go!!! Finally busses arrived to take people put. A mad dash in pouring rain to the busses. We were all drenched. This was the worst exit ever from the park. If I had not already been out of the park, I would waited it out somewhere. I felt so bad for my niece as it was her first time and she literally cried when we walked in and she saw the castle.

    1. Cb

      Who takes an infant to MK?! Smh

  60. Chris

    Just went. Besides the kick to the nuts the new Genie+ system is and it is a major downgrade from Fastpass, Disney has found new ways to pick your pockets. From charging for the Magic Bands now, removing character dining but still charging the same( Crystal Palace). The Genie would only give us lightning lanes for rides that didn’t really need them. Want to get on the majors? You have to micromanage. Be online by 7 am and cross your fingers. We used to go every year. We did universal last fall for Halloween horror nights and it went smooth. Done with Disney.

  61. Citizen M

    Their turmoil pales in comparison to the 1% of traumatized DI$NEY employees who feel trapped in their own bodies.
    We must all sacrifice to affirm their feelings. Nothing else matters.

    1. Citizen M

      April Fool’s!

  62. Ken

    Was a working xasr member that night. It was crowded, yes…but not as intense as this blog made it.

  63. Misty

    Disney has made some awful decisions lately. I think I’m done with them. They can’t force people to teach their small children about adult situations.

  64. Chris

    My family and I were in WDW during spring break this year and we had no issues with the crowds. As a matter of fact, this was our first trip in any season other than summer, and for the weather alone, we loved it. Will probably always go during spring break for now on. Look, it’s Disney. At spring break. It’s gonna be crowded. Manage your expectations folks. If you want to avoid crowds at Disney World, don’t go during peak seasons, and don’t stay for fireworks. An hour wait to get out of MK to your car or hotel, although not the norm, is a reasonable expection at park close. That’s reality.

  65. That happened to us one time as well, but going in not out. We were aggravated as well but when you think about it, everything there runs continually. There’s got to be some malfunction sometimes. Nothing is perfect.

  66. Drewman

    Ohhh calm down. This is nothing compared to New Years for 4th of July

  67. Buddy

    This has happened before. It is a regular occurrence to just default to the ferry boats. However, the night of our particular visit, they only were running 2 boats… people were insane and began trampling the elderly. Luckily my father and another man stood up and got a large number of peoples attention, and basically told everyone to calm down and that people were getting hurt. We made it out of there in about an hour.

  68. Edward Spaulding

    This happen to my family in 2016. DW used the Disney buses to take the guest to the different parking lots.
    My last visit was July 2021. I have visit DW 12 times and the experience is declining.

  69. Kris

    Ever had this problem nope because Magic Kingdom does not usually close until a hour after so why rush out after fireworks go get in line for a ride that u didnt want to wait a hour for earlier in the day. Get to be one of the last guest inside Magic Kingdom gives you the best castle pictures with no one in them.

  70. Teressa

    I was there. We tried to walk from the gates through the hotel to the parking took45 minutes at a hard walk. No clear path, got lost twice ,very dark.

    1. Heidi Neely

      Same thing happened to us! I kept using my GPS on my phone to figure out which way to go because it’s dark around there at night and there aren’t really any signs to let you know what the right way is.

  71. Heidi Neely

    The same thing happened when my family and I was there back in early February. We got stuck in a mob outside the gates. Monorail was down and it was just a chaotic sea of people. You couldn’t see which way to go or where any line started for the ferry boats, it was just a mob that got worse as more people streamed out of the front gates. You could barely move. We decided to take our chances on foot after a long day being there from opening to closing, and managed to make our way to the path and walked the whole way around past the Polynesian and the Grand Floridan to the transportation center. That took a solid 40 minutes and we were all about ready to drop after that.

  72. You mean the monorail shut down AGAIN?? We were there the first week of March and the two days we were there it shut down twice. That doesn’t include when we first arrived we could couldn’t use the monorail because we weren’t wearing masks. So, after buying $15 masks during the day, when we attempted to use the monorail when we left, it was shut down. Ditto when we went to the Polynesian and attempted to go back to our parking lot. Between broke transportation and $160 tickets with Fastpass to be able to really do many rides in a day, I guess Disney has way more people than they need my business. It will be a very long time if ever I go back to any of the Disney’s properties.

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