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  1. AmericanbyGod

    Thousands of families, like us, have canceled their Disney trips or refuse to go until Disney stops price gouging all of us that love what Disney used to be. Genie+ and lightning Lane is a failure and a rip off. The Fast Pass system worked and was already part of our vacation package. Parking was free as a part of our vacation package. Eliminate the dining plan so they can charge more for food and drinks on property? Another rip off. Also, Disney needs to take their collective heads out of the butt of politics and stop exposing children to adult problems and situations. I’ve been going to Disney since 1974, but until they fix their screw ups and bad decisions I doubt this family will every go back or spend another dime on Disney. We are not alone. Every day I read about or hear about more and more families that have jumped on the cancelation bandwagon. Good for them. Disney is already losing revenue over their greed and political interests and that’s what it will take for them to put things back the way they were. Come on Bob Paycheck, you’re not the only one who suffered during covid. So, yeah, of course there will be shorter wait times on rides when there’s not enough people going for the parks to even make enough revenue to continue running. Great job Disney, great job Bob.

    1. Aha!

      LOL, go to sleep already Bob. You’re in every Disney article saying the same thing. Go ahead and go away like you keep promising then!

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    Very kind of them to keep single rider lines when those who can afford to pay for Fastpasses will still get priority access.

    The empty gestures just keep on coming.

  3. Susie-Q

    SIngle rider lane!! LOLOLOLOL! This was a solution? The line will be loaded with people who are there as groups, posing as single riders in the lines.

    I’m not sure why everyone thinking by rallying the troups, to give up their AP, DVC threats of not going to the parks or selling their club membership (which means someone else just takes your place) is going to change a thing. For every thousand people who do that, a thousand other people will take their place. This is proven by how many people they are stuffing into the parks.. who would actually be happy if the hoards who promise never to come back would hurry up and leave already.

    Disney definitely needs to get their act together. The first day people went back in droves, this was going to be a massive influx of money as well. They should have called back every laid off employees and gave them and current employees a substantial raise. Disney wouldn’t have lost a penny. If they lowered their food prices instead of raising them, then served normal servings instead of skimping… PEOPLE WOULD BUY MORE!

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