Comments for Disney Guests Left in Shock After “Absolute Saint” Cast Member Gifts Magical Moment

magic shot

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    Great article – the Cast Members are indeed the glue that keeps the parks together. They and the Imagineers are the magic, period.

  2. Jay G

    My friend’s daughter tripped on Main Street holding her awesome lollipop and it shattered, she was devastated. While 2 cast members were helping try and sooth the situation, my friend was ready to call it a day, daughter was super upset when a bouquet of suckers appeared from a 3rd cast member! Disaster averted, super happy child and a few more hours of fun could be had. Great experience!

  3. Chief10

    Yes. Cast Members are the real magic.
    On another note, please realize that I LOT of people do not use twitt er. Also Facebook(myspace), so please reference something that that. I havectually written a letter or two, but never knewif they got them.

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